Knowledge-at-work: Knowledge & knowing


Breakdown and repackaging - new tools allow rip, mix and burn 5.

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Knowledge-at-work: An ecology behind the firewall


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « KM on-line discourse | Main | Boundary objects revisted » June 11, 2006 An ecology behind the firewall How can business best use web2.0 tools? Encouraging personal views, commentary, opinion, critique and news, helps to ensure diversity, brings in new voices and memes, creates the space for innovative ideas. A RSS enabled blog is the ideal tool for this.

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How HR Can Tackle Diversity Using the Rooney Rule


In August 2015, the need for more workforce diversity was spotlighted in a big way when President Obama issued a call to action to technology companies, encouraging them to hire more women and minorities by implementing the Rooney Rule. Metric to watch: Diversity of interviewed candidates.

Knowledge-at-work: KM practices


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « When learning and knowledge collide | Main | Knowledge managers » November 05, 2006 KM practices Which KM practices are the most important in your opinion? Clarify meaning - help groups surface distinctions, maintain diversity and engage in creative abrasion, i.e. create a Ba.

Knowledge-at-work: Reflecting on corporate memory


» December 17, 2006 Reflecting on corporate memory Sharing via explicit, evolving documentation is receiving more attention as wikis and blogs move into the enterprise. Any repository that does not enable dialog, promote awareness, encourage back-channel connections, make it easy to connect to the source person, push notifications or foster diversity of opinion and offer affordances for annotation, is unlikely to survive.

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Knowledge-at-work: When learning and knowledge collide


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « Case-hardened books | Main | KM practices » October 29, 2006 When learning and knowledge collide Recently Ive been reading (and listening) to Stephen Downes , George Siemens , Jay Cross and Richard MacManus exploring learning networks and connective knowledge. Posted by: Sai Lakkaraju | November 14, 2006 at 08:48 PM Was cruising Technorati when I ran across your site.

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Knowledge-at-work: KM failing?


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « The nature of knowledge (again) | Main | Knowledge as ecology » February 19, 2006 KM failing? Our conversations are now distributed, diverse and fragmented. February 19, 2006 in KM , KM practices , KM tools | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference KM failing?

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Knowledge-at-work: Knowledge as ecology


Main | KM, decisons and problem solving » February 26, 2006 Knowledge as ecology Reflecting on many years working, thinking and writing on KM, the strongest meme for me remains knowledge ecology. Sustainability, adaptation, food and energy webs & chains, stasis, climax, niche, fitness, Nardi & Day examine information ecologies in terms of co-evolution, keystone species, diversity and system flows. Ecology communicates life, diversity, organic, and open.

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Cycling to knowledge


I can easily see the value to new arrivals and can appreciate the need to have diversity and participant churn. ED is integrated into a larger picture with work-flow, pre-processing to uncover the invariance and natural language tools to generate reports from the returned templates. What do we really know about those knowledge practices that involve a strong cyclic component?

Chief Diversity Officer Carin Taylor: Celebrating Our Differences at Workday


Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is a priority for most organizations. And like most priorities, it takes a team and a set of goals to address diversity and inclusion (D&I). Workday Chief Diversity Officer Carin Taylor. “As Everybody’s Diverse in Their Own Way.

6 Ways to Avoid Age Bias in Your Job Descriptions


For example, you might need them to be a master at Google Docs or some new legal tech tool. The Equality Act of 2010 (and the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 before it), protects candidates/employees in many ways. Diversity and Inclusion Age Discrimination Unconscious BiasEmployers paid $240 million in age bias lawsuits since 2000, according to a survey by

The bold new world of talent: 10 predictions for 2016

HR Times

These changes, which impact organizations in every country, are coupled with a workforce that is increasingly diverse (in gender, age, culture, and nationality), demanding, and mobile. Adding to these changes are a tremendous number of new innovative technologies, tools, and systems for HR.

10+ Slack Groups Every CEO, Founder, and HR Professional Must Join


Companies use Slack as their main tool for communication between workers — effectively ruling out long, boring emails that seem to take forever to get to your mailbox. This global startup community offers curated content and the best tools to help you run your business.

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Could the Gender Wage Gap Increase with the Development of Technology?


The year 2018 saw a widening of the gender wage gap for the first time since 2006 , the first year in which WEF collected data. Diversity Boosts Innovation. For innovation to occur, you need diversity. Because diversity is so crucial to innovation, employers can’t afford to lose more women, particularly in fields that are typically male-dominated. This is the time to grow female diversity.”.

Slow Down To Do More: “Have a strategy for life and work and stick to it” with Jeffrey Katz, CEO of Journera

Thrive Global

According to a 2006 Pew Research Report report, 26% of women and 21% of men feel that they are “always rushed.” Do you have any mindfulness tools that you find most helpful at work? People live demanding lives, so it is no secret that all of us will feel rushed or anxious at times.

Future Friday: Is there a future solution for HR in crowdsourcing?

OmegaHR Solutions

Regarding the most significant advantages of using crowdsourcing the literature generally discussed costs, speed, quality, flexibility, scalability, and diversity.”. The collective knowledge and experience of many HR people can be a powerful tool. Tap into diverse thinking.

The Quest of Better Outcomes: Hierarchy Versus Process


Periodically, they overhaul their structure, add new positions and assign new/diverse responsibilities to people. A system comprising of interconnected processes that act as a tool people use to execute their work.

Knowledge-at-work: Social knowledge


There needs to be diversity of ideas and anenvironment where failures and reflection are valued as learningenablers. We need cohorts and community to build a shared repertoire of keyconcepts, evolve tools, craft language, gather stories and highlightsensitivities. There needs to be diversity of ideas and an environment where failures and reflection are valued as learning.

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Knowledge-at-work: KM - those first steps


Reflecting on corporate memory Knowledge sharing - a re-think Social search - KM thinking Beliefs around learning Add me to your TypePad People list Subscribe to this blogs feed Blog powered by TypePad Categories Books KM KM practices KM tools learning LO Patterns PKM podcasts Structured Settlements Web/Tech Weblogs Recent Comments Annerose on Informal learning - the root of KM?

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


Carrie Corbin , Global Head of Employer Brand for American Airlines | Culture |Diversity | Recruitment Marketing | HR Tech. Dorothy Dalton , Global Executive Search | CEO 3Plus International | Coach |Trainer| Diversity & Bias Conscious Recruitment. Director of Customer Success ~ Named Time’s Person of the Year 2006. Janet Clarey , Providing research-based information and tools you need to make decisions and transform enterprise learning.

Knowledge-at-work: Thinking of annotation


Facile annotation speeds idea cycles, introduces diversity of thoughts, supports & improves knowledge claim validation, creates conditions for synergy and helps with the emergence of new connections and knowledge.

Conference Twitter Primer #SHRM18


spearityapp : SPEARity gives leaders the skills, tools, and support to continuously improve and achieve greater successes. Deployed to Iraq in 2006, shot in the head by a sniper. ADP : We give companies of every size the tools to help their people thrive.

INTERVIEW: Philip Morris International’s Charles Bendotti on Emerging Contemporary Workplace Culture

HR Digest

While most corporate cultures are focused on engineering the most common goal of every business, some employers are repositioning their cultures to address social inequality as well as drive diversity & inclusion. I believe we have an obligation to provide them with the tools and development opportunities to learn and grow as professionals, communicating clearly and regularly with them and fostering the best possible environments for them in which to work.

Creators: Lessons From the CEO of the Maker Movement

SAP Innovation

The company provides individual innovators access to millions of dollars worth of manufacturing tools. Launched in 2006 by co-founder Jim Newton, Tech Shop has 7,000 members in eight locations, with plans to expand globally.

Artist Geraldina Interiano Wise: “The US is the market economics vortex of the world; We should be able to match our labor and skillset needs with visa programs abroad”

Thrive Global

She then painted on a canvas using house paints and tools used by her fellow Salvadoran workers. I was little, I was here, I was in a household of Salvadorans, and in a world outside that was not diverse. There is enormous room for improvement in the broken system that we have now.

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4 Ways PepsiCo’s CEO Energizes (and Retains) Her Employees

Linkedin Talent Blog

One of only three women CEOs in the Fortune 50, Indra took the helm of PepsiCo in 2006 and created a new mission for the company: Performance with Purpose.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


Performance Tracking Tools. The HR TechStack for Performance Tracking Tools. HR TechStack – Performance Tracking Tools. Qualitrics Employee Insights provides employee survey tools and 360 feedback features that let you measure engagement in real time.

The Top Reasons Why The Maker Movement Will Be The Next Renaissance

SAP Innovation

Manufacturers spend billions of dollars on market research and product development to deliver a diverse mix of goods with a variety of options on a mass scale. Consider: The inaugural San Francisco MakerFaire in 2006 attracted 65,000 DIY enthusiasts.

3 Applicant Tracking Systems That Will Help You Hire Generation Z


While your youngest new hires share many characteristics with the Millennial generation, they’ve got an entirely different outlook on things such as workplace culture, diversity, and even the importance of having a job. Your organization is forward-thinking enough to attract new talent, adding to the age diversity of your workplace. And collaboration tools will help your team stay in touch about tasks and candidates. Communication tools. Communication tools.

Winning The Talent War Demands Creative Hiring Strategies


Social media tools such as LinkedIn provide great help with recruiting, but also make your in-demand employees highly visible to competitors. While the company prefers students with an engineering or technical focus, it also considers other educational backgrounds that help create a diverse and multi-talented workforce. From 1884 to 2006, Robert Sher was CEO and co-founder of Bentley Publishing Group, a privately held firm based in Walnut Creek, Calif.