Learning Corner With Jeffrey Pfeffer: Why It’s Important to Include Age in Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

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At Stanford University, during the 2018-2019 academic year, virtually every meeting of the faculty senate included a report—or two—on the university’s diversity efforts. Clearly, diversity and inclusion are becoming a priority for all types of organizations.

Diversity in the Workplace – Do You Have What Women Want?

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#MeToo Movement Sheds Light on Gender Diversity Gaps In Employer Brands. plans will never achieve true gender diversity. As you can see, there is good reason that diversity is on the top of the priority list for. make Blu Ivy Group a diverse supplier.

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Gender pay gap reporting 2020: what’s required?


We answer some of the most common questions about gender pay gap reports, their effectiveness so far in reducing gender pay inequality, and the prospect of the requirements being extended to a wider group of employers. . Advice Corporate governance Diversity and inclusion Talent management

Getting Inside the Mind of the Millennial Manager

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In my research, I polled the same group of Millennials as in my previous articles on the following topics: What attributes make a strong manager, what skills do Millennials possess, and how do they feel they relate with their teams. Relating to a diversity of workers. in 2022.

For Workplace Fitness, On-Demand Is in Demand

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billion by 2022 , up from $849.5 It’s more flexible, more personal, and more diverse than ever. Look for a solution that offers a diverse range of classes, from yoga to kickboxing to mom-and-baby fitness.

The State of Healthcare in 2018: 5 Things You Should Know


Also, surveys show that more than half (58%) of hospital executives consider it very likely that by 2022, their hospital will have implemented strategies to improve employee job satisfaction and “joy in work,” and another 37 percent think it somewhat likely. The Importance of Diversity.

10 Workforce Intelligence Cures for Improving Nurse Retention


Healthcare has long been a highly regulated industry with a diverse and specialized workforce — one that’s hard to hire and even harder to retain at the best of times. Start by ensuring you calculate your nurse resignation rate the same for all hospitals and groups.

A Proud Stroll Down Memory Lane On International Women’s Day

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Our international group of competitors is unlike any other in women’s sports, one that finds itself moving in sync with the right side of history. Today, BeIN Sports, born from Al Jazeera, is one of the major media players in the world, and Qatar has gone from hosting our season-ending WTA Finals (from 2008-2010) to preparing to host the 2022 World Cup. Digital Economy Hyperconnectivity Improving Lives Industries Sports Sports and Entertainment diversity inclusion women in sports

The work-abroad dream: 4 benefits of remote working for employers


The Gen Z population is keen for work-abroad opportunities and this group of people will continue to take over a larger proportion of the workforce over the next few years. 4) Boost your diversity and inclusion efforts.

Inside The Millennial Mind: The Millennial Manager

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In my research, I polled a group of Millennials, asking them: what attributes make a strong manager, what skills do Millennials possess, and how do they feel they relate with their teams. in 2022. I’ve previously shared ideas on attracting and retaining Millennials.

What the Enterprise Gets Wrong About Mentoring Programs


By 2022, nearly a third of the nation’s workforce will be ages 65 to 74. business executive leadership more diverse. Gen Z is just around the corner, and it’s the most diverse generation in history. One recent study found that a primary reason for this disparity is the lack of advocacy for underrepresented groups by people in positions of power. Ever get the feeling your corporate mentoring program might be in need of a mentor itself?