Thu.Sep 22, 2022

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How to Choose an HR Software System


Informatization in the field of personnel management is a necessary prerequisite for its successful functioning and significantly reduces the risks of economic miscalculations and financial losses. Automation of HR management processes makes it possible to obtain additional profits. At the same time, it motivates the workforce to work even more efficiently, because it is one of the main resources of any company.

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Human Resource Planning Strategies in Project Management


If you engage in project management, you can occasionally employ your own team members and work on a number of project manager deliverables. Creating a human resource plan is one approach to keeping track of your staff and their varied tasks. You can develop your own strategies for your projects if you comprehend what a human resource plan in project management entails and what you might put in one.


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Feeling understaffed? 7 helpful tips for leading a lean team


If you are feeling like your business is understaffed – that you have more work than employees to handle it all – you are not alone. Between The Great Resignation and a looming economic downturn that has necessitated layoffs, many companies across the U.S. are experiencing a talent shortage. Or, it could be that your business has experienced rapid success and needs to scale up fast.

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7 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Intoo USA

The way your professionals feel about their jobs can affect their productivity and quality of work. Businesses may find themselves struggling to maintain high motivation among their employees and it can be challenging to determine how to boost employees’ morale. We’ve compiled a helpful list of seven ways to boost employee morale to help keep your professionals excited and engaged with their workplace. 1.

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Ace Your I-9 Compliance: How HR Can Navigate the End of I-9 Virtual Review

Speaker: David Secunda, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkBright

Did your company inspect I-9 documents virtually? Hot off the press from ICE, you have until August 30th, 2023 to document a physical inspection of those documents! If you’re not sure what exactly this means for your organization or are struggling to physically review I-9 documents with remote employees, join WorkBright for a 60 minute deep-dive and Q&A on the end of I-9 virtual review.

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Receive an ACA Penalty from the IRS? Here’s What to Do

ACA Times

It’s no secret that IRS enforcement is ramping up. With an additional $80 billion in funding and 87,000 new agents, employers should accept the fact that ACA penalties could be…. The post Receive an ACA Penalty from the IRS? Here’s What to Do first appeared on The ACA Times.

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Quiet Quitting – What Employers Need to Know


Quiet quitting by employees is shouting a profound message to their employers that Human Resources professionals, and organizations as a whole, cannot ignore. The pandemic impacted businesses in myriad ways, and for many employees, the pandemic delivered an epiphany. Through lockdowns, quarantines, and long periods of remote work, workers had the opportunity to reevaluate their personal and professional lives.

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Microsoft Announces Major Expansion Of Viva, and CEOs Need To Lighten Up.

Josh Bersin

If there’s one thing you can say about Microsoft, this is a company that can execute. Since the introduction of Microsoft Viva in early 2021, the company has more than doubled down on its Employee Experience Platform strategy, with a flurry of new announcements this week. Let me start by saying that Microsoft, at its. Read more» The post Microsoft Announces Major Expansion Of Viva, and CEOs Need To Lighten Up. appeared first on JOSH BERSIN.

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How To Adopt A Managerial Style That Works For You


If you are a new manager and terrified of all the responsibility that comes with being a manager, firstly, stop panicking and take a few deep breaths. Managing people can be a scary experience. And it’s not as if you can experiment upon them as guinea pigs, use them as test subjects to see what managerial style works best for you. So how do you develop a managerial style, without giving your direct reports whiplash?

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How to Bounce Back After a Layoff


Let’s be honest. Getting laid off is no walk in the park. It can leave you feeling stressed, upset, and confused about the future of your career. While we know it may be difficult to stay positive during this time, if you approach getting laid off as an opportunity to be mindful and assess your career goals, the change could be all for the better. To find success after a layoff, here is a list of our recommended steps to take.

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HR and Employee Healthcare Reform: Keys to Increasing Employee Wellness and Retention

Speaker: Mallory Herrin, CEO & Principal HR Consultant at HerrinHR

Your employees are your most valuable resource. If you want to retain employees and keep them happy, you want to make the incentives more valuable. With a full-stack employee experience, culture, health, wellness and benefits navigation solution, you can provide employees with the wellbeing support they need. The results? Employees who are happier, healthier, and more engaged, as well as a business that is thriving both internally and externally, every day.

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my new boss needs constant reassurance

Ask a Manager

This post, my new boss needs constant reassurance , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I’m in a situation that’s new to me in almost 15 years in my field. I’ve been at my employer for four years, and a new manager was hired four months ago to lead my team. I used to report to the person who’s now my grandboss.

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How to Sell Employee Recognition to Your Leadership Team


Do you believe employee recognition is given out fairly and frequently at your company? How you answer depends a lot on your job title. Research we conducted. with SurveyMonkey. in 2019 found that 89% of executive-level leaders believed recognition was doled out fairly at their companies, whereas only 62% of people in intermediate positions believed that to be true.

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a coworker’s child keeps saying insulting and bigoted things to me

Ask a Manager

This post, a coworker’s child keeps saying insulting and bigoted things to me , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I work in a nonprofit child care setting and the environment can be toxic at times. These people have all known each other for decades and have habits of lying for one another in professional settings to make the organization sound better than it actually is.

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Embroker vs. Pie Insurance


When you’ve just started a new business, purchasing insurance may be the last thing on your mind. You’ve got a lot going on getting things up and running, so purchasing business insurance can surely wait, right ? Wrong. . Getting insurance early on – as in, before you need it – is crucial for getting ahead of potential risks that could jeopardize your hard work.

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Maximizing Employee Engagement From Day One

Speaker: Jennifer Whiteley, HR Talent and Organizational Development Lead

We all know how important employee engagement is for organizational success, so how can we foster an engaging culture for new hires, right from the day they start? Beginning with recruitment through their onboarding journey, this session will dive into best practices for creating and fostering engagement with new hires, with tips and tricks you can take away and put into action immediately in your own organizations.

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HR Analytics from A to Z: The Definitive Guide


HR analytics has become a hot topic in many companies. And it’s only growing more popular by the day. But despite all the hype, few HR departments know how to “do” analytics well. Good analysis are central to talent management. Tomorrow’s HR will find analytics even more indispensable. So, let’s discuss exactly what it means and how to get started. Table of Contents. 1.

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The Thank You Email You Must Send after Every Interview

HR Digest

An interview is a two-way street. It’s not just about you, it’s also about the company you’re interviewing with—where a thank you letter after an interview comes in — and if you want to get hired, you need to make sure they know that you appreciate their time and consideration. There are lots of ways to do this, but one of the most important is sending a thank you letter after every interview.

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Which Post Pandemic Lessons Learned Do You Apply Daily?

Babette Ten Haken - Human Capital & Industrial IoT

What are the post pandemic lessons learned which you now have as part of your professional arsenal? Do you apply these daily as you move into the post pandemic world of work? Regardless of whether you worked in physical or virtual or hybrid environments throughout the pandemic, you changed. So did everyone else. You (and they) became a survivor of “working during the pandemic.”.

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15 Steps Every New Business Owner Should Take When A Crisis Arises

Forbes Coaches Council

Whether a business is affected by a natural disaster, inadvertently sells a defective product or has an employee publicly criticize the company, it’s important to have a strategy in place to deal with it.

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In how many clicks will you apply for a job in Europe? (REPORT)

I am writing to propose an article for your website about a recent report we concluded.

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Not Everyone Can Quiet Quit

The Muse

The quiet quitting conversation leaves out workers who may not be able to stop going the extra mile without facing major discomfort or repercussions.

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15 Ways To Analyze And Strengthen A Company’s Core Business Model

Forbes Coaches Council

It’s important for company leaders to ensure that the underlying business model continues to provide a strong foundation for the organization to grow and scale upon.

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should we hire a candidate who talked non-stop?

Ask a Manager

This post, should we hire a candidate who talked non-stop? , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: We’re hiring for a candidate to fill in for me while I’m on maternity leave. The strongest candidate we’ve had so far has a great resume and industry experience, which is rare for us. But she was so talkative in the interview it was staggering.

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When it Comes to Compliance, AI Should Enhance Equality


Talent leaders shouldn’t worry about AI harming equal employment opportunities. In fact, they should know that the right AI only enhances it. . Craig Leen , former Director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) at the U.S. Department of Labor, is a proponent of using AI in hiring, especially when finding equal opportunities for all workers.

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Asking the Humans: Using People Data to Create a Great Employee Experience

Speaker: Karen Weeks, Chief People Officer at Ordergroove

As HR professionals, we always want to make sure the work we are doing, the programs we are rolling out, and the perks we offer have the most value and impact to the team. How can we determine what that means for our organizations? We need to ask our team! In this webinar, we will be focusing on where and how to use surveys and other feedback tools to collect data and, more importantly, what to do with it once we have it.

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how should I deal with an anxious and needy coworker?

Ask a Manager

This post, how should I deal with an anxious and needy coworker? , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I have a coworker in her late 20’s, Patricia, who has been a part of my team for about five months now. I have been employed at this company for two years, but have been called back into the office after work from home was revoked.

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33 Trust-Building Questions to Ask Your Employees


As a manager, creating a successful, cohesive team can be a huge challenge. It involves a number of factors including strategic leadership practices, strong communication, and allowing each employee to feel heard and valued. It also requires a trust. It's just as important that you trust your employees to do their job as it is for them to trust the organization they work for.

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Just Released: The 2022 Hiring Benchmark Report

Criteria Corp

Each year, Criteria conducts a survey of hiring professionals from all industries to better understand how they are attracting, hiring, and retaining their workforce and the hiring trends that shape the talent landscape. This year’s Hiring Benchmark Report is based on the responses gathered in July and August of 2022 from more than 500 hiring professionals from organizations of all sizes around the globe.

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How Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Can Unlock New Career Opportunities

The Muse

Saying “yes” to something new led James Dale to land a job at Tradeweb, where he’s built a long-term career.

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Bridging the Gap: Strategies to Boost and Evaluate Your DEI Initiatives

Speaker: Cassandra Binkley, SHRM-CP, PHR - DEI Leader and Sr. Manager of Community, Engagement & Philanthropy at Bob Evans Farms, Inc.

Those who have firsthand experience with your work environment may be the best people to help bridge the gap between your organization and future DEIB initiatives. Like never before, we're seeing companies turn to voluntary, employee-led groups to ensure these initiatives are met while supporting the goals of the organization and increasing employee retention.