Back to School: 12 Online HR Courses to Check Out

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Since we know you’re busy people, we created a list of 12 online HR courses to check out. Not only does that save you time searching, but you can also do the course you like from the comfort of your own office (or home, or any other spot you prefer). LinkedIn Learning. Wharton Online. Kicking off with our very own AIHR Academy (after all, it starts with an A). The courses are globally accredited online HR courses.

12 Benefits of Taking a Business Course

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You’re thinking about taking a business course, but you don’t know how to start or if you should take the chance. The right course can offer you more than you can imagine, though — and online classes are often available at affordable rates. Don’t underestimate the advantage of a diploma when job hunting or building a business — it can take you far. With an online course, you only need to log in to start learning.


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Learning How to Navigate Online Learning: The New Normal for College Students (Amid Coronavirus)

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The reality right now >> Students are coming back from Spring Break and finding out that school has been shut down. Schools everywhere are responding to the Coronavirus outbreak, including a majority of colleges and universities. As a college student, you may have been asked to vacate campus and prepare to transition from in-person classes to virtual classes. A lot of what I’ve learned can be applied to online learning for you, as well.

Key Benefits of Online Learning for Employees and Businesses

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One of the key elements of increasing employee engagement and satisfaction in the workplace is giving staff members the opportunity to grow and develop. People need to be continually learning , and see that they have the opportunity to move up the career ladder and try new things. As HR managers, it is important to encourage your workforce to learn new skills, keep up on the latest trends , develop leadership abilities, and more.

Why Blended Learning Works Best for Some Companies

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Classroom training is dead. ELearning is the only effective tool for today’s learners. Does it mean that older approaches are really outdated and don’t contribute to the learning success anymore? We can’t deny changes that technology has brought to our lives in terms of mobility, instant feedback and gratification, seamless communication, 24/7 easy access to information, and the like. Blended learning: its essence and tips to make it work.

Clery & Title IX Training and Compliance

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How can colleges and universities curb sexual violence on campus and create the safe, respectful, collegiate learning and teaching environment that every student and employee deserves? Through education, training, ongoing dialogue and a deliberate shaping of campus culture.

Using Social Media to Help Us, Not Hurt Us

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Welcome to our special section, Thrive on Campus , devoted to covering the urgent issue of mental health among college and university students from all angles. For many college students, midterms are right around the corner and Zoom fatigue is as real as ever. Not the worst. .

8 Reasons to Consider Studying Online for Your MBA

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Today, the MBA is a golden ticket into many high-responsibility positions around the world, with dedicated and driven MBA graduates in higher demand than ever before. Also read: Key Benefits of Online Learning for Employees and Businesses. Today more than ever, studying online is growing in popularity thanks to several irresistible benefits. Here are some of the best reasons to think about studying for your MBA online. #1. and around the world!

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Top 13 Advantages of Online Learning

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In the past, the only way people could learn was through attending classes in person with uncomfortable desks, blackboards and too many students for the teacher or lecturer to give their full attention to. In the present day (and thanks to technology) there are all sorts of routes that students can go down for their education. Not only can online studying provide flexibility, but the overall cost is significantly cheaper. Finding a Course.

The Death of Instructor-Led Training Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

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Many corporate learning experts have been predicting and expecting the end of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) for a long time now. Considered an old-fashioned and out-of-date learning delivery method, many believed it would be completely replaced by e-learning methods. During the last 20 years, ILT has in fact been substituted by e-learning methods in some areas where e-learning is more effective, e.g State of the Industry, 2014. [2]

Get the most out of your open-source LMS and get going with your eLearning initiatives now!


Most educational institutions like universities, schools or long-distance education academies prefer the implementation of open-source LMS for their virtual campuses or even entire programs that can be delivered through this amazing platform. Well, let’s dig deep into the most remarkable benefits that you can get when acquiring an open-source LMS. Open-source LMS is easy to get going from the word go. The best part? Provides Access to the Entire Software Code.

42 Strong

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The month following the white coat ceremony has been a whirlwind (which is how I would describe my time in PA school), marked by end-of-year anticipation and festivities, studying overtime for, taking, and passing PANCE (PA National Certifying Exam), and everything that has happened since becoming a PA-C (certified PA). Before time moves us farther away, I want to celebrate my classmates – all of them, including the two we lost along the way.

Making Up With Salma!

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The most powerful things in the realm of fashion and beauty are the relationships being made. One of those pertains to the care and gentility taking place. When women contribute to improving, or beautifying, the appearances of other women, selfishness is dismantled.

The Death of Instructor-Led Training Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Training Orchestra

Many corporate learning experts have been predicting and expecting the end of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) for a long time now. Considered an old-fashioned and out-of-date learning delivery method, many believed it would be completely replaced by e-learning methods. During the last 20 years, ILT has in fact been substituted by e-learning methods in some areas where e-learning is more effective, e.g State of the Industry, 2014. [2]

Why lifelong learning is the international passport to success (re-published from Aeon)

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What are they thinking while they throw their caps in the air? It’s not only the proof of acquired knowledge but plays into the reputation game of where you were trained. Yet take a closer look, and the diploma is the perfect ending to the modern tragedy of education.

7 Professors on How 2020 Is Changing Higher Education

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A pandemic, an unprecedented economic shutdown, and widespread protests demanding inherent structural change have helped define 2020—but what will their effect on the future of higher education be? The Future of Higher Education. Online Teaching May Become a Permanent Option. “I

Top Reasons to Transition Summer Interns into Full-Time Employees


07/05/2018 // CAMPUS RECRUITING. Students enrolled in college aren’t simply pursuing a higher level of education — they’re learning skills for a future career. According to the 2018 Yello Recruiting Study , 92% of students begin searching for jobs before graduation and 20% secured internships to get a jump start on their post-college job search. Interns save money. Check out our internship insights in the 2018 Yello Recruiting Study. Interns save time.

TCNJ Students Write About COVID-19 Vaccination Accessibility

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The novel coronavirus devastated the world when it first spread like wildfire, and the United States felt the brunt of the impact with little infrastructure to prevent disaster from occurring. Fear took over many lives as the virus ravaged across the country.

Community College vs. Technical College: Which Offers the Better Career Path?

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They may not have found the same subjects fascinating or attended the same schools. Still, they all continued their studies after high school and engaged in career-specific training to build a successful future. And which is the better choice?

The Skills to Reskill

HRO Today

According to SHRM’s The Global Skills Shortage study, 83 percent of HR professionals have had trouble recruiting suitable candidates in the past 12 months, and 75 percent of these struggling leaders attribute their difficulties to a lack of available skills. The Power of Data.

How Paying For Your Employees’ Education Pays You Back

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In the most basic terms, the job of HR is to recruit and retain good employees. You want to attract the best people and you want to create a work environment and culture that keeps them engaged, happy, and productive so they stay with you as they grow and continue to contribute to the company’s success. An advanced degree is a worthwhile investment that pays dividends to both the employee and the company, and you don’t have to be a big corporation to swing it.

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2020 Trends: College and University layoffs

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Do universities share the same fate as department stores? However, while many of the current trends in this educational sea change include university layoffs, not every college is approaching the challenge in the same way. According to the U.S.

Trends 130

The Racial Wealth Gap & The Role of Youth Financial Education

EverFi - HR

Communities and families across the country are being impacted daily by a global pandemic, unprecedented unemployment and underemployment rates, a national conversation about racial inequity, and arguably, the most unique school year we’ve ever experienced. . The Racial Wealth Gap .

Gail Trauco: “Learn to tell “your” story”

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Learn to tell “your” story and how it impacts what you do today. Tell the real story…the heart-breaking story…shining as the “survivor” and possessing a CEO’s toolbox to keep me in front of other Advocates. School was my favorite place in the world. Tell the truth.

How Universities Can Introduce Ways To Be Productive In The Pandemic

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How Universities Can Introduce Ways To Be Productive In The Pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the education system as well. Several Sarkari exams have been postponed, and it is impacting the future of Indian students. Introduce Online Sessions for Students.

Dogs, Kids and Baseball Caps – 4 Tips For Remote Project Success

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Have you been working from home for the past month and a half? Learn more about them at their website. Having already kicked off a project to implement Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) , and after conducting several onsite design sessions, it was time to move into User Acceptance Testing.

Jeff DeFranco: “If you can dream it, you can do it”

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As a part of my series about the things we can do to remain hopeful and support each other during anxious times, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff DeFranco. Can you share with us the backstory about what brought you to your specific career path? just under the wire.

Meet the Student Winners of the National Financial Literacy Bee

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The challenge drew nearly 40,000 student participants! Students competed to win a total of $20,000 in college scholarships by completing a capstone entry in which they shared their financial dreams and how they planned to get there leveraging the lessons they learned from the challenge. .

Virtual Reality Gives Job Candidates a Vivid Big Picture


Your craft can cruise at over 45 miles per hour, but the noise might alert the enemy to your approach. And you have less than 10 minutes to save the day. It’s only a virtual reality (VR) simulation of a Navy mission, but for many who don the special headgear and immerse themselves into the action, the experience is jaw-dropping. VR is a technology-assisted environment that simulates the real world or an imaginary one. By Steve Bates.

How to Complete a PhD While Working Full Time?

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Balancing these demanding studies with the rigors of any 40-hour job probably sounds like a handful. When Is the Best Time? The first question to ask yourself is why you’d want to earn a doctorate in the first place when you already possess a degree.

On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Do Online Classes Make Sense for.

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Monday, July 20, 2009 Do Online Classes Make Sense for Your Career? When I graduated from college -- even though I loved the experience -- I literally ran to my car after the ceremony, speeding away in my 72 Olds Cutlass Supreme. (An People just did the work and never challenged anything that was said. Check out the U.S.

How to Pursue a Career in Home Renovation and Design?

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While basic instinct and creativity are important, most people receive a formal education before working in the industry. There are numerous career paths for people with a passion for home renovation and interior design, so the key is choosing the one that will fit you best.

colleague’s wife and mommy group attended our work talk, references from a romantic partner, and more

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I work at a small college and like many institutions of higher learning, we have been fully remote since last March. Recently, one of the departments hosted a talk on a serious topic that was co-sponsored by student life. Several other people I talked to felt the same way.

How We Know We’re Making a Difference

EverFi - HR

In our conversations with partners, prospective partners, educators, and students around the country, EVERFI is often asked: How do you know you’re making a difference? Investment firm TPG started The Rise Fund , an impact investment fund, in 2017. EVERFI was The Rise Fund’s inaugural investment that same year. million students taking the training. Sexual assault prevention training for undergraduate students, through EVERFI’s Sexual Assault Prevention courses.

The 11 Recruiting Conferences You Need to Attend in 2019


HR and talent acquisition conferences present recruiters with a great opportunity to learn new recruiting strategies and best practices, network with other industry professionals, and gain insights into trends and issues affecting the greater HR practice. Here’s our roundup of the 11 recruiting conferences you need to attend this year: . Hear more from @williamtincup , President of @recruitingdaily when he shares tips on Making the Business Case for New Tech.

Security Never Gets a Break in Our Mobile World


Maybe you’re heading down to the cafeteria for a quick lunch, or heading out on a much needed vacation. Whether you’re surfing the web or posting food pics on social media, the threat of identity theft never really goes away. With the everyday use of mobile devices, the risk of susceptibility to hacking—and the availability of products that protect against it—have been on the rise. The Importance of Identity Protection for Your Devices.

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Academic Advising: Charting a Clear Path to Graduation


Every year EDUCAUSE shares its list of “Top 10 IT Issues” for the coming year, and we’re always interested to hear what keeps higher education CIOs up at night. We’ve noticed that student success, and the technology that can be used to support it, has remained among the top four issues for the past several years. It’s clear your organizations continue to be concerned about the need to strategically leverage technology to improve student outcomes.