13+ HR Case Studies: Recruiting, Learning, Analytics, and More


As someone who has worked in the HR profession, I know well the full value of stories, examples, and case studies. While much of the work we do at Lighthouse Research & Advisory focuses on quantitative research studies, we do a fair amount of qualitative research as well.

Case Studies: How Companies Use People Analytics to Achieve Results


While there is countless evidence from research that people analytics and workforce planning deliver value to organizations , there is still the question of “how” exactly this value is achieved. How analytics leads to positive outcomes. This speaks to the so what.

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Using HR Analytics for Workforce Cost Management [Case Study]


As the fire grew to nearly 2,000 square miles (approximately 590,000 hectares) in size, more than 80,000 residents were forced to evacuate. The City of Edmonton responded to this unmatched crisis by putting “all hands on deck.”.

40+ Free HR Training Sources: Case Studies, Podcasts, and More


Two years ago I wrote an article that has been incredibly popular about how to learn HR for free. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below: what did I miss? Recently on LinkedIn I saw someone asking how to learn HR. Not sure where to go?

Attract, Engage, and Develop Talent using Open Badges: An IBM Case Study

Speaker: David Leaser, Senior Program Executive, Innovation and Growth Initiatives at IBM

HR has an incredible opportunity to use badges to help attract, engage, recognize and develop talent. HR Managers need to be aware of what’s happening and innovators should be taking a leading role.

Effectively Scaling Manager Development: A Case Study


In today’s competitive environment, organizations must rapidly innovate and change to ensure they can keep their position in the marketplace. Unum needed a high-impact, scalable program that would lay the foundation for every Unum manager to be able to effectively lead the company forward.

Are You Throwing Your Employees Under the Bus? [Case Study] - DecisionWise


A Case Study on Improving The Customer Experience (CX) at the Risk of The Employee Experience (EX). In this case study we examine how the Chicago Transit Authority sought to improve its Customer Experience while failing to focus on its Employee Experience.

Case Study: Using Employee Surveys to Improve a Post-Merger Culture

Get Hppy

An international company, the result of a merger between an American and French firm, had used a “rollup” strategy to acquire niche players in the protection equipment space. Also read: Why most cultural integrations in M&A fail and how to avoid it.

Creating An Effective Case Study: 12 Important Tips To Remember

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Case studies can be used as a learning tool for both successful concepts as well as failed ones, while also serving as a valuable business card when approaching new customers. Here's how to create an effective case study

CASE STUDY: When The Private Equity Bears Show Up To Eat Your Company

The HR Capitalist

Anyway, we went to the pitch and it was obvious that the private equity firm was making a lot of changes - many that needed to be made - on the people side. The change to a more performance-based culture was on thanks to the PE firm.

7 Key Talent and HR Trends: Research, Case Studies, and Insights for the Year Ahead

Speaker: Ben Eubanks, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory

One of the toughest parts of identifying trends is getting caught up in what the "cool" companies are doing. Every firm doesn't have the budget of a Google, Facebook, or Apple, so what are the real trends in talent acquisition? In this webinar we will examine the research that supports key trends in the world of recruiting, from the increased focus on hiring from within and greater exploration of experience design to the expansion of the recruiting technology "stack" beyond the applicant tracking system, and how AI is losing its luster for some employers.

NSF International – An Employee Recognition Case Study


Business experts agree that an organization can have a great product, a bullet-proof business plan, and top-notch marketing, yet all of these components are not enough to ensure success. Without engaged employees, organizations will struggle to prosper.

HR Analytics Case Study: Why Expats Quit – and how to Retain them

Analytics in HR

Where traditional assignments used to be planned for the long-term – including elaborate organizational support for the expatriating employee and his/her family – these days, expatriates more often commute frequently between countries or locations, or only stay abroad for short periods of times.

How to set up your Performance Reviews in 2019: Example questions, case studies and more


New year's resolutions aren't limited to your personal life, we start each year off with new professional goals as well. Whether it’s to not always have 1000 unread emails or to get better at delivering to promised deadlines, we often forget to track progress along the way.

How To Use ‘Case-Study’ Techniques To Ensure Successful Executive Hires

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Giving candidates a real on-the-job challenge can help you make the perfect executive hire

Make Your Onboarding Inclusive & Engaging

Speaker: Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition and Engagement practices at Brandon Hall Group

Assimilating new hires into your culture is straightforward when the employees work in a central location. However, what happens when the new hires work remotely, either at a global location or home office, or the employee works on a different schedule? Can an organization engage and train new hires during onboarding, regardless of location and circumstance?

Employer Branding and EVP: 3 Ways Sky Does it Right (case study)

Digital HR Tech

And so I’ve been listening to some of the HR podcasts we recently wrote about. The very first episode I listened to was filled with plenty of useful information and insights. While listening to their conversation, I had ample time to take notes. How to get started? (3

ProQuest Case Study: Using the Oscillation Principle for Software Development

Conversation Matters

ProQuest is an information company that connects people with vetted, reliable information, from dissertations to governmental and cultural archives to news. The members of the three teams are scattered from San Diego to Amsterdam. They call the face-to-face meetings, “Summits.”

Case Study: How Tolunay-Wong Engineering Self-Funded Benefits


When faced with high healthcare prices, some companies delegate a part of that cost to their employees. Geotechnical engineering group Tolunay-Wong Engineers (TWE) was not going to raise costs for their employees again, given they experienced a 40% increase in the benefits plan costs in 2014. Instead, TWE chose self-funding, and it took a partnership with Namely for the company to really find its self-funding rhythm.

Case Study: mysimpleshow Collaborates with FIU and Miami Ad School


From August to December 2017, our Miami-based Content Marketing Manager Emily Cleary conducted a mysimpleshow marketing research study in collaboration with Florida International University (FIU) and Miami Ad School. Under the direction of experienced Professor Grizelle De Los Reyes, a group of 36 students from both schools worked together to provide us with an integrated marketing strategy and media plan for mysimpleshow.

How to Build a Culture of Transparency With Delphi Technologies


Today, we’re proud to have guest, Charlotte Riss, global internal communications manager at Delphi Technologies. We’ll discuss how Delphi’s D-Line (their SocialChorus powered workforce communications platform ) reaches and engages employees with tailored content, improved and promoted culture and values, helped their CEO communicate authentically and easily with workers, and what they’re looking forward to in 2020. “I Chuck Gose: What has this meant to the company?

How to Retain Employees: 13 Practical Takeaways from 5 Case Studies


How to Retain Employees: 13 Practical Takeaways from 5 Case Studies. What more could I be doing to keep them? Learning how to retain employees is a top concern for today’s CEOs and HR pros … and for good reason. Case Study #1 Netflix.

How Herman Miller Connected Their Global Workforce


Headquartered in West Michigan, they have relied on innovative design for over 100 years to solve problems for people wherever they work, live, learn, and heal. With Tom, we’ll chat about how Herman Miller was able to break down communication walls and barriers across their global workforce.

How Automation Helped a Sole Internal Communicator Strengthen Culture at this Global, High Growth Company


With more than 45 years of expertise in research, data, and technology, MSCI powers better investment decisions by enabling clients to understand and analyze key drivers of risk and return so they can confidently build great portfolios. I’m happy to be here today.

The Digital Workplace: Why now?


From our own research here at SocialChorus, we know 75 percent of organizations plan to increase spending specifically on workforce communications. . You can trace it back to three core ways digital tools have transformed the way we live and work. .

How Extreme Networks is Changing the Game of Internal and External Comms


Extreme Networks is the industry’s first cloud-driven, end-to-end enterprise networking company, with 50,000 customers globally. All sales has to do is just click sign in and they instantly go to that post without any delay, so that’s absolute game changer.

How to Achieve Business Growth by Improving Compliance & Time Management: The Canada Restoration Services Case Study


When it comes to home and office restoration the tools of the trade are well established; or at least they were. Until recently, to be considered a professional, and run a successful business, you simply needed to be good at using them. How Connecteam helped.

How Automation Helped a Small Internal Comms Team Align a Global Culture


With more than 45 years of expertise in research, data, and technology, MSCI powers better investment decisions by enabling clients to understand and analyze key drivers of risk and return so they can confidently build great portfolios. I’m happy to be here today.

The Top 5 Culture, Comms, & Cocktails Podcast Episodes from 2019


We launched the Culture, Comms, & Cocktails podcast this year to serve internal communications straight up. Looking back at our inaugural year, I’m pleased to share the top five Culture, Comms, & Cocktails podcast episodes for 2019. They point to: .

How Automation Helped a Small Internal Comms Team Align a Global Culture


With more than 45 years of expertise in research, data, and technology, MSCI powers better investment decisions by enabling clients to understand and analyze key drivers of risk and return so they can confidently build great portfolios. I’m happy to be here today.

Main Line Health’s Motivation Behind Investing In A New Internal Comms Platform


Main Line Health is among the area’s leaders in medicine, providing advanced patient-centered care, education and research to help the community stay healthy. SocialChorus has an average benchmark of 74% for 90-day retention of registered users, so people that continue to come back, and [Main Line Health] is at 92%. Don’t miss an episode of Culture, Comms, & Cocktails , brought to you by SocialChorus. Chuck Gose: Bridget, welcome to Culture, Comms, and Cocktails.

How the American Cancer Society Is Creating a Fun, Flexible Internal Comms Culture


I encourage communicators, at some point in your career, to spend time in the not-for-profit world. So it was really special for me to reconnect with the programs, the mission; and even see some familiar names and faces that are still there with the American Cancer Society. So, I’m excited to have as today’s guest, Amy Hadsock, senior director of news channels for the American Cancer Society. . It’s been super fun to watch and people have really embraced it.”.

Breaking Through the Cascade of Information With Atrium Health


So, I am pleased to welcome Chris Berger, AVP of corporate communications at Atrium Health, which operates hospitals, urgent care centers, emergency departments, and medical practices in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. his omni-channel approach to internal communications to reach and engage “deskless” employees, . how they launched their workforce communications platform (powered by SocialChorus), and . Chris Berger: Hey, it’s great to be here today.

Supporting a Culture of Employee Feedback at CSG


Please welcome Kyla Shea, global communications strategist at CSG, to today’s latest Culture, Comms & Cocktails podcast episode. . As part as an evolving communication strategy, we really liked that the SocialChorus platform could integrate with the current channels we were already serving up to employees. Don’t miss an episode of Culture, Comms, & Cocktails , brought to you by SocialChorus. It’s an exciting time to be a part of CSG.

How to Study for the SPHR Exam


When people previously asked me how to study for the SPHR exam, I’ve had to give them my opinion based on what I understood. Today we’ll go over some of the best practices for SPHR study preparation as well as the launch of the new SPHR Study Course.

Study 208

Transforming Canadian Pacific Railway’s Internal Communications Strategy


Melissa and I will talk about how they transitioned from a pilot program to a full launch of their workforce communications platform, the challenges of reaching and engaging diverse frontline employees that also span across generations, using authentic videos in your content, and how to work smarter (and not harder) by measuring the impact of your internal comms. Subscribe now wherever you listen to podcasts ( Apple , Google Play , Stitcher , etc.).

Case study: Want to find the right people in a skills shortage? Think outside the box

HR Zone

How to find the right people in a skills shortage Acquisition.