“Exercise a little extra empathy towards others right now.” With Mitch Russo & Khabeer Rockley

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It’s critical for us all to exercise a little extra empathy towards others right now. Khabeer Rockley is an international speaker, sales and marketing strategy coach, and founder of The 5% Institute. At first — my coaching was ad hoc and just for the love of it.

Maintaining Equanimity in a Time of Collective Weltschmerz

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I inherited this particular quirk from my dear Nana, who wasn’t observant in any traditional religious sense but regarded the Sunday Times Crossword Puzzle as a holy scripture of sorts. Humankind is coping with a variety of griefs at the same time. Make time for connection with others.

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Tactics for Career Development: How You Can Become More Successful with an Executive Coach


Executive coaching, which focuses on developing emerging leaders, is a powerful way for your employer to create a succession pipeline of people who are ready to step into more senior positions. Do you need an executive coach? So, do you need an executive coach?

What is it Like to Attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop® and Facilitator Training?


Participants also receive a personalized LPI ® debrief coaching session with a master coach and that time is theirs to use any way they see fit. Our post-workshop reinforcement program, e-Coach , provides encouragement and activities to put the learning into practice.

What is it Like to Attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop?


Participants also receive a personalized LPI debrief session, or coaching session, with a Certified Master Coach and that time is theirs to use any way they see fit. An insider’s guide to The Leadership Challenge in Sonoma.

From Coach to Manager to Leader: How Yev Saidachev Made the Transition


As a manager of sales development at AppDynamics , Saidachev devotes his time to helping his team succeed in opening conversations with prospects and advancing their careers. As a lifelong hockey player, he now coaches youth hockey to give players the same team experiences he had.

Is the Holiday Season ?the Right Time For A Little Self-Care?

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The question that has been on everyone’s mind in the last few weeks: What are your survival tips for managing both time and energy for the holiday season? Community author change your behavior Entrepreneur guide Leadership relaxation selfcare speaker wellbeing coach

Be the Number One Person in Your Life

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But no matter how many times I’ve asked that question (and I have asked it a lot), there’s one answer that I’ve rarely heard. Most leaders that I know directly also donate large amounts of time and energy to nonprofit organizations or community groups.

3 Reasons Physical Offices & Face-to-Face Meetings Are Not Going Away

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The traditional, physical office is not going away any time soon despite advances in technology allowing people to work remotely , either at a home office, coworking space, virtual office, or another remote location (such as a coffee shop, library, or bookstore).

How to Learn From Experience

Conversation Matters

Learning from experience requires setting aside time to learn, but equally important, it requires being in conversation with peers with whom learners can reflect on their own experience and contrast that with the experience of others. Think of it as gestation time. Coaching Ourselves®.

“Have 20 minutes of quiet ‘me-time’ a day.” with Sarah Morris and Beau Henderson

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Have 20 minutes of quiet ‘me-time’ a day. Sarah Morris is a qualified performance coach and career coach. In my early twenties, I spent a lot of time as a backpacker, travelling all over the world and often volunteering in different jobs in different countries. I spent four fabulous years in Nairobi, Kenya, before spending some time as a teacher-trainer in Sierra Leone, and then on to Cuba and the Cayman Islands, where I am currently residing.

#SHEROproject National Beauty Expert Michelle Phillips Inspiring Story

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Imagine that moment when society no longer requires us to wear a mask, not the dress up kind, but rather the false image we often times feel forced to portray to satisfy and be accepted by others. My Dad left my Mom and every time I went to visit him he would criticize me.

“When we take the time to deepen our understanding of ourselves, we expand our capacity for compassion and understanding towards others” with Eliza Kingsford

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When we take the time to deepen our understanding of ourselves, we expand our capacity for compassion and understanding towards others. I have heard it said many times that the things that we are triggered by in others are really triggered for the things we don’t accept in ourselves.

Exposing and Easing Fear in Lawyering

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For a large part of my legal career, I was scared most of the time. Law students have trouble understanding that mistakes actually do happen all the time in the legal profession. Community lawyer coach Lawyers lawyerwellbeing overcoming lawyer burnout

2016 Health and Wellness Survey Results

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Health coach.”. Time off for exercise.”. Exercise Initiatives. The majority of survey takers (61.1%) answered that they offer “discount/free gym memberships” as an exercise wellness initiative. Sponsor employees in sporting and exercise events.”.

Voice, Value, Feedback – The “Must Try” Communication Tool Driving Employee Engagement


Leaders don’t enjoy preparing them and employees dread attending them. That’s why many leading organizations such as Accenture, Adobe, Gap, GE, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft all recently announced that they are remodeling this “soul-crushing exercise” and moving to something altogether new.

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How to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Movement Goals at Home

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We asked our Thrive community to share their tips for staying motivated to keep up with an exercise regimen while staying at home. Let the call of the music that you love energize you, no matter the time of day.”. Lisa Abramson, mindfulness teacher and executive coach, Menlo Park, CA.

Too Old to Get a New Job? Think Again.


Too often, people believe those over 50 are doomed to have an especially hard time searching for a job. However, she regularly attended the weekly strategic workshops. Regularly attend weekly strategy groups.

How Fitness Impacts Business

DISC Assessments

Exercise and nutrition – not the typically the first two things that come to mind when you think about business, especially the success of your business. Even 15 minutes of exercise while on a break to give your brain a rest can be beneficial.

Using Mindfulness To Infinitely Increase Your Capacity At Work


Aren’t you using your mind all the time? In the many roles I embody to serve this mission, I begin any meeting, coaching session, or leadership training with mindfulness. Then I had to send him another one, this time with the attachment I had forgotten to append.

ATS 262

Grow Leadership Through Relationships

ATD Human Capital

Each leader was required to have a succession plan in place and a successor ready before attending this workshop. The three-day retreat was designed to be fully immersive (most participants stayed in the hotel hosting the event) and included a 360-degree assessment, DiSC and Workplace Motivators assessments, simulations, and one-on-one coaching. The participants also spent significant time with senior executives, including the CEO.

Purge Yesterday’s Storytelling Habits for Virtual Audiences

Babette Ten Haken - Professional Development

By now, most of us are attending far more virtual meetings and presentations than we ever dreamed possible. With our days open 24/7 across global time zones, the assumption is that we all are “on call.” Because we will be virtual for quite some time.

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7 Ways to Develop Effective Leadership Skills

Business2Community Leadership

If you’re someone who regularly falls short of deadlines, or if you very visibly waste a lot of time, your employees won’t be motivated to put forth their best effort. Attend Conferences and Events. This might mean attending conferences, workshops, seminars, or even networking events.

5 Ways COVID-19 Will Revamp Your Corporate Wellness Program


Remote care for mental health has spiked , telemedicine services are more popular than ever, and exercise programs have moved online. Programs can include gym reimbursements, health coaching, nutrition support, and disease management tools for chronic conditions. .


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Interestingly, theories I thought were fresh and new had been around a long time. Most of us can easily recited all the things that we need to do to manage our energy: sleep seven to eight hours, eat leafy greens and exercise. It’s easy to think of exercise as a must.

How to Take Care of Yourself if You Have a Serious Health Condition During This Crisis

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Spend time in nature. Nature is very healing at all times, and particularly right now for patients,” Dr. Gowrinathan says. With social distancing mandates, many patients aren’t able to attend their regular outpatient physical therapy sessions.

Three Things to Consider When Moving Brick & Mortar Assessment Centers Online


But the transition is not as simple as one might think—especially in times like today where moving online in general is already challenging enough. Should you move your existing exercises? However, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to move your exercises online exactly as they are.

My #SHRM17 interview with Sara Noll Wilson

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With the annual SHRM conference just around the corner, the time has come to start planning what sessions you’d like to attend. My curiosity was piqued when I was starting to create my list of sessions that I wanted to attend. It is difficult to coach the unwilling.

Be Productive During Your Summer Slump

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Additionally, attendance drops by 19 percent and work turnaround time increase by 13 percent. The most obvious is that usually a lot of people are taking vacations during this time of year. While I do read daily, there are times when I don’t get to learn as much as I would like.

9 Simple Solutions to Common Unemployment Problems


In today’s job market, it’s very common for people to be on the job hunt for months at a time. Be flexible with salary: Expect to be paid what is fair, based upon your trade and the job market for such a position at the time. Set aside time to relax and have fun.

When intelligent tools don’t see what matters


Studying Sam’s attendance, Carmen noticed an interesting pattern. As she was making a note to follow up with Sam on this pattern, her automated coach popped up on her desktop screen. But, when that didn’t work, his kids were fending for themselves for the first time.

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“Always take the stairs.” With Dr. William Seeds & Chris Hoffman

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Oversaturation of Information : I think a lot of times people can get overwhelmed with all the information out there on tips for improving our lifestyle, losing weight, being more active, etc. I certainly made my fair share of mistakes and, at the time, none of them seemed all that humorous!

How to Keep Your Virtual Meetings Efficient and Productive

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We asked our Thrive community to share the small techniques they are using to keep their meetings efficient and productive during this time. It can become a hectic task to keep up with all Zoom meetings, so I do my best to only attend events that will need my direct input during them.

What NOT To Do Before An Interview


Breathing exercises are a great way to take the edge off. . This one may seem counter-intuitive since standard interview advice includes the phrase “early is on time and on time is late.” If you Google the phrase things to do before your interview , you’ll get plenty of hits.

Do You Need to Do It All Yourself?

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A friend of mine who had started coaching on a professional basis called me and begin asking questions about my termination, my current state, and my future intentions. His immediate response was, “are you saying yes to support from a friend or a coach?” I never thought about him as a coach. I thought coaching and his coaching business was a joke. My First Coach Opened My Eyes. my coach asked. “I