Four ways exercise benefits you at work


Exercising regularly isn’t just good for your health – it could have great benefits for your career, too. In a small-scale trial by the Body-Brain Performance Institute , carried out in Australia in 2011, researchers found that employees who walked 10,000 steps a day, and exercised in the gym three times a week, tended to be more productive than those who only walked 10,000 steps a day. Exercising outdoors can lead to extra benefits.

Finding the Balance Between Work and Exercise 

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Exercise can make employees more productive. After a long day at work, it’s difficult to find time and motivation for exercise. Exercise is a great stress reliever. Fitness and exercise are about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Mock Robbery as Posttraining Exercise Leads to Lawsuit

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Posttraining exercises provide opportunities for employees to apply what they learned in training and for management to gain insight into ways to improve future trainings. However, those exercises must be carried out in such a way that no one gets injured—physically or psychologically.

Staying Productive After 3 P.M., Quiet In The Office, Company Culture Through Physical Exercise And Creating A Leadership Circle #FridayFinds

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This is a particular great Friday read; although most productivity-related articles focus on how to organize your morning and define your tasks for the day, there is that dangerous timeframe after lunch, when time stands still and digestion takes over.

4 Employee Engagement Exercises, Adapted from Super Bowl XLIX Volunteer Training


I attended an NFL “Fans First Training” for the Super Bowl volunteers at the Phx Coliseum last week. The point – people are coming here to have a good time and take home good memories. by Bev Washichek.

Making Time for Recreation


Summers are a time for recreation, but only if you get out and enjoy them. If leaving work to host the activity is out of the question, schedule at a time where employees can bring their families and make it into an event everyone will want to attend. If you’d prefer to make this a group activity, get organized by posting a meeting place and time, or, if pre-work doesn’t fit everyone’s schedule, set up an after-work meet up. Exercise breaks.

I suck at role-playing exercises — can I get out of them?

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Supposedly this was an exercise to test the new presentation content and to make sure we are delivering strong value messaging to our clients. Using this presentation and feedback from the directors as a baseline, there is an expectation for another such exercise in the coming months. My director is often in attendance or participating in these meetings. Failing in these role-playing exercises would be a huge black mark on me for the coming year.

What is it Like to Attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop?


Participants also receive a personalized LPI debrief session, or coaching session, with a Certified Master Coach and that time is theirs to use any way they see fit. An insider’s guide to The Leadership Challenge in Sonoma.

Ottawa RBC Bluesfest 2016: THE Music Festival To Attend & Support

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Music can lift you up, transport you back in time, be a motivator while exercising, and even make you cry. Music is something that I think lives inside all of us. You don’t have to be musically inclined to appreciate it and or connect with others through it. From infancy right through to old age, […].

Come Fly with Me: The FMLA and A Grounded Flight Attendant

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There was a time in the middle of the last century when the lure of the skies drew young women to the “glamorous” job of being a flight attendant. Times have changed.

The #1 Way Small and Medium Businesses Save Time


Think back to some of the most time-consuming activities you’ve undertaken for your business. A major study from earlier this year shows that small and medium sized business owners consistently underestimate the amount of time and energy required to run their HR functions in-house.

Timing Is Everything—and Sometimes Bad Timing Can Be Costly

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English mentalist Tony Corinda once said, “Good timing is invisible. Bad timing sticks out a mile.” Bad Timing Allegations Enough to Move Forward. The employee was a room attendant at a hotel for almost 6 months before she was promoted to a supervisory position.

Mompreneur on Making Time for Mom


All three flight attendants stop by our aisle, one by one, before take off. I nod in agreement without saying anything each time, terrified of waking my infant son before we’re even in the air. Although this mompreneur makes it look effortless, finding time to care for herself in the midst of work and family hasn’t always come naturally. Though she’d grown up playing sports, Faith wasn’t exercising and the pregnancy weight wasn’t coming off.

Change Takes Time aka The Reality of The Slight Edge

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source: Your mind does not really comprehend the flow of time. This is the only time horizon in the future that kids (and your subconscious) understand. the road to success is not a straight line) But the change takes time. Adding a time axis to it doesn’t make sense.

Are Full-Time Employees of Staffing Companies Exempt? It Depends

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A new 6 th Circuit case sheds some light on whether full-time employees of staffing companies are considered exempt from overtime. Attending networking events. Whose primary duty includes the exercise of discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance.

Unforgettable Lessons Learned from Wage and Hour Lawsuits


Unlike employees, contractors are not under direction, can be available for other jobs, and exercise the right to control their own work. Time theft. Be wary of the time you have your employees on-site when off the clock. Falsifying time records.

5 Reasons You’re Over-Thinking Your Leadership Decisions

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How much time each week do you spend making decisions? Likely, many of the choices you make are almost automatic, requiring little thought: attend that meeting or not? Here are five reasons you might be investing too much time in “deciding”: Your threshold for accuracy is too high.

#HotInHR: Why Open Source HR, Importance of Cognitive Diversity, Choosing Conferences Worth Your Time


How to Decide Which Conferences Are Worth Your Time – HBR. Here are five strategies you can use to identify the best conferences for you to attend this year and to make time for them on your schedule. The post #HotInHR: Why Open Source HR, Importance of Cognitive Diversity, Choosing Conferences Worth Your Time appeared first on HRmarketer. Sign-Up For Our Weekly Recap Of HR Funding News.

How to Find Time to Grow Your Career, Start a Side Gig or Do Anything Else That Matters

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Ah, time. If there's one thing we're good at, it's listing all the reasons we don't have the time to do the things we say we want to do. . So many people I know have a great idea for a side business, but they don't start because they say they don't have the time. .

No answer on legality of cutting hours under ACA: Dave & Buster’s settles ERISA suit

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If you were hoping a court ruling on a recent ERISA lawsuit involving Dave & Buster’s would offer some clarity into whether it’s legal to cut employees’ hours to avoid having them count as full-time employees under the ACA, you’re going to be disappointed.

Labor Commissioner Answers Questions on Paid Sick Leave


The interaction between the use of paid sick leave and employer discipline and attendance policies, including point systems. Time Off Workplace Policies Labor Commissioner paid sick leaveThe Labor Commissioner addresses three new questions in the updated Paid Sick Leave FAQ.

How HR professionals can master summer in the workplace


We’re in the midst of a summer heat wave – which means higher temperatures, constant sunshine and more time spent outside. However, summer can also be a particularly challenging time for HR and human capital management professionals.

5 Deskercises to Keep You Active at Work

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Recently, I attended a Deskercise workshop (aka activities we can do at our desk). Repeat each leg 10 times. Calf Raises – Next time you’re waiting for the printer or copier, push up on your tippy toes, pause at the top, then lower back down.

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How Fitness Impacts Business

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Exercise and nutrition – not the typically the first two things that come to mind when you think about business, especially the success of your business. Even 15 minutes of exercise while on a break to give your brain a rest can be beneficial.

50 Employee Behaviors Worth Recognizing and Rewarding


Perfect attendance or a certain % attendance goal. Attend a training session. Attend a lunch and learn. We spend a lot of our time at work, which is why it’s essential to treat our workspace with respect. Attend an exercise class.

8 Steps to Becoming a Lifelong Learner

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I tend to think of it as a practice , similar to mindfulness or an exercise program like Pilates. And that it might be different at times. Schedule time for learning. Block off time on your calendar for learning. I know the term lifelong learner has become a little stale.

How to measure the ROI of your HR software


You’ve invested time, money, and probably a great deal of effort so you expect to see some benefits from that expense. Measuring or calculating potential ROI takes time and effort but it is an important part of justifying the expense to your executive team.

Using Mindfulness To Infinitely Increase Your Capacity At Work


Aren’t you using your mind all the time? New research suggests that people use their smartphones for an average of 5 hours a day and check them about 85 times a day. Then I had to send him another one, this time with the attachment I had forgotten to append.

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Use Strategic Planning Techniques to Build Your Workforce Plan

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I signed up for this seminar and blocked the time off on my calendar. Let’s face it, if you’re looking for a perfect moment to attend training, it just might not happen.

Integrating HR Systems


At some point in time, many of you, if not all of you, have had to deal with integrating one HR system with another. By connecting various HR systems it is easier to create accurate data without having to do a manual “v-look up” exercise on a spreadsheet. Written by: May Huffer.

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10 Mindfulness Tips For All Employees


In today’s techno-savvy working scenario where you have to juggle between replying to emails, attending phone calls, conference calls, meeting, and presentations, mindfulness at work is indeed a great challenge , because, in the midst of managing all these, you have your own work to attend to as well. Do these tasks all together in one block of time instead of switching between tasks. These mindful exercises can be as short, and you need not invest a lot of time to do them.

Three Ways Metrics Can Help Avoid Common Compliance Mistakes

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But unfortunately, even after organizations spend significant amounts of time and money on compliance, slip-ups happen. Perhaps you are expecting employees to spend long hours completing compliance training, but surveys tell you that workers believe they don't have enough time.

Women in Leadership: Creating an Inclusive Community of Interest

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There’s no formal signup process—employees can join at any time simply by attending a WIL event. WIL has grown so much in just a short time, and it’s all because of the dedication and passion of our employees.

Strategies For Handling Burnout

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During the Massachusetts Conference for Women , I had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion specifically focused on burnout. We can bookend or protect “me” time on our calendar. We can make sure we have time to exercise, sleep and eat well.

5 Fun Physical Activities to Boost Your Worksite Wellness


One of the biggest obstacles for busy workers is finding the time to actually exercise. Even better, the CDC has found that routine exercise helps reduce the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Yoga time.