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Hiring People and Defining Compensation? Then Antitrust Laws Apply


Antitrust laws govern the behavior of HR professionals, management, and anyone else involved with hiring people and defining compensation and benefits. This article examines the important aspects of the new guidance and provides a quick reference of the salient points.

What Does The Future Look Like?

Compensation Cafe

A few years ago I participated with a group of HR experts who were asked to speculate on what the disciplines of HR and Compensation would look like in 2025. The semi-good news for HR and Compensation are some of the positive trends regarding job “fit.” Competencies Total Rewards

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A Two-Way Street

HRO Today

Temp-to-hire provides a cost-effective opportunity for an employer to ensure that a candidate’s skill level and competencies meet the requirements of the position. MSP / Contingent Labor Talent Acquisition Employee/Candidate Experience July-August-2019 Magazine Article MSP RPO

“5 things I wish someone told me before I started leading my company”, with John Carrick of Integrated Capital Management

Thrive Global

One of those inflection points for me was most certainly the transition from an attractive salary plus annual bonus I enjoyed as an attorney to a commission-based compensation structure as an investment banker. Community Authority Magazine WonderLead by example.

5 Employee Engagement Myths You Need to Know Now - DecisionWise


Picking up a business magazine, sorting through social media posts, or attending Human Resources conferences, one can’t help but leave feeling discouraged or hopeless by statistics like these. This is what we refer to as “Engagement MAGIC.”

Conference Twitter Primer #SHRM18


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The Talent Race: Europe vs Asia

Strategic HCM

Anyway, I think one of the best posts included in the carnival is from Laura Schroeder ( Working Girl ) writing at Compensation Cafe: Where has all the talent gone? And one of the reports Laura refers to it the Economist’s new Global Talent Index (GTI) report.

Millennials are the Catalyst for Workplace Evolution

Cielo HR Leader

Or, they simply want to wear flip flops while at work ( TIME magazine) and care more about having the freedom to surf Facebook than get paid well (Silicon ANGLE). Conversely, others believe Millennials are a tech savvy generation with an entrepreneurial spirit ( Entrepreneur magazine); they will somehow reshape the stagnant U.S. the articles claiming Millennials aren’t motivated by compensation are entirely false).

How to hire senior executive level employees

Hacker Earth

In 2016, The Economic Times Magazine “did a quick poll with India’s leading executive search firms to understand how MNCs from different countries vetted some key attributes for top-level hiring.” “When I receive a business plan, I always read the résumé section first.

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