10 Most Effective Ways to Deliver Corporate Training

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Interactive eBooks: One of the most preferred methods of delivering training content to employees is eBooks. With digital publishing platforms and their cost-effective automated PDF to eBook conversion process. Using an LMS enables distribution, documentation, administration, analyzing and reporting of elearning modules. MOOC: MOOCs are online learning courses which offer free and open registration to courseware on a large scale.

How to measure the ROI of your HR software


Those benefits might be reduced costs, headcount savings, freeing up people and resources for higher priority work, and of course, better management of your HR processes. He now writes on a broad range of topics including jazz music, and, of course, the HRMS software market.

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How to Have “The Talk” with a Lax Employee

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It’s important that in these meetings you listen, communicate and document the interaction. Sadly, not all employees will work to right their course, and you will need to make the decision to terminate their contract. You’ve recently hired an employee who nailed the interview.

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For 2018 Legal Operations Success, Prime the Pump!


To illustrate, let’s just look at a couple of these, as detailed on our recent ebook on the subject. Every detail is important and every piece of every matter needs to be carefully documented. Keep in mind that content means more than just Word documents or PDFs.

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Strategy Not Part of Your Rep? Here's How to Change Their Minds

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If you find yourself in a lonely HR office of one or you are building a foundation for documented, disciplined practices, my recent recommendations can set you up quickly. Interview key line managers and read business planning documents that you borrow from executives.

What are the Best Employee Training Tools for Your Business?

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Learnyst: With this LMS, you can provide online training and also sell your courses from your website. Easy-to-follow steps that allow you to add additional online modules to your elearning course. eBooks. eLearning Courses.

The Most Common HR Mistakes You May Be Making


For tips on how to find great people through social media, check out our eBook by clicking here. Missing Documentation – In the HR world, it is mandatory to document every little detail. These documents represent every interaction with an employee. Of course not.

How Well Do All-Remote Teams Work?

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Using applications like slack or Hipchat, team members need to be responsive, and thorough about documenting their work. Of course, remote work doesn’t work for everyone.

Preparing for Questions from Retiring Employees

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They really should have asked this years ago but of course only now are they interested. A simple solution is to refer them to the 408 b 2 disclosure document – that will provide them information about investment options like expenses, asset class, and even past performance.

The Home Health Employee Onboarding Guide


Onboarding is an ongoing process while orientation often introduces a new hire to the brand over the course of a day or two. Employees can then sign these documents ahead of time and start having an immediate impact starting on day one.An

Why Your Company Needs to Have a Solid Vacation Policy


Having a clear vacation policy is important, but of course, it’s also important to make sure that employees are aware of and understand the policy.

3 ways modern technology gives executive search firms an edge

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Emailed information must often be copied and pasted into new documents, briefs, even presentations to share with clients — with context added retroactively. With a cloud-based document system, your team can easily add notes and feedback that your entire team can see and respond to.

Damn Good Communication: The Benefits of Being Surprisingly Transparent


Being transparent comes with some risk, of course (the more people know, the more they have to potentially grouse about), but I think the risk is worth taking, whether the project you’re keeping tabs on is a highway re-build, an office remodel or a brand-new benefits initiative.

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Relocation Differential or Relocation Package? What's Your Policy?

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The application of these optional payments should be documented and described in your policy, of course, along with when and how you cover the direct costs for moving and residence. Feel like banging your head against the wall?

Salary History Bans Laws Expand Across US

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According to an American Association of University Women study , the pay gap between men and women starts at college graduation even when the course of study is the same. Employers should consult with legal counsel to review and revise all hiring documents employment applications, background check forms, or any other forms used during the hiring process to ensure that there are no inquiries regarding salary history.

Effective one-on-one meetings – your guide to listening to employees

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You may find yourself needing to provide some course-corrections for performance during a 1-on-1 meeting. Balance your formal and informal methods here – consider when a verbal agreement will do, when you may want something in writing, and when you’d document something in a performance management system. Download Ebook. When the work we do feels meaningful, we’re challenged by our goals, and supported in achieving them, this creates a powerful experience.

Everything you Need on Success – A to Z

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As documented in Inc. Of course hope alone is not enough but when married with hard work it can be dynamite. The ebook versions are available here free to download Maximise Potential and Maximise Potential 2. Success is a wonderful word that all of us want to be associated with.

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8 Myths about Business Organization Charts


Of course, HR, managers and other higher ups can set guidelines and have final say on how things look and who makes what kinds of edits, but the bulk of the work is offloaded to the employee. Managers may pull it up on their computer and then bury it on their documents folder.

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A Balancing Act: How to Manage Social Media in the Workplace


Of course, there’s opportunity for crossing the line into too much social media snooping. Use plenty of specific examples throughout the document to make the rules as clear as possible. “If Download Namely's eBook Amplify HR and start tuning into your people today!

5 Tips To Maximize The ROI Of Your Customer Engagement Solution

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Of course you will want to make sure that you get the most out of your CRM solution as possible. This could mean disabling access to the document folder on a shared drive, or physically removing a memo board that served as a central organizing point before.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


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