Remove Discrimination Remove Diversity and Equality Remove Productivity Remove Retention and Turnover

Without Retention, Diversity Efforts Fall Short


Building diversity in the workplace is an initiative HR leaders cannot afford to miss. Companies with diverse workforces are proven to deliver higher performance and greater innovation. Therefore, many technology companies are directing large sums of money to increase internal diversity metrics and cultivate a broader pipeline of minority candidates. Despite investment in equal-opportunity hiring practices, diversity numbers are unimpressive Click To Tweet.

When Hiring for Culture Fit, Make Sure You Aren’t Sacrificing Diversity

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Employees who are good culture fits are those who mesh well both professionally and personally – the idea being that a team of employees who believe in your company mission and get along well enough to grab post-work drinks together will be more productive.

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Your Cheat Sheet: How To Attract and Retain Top Talent

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Providing a best-in-class employee financial wellness program increases engagement and productivity while reducing unexplained absences, turnover, and ultimately, healthcare costs. Workplace discrimination can come in many forms, both intentional and otherwise.

Paternity Leave: Does Your Company Offer It?

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It can even be argued that it is a matter of equality—all parents should be able to have the option to take time off after the birth or adoption of a new family member. To allow maternity but not paternity leave can be construed as a form of discrimination based on gender.

Hidden Talent: Best Practices for Recruiting People with Disabilities


Disability discrimination in the workplace is against the law but unfortunately, that doesn’t deter all violations. The culture you’re promoting needs to be founded on transparency and honesty, as well as equality in order for your recruits to feel welcome and as a part of the brand.

11 Reasons You Should Work at Women-led Companies


However, gender discrimination still seems to seep into our lives. It also revealed that women-led companies were much more effective at inspiring belief in their services and products, resulting in employee engagement that doesn’t compare to male-led companies.

Best Human Resources Book You Should Read in 2020


Unfortunately, not all of them are equal. Every organization needs data-backed predictive hiring, workforce diversity management, workforce planning, and training and development solutions (offered by TalenX ). No one likes high employee turnover.

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What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace? Diversity Insight. Employee Retention and Benefits. HR Metrics: How and Why to Calculate Employee Turnover Rate? For More Productive Meetings, Do a Mindset Check-In First. Diversity. Employee Turnover.

Dealing with Most Common HR Problems

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Failing to solve even the most common issues leads to poor employee retention, resulting in massive turnover costs not to mention the loss of investments in terms of training. Poor Productivity. Problems arise when some employees don’t put in their best, which ends up affecting an organization’s productivity. An employee who is not psychologically committed to their job will not do much to contribute to the productivity of a company. Discrimination.

Why Uber, Google, and Other Companies Failed to Address Workplace Harassment

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Even though we see the rise of the #MeToo movement and can witness the way recent harassment issues are shaping the global conversation against workplace bullying, abuse, discrimination, and other forms of misconduct, there’s still a lot to be done. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found out that more than 70% of workplace harassment cases go unreported due to shame, fear, possible retaliation, and rumors holding back victims from reporting misconduct.

The Top Moments for HR in 2019

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This is timely news because a few weeks earlier, Gallup released a study saying voluntary employee turnover is costing U.S. July 10 — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signs into law legislation guaranteeing equal pay for equal work regardless of one’s gender.