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Download Your Recognition Certificate. JobPts users can now download their recognition certificates. ??. From now, employees and managers can now download their own or their teams’ certificates ! . ?? Why Did We Implement the Download Certificate Feature. Category.

Job Description Template [Downloadable]


Download Job Description Template. Download and customize the template to the needs of your organization Writing the perfect job description is a skill—you need to capture what a job’s all about and what it takes to do it well, in just a few paragraphs. It’s important, too.

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Transforming Your Talent Process: 7 Must Have Downloads

ClearCompany HRM

To help you be the best talent management professional you can be, we’ve created a giant resource pack you can download and take with you. We write a lot about transforming your talent into A-Players, but that takes more than technology; it takes a commitment to doing the work day in and day out. Talent Management

Performance Improvement Plan Template [Downloadable]


Once downloaded, the text can be customized to the needs of your organization When employees are underperforming, great managers don’t give up—they find a way to get them back on track.

Need Remote Learning ASAP? Don’t Pick Your Next LMS Before Reading This!

Need to go remote or move your training programs online? Download this guide to identify and overcome the biggest eLearning challenges so you can pick the perfect LMS without wasting time, money, and effort, even if you are just starting your eLearning journey.

HR CAPITALIST DOWNLOAD: Building Your Culture Through Great Recruiting Practices.

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That’s why I created this 2020 roadmap for you – Building Culture Through Great Recruiting Practices (click link to download). Download this PDF , and you'll get my thoughts on how to build your recruiting practice with an towards the culture you're trying to build. DOWNLOAD THE PDF BY CLICKING HERE (short registration required). . Most of my readers at the Capitalist are interesting in building the right type of culture inside their organizations, which is a worthy goal. .

B2B Sales Strategy 2020: Download Incentive Solutions’ Latest E-Book!

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B2B Sales Strategy 2020: Download Incentive Solutions’ Latest E-Book! Entitled B2B Sales Strategy 2020 , the release of this free download was announced earlier this week. Download your free copy today! Incentive Rewards.

On Company Culture: The 6 Best Podcasts Episodes to Download


TED Talks, podcasts, … The post On Company Culture: The 6 Best Podcasts Episodes to Download appeared first on CultureIQ. To say we’re passionate about culture at CultureIQ would be an understatement. Our team shares an unabashed obsession with understanding company culture — one that doesn’t slow down when we leave the CultureIQ office for the day. Engagement

Better Together (Coloring Book Download)


The Beauty of Togetherness


5 Best Virtual Practices AJC’s Can Use to Help Jobseekers Overcome Barriers to Employment. Bonus Freebie: downloadable barriers checklist!


Download our Barriers to Employment Checklist, a helpful document which can be used by workforce development professionals to help their clients identify, and eventually overcome their barriers

Benefits in a Pandemic: What HR Leaders Need to Know

Building a benefits program for a diverse workforce has always been a top priority, but now it’s become both more important and complex with so much change and uncertainty. Download our latest guide that features emerging benefits employees expect in 2021 and beyond.

Sample Interview Questions for Sales Jobs [Downloadable]


Download Interview Questions for Sales Jobs Finding Sales Talent. A successful sales team can be the driving force behind a business’s success—without quality sales personnel, you’ll forever be stuck in second gear.

Manager Interview Questions for Evaluating Talent [Downloadable]


Download Sample Interview Questions for Managers Identifying the Managerial Skillset. Choosing the right candidate for a managerial role is one of the most important decisions businesses ever have to make.

[Download] Culture Plays for Better Remote Work

Human Workplaces

Download our recommendations. We’re all feeling it - the sudden shift to mostly remote work can cause some friction in your culture. That is, the way you did things in your organization when everyone was in the office may not work as well (or at least not work as planned) now that everyone is doing their work from home and in different locations. Results will eventually start to suffer, conflicts and miscommunications will arise, and/or progress will slow because of it.

Download These Free “Vote” Icons and Avatars


Download these avatars and share them with your staff to use as profile pictures on social media pages, Slack, email accounts, or wherever else. To download an avatar, right click it and select “Save Image.” Election season is here!

How ZoomInfo Enhances Your Database Management Strategy

Forward-thinking marketing organizations have continuously invested in a database strategy for enabling marketing processes. Download this ebook to learn how to maintain a strategy that includes refreshed information, database cleanses, and an accurate analysis at the same time.

7 HR Podcasts to Download Right Now


The rise of self-taught HR practitioners has brought about a wealth of resources for HR professionals at any career stage. From newsletters to online communities , there’s no shortage of opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the field. As podcasts become increasingly popular, HR professionals have yet another channel to access thought leadership around people management, leadership, and business.

HR Calendar 2019 - FREE Download


Hit the ground running in 2019 with the SnapComms 2019 HR Calendar - yours free to download. A new year brings new challenges and new opportunities. Being prepared is the best way to make the most of it. HR Internal Communications


Improve Employee Engagement — FREE Download


Get the latest tips and tactics for improving employee engagement from a Pro Download your FREE report. The post Improve Employee Engagement — FREE Download appeared first on Mercer PeoplePro Blog. Improve Your Employee Engagement, today! Employee engagement Engagement & Communications emerging business employee engagement entrepreneur entrepreneurs HR human resources Lisa Jarmoszka SBA SCORE SHRM small business administration small business advice start ups

How to Download a Facebook Video: The Complete Guide


But how exactly do you download a Facebook video to achieve that purpose? Anyway, before delving into that matter, let’s see why most of us want to download a Facebook video. Why Download a Facebook Video? But, how you wish it was easily downloadable to your device forever, be it your laptop, tab, or phone. You would need a Facebook video downloader to compensate for the lack of ‘Direct Download’ on Facebook. How to Download a Facebook Video?

Video 40

COVID-19: Returning to the Workplace in a New Reality

COVID-19 has created a new set of risks that require a new way of working. Download Gallagher’s latest COVID-19 report for insights into encouraging resiliency in your people, building confidence in your organization, and preparing for the future of work.

An Incentive Plan Guide: Free Download!

The Incentive Solutions News blog

Download the Worksheet here! Whether your top competitor sports one, or you’re part of a forward-thinking company culture looking to get ahead, building an incentive plan is on your list of priorities. But where do you begin? The road to a successful incentive program is not considered easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a map! With our 25+ years of incentive experience here at Incentive Solutions, we’ve made an incentive plan guide to make sure you answer all the right questions.

#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Downloadables Every Bona Fide HR Pro Needs NOW


By Jimmy Schleisman: We’ve got 3 downloadables that will really spice up your digest of HR practices. It’s time to create your recruiting A-Team with IQTalent Partners’ free, downloadable checklist. Do you know of a downloadable that should have made our list? The post #RedBranchWeekly: 3 Downloadables Every Bona Fide HR Pro Needs NOW appeared first on Red Branch Media. Best Practices HR Recruiting CSR download Employee Retention recruitment

[Download] Culture Plays for Returning to the Workplace

Human Workplaces

Download our recommendations for returning to the workplace. Download our recommendations for better remote work. As the discussion shifts towards opening things up again, we’re all suddenly realizing that going back to the physical workplace is not going to look like it did before—at all.

HighGround’s Top 5 Must-Download Resources of 2018


Here’s a look at the top five most-downloaded HR resources from 2018. The post HighGround’s Top 5 Must-Download Resources of 2018 appeared first on HighGround. Earlier this month we counted down the top five blog posts of the year. This week, we’re doing the same with our resource library.

How Businesses are Managing the New Reality of Work: A Paycor Survey

We wanted to know how COVID-19 impacted businesses and their workforces. Did they need government funds? How many workers did they layoff or furlough? Are employees working from home now? How’s team morale? And perhaps most importantly, what are their plans for the future? This guide offers a pretty good idea of how business leaders are feeling, what keeps them up at night, and what approaches they’re taking to solve problems. Download the guide to see all the survey results and where your organization might stand comparatively.

Download the New 2020 California Labor Laws White Paper


New 2020 Labor Laws Affecting California Employers white paper is now available for nonmembers to download. The post Download the New 2020 California Labor Laws White Paper appeared first on HRWatchdog by HRWatchdog. Check out the latest white paper on significant 2020 California Labor Laws! Ring in the new decade already prepared for the latest updates to California’s labor laws!

900+ HD Background Images: Download HD Backgrounds on Download free HD background images

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Download free HD background images. A collection of the top 29 iPhone 11 wallpapers and backgrounds available for download for free. Community 3d hd wallpapers hd wallpaper hd wallpapers hd wallpapers 1080p download hd wallpapers 1920x1080 hd wallpapers for android hd wallpapers for laptop hd wallpapers for mobile hd wallpapers loveBEST HD Wallpapers App. iPhone 11 Wallpapers.

HR Self-Help Tools & Downloads – Are They Worth It?

HR Workplace Services

As we review employee handbooks from companies across the country, we find that many of these documents were constructed from self-help tools or templates downloaded from the internet. Using data obtained from our HRWS standard Handbook Review service, we clearly see how popular these self-help tools and template downloads have become, and how often they miss the mark: 65% were at least partly generated from a self-help tool. another 17% came from downloaded templates.

Training Needs Analysis: What To Do Before You Develop Your Training Plan- Free Download


What is a Training Needs Analysis? When it comes to learning and development, training needs analysis (TNA) is a process which helps you review the current state of your organization’s training. It is a highly valuable tool to aid in the design and development of an effective training program

Best Practices for Marketing Database Cleanse

Finding a vendor to cleanse and optimize your marketing database can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Download the eBook to get the most out of your database cleanse and find an appropriate vendor for your B2B marketing objectives.

Download Your Job Description Template


Download the job description template by clicking below. The U.S. unemployment rate currently sits at 4.1 percent —the lowest it’s been in decades. While that’s good news for most workers, HR teams are less enthused. Because it’s never been harder for organizations to bring in talent, recruiters have turned to lures like sign-on bonuses and outlandish office perks. While those help, it might be time to go back to basics: the job description. Getting your job descriptions right matters.

Kazoo’s Top 5 Must-Download Resources of 2018


Here’s a look at the top five most-downloaded HR resources from 2018. The post Kazoo’s Top 5 Must-Download Resources of 2018 appeared first on Kazoo. Earlier this month we counted down the top five blog posts of the year. This week, we’re doing the same with our resource library.

Kazoo’s Top 5 Must-Download Resources of 2018


Here’s a look at the top five most-downloaded HR resources from 2018. The post Kazoo’s Top 5 Must-Download Resources of 2018 appeared first on Kazoo HR. Earlier this month we counted down the top five blog posts of the year. This week, we’re doing the same with our resource library.

How the Workforce Learns | Download the Report


To explore every insight, download How the Workforce Learns right now. We feel a great disturbance in the (work)force. It’s as if hundreds of voices suddenly cried out in dissatisfaction with learning and development. Have you felt it? Okay, we’re not Jedis, but we are very thorough researchers (and clearly, big nerds). In partnership with Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning , we recently surveyed hundreds of employees, managers, and executives from around the globe.

COVID-19 Return to Workplace Guide: Reopening Facilities Following a Pandemic

Download the Gallagher Better WorksSM Insights COVID-19 report for information, new survey results and resources to help you recognize opportunities, minimize risk and confidently navigate the challenging road ahead.

Need help deciding which HR system is right for you? Download our new guide now


Download this free guide – written by experts at Phase3 , an independent HR and payroll consulting and services provider – to discover if an ERP solution of best-of-breed HR software is right for you. Download your copy now. Download our new guide now appeared first on CIPHR.

HR Annual Planning Calendar 2020 – Free Download


So you’ve come up with some awesome HR activities and events for 2020? Or have some big, juicy internal communications strategies to launch? That’s fantastic – but hard to keep track of, right? Human Resources

Worksite Wellness 101 for Benefits Brokers – Download FREE Wellness Guide

CoreHealth Wellness Technologies

Learn how your benefits brokerage firm can get started helping clients with worksite wellness. Talk the talk and learn the pro's and con's of in-house wellness staff or working with a wellness vendor. Wellness Rockstar Tools & Tips

Download: Internal Communications Content Planning Kit


The post Download: Internal Communications Content Planning Kit appeared first on Bonfyre. Blog Communications Resources

COVID & the Future of Work: Insights from Paycor’s C-Suite

In Paycor’s newest report, our Chief Executive and Group Leaders consider how your clients will recruit, manage their workforce, optimize benefits, and foster employee experience in the new normal of 2020 and beyond. For actionable insights and tips download and share our guide with your clients!