Thu.Sep 08, 2022

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Should Payroll Be Under HR?


Ask management at almost any small or mid-sized company, “Who owns payroll at your organization?” and you’re bound to get answers all over the map.

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Your one-stop guide for business resilience planning

Business Management Daily

If the COVID-19 crisis taught us one thing, it’s the need for businesses to be resilient during uncertain times. After all, disruptive events can happen at any time — and they don’t always take the form of a global pandemic. Cyber attacks, supply chain issues, and other disruptions may be on a smaller scale, but they can still tank your business operations if you aren’t adequately prepared.


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Top 2022 Employee Complaints and How to Address Them


The past few years have been rough for businesses and employees alike. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended many people’s lives, both in the workplace and at home. It’s safe to say that things may never be the same. Many businesses shut down for months at the height of the pandemic. Others transitioned to a fully remote work environment to accommodate health and safety protocols.

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Is Outplacement Worth It? It Depends.

Intoo USA

When the nation’s job vacancies seemingly outnumber those unemployed, outplacement can be perceived as an unnecessary benefit. So is outplacement worth it? Its importance depends on what your company hopes to get out of offering it as a part of severance. Is Outplacement Worth It? Answer These Questions to Find Out. Do you want to retain your remaining workforce?

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Onboarding, Data, Experience: Critical Components in the Modern Hiring Environment

Read the full results of the study conducted by Lighthouse Research & Advisory in partnership with HiBob to discover how to transform your talent acquisition strategy by harnessing the power of data and integration.

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my male colleagues wait for me to set up all our meetings (even meetings I’m not in)

Ask a Manager

This post, my male colleagues wait for me to set up all our meetings (even meetings I’m not in) , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I am a senior manager at a nonprofit. I am also female. I do not have an assistant. Increasingly I have noticed that my male colleagues at other organizations or divisions, equal to me in stature (and even people I consider close friends), are deferring to me to schedule meetings for them.

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15 Ways To Help Coaching Clients View Themselves Objectively

Forbes Coaches Council

It might feel like second nature to observe, analyze and conjecture on the actions and behavior of others; when it comes to seeing the truth about ourselves and our own situations, however, the picture isn’t always so clear.

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Leadership Values: 36 Ways to Be the Best Leader Possible


What are leadership values, and how can we uphold them? Leadership values guide everything a leader does. They act as a north star that helps leaders focus on the right priorities. When leaders have strong values, they can live by strong ethics. Strategy and other elements will fall into place when shaped by these values. “Your values create your world,” says leadership expert Tony Robbins.

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3 Tips to Build a Competitive Employee Benefits Package


Quick look: With inadequate benefits being the second most common reason people switch jobs and 70% of employers planning on adjusting their benefits packages this season, it’s time for SMBs to analyze their workforce, choose suitable benefits, and source them affordably. Here are three tips to keep in mind as business leaders embark on that journey.

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Peer To Leader – The Transition And The Challenge


It may be your dream job to become the leader of your team, your firm or the department in which you’ve been working for decades or more. But what’s the … The post Peer To Leader – The Transition And The Challenge appeared first on MAD-HR.

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Foundations of Diversity: Building an Inclusive Company From the Ground Up

Can you guess why top-tier companies place such a high emphasis on diversity? Because a successful business mirrors the world around it. Diverse companies create empowering environments and are 35% more likely to financially outperform their peers. This new guide offers strategic insights to build a vibrant, diverse, and innovative workforce. Learn to assess your current workforce, understand demographics, and identify barriers to inclusivity.

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11 Welcome Gifts for New Employees You Should Consider

Analytics in HR

Thoughtful welcome gifts for new employees help your organization make a great first impression as an employer and make new team members feel welcome. It sets the tone for a positive employee experience. It also reinforces the company culture from the get-go. Moreover, pictures of these gifts make for excellent employer brand advocacy content. Or it could be part of their testimonials or feedback when they post their employee reviews on Glassdoor.

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Information Overload And Its Effect On Work-Life Balance

Forbes Coaches Council

Employers and employees should consider ways to effectively manage the information overload that establish parameters, prioritize tasks and assign control.

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How to Attract and Retain Great Recruiters in 2022


You’re not alone if your company wants to do more to retain its best recruiters. With competition for talent heating up, the ability to attract and retain recruiters has become a hot commodity. According to data from The Future of Recruiting Report, the demand for recruiting professionals has risen 63% since 2016. This means companies … How to Attract and Retain Great Recruiters in 2022 Read More ».

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Transform Purchase Order Management Processes with Automation


Regardless of the size, every enterprise has to go through the procurement process to purchase. The post Transform Purchase Order Management Processes with Automation appeared first on SutiSoft.

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Creating a Company Culture of Care: Integrating Mental Health, Wellbeing, and DEI in Benefits

Speaker: Sean Raible

Picture a workplace where physiological safety is not just an aim but a reality, driven by thoughtful employee benefits that prioritize mental health, wellbeing, and DEI. 🤔 ✨ Achieving this vision requires more than just occasional training sessions and employee assistance programs. Moving beyond the basics, this vision calls for a holistic approach that integrates these elements into your company culture as well as your HR and benefits strategy.

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A Campus Career Fair Led This Fintech Software Developer to a New Life in NYC

The Muse

As a California native, Jenna MacCarley never thought she’d work outside Silicon Valley. But taking a job in NYC was a game changer.

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How can businesses improve employee motivation and productivity?

LACE Partners

In this podcast we are joined by our HR Transformation Senior Manager Debbie Mitchell to talk about a book she wrote, called 50 Top Tools for Employee Engagement. The book discusses how you don’t need expensive interventions to achieve good employee experience. Chris speaks with Debbie as she explains some of the tools in the book. The post How can businesses improve employee motivation and productivity?

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The 7 Most Effective Ways To Engage Dispersed Teams


Although the pandemic may have accelerated the transition to remote work, it will continue to grow. Organizations that embrace this and strategize to get the most out of their dispersed teams will have a leg up on those that treat remote workers the same as in-office employees. If you want to start strategizing or build upon remote team member initiatives already in place, keep reading.

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Four Emotional Intelligence Ideas For Driving Customer Acquisition

Forbes Coaches Council

Emotional intelligence is an effective tool in creating a distinct approach for organizations that seek to drive customer acquisition.

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Performance Review Calibrations Made Easy

Every company aspires to be the best, and performance reviews are the cornerstone of that journey. However, discrepancies in how managers rate their teams can lead to unfairness.

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U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Continue to Fall

SHRM Resources

States reported that 222,000 workers filed for new unemployment benefits during the week ending Sept. 3, marking four straight weeks of declines. The number of workers continuing to claim unemployment benefits—1.4 million—has been steadily rising this year but is still well below the pre-pandemic average of 1.7 million. The generally low level of jobless claims overall signifies strong labor demand as companies try to attract and retain employees.

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How To Use Workstyle Agreements To Accelerate Team Success

Forbes Coaches Council

There is a particularly effective and low-cost solution that improves both human dynamics and execution among coworkers.

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GRC – Mitratech x Black Kite Cyber Risk Assessments


See how Black Kite’s cyber risk assessments can accelerate your third-party and cyber risk management program. The post GRC – Mitratech x Black Kite Cyber Risk Assessments appeared first on Mitratech.

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Risk Management Guide for Cannabis Companies


Anyone starting a cannabis business knows they need to manage their numerous risks with a solid cannabis risk management plan. For starters, cannabis remains illegal in several states and at the Federal level. It has a complex supply chain that needs sophisticated seed-to-sale tracking software. It takes a lot of personnel – from growers, to budtenders, to investors.

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Balancing Cost and Care: 3 Key Considerations for Cost Optimization in 2024

Discover essential strategies for employers to balance cost optimization with care. The top priorities for employers in 2024 are retaining talent, growing revenue and sales, and attracting talent. To achieve these goals, employers are turning towards comprehensive total rewards strategies informed by data-driven insights. Hear from industry experts on cost optimization strategies and how to leverage these approaches for a healthier workforce.

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GRC – Mitratech’s Financial Controls


Mitratech’s financial controls solution to meet ICFR requirements and ensure SOX and SOC compliance. The post GRC – Mitratech’s Financial Controls appeared first on Mitratech.

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How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Payroll Outsourcing


Making sure your employees get paid correctly is critical to running a successful business. Pay errors can lead to substantial legal issues including lawsuits, making correct pay vital. Beyond that, employees will feel more appreciated and be more likely to stay at your company if you pay them correctly and consistently. One way to ensure your employees are getting paid correctly without having to spend too much time, is to outsource your payroll.

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The Five Qualities Of Authentic Leadership

Forbes Coaches Council

Authentic leadership is a critical skill encompassing several facets.

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6 Catchy Job Posting Phrases to Hook Candidates


Have you ever spotted catchy job posting phrases that immediately caught your attention? That’s effective language at work. Catchy job posting headlines hook candidates just as much as the images you have on your career site, or the perks you offer. Here are 6 examples I found in job postings from Indeed and LinkedIn: 1. “We Want Changemakers!”. Some job seekers prioritize purpose at work over employee benefits or salary.

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Discover the 4 Big Recruitment Challenges for 2024

It’s no secret that today’s hiring market is tough! The constant changes can make it seem impossible for HR leaders, hiring teams, and hiring managers to remain flexible and agile. However, there’s a silver lining amongst all the hiring chaos, as these changes also bring great opportunities and fresh ways for HR leaders to gain that competitive edge in the race for top talent.