Mon.Mar 20, 2023

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6 Tips To Streamline Your Daily HR Workflow 


As a human resources (HR) manager, you manage and support employees. It includes managing staff payroll and benefits, developing training programs, and promoting a safe working environment for everyone in the organization. On top of that, part of your responsibility also includes overseeing the whole recruitment process. This means publishing job descriptions and filtering candidates for vacant positions for interviews.

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What Is Time Off in Lieu (TOIL)?


Changing timetable patterns and alternative work schedules have become the new normal in the modern workplace. Among various flexible schedules coming into the picture, TOIL has also appeared as a preferred solution for compensating overtime work. TOIL or Time off in lieu is when an employee is entitled to extra time off for the additional hours worked, instead of any monetary overtime compensation.


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What employers ask when considering outsourcing benefits admin

WEX Inc.

If you’re an employer, is your in-house benefits administration team struggling to juggle the multitude of complexities behind running a successful benefits administration program? Are you spending too much time and resources trying to keep up to date with compliance changes and providing the technology and services your employees need for a positive benefits experience?

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6 Steps to Creating an Employee Engagement Plan


Everyone wants better engagement. A motivated, inspired workforce means better retention, productivity, and innovation — outcomes every business leader is striving for. But clearly, just wanting it isn’t enough. As of 2022, the number of actively disengaged workers rose to 18% , indicating that pandemic-related hurdles weren’t the only thing stopping people from living their best lives at work.

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Onboarding, Data, Experience: Critical Components in the Modern Hiring Environment

Read the full results of the study conducted by Lighthouse Research & Advisory in partnership with HiBob to discover how to transform your talent acquisition strategy by harnessing the power of data and integration.

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Introducing branded job boards, a standalone solution for communities and networks


Workable’s new branded job board program offers powerful recruitment tools for online communities. Through this program, Workable is partnering with organizations to build custom, branded job boards that target their communities. A partner’s community members can use the board to post jobs or apply to them. With a branded job board you can: Provide an additional membership benefit Build a stronger community Create a new source of revenue In fact, we’ve just launched a job board with Innovative G

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HR’s Complete Guide to the Employee Handbook 

Analytics in HR

An employee handbook should be the backbone of any organization to provide guidance and clarity on all HR-related items. Every HR team spends significant time and energy answering employee HR-related questions. With a well-crafted manual in place, not only do you have a reference point for employees to turn to when they have questions or concerns, but it also helps create a more streamlined, efficient HR process.

Handbook 122
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Adopt Sustainability with Document Management Software in Today’s Competitive World


Document management software solution is a critical part of any business in the digital era. The post <strong>Adopt Sustainability with Document Management Software in Today’s Competitive World</strong> appeared first on SutiSoft.

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HR strikes back: How AI will augment HR

HR Zone

Future How AI will augment HR

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Solving the Pain Points of Your Hybrid Workforce


Accenture reports that 83% of employees view the hybrid work model (i.e., working remotely 25-75% of the time) as optimal. A recent emergence, understanding the unique benefits and challenges of the hybrid model, and particularly how hybrid employees may struggle, is critical for many organizations. Five commonly cited pain points for hybrid workers are building and maintaining social connections, integrating into company culture, effectively contributing to meetings, collaborating with their te

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Foundations of Diversity: Building an Inclusive Company From the Ground Up

Can you guess why top-tier companies place such a high emphasis on diversity? Because a successful business mirrors the world around it. Diverse companies create empowering environments and are 35% more likely to financially outperform their peers. This new guide offers strategic insights to build a vibrant, diverse, and innovative workforce. Learn to assess your current workforce, understand demographics, and identify barriers to inclusivity.

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What is Employee Autonomy and Why is it Good for Business?


What is Employee Autonomy and Why is it Good for Business? eydie.pengelly Mon, 03/20/2023 - 13:40 Main Image Background Color Green Body In his book “Drive,” Daniel Pink identifies three factors for high performance: mastery, purpose, and autonomy. Mastery is defined as having the skills and tools to get the work done to the company’s performance standard.

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10 Best Candidate Relationship Management Software in 2023

HR Lineup

Candidate relationship management (CRM) software has become increasingly important in the recruitment process, as it enables recruiters to build and maintain relationships with candidates over time. This ensures that companies can quickly and effectively fill open positions with the most qualified candidates. In 2023, there are a variety of CRM software options available, each with its unique features and benefits.

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PreCheck Celebrates 30 Years in Healthcare Background Screening


PreCheck Celebrates 30 Years in Healthcare Background Screening Mar. 21, 2023 Jenni Gray Copywriter This year, PreCheck is celebrating 30 years of providing background screening and license monitoring solutions specific to the healthcare industry! We truly appreciate the support and business from our clients over the past three decades. Through our partnerships, we’ve transformed the screening and license management tech space in healthcare, and we couldn’t continue to do so without our clients’

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Walking The Walk: Black Women Volunteer to Build Opportunity, Equity for STEAM Students


Walking The Walk: Black Women Volunteer to Build Opportunity, Equity for STEAM Students eydie.pengelly Mon, 03/20/2023 - 17:42 Main Image Background Color Teal Body For the past six months, an extraordinary team of women from UKG have given their time to provide virtual mentoring to a small cohort of girls — STEAM Sistahs , as they’re known—in coordination with Sister to Sister International , Inc. , a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of Black women and girls.

UKG 98
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Creating a Company Culture of Care: Integrating Mental Health, Wellbeing, and DEI in Benefits

Speaker: Sean Raible

Picture a workplace where physiological safety is not just an aim but a reality, driven by thoughtful employee benefits that prioritize mental health, wellbeing, and DEI. 🤔 ✨ Achieving this vision requires more than just occasional training sessions and employee assistance programs. Moving beyond the basics, this vision calls for a holistic approach that integrates these elements into your company culture as well as your HR and benefits strategy.

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Improving agency efficiency: Integrating expense management with timesheets


Tracing development of admin efficiency in recruitment Before the development of the personal computer (PC), clerical admin for recruitment businesses was a time-consuming and labour-intensive process that relied heavily on manual tasks and paper-based systems. While there were some technological advancements, such as the electric typewriter and photocopiers, it was the arrival of the PC that really changed the game, revolutionising clerical admin by automating many tasks and significantly impro

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2023 Stevie Awards Sponsorship FAQ


What are the Stevie Awards ? The Stevie Awards for Great Employers recognize the world’s best companies to work for, their HR teams, and their achievements. Winning an award can boost your organization’s reputation, help reach more potential candidates, and improve employee satisfaction (a.k.a. Employer Branding). Past winners include IBM, Cisco, NBC, PayPal, Chipotle, Accenture, and Verizon.

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Watch for These Warning Signs That Your Hybrid Strategy Isn’t Working

Qualigence Blog

Hybrid strategies are all the rage, with 35 million employees in the US working at a hybrid workplace. While it sounds great on paper, the reality is that like any working environment, there are opportunities and challenges. If you’re wondering if your hybrid strategy is helping you meet your goals, consider the following. You’re Losing the Talent War One of the biggest signs your hybrid approach isn’t working is if you’re struggling to attract and retain top talent.

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10 Reasons Companies Consider Using Big Data In HR Decision-Making

Forbes Coaches Council

Ultimately, the use of HR analytics can lead to a more strategic, data-driven approach to HR that significantly impacts the organization's success.

Data 100
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Performance Review Calibrations Made Easy

Every company aspires to be the best, and performance reviews are the cornerstone of that journey. However, discrepancies in how managers rate their teams can lead to unfairness.

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EEOC Updates ‘Hearing Disabilities in the Workplace’ Guidance


Approximately 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America , which also notes that hearing loss has been shown to negatively impact nearly every dimension of the human experience — including perceptions of mental acuity and work performance, among many others. Not knowing how to treat job applicants and employees who are deaf or hard of hearing, or have other hearing conditions, could lead to workplace discrimination if employers act

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can I bring a blender to work?

Ask a Manager

This post was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I have recently started an in-person job after searching for months. I really want to keep it, but I’m so used to working remotely that my in-person skills are rusty. It doesn’t help that I might be autistic and have a difficult time reading the room/taking social cues.

Immedis 82
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Two of my favorite current TV ad campaigns

Inward Consulting

Great TV Ad spots - "Scotts' "What's the Big Deal" and Subaru's "Dog Tested; Dog Approved."" As someone who has been involved in branding, marketing, and consulting for many years, I still consider myself an advertising aficionado. Whenever I come across an advertisement that captures my attention, I enjoy sharing it with my readers. Recently, I have been impressed by two ads that stood out for their ability to be intrusive, user-friendly, informative, and easy to understand.

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friend doesn’t believe in different dress codes for different situations, applying for a job where my landlord works, and more

Ask a Manager

This post was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. My friend doesn’t believe there are different dress codes for different situations I have a younger friend who works for a well-known leisure apparel company at their headquarters. Many of the employees still work from home the majority of the time and when they are in the office, it’s not unusual for them to be wearing their brand apparel.

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Balancing Cost and Care: 3 Key Considerations for Cost Optimization in 2024

Discover essential strategies for employers to balance cost optimization with care. The top priorities for employers in 2024 are retaining talent, growing revenue and sales, and attracting talent. To achieve these goals, employers are turning towards comprehensive total rewards strategies informed by data-driven insights. Hear from industry experts on cost optimization strategies and how to leverage these approaches for a healthier workforce.

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Outstanding Board Members Finesse More Than Enterprise Risk

Forbes Coaches Council

Finesse is more than what board directors possess. It is how they accomplish their objectives. Increased board use of finesse leads to better governance outcomes.

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Your employees’ goals are missing a huge engagement opportunity

TLNT: The Business of HR

By now, everyone should know that most employees’ annual goals are horribly uninspiring.

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How This Crypto Editor Navigates Journalism In the Era of Misinformation

The Muse

Stacy-Marie Ishmael discusses the excitement and challenges of covering crypto for a national media outlet—and how no two days are the same.

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What is a stay interview? Don’t let star employees slip away

Business Management Daily

Anita listens carefully as Alex talks about the professional development opportunities that await at his new company. She can’t believe she is actually having this conversation with this valued employee. As a human resources representative, Anita is well aware of The Great Resignation, but Alex has been a standout at the organization from the day she led his onboarding session seven years ago.

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Discover the 4 Big Recruitment Challenges for 2024

It’s no secret that today’s hiring market is tough! The constant changes can make it seem impossible for HR leaders, hiring teams, and hiring managers to remain flexible and agile. However, there’s a silver lining amongst all the hiring chaos, as these changes also bring great opportunities and fresh ways for HR leaders to gain that competitive edge in the race for top talent.