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4 Ways to Support Employees During a Crisis


Over the last few weeks the environment has changed dramatically when it comes to work and life. As an HR leader, I can remember other times of crisis in the past, such as when our employees had their homes destroyed by tornadoes.

New To Remote Work? You’ve Got This!


If you are new to working from home or newly managing a remote team, it may feel like a big transition. In an already stressful and uncertain time with coronavirus and social distancing, adjusting to a new mode of work can feel like the sour cherry on top.

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Best tech tools for the virtual workplace


There are tools for every business purpose out there and we’ve pulled together the best tech tools for the virtual workplace so you can avoid any breakdown in business processes as you move forward with your digital transformation.

Tools 81

Emergency management fundamentals for employers


It’s safe to say the world wasn’t fully prepared for the spread of the coronavirus.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Everything comes to you at the right time. Be patient. Your time will come.

Brigette Hyacinth

Last week a door finally opened that I had been trying to open for so long. I was heading into unknown territory. The odds were totally stacked against me. There seemed to be nothing working in my favour, yet I kept pressing on. The days leading up to my breakthrough were indeed the toughest.

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Why Companies Should Hire Introverts

HRIS Payroll Software

Many people believe that extroverts make better employees. Extroverts are outgoing and often display more outward signs of leadership than introverts, leading their employers to believe that they have more drive to succeed. However, introverts also bring a lot to the table that extroverts don’t.

Employer COVID-19 Questions & Answers

Tandem HR

We are aware of the bill that passed through the House providing paid sick time and extending FMLA protections to employees and family members impacted by COVID-19.

Your complete guide to employee time off

Zoho People

Time off is an inevitable aspect of an organization, and it takes up a lot of time for the HR department. Employees have personal commitments, and taking time off is one method of balancing their professional and personal lives.

Recognising employees efforts through COVID-19

Fanclub Recognition

We know you’ve probably got a lot going on right now and recognition might not be high on the priority list. We wanted to let you know that we are here if we can support you in any way. We remain open and service levels are uninterrupted.

2020 Report: The Future of HR

Paycor asked more than 500 leaders of medium and small businesses to talk about the present and future of HR. Download the guide and see what they said. Their responses will surprise you!

10 Tricks at Your Fingertips For More Happiness And Success

Thrive Global

“Nothing has changed but my attitude; everything has changed.”—Anthony Anthony DeMello. Years ago, I spent several weeks in Asia, where I immersed myself in. Eastern cultural practices.

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6 Benefits of Time Tracking for Nonprofit Organizations

Astron Solutions

This guest post was written by the team at ClickTime , a provider of online timesheet software and productivity tools for organizations of all sizes. Are you a nonprofit professional looking to boost productivity within your workplace?

The Path to Becoming the Most Important Member of the Executive Team

Business2Community Leadership

Let’s start by acknowledging that Customer Success teams always have the coolest people in the company. They are kind, optimistic, helpful, and they take really good care of customers. Want to have a beer with someone after work? Definitely invite someone from CS.

IT Remote Support: Keep calm and carry on


I’ve supported companies going remote for the first time and teams already pros at it. Here are the things that sometimes slipped through the crack that I wish I’d never forgotten. You got the call: you’re working from home.

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Preparing for the Workplace of the Future: HR’s Role

Speaker: Robin Schooling, Managing Partner, HR + People Strategy, Peridus Group

Join Robin Schooling, Managing Partner, HR + People Strategy with Peridus Group, to learn what you can do now to prepare yourself and your organization for the future workplace while simultaneously solidifying HR’s impact as a strategic and influential leader for business success

How Generation Z Is Changing The Corporate Game


When this blog first launched, we dedicated quite a few column inches to what businesses should do to integrate Generation Y, the cohort of folks born between 1984 and 1996 that were dusting off their degrees and rapidly entering the workforce.

How Organizations Can Address Email Fatigue

HR Bartender

I ran across this article from CNBC on how many hours Americans spend on email each day. It’s an interesting read. The article says that we spend 209 minutes a day checking work email and 143 on personal messages for a total of 352 minutes.

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Remote Employees To Keep Them Engaged


Building and maintaining a strong company culture can be difficult when you only see your team for several minutes each week and can be especially challenging if these moments aren’t optimized to be high-impact conversations.

Learning Corner With Jeffrey Pfeffer: Why—and How—HR Should Get Into the Workplace Design Business

Cornerstone On Demand

Two types of topics grab my attention. First, there are the instances when companies think they are saving money by cutting costs, but do so in ways that actually increase turnover and decrease engagement and productivity (thus, pursuing false economies that backfire).

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How to Activate Employee Voice to Create and Sustain a Speak Up Culture

This whitepaper details how leaders can shift into an ‘action mindset’ that allows for growth and change at every level of your organization. Speak Up cultures promote productivity, improve retention efforts, and create positive employee engagement.

How to Work from Home with Kids: The Ultimate List of Tips and Resources

Ultimate Software

Remote work has been increasing in popularity for years , with more than 43% of U.S. employees working remotely at least some or all of the time according to Gallup.

To Our Customers: We’re Here for You


The past few weeks changed how we think about our business and life. We’ve worked with customers at a rapid pace for emergency employee response, mobilization, and communications to ensure employee health and safety.

It’s Not About Selling Software

ExactHire HR Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has required that ExactHire, like many other companies, move to a mandatory work-from-home model. ExactHire has always offered remote work as an option to our employees, so this change has minimally affected our operations.

From the CEO's Desk: Together, We Can Make A Difference

Cornerstone On Demand

As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, it is profoundly changing the way we live and work. Our hearts go out to those already impacted by the virus, and we want to do everything we can to protect and support our global community through this unprecedented period of uncertainty.

Does Your Workforce Have the Talent DNA for the Digital Future?

With the increasing adoption of automation and data-driven technologies, the workforce is changing rapidly — regardless of whether we’re prepared to face it. Keeping up with the velocity of change is vital to success, and that means building digital readiness into the DNA of your organization so your workforce is ready to face an uncertain and constantly changing future.

7 Employee Listening Strategies for a World Turned Upside Down by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Our clients are worried. Their employees are worried. Our friends, families, and neighbors are worried. It’s frightening, and it’s tough. In fact, I just noticed that “Coronavirus” is now a recognized word in my spell-check dictionary. Will life ever be normal again?

Breakthrough Cultures: How Weave Focuses on ‘People, Not Employees’


Creating and scaling a good culture that nourishes employees is critical to the long-term success of an organization. Yet, clarifying what exactly a good culture embodies is difficult to articulate.

What You Can Learn About Crisis Management From the People Analytics Community


As we respond to the COVID-19 crisis, making evidence-based decisions about our people using data is the best way forward. This was a key message from our recent open forum on using people analytics for crisis management.

Dear ReWorker: Is There Ever a Case for Rehiring Someone You Once Fired?

Cornerstone On Demand

Dear ReWorker, We had a long-term employee who was unreliable—coming in late, calling in sick often, leaving early—who we eventually fired. Now, three years later, he’s applied again. My boss says it’s better to hire him, as we won’t have to train.

Year in Review: Talent Acquisition in 2019 & the 2020 Impact

The year 2019 in talent acquisition was full of key learnings and insights that you can leverage in order to start 2020 ahead of the recruiting pack. This report walks you through core trends to continuously examine as you plan your recruiting strategy for 2020 and beyond.