Andrew Sumitani of TINYpulse: “Seek real-time feedback”

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Andrew is the Senior Director of Marketing at TINYpulse. An employee engagement platform for CEO’s and CHRO’s to keep track of how employees are doing. with lots of businesses who have had to go remote suddenly or make other changes affecting employees.

Tinypulse vs Culture Amp vs Clarity Wave

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Forbes defines employee engagement as “the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” ” Engaged employees create better customer experiences, increase profits, need less delegation, and are generally happier. Building a company culture that nurtures employee engagement is not always easy to do. The post Tinypulse vs Culture Amp vs Clarity Wave appeared first on Clarity Wave.


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Tinypulse vs Culture Amp vs Epic

Clarity Wave

Forbes defines employee engagement as “the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” ” Engaged employees create better customer experiences, increase profits, need less delegation, and are generally happier. Building a company culture that nurtures employee engagement is not always easy to do. The post Tinypulse vs Culture Amp vs Epic appeared first on Clarity Wave.

4 Things Top Managers Do To Improve Employee Engagement

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Improving your interactions with employees isn’t rocket science, but it does take effort. I interviewed top managers to find out specifically what they do to create connection and engagement with their employees. You’ll find a list of four tips for managers to communicate more effectively with their team members over on TINYPulse’s Employee Engagement & Culture blog with the post, Real-Life Solutions for Employee Engagement.

2018 Trends of Employee Engagement


Employee engagement may not be the best term for the pratice of creating happier and more productive employees, but the goals just stated are still top of mind for the most ambitious and growth-minded companies going in to 2018. Here at TINYpulse, we see engagement data every day, as one of the industry leaders in collecting continuous feedback from employees. Employee Engagement

Top Employee Engagement Tools (Detailed Comparison)

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Employee engagement tool helps measure or boost employee engagement that in turn will improve the productivity and efficiency of the employees and reduce staff turnover. Features of Employee Engagement Tools. Employee perks: Employee discounts.

4 Employee Engagement Ideas That Boost Morale


Healthy employee engagement contributes to morale and overall satisfaction at work. A focus on improving employee engagement is a worthwhile goal for any organization. Research shows a strong link between engagement and a range of positive performance outcomes such as higher productivity, lower turnover, and greater profitability. In addition, higher employee engagement drives morale and stronger feelings of well-being among employees.

Listen Up, Employers: Here Are 4 Employee Engagement Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

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Developing ongoing strategies for employee engagement can be, in a word, challenging. These strategies vary greatly between industry sectors, and employers can benefits greatly from keeping their employees motivated, satisfied, and engaged. Here are just a few universal mistakes your business may be making when it comes to keeping employees engaged. This is a surprisingly common mistake that can lead to disengaged employees. Employee engagement

Top 10 Employee Engagement Tools for 2019

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Research performed in recent years has established that 1 in every 4 employees will leave their job during the first 90 days of work and most employees will spend an average of 4 years in one role. Understanding what makes your employees walk away is the first step to achieving that. Are they not engaged with their team and company values? The added bonus of using these will be improving your company’s brand by your employee’s word-of-mouth. TINYpulse.

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Improve Employee Engagement with These 11 Survey Tools


How to improve employee engagement is a big question in any organization. If you can comprehend what they like about the workplace and what they don’t; what motivates them and what doesn’t; then you can strive to enhance employee engagement. TinyPulse.

5 Tips to Master Employee Engagement in 2017

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Every day, Human Resources departments worldwide are placing increased emphasis on employee engagement. To understand why, we need to consider the true meaning of “engagement.”. First, let’s make an important distinction: A happy employee is not necessarily an engaged employee. Employee engagement is much more than employee satisfaction. Engaged employees are emotionally invested in their work and highly committed to the organization.



13 reward & recognition tactics guaranteed to keep employees engaged

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A big part of that answer depends on how well you reward and recognize employees. In a recent CareerBuilder survey, 50% of employees said they would stay at their current job if they were tangibly recognized for their efforts. Today’s employees need to be tangibly appreciated frequently — like saying “amazing job!” Encourage employees to recognize each other. Create an online kudos form on the company intranet that employees can access.

How Employee Referral Programs Get Benefited By Employee Engagement

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Employee Referral Programs deal with this human desire to share things we like with others we care about. So, hiring managers are getting creative and making use of their best resources ( their employees! Defining Employee Referral Programs. Educate Your Employees.

3 Surprising Reasons an Employee Engagement Strategy Can Fail


Employee engagement is one of the most crucial factors for an organization's success, but it isn't a simple thing to get right. There are many ways an engagement strategy can fail -- some of which you might not expect. Here are 3 surprising ways an employee engagement strategy can fail, and some easy ways to turn it around. You may have heard the phrase "Employee engagement starts at the top." Happiness and engagement aren't one in the same.

Peer Recognition, Culture and Going the Extra Mile

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What motivates employees? All these are good answers, but a new study from TINYpulse that analyzed over 200,000 employee responses relating to organizational culture found that peers and camaraderie are the #1 reason employees go the extra mile. As a potentially overlooked area of focus for organizations, peer recognition is a valuable way to foster a positive culture and create one where employees regularly “go the extra mile.” It is money?

5 Resources That Will Take Your Employee Engagement to the Next Level


Employee turnover is costly—human resources departments and the companies they serve know this. The Work Institute arrived at this incredible statistic by first establishing that replacing a single employee requires one-third of that person’s annual salary. When you apply this to your own departed employees, you see the dollars add up—maybe not into the billions, but enough to take action to reduce turnover. Employee Communication. Employee Alignment and Visibility.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? 7 Tips for Keeping Remote Employees Engaged


found that 70% of the organizations surveyed offered remote work as a benefit to their employees. This seems to jive well with the results of another survey of employees; MRINetwork recently released its 2017 Recruiter Sentiment Study , which showed that over half of all job candidates find the option of working remotely “somewhat” or “extremely” important. But is just being able to work remotely enough to keep employees happy and engaged?

16 Best employee engagement software to boost your employee performance in 2019


Some businesses know that they have happy employees who adore their jobs. Some other companies find (to their dismay) that most of their employees barely tolerate working for them. Worst of all, many employers just do not know how their employees feel about them even. The future of a company is hopelessly bleak should the employees hate their jobs and the management remain unaware of that. After all, you need to engage and motivate your people to get A’s not Zzzzzz’s.

How often should you take the pulse of your employee engagement?

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Should you be doing “mini” surveys of employee engagement? Employee engagement is recognized as critical to the success of a company. Many companies annually conduct a survey to measure engagement or employee satisfaction. What if measuring engagement once a year was not often enough? How often should you take the pulse of your employee engagement heart beat?

How to approach employee engagement surveys


Surveys can reveal employee engagement issues. For example, a Gallup survey revealed that only about 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Could their own employee engagement surveys deliver? Tracking employee engagement can be tough. Employers could lookout for red flags to help them spot disengaged employees. Employee engagement surveys are a popular method and can yield good results, if used correctly.

Let’s Redefine Employee Engagement In 2016


Disclosure: This post contains a quote and link to one of my clients, TinyPulse. A recent Gallup poll found that 67 percent of workers aren’t engaged—or worse, they’re actively disengaged—a number that’s been pretty stagnant for the past 16 years. That’s why it’s time to ditch those well-used annual engagement surveys and redefine how you view and measure employee engagement. Where the traditional approach to employee engagement goes wrong.

Can Employees Really Lead the Engagement?


This is part of a blog series discussing TINYpulse's newest upgrade, LIVEpulse. Employee Engagement Employee Feedback

Org Chart Software Could Save Your Waning Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is a top goal for nearly all companies, because employees who are committed to their work and the company tend to be more productive, innovative, and supportive of company goals and objectives. However, according to Gallup research, only 13 percent of the global workforce is engaged. There are many potential causes for low employee engagement, including lack of empowerment, inadequate recognition, and undeveloped relationships with coworkers.

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


Employee Engagement Software Definition. Employee engagement software helps organizations solicit and track feedback from their employees, recognize employee achievements, and promote positive activity. Employee engagement tools are used to draw actionable insights from employee feedback. Promote employee recognition through internal communication channels. The HR TechStack for Employee Engagement Software.

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59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2018 (Plus 10 New Bonus Ideas)


59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2018 (Plus 10 New Bonus Ideas). The Top Employee Engagement Ideas: Align your company with a purpose. HR managers can agree that employee engagement and retention are at the top of their priority list. Many employees in today’s job market quickly feel uninspired by their work, get bored after 2 years and start job hunting for something new. 59 Employee Engagement Ideas: 1.

How Pulse Surveys Improve Glassdoor Scores


We compiled data on all organizations with Glassdoor ratings, and segmented them by organizations that do and do not use TINYpulse Engage. Employee EngagementWe wanted to see how companies using pulsing feedback fared on Glassdoor.

The Best HR Tech for Mid-Market Companies


In this series of articles we will review a comprehensive set of the best new software solutions in categories such as employee engagement, candidate assessment, ATS and HRIS. Employee Engagement. Measuring employee engagement has been one of the top priorities of HR leaders in the past few years. So it’s no surprise that a number of new providers have emerged to disrupt the traditional annual engagement survey. TINYPulse.

Our new study takes a deeper look into “the State of Remote Work”


We’re excited to announce the findings of a new research study that TINYpulse has co-authored with Owl Labs , on the state of remote work. The study is one of thefirst of its kind to focus on employee success and retention for remote workers. Employee Retention Employee Engagement Remote Work

Heart to Heart: 7 Strategies to Improve Remote Employee Relations


Good employee relations result in lower turnover and higher productivity. It has never been more important for managers to step up their efforts to support and engage remote employees. (As TINYPulse). Are your employees among them? Tell employees they are valuable.

Blowing Up Traditional Workplace Hierarchy With Sideways Management


We here at TINYpulse are predicting that managing sideways will be a growing trend in 2016. The top-down hierarchy has lost relevance — and smart organizations are looking for employees to push their peers to become better professionals. By allowing employees to exert more control, you can create a workplace that’s focused on accountability. Employee Engagement

How to Tackle the Engagement Crisis in a Remote Workforce?


Short-term, specialized employees are a huge boon for mission-critical projects that give significant bottom-line benefits for business. One of the key advantages is talent retention, where research reveals that organizations that support a remote workforce strategy have 25% lower employee turnover, according to the 2017 State of Remote Work Report by OWLLabs and TINYPulse. And, how can these programs tackle the engagement crisis in the remote workforce?

A Satisfied Employee Isn’t the Same as an Engaged Employee


Are your employees engaged, or are they just satisfied? According to the Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement survey report from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), U.S. 88% of employees were at least somewhat satisfied. • workers only moderately engaged. While job satisfaction appears to be at an all-time high, the same research from SHRM indicates that employees are only moderately engaged. Engagement vs. indifference.

Respectful Workplaces Don’t Happen by Default

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Join us in Savannah, GA on March 8-9, 2018 and access proven strategies for fostering talent, nurturing employee wellness, strengthening the employment brand, and other data-backed tips to boost employee retention and business performance. TinyPulse’s 2014 engagement and culture report revealed that only 21% of workers feel strongly valued at work. No wonder employee engagement in the U.S. We have a crisis of respect and civility in our workplaces today.

Top 9 Workforce Engagement Tools


The quality of your output, after all, will depend on your employees’ ability and commitment to the company. That is why popular wisdom is that it’s well worth investing in workforce engagement in the Workplace. After all, only if employees are engaged will they care about the company.

Enhancing Job Satisfaction Without Giving a Raise

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This may not be a big surprise, but what employees are actually motivated by will spark the interest of business owners. Although it’s true employees are motivated by compensation, money isn’t the only thing that makes them happy and satisfied. In fact, there’s good news if you need to find ways to keep employees satisfied without digging into your budget to dole out a raise. A survey from Glassdoor found that 4 in 5 employees want benefits or perks more than a raise.

4 Ways Organizational Values Are the Ultimate Road Map


Organizational values define the company to your staff, potential employees, and the community. Although organizational values are the foundation for a company’s identity, TINYpulse’s Employee Engagement Survey and BlessingWhite uncovered some interesting news: A mere 42% of employees know their own organization’s vision, mission, and values. 39% of employees polled say their senior leaders don’t act in accordance with the company’s guiding principles.

10 Simple Ways to Keep Remote Workers Engaged and Motivated


Although often dismissed as another modern perk designed to attract talent, remote working arrangements don't just benefit employees. A solid remote work program 's potential for cost savings position it uniquely as a win-win, both for employees and the organizations they work for. Still, employees who work from home continue to report loving their jobs more than those in their cubicle. Motivation and engagement. Get to know your remote employees.