Add PayScale’s Compference 2017 to Your HR Conference Schedule

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You have many choices when trying to decide where to best spend your time and money at an HR industry conference. This conference is specifically designed for compensation professionals — most who attend have the word “compensation” in their title.

Secrets From a PayScale Insider: How to Get the Most Out of #Compference17

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Yet you can miss a lot of great stuff if you haven’t figured out at least a few of your must-see sessions ahead of time. Hearing that PayScale’s Crew will streamline your increase cycle is intriguing, but seeing it in practice? On Tuesday, October 3rd at 2:20 pm, discover how Futaba Corporation of America implemented Crew to transform their increase cycle from a “spreadsheet nightmare” to a transparent, time-saving, trust-increasing process. Product Bazaar”.

Should You Attend #Compference17? Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

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PayScale’s annual event, Compference – the modern compensation event for comp professionals, HR professionals and business leaders, will be here before you know it. Unsure if you should attend? Linda: PayScale Crew.

If You’re Using Merlin, These #Compference17 Sessions Are Musts

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So many great sessions, so little time. If you’re already using PayScale’s Merlin (or even still just dreaming about it) I highly recommend these four sessions to make sure you go home on Wednesday ready to wow your company with ways to get even more out of this great product.

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The Millennial Who Brought Her Cat to an Interview, and other #Compference16 Insights

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We are fresh off our first-ever PayScale User Compference, and it was an absolute blast. As a Content Director, I love what I do, but I spend more time contemplating WordPress plugins and less interacting with customers. The PayScale session “What to Do About Reviews?”

A Data Person’s Take on Compference16

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Here we had a diverse group of people ready to speak and learn all about compensation at PayScale’s premier user conference. This is meant to increase productivity and reduce burnout. Businesses are spending way too much time on reviews and they are not even effective.

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5 Key Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at #Compference17

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Kari Van Hoof, Compensation Professional II at Payscale. Chris Martin, Lead Data Analyst at PayScale. Find out in this enlightening session by Chris Martin, Lead Data Analyst at PayScale. Rusty Lindquist, VP HCM Strategy, Intellectual Property, Product Marketing at BambooHR.

The Busy HR Professionals Guide to Avoiding Stress and Burnout

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Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs PayScale’s 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report shows that the number one reason people leave jobs is due to poor compensation. To some degree, HR has to be available to everyone at all times, easily accessible, and accommodating.

Don't Miss this Summer's Hottest Compensation Events

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Taylor, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP, PayScale Senior Blogger The summer months are just about to kick off and with the warmer weather comes new and exciting industry events. HR professionals who attend also get a chance to rack up multiple continuing education credits at the exciting workshops.

Compensation Trends: Disruption in Action at the 2017 Total Rewards Show

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Sheahan spoke compellingly about the need for today’s organizations to overcome the “relentless force of commoditization,” where new ideas become table stakes in an ever-shortening period of time and the winners are organizations that keep innovating.

Your greatest asset, eh? Turning a buzz phrase into an actual business practice

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The effects of the Great Recession haven’t faded completely, but overall, companies are doing well, and according to sources , including PayScale’s 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report , they expect to continue doing well.

Countdown to Compference: Lets Get Social

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Compference is going to be jam packed with amazing speakers including Shankar Vedantam, from NPR, Susan Hollingshead, from Sungevity, and PayScale’s own CEO, Mike Metzger. Compference16 is here and its time to get social! Few things beat the rewards of attending a conference live.

7 employee retention strategies from employee experience visionaries

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And, the companies that get that have the best products, best services and best customer experiences in the world. If you get people right, you’re going to have the best innovation, best technology, and best products.”. After you’ve gathered the data, it’s time to analyze the results.

#Compference17 Day 2 Wrap Up: Technology, Compfidence and Happiness.

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In case you aren’t familiar with Nir Eyal, he is the best-selling author of Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products. Rechecking your email is a waste of time. He’s PayScale’s director of product marketing, and he lives and breaths everything related to compensation, and of course, Compference. Take time to recap all that you have learned. . Want To Attend Compference18?

5 Things Every CEO Needs to Know About HR

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years between 2014 and 2016, and this reduction in time-at-company shows no sign of stopping. Research from Payscale , with data analysis on the tenure at Fortune 500 companies, reveals that many large, relatively stable corporations are facing rapid turnover.

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When you struggle to replace employees who voluntarily leave the company, there are negative impacts to productivity, customer service, information security, and profitability. Spoke makes it easy to provide better IT support, freeing up time for rewarding IT projects.

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Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


Follow us for timely perspectives on the markets. cgoldt08 : Product Leader at Workday. chompion : Head of Product at TMP Worldwide, Founder of HRNX, HR software exec and entrepreneur. GM : Bringing GM information to Twitter one tweet at a time.

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