Restaurant Time & Attendance Tracking

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You also probably discovered—very quickly—that there was an administrative side to things that involved parts of the business you weren’t particularly fond of, like paperwork, and employment laws, and tracking time and attendance for your restaurant. And while you remained focused on growth, the quality of products, and the dining experience of your patrons, you’re even more nervous about the other side of your business. How much do you understand about time theft?

7 time-clock software features designed to solve attendance issues

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Department of Labor says 78 million Americans — about 59% of the workforce — punch a time clock every day. If your company has hourly workers, you know that keeping track of time and attendance is a challenge. to 5% of gross payroll to time clock fraud each year.

Keep Employees Busy with Time and Attendance Scheduling

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Either way, they are in "vacation" mode and may need a little prompt for productivity. With a cloud based time and attendance software, you have access to deep labor analytics to improve workforce management. Next, you can customize filters and create your own categories of time.

Automate Your Manufacturing Incidents & Attendance Issues

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Traditional manual process methods for time and attendance don’t give your employees the flexibility or efficiency they often need to be productive. Process Time and Resource Savings.

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Taking on Time Tracking. The app offers real-time attendance tracking, including scheduling, leave management, work accountability, client-project management and data collection. Employers can review and analyze productivity and show clients billable hours.

Busyness Is Not Productiveness


Today, I attend meetings and see similar behavior. People are physically in attendance, but the are rarely there. They believe they are productive doing multiple things at once. Jill’s latest book, More Sales, Less Time is about this issue, Overwhelm/Cognitive Overload.

How to Hold Productive and Enjoyable Meetings


The right words are coming more easily than usual, and you’ve almost completely lost track of time. Just as you’re approaching peak productivity, a calendar reminder blinks onto the middle of your screen: MEETING IN 5 MINUTES. They’re a waste of time.”.

Leverage Text Messaging to Screen More Job Candidates, Market Your Brand

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Recruiting the right people is an integral part of any business plan, but unfortunately, it is also a challenging and time-consuming task. Learn how to effectively use text messaging to save on recruiting time and improve the candidate experience.

The Keys to Successful Time Management With FingerCheck


As a manager, no one knows the value of time management more than you. With very little time to dedicate to tasks outside your managerial agenda, you are only as productive as your technology is. Approve time cards quickly. Make mass time entries in no time.

Creating a Productive Talent Management Strategy for Your Business


Creating a productive talent management strategy is an essential lifeblood for employers to attain and retain top talent and to meet objectives and goals. Some talent management practices they should consider to implement to help improve diversity include: Blind resume screening.

3 FAQs on stratustime Mobile

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With 90% of American adults owning a cell phone and 58% of those using a smartphone, it’s no surprise that stratus time’s mobile module is a hot topic among our clients (Source: Pew Research Internet Project ). The thing about stratus time is we are already cloud-based.

What is the EU time tracking law? Information for business owners


If you’re new to this whole time tracking thing, take it from an expert: Time tracking doesn’t have to be painful. And how can employers and employees both benefit from measuring employee time? What does the new EU time tracking law mean for employers? Track Time UK

What is the Best Time Clock App for Business Owners?


It’s important to have the right tool to serve as your time-tracking sidekick and alleviate one area of stress in the hectic world of business management, and in this high-tech, connected world, paper time cards just don’t cut it. Our app will keep tracking data at all times. .

Free Up Your Time: 5 Types of Flexible HR Software

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Scheduling is often integrated with time and attendance software. 2: Time & Attendance. Time and attendance software allows an employee to clock in and out, request time off and view PTO accrued.

4 Tips to Effectively Manage Remote Teams


Studies show that offering some form of telecommuting typically pays off in an employee base that is more appreciative, focused, engaged and productive. Choose an online-based system employees have access to wherever they are, like FingerCheck time clock software.

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my coworker loves meetings and jargon, temp is hawking health products at work, and more

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She’s in her mid 50s and has been in our industry for a long time, although in higher positions than she has now. Her meetings are also very formal and controlled, but not in a way that is a good use of time. I prefer using clear, professional language whenever possible, and I try to limit the frequency and duration of meetings that I schedule and attend. And at the meetings you do get roped into, speak up if she starts wasting people’s time!

Compensable working time : FLSA :: Disability : Pre-2009 ADA

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It goes like this: Compensable working time : FLSA :: Disability : Pre-2009 ADA What does this mean (and how dare I make you think about your SATs for the first time in forever)? Busk , last year’s Supreme Court case which held that the time warehouse workers spent waiting for and undergoing post-shift security screenings were noncompensable postliminary activities. I believe Congress will do the same with the definition of compensable working time under the FLSA.

Preshift Activities: Compensable or Not Compensable? That Is the Question!

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According to Albert Einstein, “Time is an illusion.” The workers, who were required to travel to their worksite by bus, claimed that the time they spent waiting to work after they arrived at the site and before their shift began was compensable.

Back to Basics: Making Your Meetings More Effective

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But I haven’t spent enough time discussing why making meetings matter is so important. Was the time well spent? There are at least four kinds of costs associated with meetings: Participants’ time – clearly the most important and largest cost of any meeting.

Not kidding: When it's noisier to work from home than at the office

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Tabs ready and waiting on the computer screen? It's almost time for that conference call! If you have a HOA or a neighborhood association that has a quarterly or annual meeting, then you might attend and raise the issue of at-home employees in the neighborhood. The time has come.

The Economist's Talent Management Summit and the new rules of.

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One of my favourite conferences is the Economists talent management summit which I spoke at last year and this blog has been supporting for three years now (see my competition to attend and blog for me at this years event). HCSummit - virtual learning at Avon Products.

Meeting Experiences: Survey Results

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Which makes it completely understandable that over half of the respondents believe the meetings they attend are Very Productive (5%) or Generally Productive (47%). There is almost universal agreement that meetings waste time, are boring, and should not be so easy to convene.

If You Keep Doing What You’re Doing Now, What Will Your Life Look Like in 20 Years?

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What about those dreams to visit a faraway destination that showed up on the computer screen? Two individuals attend the same school. The other performs decently well, trailing behind most of the time. But what happens when you extend the time period?

10 Ways to Make Good Hiring Decisions Out of Bad Decisions


When you have a short amount of time to find someone for a critical role, the first good candidate who comes along is the one you onboard. After all, one of your key performance metrics is Time to Hire, and moving ahead with an offer quickly makes your productivity on paper skyrocket. All in all, it won’t happen this time. You were burned before or you don’t have the time to ramp up and really make it work for you.

How to Deliver Retail Sales Training to Remote Employees

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While a couple of decades back it would have been an inconvenience to have employees working remotely, now it has been normalized to an extent where companies offer work from home options to employees upfront for better productivity. million Americans work from home at least half the time! Familiar and comfortable work environment increases productivity. Creating an easily accessible training module will keep your remote employees up to date with just-in-time information.

5 Key Trends That Influence Talent Management In 2019


A poor hiring decision can stall a department; it can be frustrating and can result in productivity loss. Technology has simplified the talent acquisition process in that recruiters do not need to read tons of resumes as screening of applicants can be done through ATS or an HR chatbot.

4 compelling reasons to check out a live webinar


Rather than throwing your bowl of snacks at the screen, you pause the movie and address the characters directly…who respond to your voice and answer your questions. Not yet sold on the value of attending live webinars? It’s the most laid-back educational event you’ll ever attend.

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How Can Your HRIS Improve Employee Wellness?

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The overall wellbeing of your employees can affect not just attendance but also productivity, morale, and retention. It’s also healthy to stand up frequently and to give the eyes a rest from looking at a computer screen.

Tips from Digital Detox Camp: How to Improve Employee Engagement

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From checking emails, researching for work, scrolling through Instagram and playing games, our average screen time only continues to expand. They also found that 85 percent of employees experienced discomfort on a daily basis due to screen time—pain in the neck, shoulders, wrists, upper back and hands. At CAMP, guests attend seminars from thought leaders, participate in workshops, go horseback riding and do yoga—all without their devices.

Remote Leadership: How to Lead Your Team from a Distance

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In addition to attending to managerial duties, leaders are also occupied with planning for the future. Now add the challenge of leading from behind a computer screen, hundreds or thousands of miles away from the office. You may be separated by time zones as well as physical distance from your team; perhaps for a month or two, or perhaps for good. During these hours, if they will be unavailable for any amount of time (e.g. Running an organization has never been easy.

4 HR management trends coming to 2018

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As HR professionals seek ways to operate more effectively, let’s examine four of the key trends the human capital management experts at EPAY Systems believe will hit your radar screen as 2018 unfolds. Increased use of mobile time tracking apps.

Sterling Heads to SHRM18 in Chicago

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The SHRM Annual Conference is that one time of year when we get a chance to directly connect with the HR community and learn more about how we can help to improve background screening programs. Sterling’s goal is to help companies hire with confidence by offering a simpler, smarter and seamless background screening experience. You’ll be able to: Join a live demonstration to see the many ways we can support your background screening program.

Oracle OpenWorld 2019: HCM Breakthrough Starts Here

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OpenWorld 2019 also has numerous sessions and activities that you can attend. We’ve highlighted below just a few customer, product, and keynote sessions you should add to your calendar. They’ll share the latest product updates, innovation initiatives, and visions for the future. Product Sessions. We’re always updating our products, driven by your customer feedback and any developing trends in the marketplace.

Why Cloud ERP is the Key to Growing Businesses


There’s always give-and-take when it comes to technology, so remember to perform your due diligence when it’s time to implement an ERP solution of your own. These tools don’t need to be hosted onsite, so implementation and maintenance is just a fraction of the cost and time.

Ultimate Software’s Dream Big #UltiConnect Conference: A Recap via @HRmarketer


Note: I was invited by Ultimate Software to attend their Dream Big user conference #UltiConnect to get a better understanding of their product. Each station was staffed by Ultimate personnel doing demos on big screens and answering questions from customers.