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Deloitte Insights: Overcoming Pitfalls in Knowledge Management with Performance Enablement Solutions

Rallyware for Human Resources

New technologies and ways of working demand a change in approaches to knowledge management. A recent research report by Deloitte indicates the need for companies to rethink their knowledge creation and sharing strategies to successfully navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

The Three Eras of Knowledge Management

Conversation Matters

In this video I describe the Three Eras of knowledge management that I have previously written about on this blog, Where Knowledge Management has Been and Where it is Going – Part One , Part Two , and Part Three. In the earlier blog post I called the third era, “collective knowledge” and I remain convinced that collective knowledge is at the heart of this change. It is the "means," but what is being managed are ideas.


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Knowledge Management Software: 7 Things You Need to Know


When we work, we’re often unaware of the vast amounts of knowledge, insight, and understanding that inform our jobs and the tasks we are completing. Every organization has documentation on policies, procedures, and systems; product features and benefits; analytics and CRM data. The true knowledge is in how people do their jobs, how the culture works, how the customer data pertains to the way customers connect to the products and services. What is ITIL knowledge management?

Where Knowledge Management Has Been and Where It Is Going- Part Three

Conversation Matters

In this three part series I‘ve classified the evolving landscape of knowledge management into three categories. The first category is Leveraging Explicit Knowledge and is about capturing documented knowledge and building it into a collection - connecting people to content. The second category is about Leveraging Experiential Knowledge and it gave rise to communities of practice and reflection processes. Leveraging Collective Knowledge.

Organizational Learning Strategy: The What, Why and How

Analytics in HR

An organizational learning strategy enables a company to keep learning, improving, and developing new capabilities based on past successes and failings. Let’s have a look at all you need to know about creating an organizational learning strategy. Knowledge communities.

Data Management: The Science Of Insight And Scalability For Midsize Businesses

SAP Innovation

Whether they want predictive insights, automated processes, or greater visibility, all signs point toward a new data analytics strategy. In fact, according to IDC, 40% of midsize companies are expected to adopt advanced analytics by 2023.

How to align your intranet plans with company strategy


Improved knowledge management. Learn how to align your business case with your company strategy. Don’t forget to also reach out to your executive team to verify your company’s strategy. Common aspects of company strategy that align well with social intranets: .

A Model Lessons Learned System – The US Army

Conversation Matters

What began as an AAR process in the 1970s has become a robust system of identifying, collecting, analyzing, transferring, and moving lessons learned at all levels of command. I have detailed the progression of this system using the model I constructed for The Three Eras of Knowledge Management. Since the beginning of the Iraq war CALL has become a subset of the larger Army Combined Arms Center’s Battle Command Knowledge System located in Ft Leavenworth.

#Nextchat: Building an HR Technology Strategy

The SHRM Blog

. . As trends in technology continue to impact how organizations manage talent, learning and knowledge, HR must be in front of the trends to ensure the creation of smart HR technology strategies that will accomplish organizational goals. . explains that having an “HR technology strategy is extremely important: it is both the blueprint and roadmap for HR technology selection and implementation.” Success often depends upon whether or not there is a strategy.

What Is Sales Operations? Process, Roles, Responsibilities

Analytics Training

The objectives of sales management operations leaders are to maximize the effectiveness of sales teams by enabling them to focus on sales because it enables them to drive business results through the use of strategic engagement techniques, software tools, and implemented training. Strategy .

Learning and Development (L&D) Resources Repository

Analytics in HR

The essential components of a successful L&D strategy (McKinsey). Building workforce skills at scale to thrive during—and after—the COVID-19 crisis (McKinsey). Working Knowledge: How Organizations Manage What They Know (Academic paper). Learning analytics.

Learning From Failure - It's Possible

Conversation Matters

But the research of Cannon and Edmondson indicates that managers greatly underestimate the difficulties that are involved in learning from failure. A major conclusion Cannon and Edmondson draw is that looking at small failures can head off those catastrophic failures. When Dr. Kim Adcock became radiology chief at Kaiser Permanente Colorado, she used HMO records to identify failures and produce systematic feedback including bar charts and graphs for each individual x-ray reader.

HR Shared Services: Everything You Need to Know

Analytics in HR

Let’s have a closer look at HR shared services, its benefits and challenges, as well as HR shared services best practices. The division of responsibilities frees up the more experienced HR professionals to focus on strategy. This includes systems they interact with at their jobs.

Crossing Boundaries - The Un-Town Hall

Conversation Matters

Crossing Boundaries is a change program at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). At first glance it looks like a typical town hall, but is remarkably different and a hundred times more effective at making change. With the help of the Knowledge Lab (the part of the organization I contract with) he created Crossing Boundaries to address that issue. There are from 5 – 20 solutions offered at each monthly meeting.

Knowledge-at-work: Knowledge sharing - a re-think


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « Social search - KM thinking | Main | Reflecting on corporate memory » December 10, 2006 Knowledge sharing - a re-think Knowledge sharing is the primary, most basic knowledge practice - without a sharing ethos, much of KM promise fails. So what exactly is knowledge sharing all about?

Top 10 Technology Trends Set to Disrupt HR

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Remote Workforce Management. However, managing a remote workforce is not a simple task when HR departments are not equipped with the latest technology. These systems will likely include always-connected messaging applications, project management platforms that allow for remote access, and performance management systems that are available to management and employees continuously. Performance Management Tech. Big Data Analytics.

Knowledge-at-work: Sharing knowledge - do we know enough?


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « KmWiki AAR | Main | Mistakes & failures » July 16, 2005 Sharing knowledge - do we know enough? What exactly is knowledge sharing all about? do you believethey have collaboration at heart or are they just selling moresoftware? If you share, do you really give knowledge away? Reuse strategies applied to language.

How to be a Good Internal Consultant

Workplace Psychology

The Association of Internal Management Consultants (AIMC) says that an internal consultant provides various client support services within the enterprise. First , it doesn’t matter how smart or knowledgeable you are or how much experience you have or bring.

Adobe 52

Bersin: Don’t overlook these 8 factors in creating your new hybrid plan


Work scheduling, management processes, systems and tools, benefits policies and much, much more all have to be factored in. Work practices, management behaviors, reward systems and flexibility are all likely affected by any plans you put into place.

AI and Intelligent Tools in HR Tech Right Now – Q&A, Reinventing HR

HR Examiner

They are very good at understanding the past and not so good at understanding the future. It’s less of a chatbot and more of an intelligent knowledge manager. Succession management, capacity analysis, and detailed workforce planning will become central issues.

Q&A on AI and Intelligent Tools with John Sumser

HR Examiner

They are very good at understanding the past and not so good at understanding the future. It’s less of a chatbot and more of an intelligent knowledge manager. Succession management, capacity analysis, and detailed workforce planning will become central issues.

6 Ways Big Data Will Change HR

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Predictive analytics can significantly aid in employee retention. Workers tend to gravitate towards and stay at organizations where they receive the greatest rewards, and HR software can help realistically optimize salary and benefits for current and future employees. With big data analytics and the right support system, companies are able to move beyond job description-based recruitment and map skill sets to company strategy, allowing for better hiring decisions to be made.

10 Ways AI & Machine Learning Are Revolutionizing Omnichannel


Disney, Oasis, REI, Starbucks, Virgin Atlantic, and others excel at delivering omnichannel experiences using AI and machine learning to fine-tune their selling and service strategies. Bottom Line: AI and machine learning are enabling omnichannel strategies to scale by providing insights into the changing needs and preferences of customers, creating customer journeys that scale, delivering consistent experiences.

10 Best Customer Success Software to check out in 2020


Then you are at the risk of losing your customers. Essentially, a customer success software helps you deliver products/services that actually comply with client needs by managing and bringing their real-time data in one place, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

Cornerstone vs Edcast


Cornerstone is a Learning Management System (LMS) that enables you to give your employees a seamless learning and development experience. It was not created as a learning management system but rather as a student information system (SIS). Compensation Management.

Workers are looking – and leaving – for career development

HR Morning

Employee development is at the heart of successful talent management. Those resources range from a knowledgeable guide to help them get settled into a new job to the ongoing training needed to acquire and apply new and advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities. But it’s the ongoing training that’s at the core of talent management —and of retention. Institutional knowledge/Knowledge management.

Victor Bilgen On How We Need To Adjust To The Future Of Work

Thrive Global

Contemporary people analytics is evolving engagement surveys to measure more than “employee satisfaction” and focus on key indicators like absorption, dedication, and vigor. I had a winding start on my road to leading the research and analytics team at McChrystal Group.

How to Tackle the Engagement Crisis in a Remote Workforce?


But today, expanding internet connectivity and the rise of knowledge-based economies is enabling organizations to hire skilled workers across geographical boundaries of states and even countries. One of the key advantages is talent retention, where research reveals that organizations that support a remote workforce strategy have 25% lower employee turnover, according to the 2017 State of Remote Work Report by OWLLabs and TINYPulse.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate!

SAP Innovation

The core mission of the BICC is driving adoption for BI and increasing the organization’s overall analytics maturity. Communication is key in: Defining and reviewing the overall BI strategy. As part of all of the organizational functions such as governance, program management, training, support, etc. Developers have different interests than analysts or managers. Training and knowledge management. Using analytics on analytics.

BICCs And BI Metrics – Measuring What Matters

SAP Innovation

A BI scorecard should address four key areas: Financial: The key strategy is lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), often achieved by standardizing BI tools and reducing license and related support fees. Internal customers: Two key strategies are increasing knowledge worker productivity and providing cost effective innovative BI solutions which both contribute to lowering TCO. Related blogs: Part 1: BICC Series- The Key to Operationalizing Your BI Strategy.

If you build it, will they come? Overcoming the talent crisis in manufacturing

HR Times

Blog posts here on HR Times regularly discuss ways organizations can rethink and revamp their talent programs to better support business strategies and overcome workforce challenges. Today I’d like to broaden the discussion and look at talent strategies as a way to revitalize and protect the future of an entire industry — manufacturing. At the same time, however, manufacturing faces significant challenges, all related to talent, including: Sobering retirement demographics.

6 workplace changes we can expect in the 2020s


One of the surprises we’re witnessing at the moment is the increasing value placed upon soft skills, across corporate levels. Management of the employee. This requires clear communication at all levels, especially in a remote setting.

Contact Center & CX Trends 2019 (Part 3)

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

The second was a follow-up to the first, in which we observed the benefits and use cases of the technologies that rank at the top fourth to seventh places for planned adoption. If you’re in the process of evaluating and designing your 2019 CX strategy, we highly recommend that you avoid such hype and rather focus on best practices that deliver results for your peers. Other tools CX leaders use to gauge customer sentiment include speech analytics and text analytics.

Make enterprise search an intranet success factor


In the company’s own words: “Google’s Search features ensure that you get the right information at the right time in the format that’s most useful to your query.” Offer social features, knowledge management and enhances employee engagement.

Takeaways from the Interactions Analyst Summit

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Below is a summary of key takeaways from this event: Discussions at the event emphasized the company’s product and market strategy, which is focused on helping brands minimize customer effort through Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs), a platform that uses conversational AI technologies such as automated speech recognition (ASR), natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning. On April 25, 2019, I attended the inaugural Interactions Analyst Summit.

The Twine Guide to Building Your Internal Knowledge Base

Twine App

We’ve created this guide to help you build the perfect internal Knowledge Base. We’ve kept it in plain English, avoiding jargon whenever possible, much in the same way we advise you to do in your Knowledge Base. Learn what a knowledge base is and why you need one. Keep your knowledge base relevant. We’ll show you how to get up and running with an internal knowledge management system your staff actually use. What is a knowledge base?

What is Legal Spend Management?


If your legal department outsources any work to outside counsel firms , then legal spend management is an absolute must-have to control costs, manage firm selection and engagement, and understand the true value being delivered by creating visibility into the trade-offs between cost and outcomes. When companies manage this process without a specialized invoicing system (or worse – try to manage it manually ) chances are their staff becomes overwhelmed and overpayments are inevitable.

The Big Opportunity Of Big Data As A Service

SAP Innovation

While it’s hard to put an exact estimate on the global Big Data market, we do know one thing for sure—Big Data technology and the service sector is a multi-million dollar market that’s growing at a rapid pace. Because Big Data, being critical information that can help corporations predict customer behavior, market trends, and other changes that will reshape their future business strategies, is vitally important. Big Data opportunity for managed service providers.

Data 30

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #243: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

Google Cloud launches AI-driven management platform to tame network complexity Link ». Microsoft Ignite 2019: Meet Project Cortex, Office 365 knowledge-management service Link ». Listen live every Thursday at 7AM Pacific – 10AM Eastern, or catch up on full episodes with transcriptions here. Join John Sumser at this year’s HRTech conference. So I’m looking forward to it to speak at the HR Tech Fest in Sydney.

CHROs and Collaboration

Strategic HCM

I’m pleased IBM have come round to recognising this need which contrasts to the conclusions in some of their previous reports, eg their 2008 human capital study which I also reviewed : IBM also believe that managing this kind of talent market requires a structured, analytical approach: “A more data-driven, fact-based method to hire, pay and reward top performers”. “If Management of financial management involves cause and effect relationships.