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How Betty Crocker Thinks about Compensation

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Why ask managers and employees about how they understand pay for performance, when you're not planning to change the performance management process any time soon? I've finally come up with a good comparison that I want to share with you. Is it being used at all?

Performance Snapshots at Deloitte

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Buckingham dealt less with the more formal aspects of performance management but it’s this that was covered extensively in the Harvard Business Review. Actual performance accounts for only 21% of the variance. So traditional performance reviews are clearly very unlikely to work.

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Do You Know How to Attract Star Employees?

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It's especially easy for us to get bogged down in the weeds right now, and it's exactly the wrong time for it if we're going to shine at recruiting new talent. With certain job levels, the link between incentives and the company's mission would be quite valuable, too.

Competitive Market Surveys Rarely Produce Identical Pay

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The reasons may be seem obscure to outsiders, but they are clear to those who follow the arcane practices of the wage and salary management field. A glance at any sample of people walking by shows how others are dressed, allowing you to adjust accordingly.

Santa, Where Do Best Practices Come From?

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Fortunately, there are time-tested actions that you can follow including these three listed in a recent Harvard Business Review "Management Tip of the Day.". In comparison, while many in our field are biased against consultants, you can count on most to challenge potential biases.

The Misallocation Dilemma

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Pundits raging at overpaid CEOs indignantly declare that regular workers instead should benefit from the obviously “excessive” sums paid to top executives. At least, few seem to disappear. More and more money to fewer and fewer people seems to be the trend today.

Annual Performance Reviews Aren’t Dead, but They Do Need New Life


If you’re a small or midsize business (SMB) that does annual performance reviews, I have some terrible news. Annual performance reviews are dead. A staple of performance management since the 1950s, gone forever. Jump to: What should stay: Performance ratings.

Value End-of-Year Implementation -- Turn Down the Heat on the CEO Pay Ratio

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Instead, think about turning the ideas into authentic efforts at persuasion for your employees. Positive visibility should help, and one reliable channel is end-of-year communications about pay practices, bonus awards, company results, team achievements and so on.

BLR’s 2017–2018 Pay Budget and Variable Pay Survey

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A closer look at the data shows that 15% of employers awarded merit increases of up to 2.5% to senior management, 19.1% awarded as much to employees at the management level, 19.7% awarded it to non-management salaried exempt employees, 20.6% At an average of 23.6%

The Myth Of Right-Skewed Performance Rating Curves


Perhaps you have heard the following concept in a conversation about performance management, ratings, and the subsequent compensation decisions: “When compared externally , we’re a superior company. In this case, variable remuneration is therefore commission-based and not bonus-based.