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Cafe Classic: Don't Blame Incentives

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Editor's Note: Incentives are a tool. Incentives are not the cause of bad reinforcement programs, any more than forests should be blamed for the existence of warfare. The instrument is not at fault if the application is misused. Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance

Tips for Safety Incentive Programs

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Employers have a lot of tools at their disposal to improve and maintain safety in the workplace and plenty of reason to do so. A safety incentive program is one option for employers to implement to help to improve safety in the workplace. What Are Safety Incentive Programs?

‘I have some annoyance around the NO Christmas bonus.’

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Dear Jane, I work in an industry where bonuses are common. My prior law firm handed two bonuses a year; one in June and the other in December. Last week, my boss took us to lunch at a bar and spent the entire time jabbing the “we can’t afford it” line with his fork. No Christmas bonus. I’ve killed it this past year and feel like I deserve a Christmas bonus. Also, the company is performing well; so I’m definitely NOT on a sinking ship.

The Elements of a Strong Incentive Plan


Designing, managing, and communicating incentive plans are some of the most challenging hurdles HR and compensation teams face today. At the same time, effective programs must also deliver pay that is in line with both effort and achievement.

Compensation Dictionary

This is your crash course in the compensation. There are varying levels at which an. 9 Definition Why it matters Base pay is the fixed compensation an employee receives at regular intervals. pay includes incentives, bonuses, commission, and profit-sharing.

16 Workplace Wellness Challenge Ideas to Try at the Office


Companies could all be better for focusing on their people’s personal health and wellness. Workplace wellness challenges are a great way to encourage healthy living amongst employees. We’ve compiled a list of 16 workplace wellness challenge ideas to get you started.

Incentive Pay is Like a Par 4 Golf Hole

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The foursome walked up to the tee box at the short but challenging par 4 hole. She didn't often play (anymore) but had grown up near the course. Joe has been at the company for decades. She was impressed that it went forward at all and smiled as she left the tee.

An Unpopular Sales Incentive Plan Design Fiasco

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The new sales incentive plan was not well received. All the worldwide regional managers in the audience spoke up in loud protest when it was announced at the global sales conference. The vehement rejection of the new sales incentive program stunned all the officers on the dais.

Employee bonus programs: What’s right for your company?


If you think your business is too small for an employee bonus program, consider these two questions: Have you noticed less productivity or a decline in employee morale? A meaty bonus program could do the trick. But, before you hit the ground running, take a moment to dive into what kinds of bonuses are out there, as well as what goes into creating a bonus program. Employee bonus program basics. First things first: How are employee bonuses defined?

Excessively Successful Incentives

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The only thing worse than an incentive that doesn’t work is one that works all too well. Wells Fargo is just the latest company to be ethically embarrassed and financially distressed by a fiasco involving excessively motivational incentives.

Do you use the FLSA’s fluctuating workweek method? Do you pay bonuses too? You’ll want to read this.

The Employer Handbook

Plus, the employer can pay that employee for all overtime hours at half-time. If during the course of 4 weeks Eddie works 40, 37.5, For the first week ABC Company pays Eddie $600; for the second week $600.00; for the third week $660 ($600 plus 10 hours at $6.00 By U.S.

Should You Scrap Your Long-Term Incentive Plans?

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If you're like most companies, you provide stock options, restricted stock grants, and other long-term-incentives to your senior executives. But do you know why you provide those incentive packages? But are those incentive packages working ?

Is Your Safety Incentive Program Illegal Under OSHA?


According to the CDC, workplace injuries (and the affected employees’ subsequent absences) amount to well over $200 billion per year. What went wrong with the traditional safety incentive program? All of this is valuable data to have, of course.

Go Team – And Me Too! Incentives for All


Over the past few years, there has been a lot of negative press about incentives. Specifically that incentives don’t work, they are a hangover from “motivation 1.0” Incentives do a great job of focusing attention, focusing behavior and signaling what we think is valuable.

Is “Annual Incentive” a Contradiction in Terms?

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In the best cases, these schemes are designed to differentiate among performance levels, rewarding effort and results with annual merit pay increases and other annual incentives. There is a design element to explaining the ineffectiveness of annual incentives.

17 Words About Incentive Pay

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The 17 words listed align incredibly well with common incentive plan designs. A quick review of incentive pay basics. The following seem to align well with Minimum levels of achievement: Almost Certainly. That leaves three that don’t fit our normal incentive models.

59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2018 (Plus 10 New Bonus Ideas)


59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2018 (Plus 10 New Bonus Ideas). Have more fun at work. HR managers can agree that employee engagement and retention are at the top of their priority list. Free bonus: Download this entire list as a PDF.

Cafe Classic: Is it Safe to Incent Safety?

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Editor's Note: Continuing our end-of-summer Classic week here at the Café with the question "are incentives equally applicable to -- and appropriate for -- all areas of human endeavor?" . I recently came across an interesting article in Incentive Magazine about safety incentives.

How incentive travel program can boost your employee’s productivity: A guest post

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She is a content writer at Seven Events Ltd – one of the leading event management companies in the UK. Even if you have a team that’s willing to put in the work and understands the importance of staying the course, ensuring that the dedication doesn’t waver is a task that many companies struggle with. However, there are methods that have proven to be very effective at increasing employee productivity and maintaining it for extended periods of time.

Compensation Cafe: How to Get People to Work Harder


” Of course, the basic answer is through a contract for a specified amount of compensation in return for a specified amount of work. Bonus & Incentives Employee Engagement Employee Motivation employee contract employee recognition hard worker Recognize This!

Cafe Classic: Driving Your Compensation Programs in Reverse

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Dan Walter, master of the compensation metaphor, shines a light on the Classic problem we all face at one time or another - particularly those of us who work in or serve smaller, entrepreneurial organizations. We think it’s OK and want to fix our bonus program by the end of this year.

Invest in Your Bottom Line: Financial Wellness in the Workplace


Employers don't do this to be nice," says [Bruce Elliott, manager of compensation and benefits at the Society for Human Resource Management]. This is exactly why Financial Wellness Programs in the workplace are essential. But don’t take that at face value. Let’s look at the research: 72% of Americans regularly experience financial stress. Weiss, an adjunct professor at the University of Hartford, management consultant, and serial entrepreneur. “If

Cafe Classic: Are Employees "Costs" or "Assets"?

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Such statements are usually a prelude to large executive bonuses, layoffs or plant closings. . Let’s take a look at the similarities between employee value and company brand. And if we could count employees as an intangible asset, they would be part of “goodwill” as well.

my boss keeps touching my hand, the point of bonuses, and more

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My work is project-based and I work on five or six projects at any given time. It contains phrases like “competent project manager,” “able to juggle assignments well,” and “speaks articulately.” ” There is no mention of any of the really strong praise that I had heard personally throughout the year as well as from my supervisor in the review meeting itself. What’s the point of giving bonuses?

Cafe Classic: Are You Still Playing Follow The Leader?

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Beneath the COO's simple question your senior leadership is really asking whether your proposals set a course to simply follow the pack, or do they lead toward solutions crafted for your organization's own needs? The easy way is to point at others, to argue the common sense of common action.

The Three Gravitational Laws of Performance Pay

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If you own a cat, you probably observe gravity at work frequently; my cat pushes things off counters and tables all the time to ensure that gravity is still turned on and working properly. Fashion works in cycles, so performance pay may come back in fashion at some point in the future.

interviewing when you only have one candidate for the job, retention bonuses, and more

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Remember the letter-writer in February wondering if should start job searching now or wait to hear if she got a promotion (#3 at the link)? I’m super excited, and of course overwhelmed, but it’s all good. when you really want your framing to be “am I excited about hiring this person and do I think they will excel at the work?” My manager at my current job is a very gift-giving sort of guy. Do retention bonuses work?

5 Ways to Fight the "Peanut Butter" Syndrome

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The solution needs to be customized to every company, of course, based on your culture and the values of your executive and manager groups. In other words, they are just not comfortable looking at how their actions affect their employees in anything but the simplest framework.

Performance Pay and Job Design

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We're all familiar with piece-rate pay, spot bonuses, annual incentive plans, and the like. Despite years of research by scholars and practitioners alike, we still don't have a well-developed understanding of the contexts in which performance pay will (won't) be effective.

Develop Grow Achieve - 3 Tiers for P4P

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They need to build a foundation that can support them as they grow their career and excel at their job. These are the kind of goals that work well for regular coaching sessions and a loose link to pay. They only want to pay people incentives if they have proven results.

You've Got to Start Somewhere!

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Market tested your incentive rates? That your salaries were highly competitive, of course. Instead, it IS time to raise consciousness by providing an overview (one that managers can appreciate, as well). Earlier, she was a Principal at Willis Towers Watson.

Cafe Classic: Choosing the Right Currency for Compensation & Rewards

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Of course we all want more cash. A blog I read yesterday illustrated this point well. Commenting on a “survey” of preferred rewards by sales pros, the blog author Ley Borlo shared a couple of examples of sales rep reactions to questions about incentives programs.

Ready for Cutting Edge Communications?

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We have no place to go but up, so improvements could happen at any time. The only obstacle is money, of course, which -- candidly, frankly and truthfully -- is insurmountable in most organizations. Figure out all of the ways that you can support them in pay and performance decision-making and give them first shot at your budget. What if you built a FAQ library that helped managers think through salary increase decisions (as well as explain the decisions to their employees)?

Fixed Pay, Variable People

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Incentives, both Short-Term and Long-Term, are harder to design, require more effort to communicate, and have a higher risk of administrative error than more consistent pay elements like base pay. When things are going well, we tend to focus mainly on the upside of incentive pay.

Soylent Green Stock Options

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Of course, the amount you pay back is more than what you got, but the opportunity it provides can seemingly pay for itself in no time. Perhaps not today, but the risk of unintended consequences regularly rears its ugly head in the world of incentive compensation.