2019 Holiday and Incentive Calendar


For each date, we’ve also included a list of feature ideas and suggestions – so whether you’re looking to expand your rewards catalog, swap out your Behavior Bonuses, or create new onboarding redemptions, we’ve got you covered! January Holidays and Incentives.

2019 Holiday and Incentive Calendar


For each date, we’ve also included a list of feature ideas and suggestions – so whether you’re looking to expand your rewards catalog, swap out your Behavior Bonuses, or create new onboarding redemptions, we’ve got you covered! January Holidays and Incentives.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist!

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Bonuses are paid, last year's results are old news and grand plans for this year have been signed, sealed and delivered. Run your bonus plan(s)through the washer periodically. Hoping to get started on data analytics? Looking at clear skies these days?

Performance Pay for Gig Workers?

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There isn’t a lot of reliable data about this growing piece of the workforce. For time-sensitive tasks, a small early delivery bonus could be the little extra incentive your gig worker needs to make sure things are wrapped up on time.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

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Solutions or interventions that are emotionally-driven rather than informed by facts and data. Absence of sound evaluation planning and data analysis methodology, to include conducting/completing a thorough baseline.

Santa, Where Do Best Practices Come From?

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We're likely to pay more attention to findings that support our beliefs and to ignore competing facts and patterns in our data. Start by following a data and analytic approach that is specified ahead of time.

3 Ways to Ensure Fair Pay in Your Organization

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Rather, paying to market involves benchmarking a job to market and setting a salary range that aligns with that market data. Don’t hesitate to set up a temporary premium for highly coveted skills or offer a signing bonus or salary booster for hot jobs.

OKR: Objectives and Key Results FAQs


This creates a visual where teams can reflect on roadblocks, assess current actions and easily document next steps. Document how you plan to ensure mistakes from this quarter aren’t carried over. When the Key Result is NOT tied to incentive compensation. Table of Contents.

High-volume hiring: How you can make it work


A bonus: diversifying the job boards you’re posting to also leads to a more diverse range of candidates. Systemize the referring process as much as you can and offer participation incentives to make it more attractive to employees. Automate documentation and onboarding processes.

2018 Compensation Budgeting Forecast Part 3: Trends in Non-Profit Compensation

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The third trend is the increase in creativity in pay-for-performance and incentive compensation strategies. In establishing an incentive plan in a non-profit organization, Astron Solutions recommends that.

Attract And Manage Top Talent In Your Small Business


Maybe you don’t have the ability to woo talent with big signing bonuses and salaries. Implement a bonus structure in addition to annual compensation to attract and incentive your employees.

#6Things: Louboutins, Intelligent TA & Sackett To Me!

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CC: A job description is intended to be a legal, INTERNAL document. Take the “job” out of the conversation and ask if they understand the difference between an internal legal policy/process document vs. their marketing message to the consumer designed to get them to TAKE ACTION.

The Small Business Guide to 401(k) Matching


Between the tax advantages and this year’s higher contribution limits, employees have plenty of incentive to put money aside for retirement. So how does this important incentive work? We all want to find our perfect match—especially one we can retire with.

How to Give Your Employees a Raise Using the FLSA Overtime Rule Amendment


If you happened to click the above link to the Final Ruling document, you might be freaking out a little. Inclusion of non-discretionary bonuses and incentive payments. Everyone likes bonuses and incentive payments.

Pay compression: What it is and how to fight it


Some years these market drivers may not be as strong as others, so it’s good to view your compensation structure and policy as a flexible document that can be amended as needed. Additionally, these incentives may increase employee morale but not the company’s annual salary budget.

9-5 is far from the ideal for millennials


For some financial firms it is harder to work from home or to implement flexible working as employees are expected to be in the office using trading floor technologies, alongside secure platforms and networks to handle customer data.

Good to Great Housekeeping

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Generate data -- You and your team should be able to respond immediately to up to 20 demographic questions about your employee population. Grab a glass of wine and review your plan documents -- Most of the time when I get handed plan documents, I'm warned against believing them as written.

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6 Tips for Setting Up an Ergonomic Workplace

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The extrinsic factors are human-related and include the right people for the right job, effective communication, and remuneration or incentive. This can be written in a document format and offered to the workers so that it will stick better in their memory.

Annual Performance Reviews Aren’t Dead, but They Do Need New Life


What should change: Incorporate better sources of performance data. What should change: Incorporate better sources of performance data. Having all of this data to work with, instead of their biased memories, will help managers immensely.

Human Resources Growing in Importance in the Banking Industry

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with offices around the world, conducted the 37th annual survey, which compiled data from 420 banks and shows salary and bonus benchmarks for 263 job positions as well as information on benefits, incentives, director compensation and human resource practices.

Automated expense reporting: 4 not-so-obvious benefits


Whether you’re the only one doing the spending, or you have a top-notch sales force dedicated to growing revenue, automating your expense reporting procedures will give you valuable data analytics you can use to plan for the future. Through expense reporting automation, you can collect smarter data regarding your company’s spending, so you can make more strategic decisions regarding your business.

The recruitment process: 10 things you need to master to succeed


On the flip side, a beautiful careers page, positive online reviews from employees, and rich social media pages can give you bonus points, even if your brand is not widely recognized. In this case, a referral bonus could work as an incentive.

7 of the Best Appointment Scheduling Software Solutions for your Business


This incentive alone is an excellent reason to give this platform a try and see how it stacks up to others you’ve tried in the past, or use it as a benchmark for future comparisons if you’re just getting started in your search. . Customer document storage.

2019 HR & Compliance Web Summit: Executive Summary


W&H is now permitting employers to use nondiscretionary bonuses and incentive payments paid on at least an annual basis to satisfy up to 10 percent of the salary requirement Want to learn more around wage and hour? The Data You Need to Win Over the CFO | Speaker: Tim Ruge.

6 Month Plan to Transform Your Recruiting

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A simple ATS will help you track and manage your talent all in one place while having access to easy applications, documents and even keep close contact with your job postings. Bonus Content: The 8 Secrets of Strategic Sourcing. If this and other technology and data sources aren’t in your arsenal, they should be! Extra tip: For good measure, add any diversity incentives or benefits. Attracting high quality candidates is the top challenge for 76% of hiring managers.

Death By Lousy HRM — The Whole Story In One Sitting!

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Thus, he proposed about 80% of the market rate for such a scarce and high demand skill set as a starting salary, thinking that the negotiation that was sure to follow would land them at the market rate rather than his having to deliver above market and/or a signing bonus. Preface.

Good employees gone bad: Why it happens and how to prevent it


This type of documentation can help keep your expectations realistic as well as help you set the stage for any mid-year performance discussions. As a result, she has consistently earned a substantial bonus each year. But, this year, your company changed the bonus structure. Suddenly, Samantha finds herself ineligible for a bonus, and there’s been no other change in her rate of pay to help make up the difference. Ah, the model employee.