Employee Coaching Is a Form of Accountability

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In fact, I was conducting a training session with a group of managers recently and someone asked about having HR in the room when managers are coaching employees. My thought on this is “No, HR should not be in the room” when a manager is coaching an employee. But not coaching.

#WorkTrends: The AI-Powered Leadership Coach


When researchers and policy makers explain the forecasting changes based on a constant influx of new data, we get it. The post #WorkTrends: The AI-Powered Leadership Coach appeared first on TalentCulture.

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An Open Letter to HR on Policies, Regulating, and Training (10 years later)


Why aren’t we giving our people lessons on coaching and leadership in addition to the rest of that stuff? Next time someone wants to add a policy because of one person’s behavior, block it if you can. General Management Policy Training

How to Turn a New Company Policy from Negative to Positive

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I recently had the chance to hear about how Kronos rolled out their open time off policy and I thought you would find it interesting. Both from the standpoint of the policy itself but also because of the challenges they experienced and how they addressed them. Internal research discovered one of the hurdles to attracting talent was their vacation policy. myTime: An “Open” Vacation Policy. Basically, it’s an “open” (aka unlimited) vacation policy.

Creating a Coaching Culture at Work

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Whether managing people, parenting, volunteering, or participating in community events, coaching skills make leadership easier. Coaching skills are now recognized as an essential core competency for leaders. Developing leadership competency in an organization calls for coaching skills training. Coaching skills support team building and spread throughout the organization, ensuring the talent and processes are in place for long-term organizational success. .

15 Key Tips For Companies Implementing Formal Remote Work Policies

Forbes Coaches Council

Consider this coach-approved advice when planning formal remote work policies

Business Plan Outline for a Coaching Business

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Bio of each Coach that includes training and experience. Individual Coaching – describe how, list packages and prices. Group or Team Coaching – describe, list prices. Consulting or Speaking – describe what is offered, prices, and how it is separate from coaching.

4 Tips for Coaching New Managers

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And this is likely because many manager training programs in the workplace aren’t supplemented with coaching opportunities where new managers are coached and provided with guidance as they navigate new roles, teams, and responsibilities. Coach Managers to Be Coaches Themselves.

Dumb HR Policies That Simply Drive Employees Crazy

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Have your HR policies caught up? Dumb HR policies typically come about when managers and HR people don’t know how to productively lead and manage their workforce and resort to a far-reaching policy when a bit of guidance or coaching could easily fix a problem.

The “Power of Positive”: A New HR Method from Sports Coaches

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Indeed, several parallels can be drawn between a pro sports team and a traditional company, as well as between the human resources profession and coaching. Both HR and coaches work hard behind the scenes. The Concept of Positive Coaching. Think “Positive Coaching.”.

Effective Performance Coaching


Those preventative measures come in the form of using performance coaching on a regular basis. Coaching is about using a consistent management style to compliment performance reviews or discipline, setting up an ongoing process of employee improvement. How to coach.

3 lessons from Google’s HR policies


In the (almost) 20 years since it was founded the tech giant has become synonymous with innovation, and has become known for its unique work culture and human resource policies. As a data driven company, Google makes calculated decisions for everything it does; including its HR policies. Nothing is done solely on gut feeling, or in accordance with outdated HR policies of the 80’s and 90’s which still plague many companies to this day. Be a good coach 2.

Career Partners International Coaches Employers to Use Stay Interviews as Valuable Retention Tools

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In these scenarios, honesty is the best policy. The post Career Partners International Coaches Employers to Use Stay Interviews as Valuable Retention Tools appeared first on CPIWorld.

Should You Implement a Political Expression Policy in Your Workplace?

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As national politics increasingly distract employees from their work, some managers turn to policies or guidelines regarding political expression in the workplace to mitigate these issues. 45% of companies have a guideline/policy regarding political expression in the workplace.

A Gift: What do you think? Ethical Challenges Series

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A coaching client offers their box seat tickets to a big game to the coach. The coach has completed their coach training and is a member of the ICF and accountable to the Code of Ethics. Possible Responses: The coach declines the tickets. The coach accepts the tickets. The coach says they will take the tickets if they can pay for them. The coach barters a free coaching session in exchange for the tickets.

Human Resources Retirement Policy: 3 New Program Ideas


With the number of baby boomers continuing to work past traditional retirement age increasing (this is especially the case in higher education), organizations will focus on making changes to their human resources retirement policy as a solution to budget and workforce planning issues.

Courts Uphold Dismissal of Fired NFL Coach’s Defamation Claims

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After he left the team because of harassment, a workplace investigation led to the firing of one of the coaches. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers Alabama, Florida, and Georgia—recently dismissed the fired coach’s defamation lawsuit.

Why Your HR Department Should Rethink its Open-Door Policy

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Not only was I going to have an Open-Door Policy, I was going to ace it! The Open-Door Policy did exactly what it was supposed to do. As I witnessed the economic effect of this Open-Door Policy in action, it made no sense to me. moment, I abandoned the Open-Door Policy.

Moving Forward Ethically

Center for Coaching

Core to the foundation for the CCC Stairway to Success Coaching Model is adopting and promoting the Code of Ethics. The CCC trains coaches to promote the Code of Ethics on their website and include key concepts in a written agreement. Interact professionally with clients: Define the nature of the coaching relationship in a written agreement. Ensure that coaching and continuation of services best serves the client.

Empower Independence

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Sometimes this is blocked by micro-managers or even simple policies requiring approval for everything. Effectively empowering independence means creating a coaching culture in which instead of being told everything, the people are asked how and by when they will do the work. Start with coach training for the leaders and then spread the effort. The idea of empowering independence seems a good one. The challenge is doing it effectively.

The ACTO Stand for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

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ACTO is committed to creating diversity, inclusion and belonging in the coaching profession through calling forth, honoring and inviting the uniqueness of all individuals and diverse life experiences. As coach trainers, we are tasked with creating the future of the coaching profession.

can I fly business class while my boss is in coach, employee keeps challenging my expertise, and more

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Can I fly business class while my boss is in coach? Our company policy allows for business class flights when the flight is longer than three hours. I am erring on the side of also booking economy, but the policy does permit business class (flight is six hours).

2 Ways Social Marketers Should Emulate College Football Coaches on Twitter


It’s a question many solution providers have, and now, thanks to a rule change by the NCAA, it’s a question college coaches are confronting as well. Some coaches—Jim Harbaugh of Michigan is probably the most notable example—have been highly active on Twitter, largely for the sake of branding.

15 Key Tips For Companies Implementing Formal Remote Work Policies

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Consider this coach-approved advice when planning formal remote work policies

Forget Policies and Paperwork — the 5 Things Business Leaders Really Want From HR


The most successful HR professionals are moving beyond paperwork and policies and stepping forward into more strategic roles to deliver what business leaders need most today: 1.

The importance of mentoring (and how to find your own)

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Be yourself” is a statement that has been so overused I feel it has almost lost its meaning but there is no better policy. Community Advice Career Advice career coach career coaching Coaching coaching for women life coaching Presentation Public Speaking speaking

Our parental leave policy: then, now and why we’re changing it up


The new Limeade parental leave policy. The driver of the new Limeade parental leave policy, PTO carryover and Well-Being Champion program, Mari is a part of the people team as a strategic manager and developmental coach. The post Our parental leave policy: then, now and why we’re changing it up appeared first on Limeade. As any HR professional knows, managing employee parental leave is hard work.

How to Engage, Motivate and Coach Your Team


By learning the pillars of engaging, coaching and motivating your team – keep reading to discover how. By recognizing others, you will create a positive environment and become a stronger coach yourself. Motivating your employees can be sustained over time by inviting them to an important meeting, allowing the employee to work remotely more often if compliant with company policy, or even by offering training to further develop a skillset. Coach with Care.

The What, Why, and How of VTO Policies


As companies strive to create a positive presence online, in the media, and in their communities, a new trend is emerging: volunteering time off (or VTO) policies. VTO policies allow employees to put in volunteer time while still on the clock. Taking that support one step further than just writing a check, VTO policies allows employees to get in on the action; participating in the work, seeing the benefits of their efforts and feeling good about themselves and their employer.

What I’ve Learned From the Young Leaders of Stoneman Douglas High School

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Whether you agree or disagree with the policy prescriptions advocated by the students, there are some clear leadership lessons here. Management - Executive Coach

Where Can You Draw the Line? 5 Things to Know When Handling Drinking on the Job

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Earlier this month, football powerhouse USC (the University of Southern California) fired head football coach Steve Sarkisian after it was widely reported that the coach had been under the influence of alcohol during several team events.

Cringeworthy Feedback: How to Take it and How to Dish it Out

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Make sure you’re not violating any workplace policies or breaking any laws (of course). Blog Business Coaching Communications culture Employee Coaching & Development Leadership Birdman business coaching culture Communication feedback management Whiplash

Remote Work Is Not A Good Fit

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Here’s a question from one of our readers on www.WorkplaceCoachBlog.com : Dear coach, a year ago my husband received a great offer and we moved cities. Answer From Our Coach / Trainer, Jennifer Yuhas : Three issues seem to be at play here: the workload, your working style, and your reputation. She possesses an extensive background in executive coaching, negotiations, liaison work, team building, and group processes.

3 Reasons Physical Offices & Face-to-Face Meetings Are Not Going Away

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The traditional, physical office is not going away any time soon despite advances in technology allowing people to work remotely , either at a home office, coworking space, virtual office, or another remote location (such as a coffee shop, library, or bookstore).

How to Build Self-Management In Your Employees: Part 2


Self-management isn’t a single skill, but rather a set of skills that can be coached and implemented through both professional coaching and development tools like the Caliper Individual Developmental Guide which can help employees take charge of their own performance and trajectory.