Culture Crash Course Lesson 6: Best Practices for Employee Surveys


In addition to your annual culture survey, you will want to re-measure progress throughout the year so that you can course correct and re-prioritize if necessary. Do you have any ice-breaker ideas for our next meeting?). Meeting follow up. Culture Crash Course

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Standup Meetings Help Build Transparency

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There are only three types of meetings : informational meetings, problem solving meetings, and feedback meetings. One of the most effective types of informational meetings is the standup meeting. I’m not opposed to long meetings, as long as they’re needed.

What Happens At the Meeting After the Meeting

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( Editor ’s Note: Today’s post is an excerpt from my book, “ Essential Meeting Blueprints for Managers.” The meeting after the meeting does exist. Many people think it’s really a big gripe session about the meeting. We covered getting buy-in with pitch meetings.

How to Make Sure You Choose a Right Online Course?

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Online courses run the show at the educational market today. When choosing online courses , you doubt: with such a wide choice of training programs available, most are looking and being promoted the same way. Asynchronous online courses are a bit different.

Compensation Dictionary

This is your crash course in the compensation. and therefore must meet specific criteria to qualify for exemption status. When someone says they want to “meet the market” they are. Instead, what they likely mean is they want to pay 5% above meeting the market (assuming.

How One Woman Broke Through The Glass Ceiling and Built a Multi-Million Dollar Online Course Empire

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Meet Amy Porterfield, the online marketing expert who built a multi-million dollar empire by teaching people how to create profitable digital courses, take control of their future, and become their own boss

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How To Foster A Thriving Team Via Better Meetings: An Interview With Mamie Kanfer Stewart


Meetings are tricky things. Better meetings can facilitate innovation and improve your organizational culture. How can the learnings from effective team meetings translate into action? Do you have a practice for kicking-off meetings?

Making Your Meetings Better: The Business Case for a Fix

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What is it worth to make your meetings both more efficient and more effective? Imagine this: a team of 10 well-paid professionals holds a one-hour status/progress meeting every Monday. And it’s only considering meeting efficiency improvements.

Is This Meeting Necessary?

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There is no question that the future of work is centered around meetings. Meetings are the way people share ideas, learn from each, collaborate to produce new knowledge, solve problems, and make decisions. That’s why I am on a crusade to make every meeting matter.

7 Tips for Successful Meetings

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Whether you’re leading a meeting or simply sitting in, there’s plenty you can do to make sure everyone involved gets the most out their time. Unfortunately, more than 67 percent of those meetings are deemed unproductive by the executives in attendance.

20+ Essential Office Manager Training Courses for Every OM


20+ Essential Office Manager Training Courses for Every OM. There’s always something new to learn, and luckily, you don’t have to be enrolled in a degree-track program to take stimulating Office Manager training courses. ONLINE OFFICE MANAGER TRAINING COURSES. .

Back to Basics: Making Your Meetings More Effective

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I’ve been studying and writing about organizational meetings for years. But I haven’t spent enough time discussing why making meetings matter is so important. In other words, what is the business case for changing the way you design and lead meetings? Improving Meeting Outcomes.

How to Hold Employee Attention at Meetings

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Employees stumble into meetings tucking in their shirts and clinging closely to their now lukewarm cups of coffee, which might as well be pillows. Then, you get sidetracked, and the meeting runs longer than intended. Why are you holding this meeting in the first place?

Making Every Meeting Matter: The First Step

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The first step in making your meetings and other conversations matter is to be more intentional about them. So let’s focus on formal meetings. Every meeting you set up and hold consumes scarce corporate resources – time and money. Why are you calling the meeting?

Meet Paul Pellman, Our New CEO


So without further ado, meet Paul! Of course, clients can look to leverage any subset of these three capabilities (they don’t need to buy all three solutions to start). The post Meet Paul Pellman, Our New CEO appeared first on Kazoo HR.

Making YOUR Meetings Matter

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My new book, Making Meetings Matter: How Smart Leaders Orchestrate Powerful Conversations in the Digital Age , just became available on , and I am in a giddy celebratory mode. If you haven’t noticed already I am more than passionate about making meetings matter.

How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of your Blended Learning Courses

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According to research and reputable studies, blended learning courses and techniques offer companies a more cost-effective and efficient way to deliver engaging and successful learning content to their employees.

Meeting Healthcare Needs with Advanced Scheduling

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has been a hot topic for some time with congressional showdowns, insecurity around costs, and the steps that providers and organizations take to meet the rising tide of need. And of course, there will always be people who want a career that pays well. Healthcare in the U.S.

The Business Case for Making Your Meetings Matter (Part Three)

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Over the last two weeks, in “ Back to Basics: Making Your Meetings More Effective ,” and “ The Business Case for Making Your Meetings Matter (Part Two) ,” I have been sharing several basic ideas for improving your organizational ROI for meetings. Conduct shorter meetings.

8 Strategies for Running an Effective Team Meeting

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Attending meetings is an everyday occurrence for many of us at work. Gathering people together to discuss a topic or decide a course of action can help to maintain and improve workflow. However, not all meetings make good use of employees’ time. Know the Meeting Objective.

10 Essential Tips for Effective 1:1 Meetings with Your Manager


Employees often approach 1:1 managerial meetings with dread–as indeed do many managers. At their worst, 1:1 meetings are boring, tense affairs in which nothing of consequence is discussed or accomplished. At their best, however, 1:1 meetings are opportunities to gather feedback, discuss career goals, and build rapport with your manager. Here are ten 1:1 meeting questions to ask if you want to take meetings with your manager to the next level.

Good ERP via Good Meetings

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Integration through meetings. I meet a lot of people from a lot of different companies looking to fix their company issues by purchasing and implementing a new ERP system. Of course, there is a catch: It works so well that the “meeting solution” is applied to many problems.

DOJ reverses course on Title VII protections for transgender persons

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For example, if an employer denies a woman a promotion because she forms intimate relationships with another woman instead of a man, her employer is discriminating against her because she didn’t meet the stereotypical expectations of being female. by Angela N. Johnson.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Make Every Meeting Matter

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Of course, summer is no longer the slow, lazy-hazy days it used be, either. Fall is a time of conferences, annual budgeting and planning meetings, and lots and lots of other in-house meetings now that everyone is back from the beaches, the mountains, the tennis courts, and the golf courses.

The Terribly High Cost of Having a Meeting Culture

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At that rate, it would cost an organization about $25 for this person to sit in an hour-long meeting. But now consider that the average American spends nine (9) hours per week in regular status meetings , or preparing for those meetings.

A Ship With No Captain Means No Change in Course

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Further, safety-affecting employees who haven’t made an actual interstate trip may still meet the exemption’s duties requirement if they could, in the regular course of their employment, reasonably have been expected to make an interstate journey or could have worked on the motor vehicle in such a way as to be safety-affecting. The post A Ship With No Captain Means No Change in Course appeared first on HR Daily Advisor. As of press time, the U.S.

A Crash Course in Job Descriptions

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People perform better and are more satisfied when they know what is expected of them and feel they have the ability to meet those expectations. Creating good job descriptions is critical for most organizations.

Meet the Modern Learner

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Today’s learning technology focuses on traditional, compliance and course catalog learning strategies but the Modern Learner craves technology that is always-on, collaborative and offers a curated learning experience.

10 Tips for Leading Meetings That Matter

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Do you want your meetings to matter? Of course you do. And as I have often stated, I’m convinced that being an effective meeting leader is as much about your mindset as it is about your skillset. I am on a crusade to make every meeting matter.

3 Lessons Learned at ADP Meeting of the Minds


DailyPay was excited to attend ADP’s Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) in Las Vegas earlier this month. It was our first time there and the energy and enthusiasm all around us was amazing!

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Five Reasons There are so Many Bad Meetings

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[Note: This article is a brief excerpt from Chapter Two of my new book, Making Meetings Matter: How Smart Leaders Orchestrate Powerful Conversations in the Digital Age (link is to the book’s page on]. Even though that is a wide range, I am confident that there at least four billion meetings a year here in the U.S.! However, as I am fond of saying, no one I know is dying for that next meeting to start.

Using AI to Manage Your Meetings


The simple answer: Everyone who is regularly involved in meetings! To be a little more precise: The tools are designed firstly for meeting planners who organize gatherings attended by more than two participants. For instance when you are preparing a meeting or following up on its outcomes. The AI tools presented in this blog article make the pre- and after-meeting processes more efficient – for planners as well as the attendees. Challenge #2: Preparing for a Meeting.

Hate Meetings? That’s Because You’re Doing Them Wrong


At least 30 percent of the time spent in meetings is wasted, according to 2,000 managers surveyed by Industry Week. A similar survey of executives by 3M Meeting Network put that number at up to 50 percent. Meetings have become the bane of companies across the country.

Course Correct Early with 360 Degree Reviews


You’ll get them feedback earlier , as well as make any course corrections before formal review season. If there’s a behavior that needs course correction, discuss it in a constructive manner. It’s exciting when you get to bring new people on at your company.

Does Your HR Vendor Offer Protection? For Your Data of Course


If the solution is Cloud-based, find out whether or not the company meets the security requirements of an internationally accepted framework such as the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. For Your Data of Course appeared first on PeopleStrategy.

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