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Tips For Writing an Employee Recognition Letter (With Template)

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As a manager, one way you can show gratitude for the great work done by your employees is to write an employee recognition letter. Employee appreciation is something that you should try to set time and resources aside for since it is definitely worth it. Writing A Good Employee Recognition Letter. .

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Employee Recognition Revisited: Tips for a great workforce


Still, there is one task that offers true insight and positive change, and that is employee recognition with continuous feedback. The importance of Employee Recognition. To effectively build this culture , you need to start with the regular habit of employee recognition embedded in all conversations.


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How AI Can Improve Employee Recognition and Workplace Satisfaction?


It’s not necessary to conduct a research project to know that happier employees work harder — but just in case you were wondering, this does boost productivity by as much as 13%. Now, not all employee recognition programs help you achieve this goal. Here are 8 ways that AI can help your employee recognition program.

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How to Build an Employee Recognition Program That Inspires and Motivates


When done right, employee recognition programs can positively impact individual employees and create better business outcomes. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get recognition wrong, and too many companies miss the mark when it comes to incorporating it into their company culture or building a formal recognition program. (The

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Boost Your Employee Recognition Skills and Words (Templates Included)


Boost Your Employee Recognition Skills and Words (Templates Included). Finding the right employee recognition words presents its own unique set of challenges. So if you struggle to sincerely convey employee appreciation, you’re definitely not alone. The swag and recognition script.

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7 Benefits of Giving & Receiving Employee Recognition


So in the spirit of the season, let’s explore the joys of both sides of employee recognition —giving and receiving it. To learn more about building a culture that reaps the rewards of both receiving and giving recognition, check out our Complete Manager's Guide to Employee Recognition.

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Employee Recognition Ideas for the Healthcare Industry


Employee recognition is celebrated around the globe on the 21st of September every year. This unofficial celebration gives the opportunity to employers to recognize the hard work and contribution of their employees. But, why only recognize your employees hard work on that day? Employee Recognition Program Best Practices.