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How to Handle Toxic Stars

HR C-Suite

When it comes to high-impact recruiting, attracting and keeping industry superstars is hard enough. But that’s nothing compared with drawing the line with them if they start turning toxic on you. It may be one of the most painful things managers will have to do.

How wearables data solves workforce issues


When wearables were first introduced to the workplace, they became the star technology in corporate wellness programs. However, the use of wearables in the workplace now extends far beyond just tracking the health and fitness of employees. Take this example from Bank of America. Workplace Research

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Stop telling employees they own company culture!!

Working Girl

Telling employees they own culture is a bit like telling HR to think like business people. Let me explain that, because it's fair to expect HR professionals – especially those with business partner in their title - to approach problems with a business lens. But here comes the ‘but.’

The Importance of Symbolic Awards

MTM Recognition

Well-thought-out gifts are meaningful and leave a long-lasting impression. The same is true when giving recognition. What makes recognition meaningful is the symbol behind it. What will the award represent? What kind of story should it tell?

Authenticity: One of the Most Important Qualities of a Good Manager

Quantum Workplace

At some point in your career, you’ve likely had that boss – the one who treats every employee the same and doesn’t make any effort to develop relationships. They see employees as means to an end, instead of as individuals with unique personalities, backgrounds, and needs.

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4 Ways to Improve How Employees Perceive Your Business Ethics


Employees’ perceptions of business’ motivations and ethics are on a downhill slide, according to a recent Deloitte report. Unfortunately, respondents say what they believe responsible businesses should achieve and what they perceive businesses’ actual priorities to be today just aren’t lining up.

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How Much are the Best Benefits Worth to You?

Commuter Benefit Solutions

Would you forgo a 56 percent pay increase if you could go from the worst job benefits and perks to the best? If you answered yes, then you agree with a new research from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

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NADA Show 2019 Highlights the Importance of Focusing on Your Dealership People Strategy to Maintain Profitability


Several Hireology team members attended NADA Show 2019, which took place in San Francisco from January 24-27.

Brokers: Steal and Use This Open Enrollment Overview Template Now!


Pat yourself on the back and pour yourself an adult beverage: you just enrolled 80-90% of your book of business in the last three months. Now there’s just one last OE to-do: Email your clients a post-enrollment overview. Or even better: Run through the overview (gasp!) in person.


Digital HR transformation: 3 organizations that are walking the talk


“Digital transformation” is one of those buzz phrases that’s thrown around a lot these days. Often it’s backed by solid action and investment, and at other times, it can seem like an easy way out for an otherwise non-remarkable strategy presentation. HR transformation

A Love Letter to Qualtrics

HR Examiner

I love Qualtrics. Really. If it’s possible to love software I do. I’m Qualtrics Certified. When I heard about their IPO I told my financial planner that I wanted stock, I never buy single stocks. I’m a believer. I was disappointed when I heard that SAP purchased Qualtrics for $8 billion.

People Analytics in SMBs: Small Data, Huge Impact

Littal Shemer

People Analytics in SMBs: Small Data, Huge Impact. Taking the first steps on the journey to data-driven HR is always difficult. The barriers may include a variety of issues, including data integrity , knowledge gaps , and an excessive amount of HR-Tech solutions.

3 Steps for Launching an Employee Engagement Strategy


Companies are increasingly shifting focus to employee engagement strategies, as data has shown higher staff retention and productivity linked with higher staff engagement rates. Employee Engagement TINYcon Company Culture leadership skills corporate culture HR Recruiting Leadership Buy-In

Benefits of Background Screening Based on Job Type

Accurate Background

Identifying the type of background checks you should be running on candidates, while trying to stay within budget constraints and being under pressure to hire faster, can make it hard to make decisions about how comprehensive your employment screening should be.

The Latest Global Talent Trends from @LinkedIn

The Tim Sackett Project

LinkedIn recently released their 2019 Global Talent Trends and it’s loaded with great data for HR and TA Pros! Take a look at the Top 4: 91% believe that “Soft Skills” is the biggest trend in the future of work! Really!? Can we discuss this?!

Trends 101

What is the Employee Experience of not being Entirely Incorrect?

One Millimeter Mindset

What happens to employee experience when they are not entirely incorrect? When employees propose solutions, modifications to processes or requests for increased budgets? Is there stakeholder pushback or are employees encouraged to be more curious and inquisitive?

my coworker doesn’t want me to have a communal candy dish because of temptation

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I keep a candy dish on my desk – have done so for years. It’s communal. I often fill it. Others contribute. It sits alongside some Aleeve and Tums that are also communal. Lots of people express happiness that it is there. Many people say they enjoy the candy. It can go long stretches being empty. The last few weeks it’s been filled with chocolate kisses.

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Rest Assured, Our February 21 Webinar Provides Clarity


Live webinar is mobile-optimized for viewing on tablets or smartphones. Think it’s OK in California if a nonexempt employee occasionally misses a meal break or takes a late lunch? What about letting that employee combine the two required 10-minute rest breaks?

This is the Year for Complete Endpoint Defense


You can’t build real endpoint defense while taking a black-and-white view of cyber security

One Slayer Interview Question

A Slice of HR

Back in my college days, I had a friend named Willie. Willie was a riot. He was the life-of-the-party, friend-of-a-friend type who always seemed to just show up at that night’s party or dive bar. One night, a bunch of us went to Riverbend to see a lineup of 80s rock bands.

Protect The Details of Your Data With Kintone's Nitty-Gritty Permission Controls


Sensitive information and software don’t always go together. Many database solutions don’t give their users the ability to track and monitor data on a granular level. Kintone does. Operations Management

15 Best Career Pages in 2019


Are you doing a career page redesign or creating a new one altogether? Our 15 Best Careers Pages (2019) is here to help! Remember: the goal of a company career page is to get the candidates’ attention so that they dive into your job postings.

Recruiter Job Description [Template]


Job descriptions are really the foundation of effective hiring. They provide insights on the job role and help set expectations on the requirements of the job opening for a role like HR Coordinator. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR hr basics job description recruiter job description

Reactive vs. Proactive Recruitment Strategy - Why It Always Pays To Be Proactive

How Branch Is Helping America's Hourly Workers Get Paid

Branch Mesenger

Nearly a month into the recent government shutdown and after missing her second paycheck, times were pretty tough for furloughed employee, Sigrid Layne. She had $1.06 in her bank account. "It's

Effectively Hiring for Soft Skills in Prospective Job Candidates


With the rise of technological automation in the workforce, organizations must not underestimate the value of soft skills in the workplace and the impact of soft skills to the future of work.

How Are Salaries Affecting Millenial Engagement?

Compensation Cafe

Millennials. It seems like their work dissatisfaction has made headlines for years. Granted Millennials' key issues of diversity, climate change and ethics are noble and urgent; but, they also are notoriously intractable.

Four New Year’s resolutions that will energize your organization


Resolutions that Will Energize Your Organization. The new year is a great time to take a fresh look at your dreams and career plans alongside the goals for your team. This year why not “go big” and start a conversation that can bring about a big change in your organization.

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Around the Bonfyre: The Coca-Cola Company’s Carolyn Jackson on Engaging Hourly Workers


No one knows what engaging hourly workers takes better than Carolyn Jackson. Jackson joined The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) in 1985, armed with an educational background in social sciences and labor relations, as well as professional experience working in the industrial sector at Armco Inc. and the National Supply Company. Over the following three decades, Jackson’s expertise propelled her through various executive-level HR and people management positions within the organization.

Are You Doing Right By Your Employees?

New to HR

Let’s be honest, out of all of the different aspects of your business; there probably isn’t a single one that is more important than your employees. Sure, you’re the one who guides the business in the right direction, and you’re. The post Are You Doing Right By Your Employees?


Rise to the top: how to nurture successful teams

HR Zone

Culture. Rise to the top: how to nurture success

Who do you really support?


The most important career lesson I ever learned was to understand the business. There seems to be a lot of back and forth about HR being business professionals/or not being business professionals.

Retirement Savings? HSA, IRA or 401(k)

Benefit Resource Inc.

We all have the best of intentions. We want to save for retirement, but reality kicks in. Choices need to be made. We can’t fund everything. Here are three rules to follow: First, don’t leave money on the table. As the saying goes, “Don’t leave money on the table” This is very true when considering your approach to retirement savings. Make sure you are getting the 401(k) match. Many employers will offer a 401(k) match up to a certain percentage.

12 Months and 227 Pounds Later, Sometimes Living Takes Losing


The amazing story of how one TSheets employee shed physical and emotional weight to survive. Riley Zahm has been a TSheets employee since 2013, and for most of that time, he’s had a pretty large presence — both figuratively and literally.