Tue.Aug 16, 2022

Watch Out California Employers: SB 1162 On Track To Become Law


California’s latest pay equity legislation, SB 1162 passed the State Assembly Appropriations Committee late last week. . It’s good news for the Golden State as it continues to lead the way in equal pay initiatives.

Report 206

How to Keep Candidates Engaged in the Recruitment Process


Most employers have an onboarding program, but few are able to keep candidates invested in the process. 33% of new hires start looking for a new job within six months , and 23% leave in under a year. If you have a hire turnover rate, your recruitment process is likely the culprit.


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Don’t Let the Skills Gap Swallow Your Organization


When I hear “skills gap,” I think of a chasm as wide as the Grand Canyon quaking, like it’s the backdrop for the penultimate scene in a bad 90s action movie. Maybe I’m a little dramatic, but the skills gap is really rocking the talent development space lately — and it’s only getting worse.

Workplace Conflict Resolution: Definition, Process & Examples of How To Do It

Professionals Alternative

Conflict can be a difficult thing to deal with in any working environment, especially if you’re the one involved in it. In fact, dispute resolution skills are an essential part of being a functional team.

How HR Can Create A Connected Talent Experience in the New World of Work

Speaker: Soula Courlas, Interim Chief People Officer, PwC & Sara Blanchard, Director & National Culture Lead, Workforce of the Future, PwC

Join PwC’s Interim Chief People Officer, along with their Director & National Culture Lead, to learn how they are connecting their hybrid workforce with innovative strategies and 10KC’s all-in-one platform. The event will be an opportunity for HR and people leaders to gain actionable talent experience strategies to engage and develop their workforces.

Hotel Franchise Owners are Multiplying: Here’s Why

Sterling Check

Why Safe and Efficient Hiring Could Be Driving Success: Hotel Franchise Owners Are Growing. As travel continues to surge, many business owners in the hotel and lodging industry find themselves excited to capitalize on the rising demand, but also intimidated by a competitive job market.

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Generic vs. Specific Job Descriptions: Which is better?


Generic vs. specific job description, which one is better? The quick answer is…a mix of both. There are pros and cons for each. So how do you find the perfect balance when writing your JDs? This post will dive into both sides so you can create the best blend for your roles.

Hotel Franchise Owners are Multiplying: Here’s Why

Sterling Check

Hotel Franchise Owners Are Growing: Why Safe and Efficient Hiring Could Be Driving Success. As travel continues to surge, many business owners in the hotel and lodging industry find themselves excited to capitalize on the rising demand, but also intimidated by a competitive job market.

A Strategy for Veteran Hiring


A strategy for veteran hiring may seem difficult to develop, but you don’t need to create one from scratch. However, first your company needs to commit to employing veterans and realize the added value this population of jobseekers can bring to your organization.

Can You Fire an Employee for Vulgar Language?


If an employee uses vulgar language at work, do you have the right to discipline them? A recent court decision may leave you scratching your head – until you understand the full story. Constellium Rolled Products Ravenswood, LLC, v. National Labor Relations Board – What Happened.

Connecting the Dots Between Your HR Systems Strategy and Strategic HR

Speaker: Stacey Harris - Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner, Sapient Insights Group

Join Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, as she shares groundbreaking research on how organizations can move the needle by 2025, reaching critical business outcomes through a strategic approach to HR processes and system strategies.

Screening Applicants for Soft Skills


Soft skills are interpersonal skills that enable you to communicate and interact. Soft skills emanate from your personality or your attributes. These skills help you interact effectively and pleasantly with others, enabling you to navigate complex relationships.

7 Ways Applicant Tracking Systems Simplify Remote Hiring

ClearCompany Recruiting

Remote hiring exploded in the post-pandemic labor market, and today, 58% of U.S. employees say they can work from home at least part-time. If your employees are among them or are in the 35% who work remotely full-time, your HR team needs to be equipped for remote hiring.

A Strategy for Veteran Hiring


A strategy for veteran hiring may seem difficult to develop, but you don’t need to create one from scratch. However, first your company needs to commit to employing veterans and realize the added value this population of jobseekers can bring to your organization.

Talent Acquisition Analytics: Why You Need It & 5 Tips For Success


Analyzing a variety of talent acquisition data and metrics helps you build strong strategies and processes to attract, select, and hire candidates. Let’s explore everything you need to know about talent acquisition analytics, the benefits, and how to get started on your journey.

The HR Compliance Playbook: How to Improve Speed-to-Hire

Every global growth to-do list should begin with compliance. Navigating international jurisdictions can be complex and time-consuming, but with solid, up-to-date compliance procedures, companies can maximize efficiency, speed-to-hire, and mitigate risks.

This Resilience Quiz Will Reveal How You Deal with Change at Work

The Muse

Resilience isn’t composed of a single trait or quality. Find out which resilience archetype best describes you—and how to put your strengths to work. Getting Ahead

Semos Cloud’s New Look – Why Now?

Semos Cloud

Category. All, Company, News & PR, Product Updates. Semos Cloud’s New Look – Why now? A couple of weeks ago, Semos Cloud went live with a brand new visual identity. The formal, corporate, and soothing blue and gray were replaced with vibrant violet, azure-blue and peppermint tones.

HR Famous: How to Make a Viral LinkedIn Post; Is Hiring Slowing Down?


On episode 103 of The HR Famous Podcast , long-time HR leaders (and friends) Madeline Laurano, Jessica Lee, and Tim Sackett come together to summer vacation, whether hiring is slowing down or not, and the type of LinkedIn posts that go viral.

RChilli Releases June 2022 Global Recruitment Trends (GRT) Report

TalentCulture - Recruiting

This report analyzes the comparison of recruitment trends for May and June 2022, with a primary focus on Industries, Countries, Experience Categories, and recruitment trends based on Language and Resume Pages.

Preserving Culture in the Digital Workspace: A Conversation with An Employee Relations Expert

Speaker: KristyAnne Thompson Boyd, Head of Employee Relations & People Operations and Member of the Forbes HR Council

Recently, scheduling 1:1 time for any HR process -- or even a quick check-in -- is bogged down in a back-and-forth scheduling. So how can we reform our processes and eliminate this feeling of missing an integral part of the employee experience?

What Is a Channel Incentive Program?

The Incentive Solutions News blog

What is a channel incentive program? A channel incentive program is any plan or strategy designed to influence the behaviors of channel partners.

Why workplace diversity and inclusion is important

Business Management Daily

Jack dreads this week’s upcoming staff meeting. The agenda includes finalizing team shirts.

Yes, you should apply for that job

Evil HR Lady

In college, I wanted to take a pottery class. I knew, however, that I have no innate talent, so it was unlikely I could get a good grade in such a class, so I didn’t take it. Looking back on that experience, I realize how ridiculous I was. It was a 0.5 credit class.

Ten Ways to Bring Mindfulness in the Workplace

Thrive Global

We’ve all heard the expression, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” ” Or “put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.” ” But what if it feels like you never have time to catch a breath?

Compliance Throughout the Remote Employee Lifecycle

Compliance is a constantly evolving challenge, from the recruiting stage all the way to employee offboarding. Companies must stay compliant at all stages in the employee lifecycle. This eBook offers strategies to maintain compliance, outlines common compliance mistakes, and more.

Are Your DEI Initiatives Up to Par?


Quick look: A comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy is a must-have for today’s top talent. MetLife’s 20th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study 2022 takes an in-depth look at what employees want and what DEI initiatives today’s businesses are partaking in.

ICE Proposes Next Steps for Virtual I-9 Document Review

SHRM Resources

Remote Work Eligibility Verification (I-9

Employee Advocacy: Meaning, Benefits and Examples

Recruiters Lineup

How likely will employees recommend your company as the best place to work and engage in business? Most successful businesses use their staff to represent them to potential customers.

Our Staff’s Favorite Employee-Focused Practices

Emergenetics International

While the Great Resignation may be showing signs of slowing down, the revolution it inspired in employee-employer relationships isn’t going away. Leaders who want to engage and retain their staff will need to continue to build workplace cultures where people are seen, valued and prioritized.

eBook 66

HR Secrets: How to Secure Executive Buy-In for Your HR Initiatives

Speaker: Steve Pruneau - Chief of Consulting Operations and HRIS solution architect at Free Agent Source Inc

During this informative webinar, Solution Architect Steve Pruneau will share his thoughts on how to get management support and assist your organization in reducing self-inflicted waste and dysfunction.

Sustainability, Well-being and Travel

Thrive Global

This has been, as a CBS News headline recently put it, a “summer of travel hell.” We all know the stories: thousands of flights cancelled , and even more bags and luggage lost or delayed.

Changing Careers? Identify Your Transferable Skills In Three Simple Steps

Forbes Leadership

Transferable skills transcend industries and roles and are valued within almost any position. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership

What Sourcing Strategies Do You Use to Recruit Passive Candidates?

HR Lineup

The job market is dominated by plenty of job seekers, most of who are passive candidates. While finding active candidates for open positions is easy, passive candidate recruiting is one of the challenges most recruiters and hiring professionals experience.