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How To Build a Successful Mentoring Program

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Organizations are facing some unique challenges when it comes to talent. The Boomer generation is planning to leave the workforce (or at least transition to part-time or semi-retirement). It’s designed to help business leaders build internal mentoring programs.

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Five Awesome Recruitment Metrics for Tech Innovation Success (How to Link Workforce Metrics With Business Outcomes, Part One)


The first in a four-part series on linking workforce metrics to business outcomes, this post looks at five indispensable recruitment optimization measures that will help you move the needle on tech innovation — without breaking the bank. Calculate your total time-to-fill.

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The Case for Sharing — and Understanding — Human Capital Metrics

Cornerstone On Demand

Ask most companies to define their most important asset and they’ll tell you it’s something intangible: humans. Yet when evaluating a given company's worth, investors still rely on performance metrics that largely ignore an organization's brainpower.

How to Create a Data-Driven Workplace

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From increasing leadership effectiveness to analyzing employee performance to developing training for increased customer loyalty, the impact of a data-driven culture runs far and wide. You have to crawl before you walk (or run) with analytics.

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How You Can Become a Simply Irresistible Organization

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There are lots of articles about what businesses need to do in order to be successful. The articles talk about developing outstanding products, killer marketing strategies, and focusing on metrics and numbers. How does this compare to previous years?

Cost-per-hire metrics, demystified


Cost-per-hire (CPH) is one of the most intriguing recruiting metrics. It’s simple to understand, but can be time-consuming to calculate. It’s vital to some, but opaque to others. In this article, we explore its workings and try to determine its value.

Stop Wasting Time Measuring HR Data


Then you realized how easy it was, so you started pulling together even more from a variety of sources. You’re hitting up your applicant tracking system, payroll system, and other data feeds to get what you want. I know, it’s hard to stop. General Metrics

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Sold Out: A Lesson on Event Content (and the Future of HR)


This summer at SHRM I was looking through the sessions in the app in an attempt to figure out which I wanted to attend, and I saw this one right up front. I’ve always had trouble with those types of training on the supervisory side of things. A Shift to PositiveHR?

Last Thoughts on 2015’s Best Software Recruiting Solutions

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See yesterday’s Advisor for the metrics, so far, discussed. The metrics, so far, paint an incomplete picture. But ease of use plays a huge role when it comes to using any software, and recruiting software solutions are no exception. One last thing to consider is price.

How to Implement Diversity & Inclusion Programs That Actually Work

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Nearly every large company (over 1,000 employees) in the United States has some sort of diversity program in place, according to research by Harvard Business Review. employees attested to having witnessed or experienced discrimination based on age, race, gender, or LGBTQ identity at work.

How to Engage and Train Your Restaurant Workers Effectively

Rallyware for Human Resources

But it’s not just about winning over customers’ hearts and turning them into patrons; it’s also about cooperating with your employees and engaging them to progress as a business together. Only with a strong and dedicated team of professionals and enthusiasts, is it possible to achieve success both in the quality of your service and the ability to stand out among your competitors. in 2014 to 72.1% in 2015 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A New Definition of Employee Engagement: Think Of It Like Your Health

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We know it has something to do with being “all-in” on work. Dig into the issue for a few minutes and you’re likely to see more definitions of engagement than you have employees to engage. Why is it so hard to agree on the core of the problem we’re all trying to solve?

How Wearable Sensors Measure Employee Happiness and Productivity

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Developed by Ben Waber , MIT Media Lab alum and CEO of Sociometric Solutions , the wearable sensors are packed into an ID badge and measure social interactions in the workplace — such as how much employees move and converse throughout the day.

Four Questions Strategic HR Pros Ask to Drive a Culture of Ethics in Financial Services


How to Link Workforce Metrics With Business Outcomes, Part Four. To some, workplace culture is about as real as corporate pixie dust. Goldman Sachs, for example, put senior managers on compulsory courses to make them think about ethics.

Strategic HRM (HR Carnival)


For those of you that might be new, the HR Carnival is a series of links to blogs around the world that are gathered together for a single post. I try to create themed carnival posts, because I like collecting content around a specific topic to allow you to go deep into one content area.

How HR Can Tackle Diversity Using the Rooney Rule


In August 2015, the need for more workforce diversity was spotlighted in a big way when President Obama issued a call to action to technology companies, encouraging them to hire more women and minorities by implementing the Rooney Rule.

Make Your Presentation Relevant: Sample Metrics for the C-Suite Audience

HR Daily Advisor

In yesterday’s Advisor, we shared tips on presenting HR metrics to the C-suite from guest columnist and business consultant Bridget Miller. Today, Miller elaborates on specific metrics that may be of interest to your executive team. What metrics should you present? That said, we can take a look at some common themes in HR metrics that the C-suite may be interested in. Time to productivity of new hires. Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

How JetBlue Created a Data-Driven Workplace

Cornerstone On Demand

From increasing leadership effectiveness to analyzing employee performance to developing training for increased customer loyalty, the impact of a strong analytics program runs far and wide. How does the AME team use data to inform training initiatives?

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The Riveting Headcount Story That Can’t Be Ignored: Bringing HR Numbers to Life, Part 2


The company recently acquired ZippySoftCo to close gaps in its technology and accelerate its product roadmap. The answer is to tell a story that brings the numbers to life. We will also go through some key recommendations to address this in the future. focus on training.

How HR Metrics Help You Make Smarter Decisions

SAP Innovation

I met with a business the other day that has four dedicated PhDs in their HR department to handle “big data” analysis. The future of HR metrics is predictive, but that’s not fully ready yet. Questions HR managers can answer by using data are: How can we retain and engage top talent?

How Workforce Analytics Can Take You Beyond The Clock

nettime solutions

When applied to the HR world, workforce analytics help HR staff analyze data relating to productivity levels, performance, if training is effective, and can even predict turnover. What are you doing to increase employee engagement? Completed training and certifications.

Boundary Theory, Work/Life Balance and Mindfulness


Instinctively, it seems like giving employees time to manage their lives should help them get this elusive balance—which so many experts tell us we need. Flexible work schedules and an eye to work-life balance are good for business. Click To Tweet - Powered By CoSchedule.

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How to Achieve Talent Management Excellence in Your Organization

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

By achieving talent management excellence in the organization, HR can become a true partner to business leaders and top executives, and drive real business impact. Obstacles to Talent Management Excellence. Similarly, sales teams may need mobile-based access to HR systems.

100 SHRM Chapter Seminar Program Ideas


It’s a new year, and many of you SHRM chapters and state councils out there will be looking for content to engage your members this year. I’m yet again volunteering on the board of NASHRM, my local chapter, so this is near and dear to my heart. I’ll be hosting a SHRM Chapter Volunteer Leader Series occasionally as a way to give content ideas (as I am today), offer advice on board leadership, and more. Get outta here: how to prepare your employees to retire.

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How HR Metrics Help You Make Smarter Decisions

SAP Innovation

I met with a business the other day that has four dedicated PhDs in their HR department to handle “big data” analysis. The future of HR metrics is predictive, but that’s not fully ready yet. Questions HR managers can answer by using data are: How can we retain and engage top talent?

How to Make the Case for Continuous Performance Management


Morgan launched real-time feedback, and Accenture led the way back in 2015, citing bad ROI as the determining factor for eliminating its ratings and annual review program in favor of continuous performance management. Of companies that transformed performance management in the past two years, conversations increased 83% in frequency and 100% in quality, according to NeuroLeadership Institute. Click To Tweet. Determine Success Metrics.

Company Culture Code, Mission Statement, Core Values: What’s the Difference?


To start, here is how CultureIQ defines each term: Mission Statement: A company mission statement is a clear and concise definition of what guides you as a company. Our mission: To enable any company to understand, manage, and strengthen their culture.

Keeping Those Candidates on the Line

HR Daily Advisor

In yesterday’s Advisor we discussed how to best prepare yourself for first contact with a potential candidate. Today we’ll explore some tips on how to actually get that candidate in your office for an interview. Give your candidate time to do some research.

Lessons HR could learn from Marketing: A Report from #DreamForce15

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Training should be like inflight refueling, always ready to keep the employee going. Yes, it does get hard to move around, especially early in the week. months to get a sales rep up to speed and the average tenure in the Bay area is 2 years.

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Intern Program


Peak intern season is wrapping up, so it’s a perfect time to take what you’ve learned and make changes for the next go-round. A new situation of any type can be intimidating, and on top of that, problems arise when people are afraid to ask for help. The process should include assigning interns with a workspace, introductions to the team, and training. Or even someone to serve as a go-to and sounding board for those outrageous ideas.

5 Must-Have Metrics for Recruitment Success


To the uninitiated, the recruiting world looks like a supermarket: When you need something, you simply go to the right part of the store and select from your pre-packaged options. Too often, recruitment success is gauged by time-to-fill quotas or cost-of-hire numbers.

Results from BLR’s 2015 Recruiting Survey

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Yesterday’s Advisor covered some of the results of our 2015 Recruiting Survey. Participants that answered “Yes” to the previous question were asked to specify the length of their onboarding process. Management Onboarding Training. said they do receive training, and 8.1%

The 4 Metrics You Need to Gauge Employee Performance


Consistently and accurately evaluating employee performance is essential not only to individual success, but to the overall success of an organization. The question is, how exactly do you measure employee performance? How to measure: Measuring quality of work is subjective.

The 7 Things You Just Won’t Find in Less Engaged Companies

TLNT: The Business of HR

Your job has the potential to be the centerpiece of a great life, but only if you’re engaged at work. To understand what may be driving that tremendous advantage, an analysis of Gallup’s Great Workplace Award winners uncovered seven (7) factors notably lacking in less engaged companies.

4 Ways HR Can Impact Culture and Engagement Now 

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For the first time this year, culture and engagement was rated the most important issue overall in Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report. Where to start? What’s it like to work there?” Take this time to incorporate reverse mentoring.

Good Leadership is not easy

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I received one the other day entitled Lead Your B-Level Players to A-Level Success that was adapted from “ How to Manage a Team of B Players,” by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. In this tip he describes the type of leader it takes to lead a team of “B players” to success.

The Ultimate Subjective Thought Leader List

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So, thought leader is a pretty weird thing to call someone, as many have pointed out. Thought leaders are prevalent in our industry and many worked hard to get there. I’m not sure why I feel compelled to write this list. Best Recent Post: If You’re Going to Do It, Do It Now.

6 Myths (And Realities) About HR Tech You Need to Know About

Spark Hire

As with any new tech tool that claims to make our work lives substantially easier, there’s often a lot of talk surrounding HR technologies. It’s all too easy to pass on the latest trends and tools and stick with what you know. It’s time to dispel these myths about HR tech.

what to say to an employee who’s requesting too much time off, training the person who’s taking your job, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. How can I coach an employee to have more professional polish? I have recently inherited a team of three whose previous manager provided little to no feedback, goal-setting, or performance reviews. I am working on establishing these metrics with them and getting to know how they work. She is very good at her work, but does not seem to have the awareness that she needs to be more professional.

10 Rules for Employee Retention Your Competition Will Hate


All the time and money you spent hiring, training and growing your people suddenly becomes a gift to your competition. You just need to find out how to keep your employees around. These are employees who want to be challenged and will often exceed expectations.