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15Five’s Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


15five embraces diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. We are relentlessly committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Diversity. Equal Employment Opportunity.

WorkHuman Session Spotlight: Empowering through Diversity and Equality


Diversity means different things to various people. Some people think diversity applies to physical differences, such as race and gender. Many institutions still struggle to protect the rights of minorities and women all over the world, even though policymakers and politicians have intervened with legislation. and his sacrifice, every January, to remind ourselves that the work must endure. Others think of diversity in terms of ability.


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A Statement on Racial Injustice and Affirmative Action

Berkshire Associates

As a company that promotes diversity and equality in the workplace, Berkshire condemns all forms of discrimination and injustice.

Why Fixing the Gender Diversity Gap Is a Pressing Business Concern


This Women's Equality Month, make sure your business doesn't get left behind as the market focuses on gender diversity and equality

ADP 49

7-in-10 Employed Americans Say Their Company Has Not Made Strides in Becoming a More Diverse Workplace Over the Past 2 Years

HRO Today

While some companies recognize holidays celebrating diversity, employees say there is no meaningful action taken by companies to assist those groups. Black History Month, Women’s History Month and/or Hispanic Heritage Month) yet doesn’t take any specific actions to advocate for these groups.

Diversity Recruiter job description


Use this Diversity Recruiter job description template to advertise your open roles and attract qualified HR professionals. Diversity Recruiter responsibilities include: Designing company policies that promote diversity and equality. Delivering training sessions to HR and hiring managers on how to make fair decisions. The post Diversity Recruiter job description appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.

4 ways that companies can be truly inclusive


Skyrocketing public and political support of the Black Lives Matter movement has created an urgent effort among companies to look inwards and ask themselves what they can do to be a part of the solution. Acknowledge that people bring their own cultures and beliefs to the workplace.

SMB News Weekly Rundown


Leisure and hospitality has packed as much hiring into five months as it did over the course of five years (58 months) leading up to the pandemic.”. last month as Americans began spending less money on goods and more money on services and experiences.

Gap Between ESG Efforts & Expectations Becoming More Apparent


Companies today should be aware that their employees, customers, and shareholders are increasingly having “trust issues” with them. Social criteria examine how it manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where it operates.

Intentional Inclusion in the Workplace: Holding People Ops to a Higher Standard


Across the United States, civil injustice and systemic racism are finally being acknowledged. The workforce, the nation, and the world are waiting for much needed change. The time to do better, be better, and to take action is now—for some of us, it’s long overdue. As employees are struggling and searching for justice, HR professionals and leaders can no longer deprioritize diversity & inclusion (D&I).

Finding "Romance" at Work in the Age of AI + More Lessons From LinkedIn Talent Connect

Cornerstone On Demand

Artificial intelligence may be bringing a new wave of technology to the HR space, but humans have a huge role to play in extracting impact from these shiny new solutions, said Tim Leberecht, founder and CEO of The Business Romantic Society, at the LinkedIn Talent Connect conference this week. But it's time to bring "romance" back to work, and not the kind that conjures up images of hearts and cupid. Don't "dip your toes into diversity," they urged.

Four Ways to Advance Equality in the Workplace


Women’s Equality Day on August 26 commemorates the day that women were granted the right to vote in the U.S. While we’ve come a long way since then, issues related to equality and diversity – particularly in the workplace – have remained hot button issues as we collectively work towards progress and change. Ceridian prioritizes equality and diversity in the workplace, and also leverages its position in the industry to put the spotlight on these topics.

Seeking To Become A Better Workplace Ally

Blu Ivy Group

We have seen a wide-spread transformation of work-from-home and remote-work policies. We have explored new collaboration and communication tools to help our dispersed workforce stay connected. We have been planning for more innovative workplaces, experiences, and solutions.

Words We Use: The Biggest Stumbling Blocks For Diversity Inclusion

ATD Human Capital

The seemingly innocuous words we use every day are so powerful that they can create or destroy empires, organizations, and human beings with equal facility. Manly Hall, author, philosopher, and mystic, rightly said, “Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad.” ” This is true now more than ever, particularly because our workplaces are more diverse than ever and our words make them better—or worse. Religion and Culture.

Beyond Shareholder Value: Strategy and Vision for the Office of the CFO


Today, CEOs and boards are looking to CFOs to help outperform peers while navigating crises,” said Terrance Wampler, group general manager, office of the CFO, at Conversations for a Changing World, a global Workday digital event. Recruiting and Retaining Talent.

Worker Transformation: How Today’s Employment Movement Shifts Power

Slayton Search Partners

From the eye of a hurricane, it’s difficult to understand exactly how big the storm is and how significantly it’s changing the landscape. What becomes obvious with time and distance is hard to see in the moment, and by any definition, 2020 was quite a moment for the world.

New Study Suggests Ways of Overcoming Institutional Resistance to Workplace Diversity Initiatives

Pollack Peacebuilding

and Eguaikhide, O., Institutional resistance to managing workplace diversity” (2019). Deciding not to value diversity and inclusion can jeopardize organizations to legal liability, workplace conflict , and other detrimental barriers to success. Summary of: Bui, Q.

Study 65

5 Examples of Job Posting Best Practices


Great job postings attract top talent, and bad ones are often ignored. And increase your talent pool. And it drives pay equity. And it mentions some of the benefits they enjoy (e.g., the tea and scones cart, the gym, and the music room).

Introduction to measuring Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion


Diversity and equality are derived from and achieved through inclusion. By being inclusive at a workplace, you open the doors to more revenue and success. Because it shows just the opposite of being woke; ignorance, nepotism, and strong affinity biases.

HR at the Wheel

HRO Today

Technology, data analytics, flexible working styles, and DEI initiatives are driving the workforce of the future. Nearly two-thirds of HR leaders recently said they’ve become more visible and influential within their organizations as a result of the pandemic.

ATS 52

Equal Opportunity Hiring Firms: Recruiting for Diversity


Corporate environments have become more diverse in recent years, but they still have a long way to go in the name of equality. But the good news is that equal opportunity hiring forms can help you ensure that your workforce accurately reflects today’s society. Here’s what equal opportunity means for employers today. What is the Equal Employment Opportunity Act? What is the Purpose of Equal Employment Opportunity? Equal Employment Opportunity.

Outlaw Discrimination on the Basis of Height and Weight Says New Jersey

HR Digest

While federal law bans discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnicity/national origin, and sexual orientation, New Jersey is taking it a step further by banning height and weight discrimination. Height and Weight Discrimination.

The interesting link between diversity and EX


While research has shown that companies with gender diversity already are typically better poised to turn a profit, a new report from Willis Towers Watson has found an additional benefit of gender diversity. Specifically, the global advisory, broking and solutions company found that employers with practices that support greater gender diversity are rated more effective by their employees across a range of topics than those that do not.

9 Winning Employee Testimonial Examples to Inspire You

Analytics in HR

In this article, we’ll be exploring what an employee testimonial is, along with a selection of winning employee testimonial examples and why they work, to inspire you to create new, compelling content for your company’s career page or social media account. Diversity and inclusion.

5 Corporate Social Responsibility Trends for 2019

EverFi - HR

Consumers have become more aware of the motives behind the businesses they frequent and want the companies they support to share their ideas, invest in positive non-profits, and make good choices for their employees and the environment. It’s also about providing safe and quality work to employees and meeting the needs and expectations of customers on every level. Hire for Diversity and Equality.

Squashing This Work-Life Balance Stereotype Will Improve Your Recruiting Process

Spark Hire

This seems backwards from our traditional view of work-life balance and work-family balance. Underrepresenting males in your recruiting process, when it comes to family needs and work-life balance, will lead to missing out on talented male candidates. As today’s times and roles are changing, so must your recruiting strategies. This is certainly a diversity and inclusion issue. He felt devalued and not treated equally.

Hiring 100

[Infographic] Female Leaders, Do They Have Equality at The Top?


When it comes to the workplace, is there equality or diversity at the top? This has been a question that has been debated for many years now and yet still the answer is no there is not. In actual fact, if you were to guess how many women of the 600 companies in the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 are being led by women today, would you know what the answer is? How can these factors be improved and are perceptions changing?

eBook 131

Most Important Developments in HR for 12/13


Forbes released its list of the 100 most powerful women in the world this week, leaders in government, business, philanthropy, and media. One of her main priorities is diversity and equality in the workforce. Both were grappling with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Traditional male-dominated careers still find few takers in women

HR Digest

Diversity and equal opportunity are a compulsory part of any company’s human resource plan. It has taken generations and a prolonged fight by women to get to equal representation rights at the workplace for women. It is the same in roofing and flooring.

Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Women in the Workplace

Slayton Search Partners

It was a record at the time, but that number has been steadily rising, proof of significant efforts in gender equality in the workplace—that is, until now. Prior to COVID-19, the rates at which women and men left the workforce were comparable. But universal is not the same as equal.

Don’t Unsee. Do.

Thrive Global

Points of Light values inclusivity, diversity and equality. We stand with people who are taking action for a more just and equitable world. We recognize that civic engagement takes many forms and is critical to advancing causes that improve society for everyone.

Do You Remember?


People are angry, and want change, and are apparently making their views known in ways that are very different from what I remember. To be honest with you I’m rattled by all of this anger and what it may lead to in the not so distant future. bias change civil rights courage dietrich bonhoeffer diversity executive fear HR human resources inclusion leadership Martin Luther King Jr. Something seems be changing in our world.

5 Examples of a Social Media Influencer Job Description [+ Popular Job Titles]


And a heads up…I wrote the first one in Ongig’s Text Analyzer software. Note: All of these examples score 80% (or higher) in Text Analyzer, are gender-neutral, and have no other biased language (race, age, disability, sexual orientation & more). Diversity Statement.

7 Examples of an Executive Assistant Job Description [+ a free template]


Note: I ran the examples through Ongig’s Text Analyzer software to ensure they score 80% or more (out of 100), are gender-neutral, AND have no other exclusionary language (based on race, age, disability, sexual orientation & more). This helps with SEO and makes them easier to read.

7 Reasons to Hire People with Developmental Disabilities

Thrive Global

After I got to know him, aqua size became a lot less of a grind and a lot more fun. We would splash each other, come up with goofy sayings and razz each other. It felt like I was released from the pressures and expectations of being a responsible adult and had permission to become real and authentic kid temporarily. The fun, spontaneity and energy were gone. Most people with disabilities love their jobs and have a positive attitude in the workplace.

What does it mean to be EDGE certified, and why is Ceridian doing it?


As a global organization, investing in diversity and equality are top priorities for Ceridian. I’m proud of what we have done thus far to support gender equality in the workplace – whether it’s putting programs in place, facilitating platforms for discussion with our Ceridian Women’s Network Summit , or supporting and participating in grassroots efforts such as #GoSponsorHer and Move the Dial.

How Can We Create More Leadership Opportunities for Women?

Thrive Global

Female representation on company boards is improving, but there is still a way to go before equal representation is achieved. The organization argues that for businesses to see the benefits of a diverse board, at least three members should be women. Here, we’ll discuss some measures you can take to improve your business’ diversity and offer leadership opportunities to the women in your business.

Gender Fluidity and HR: Moving Beyond M/F Labeling (i4cp login required)


How are organizations acknowledging heightening awareness and evolving understanding of gender, identity, and orientation in the workplace? And, what about HR? Is HR adjusting by expanding beyond the typical M/F labels in policies, practices, and metrics?

The Top Technologies and Solutions for a Recruitment Agency in 2022


Recruitment agencies and HR leaders are coming to terms with the fact that the rules of the recruitment game have been permanently changed. That means technology is playing its largest role as the new foundation of modern recruitment and hiring strategies. And why not?

Dr. Marc Wagener of LabCampus: “Diversity”

Thrive Global

Diversity: People’s needs are as diverse as they are, and although diversity and equality help to create a creative environment, this has not yet been sufficiently taken into account in the working environment. This applies equally to employers and employees.