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A Crash Course in Job Descriptions

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This can in turn be used to create training programs to allow employees to advance. Create a point of comparison between different roles within the organization, which can help to determine the appropriate salary level and salary structure within the organization.

Boosting Your HR with a Gamification Program


Gamification or in other words, the application of game mechanisms to other non-game areas, has spread to many domains in the past few years: social media, loyalty programs, and of course… HR! Here are four reasons HR should learn from game designers to improve their HR performance: Gamification Creates Engaging Training Programs You won’t debate the fact that fun makes learning more enjoyable.

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How to Power Your Company Culture with Data and Feedback Loops


Sales were falling at its stores and only 16% of them were meeting the company’s customer service benchmarks. Walmart’s executives cames up with a solution: pay people more, train them better, and give them more opportunities for growth. Lock In KPIs and Benchmarks.

3 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of October 2018

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This used to be a market of annual surveys, benchmarks, and year-to-year comparisons. Over time, these annual surveys turned into benchmarking exercises. Welcome to another brand new edition of our ‘Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles’.

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How Does CPI Relate to Wage Increases?

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For example: If you generally try to base wage increases on increases in costs of living, CPI may be one gauge utilized to determine how much an individual’s cost of living has gone up in the course of a year. Specify the benchmark date so that you have a point of comparison.

Advanced Analytics for Agile Organization Design: 5 Principles

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This is especially appropriate for jobs with ‘discretion’ over delivery, where you might recruit for personality, and train for skills: such as service roles, sales roles and developers. The lack of control of one’s own creativity is of course, why it is vital for artists to have agents.

HR Consulting Firms for Small Businesses: 15 Leading Experts

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Human resources management typically includes the following core responsibilities: Recruitment and onboarding/training. For a thorough overview of the purpose and functions of human resources for small businesses, check out the Small Business Administration’s introductory course.

How to Deal With Colleagues in Denial

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Of course, people may hold false beliefs in any type of organization. We make these mistakes not only in work, but also in other life areas, for example in our shopping choices, as revealed by a series of studies done by a shopping comparison website.

Interviewing techniques: 10 mistakes experienced interviewers avoid


Social comparison bias. Talented candidates who could’ve been trained to excel, will have found another job. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should get carried away bragging about your company. A sound benchmark to aim for is 80/20 listening/talking and avoid sounding arrogant or insincere. Interviews have been the hardest part of the hiring process throughout their history.