Finding the Right Companies to Benchmark

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What companies should we benchmark ourselves against?”. Benchmarking is the process of comparing something (i.e. Whenever people suggested that we benchmark ourselves against this other airline, my vice president would always decline. The first criteria for selecting companies to benchmark is finding companies that have something you aspire to obtain. That being said, here are some things to consider when you’re looking for companies to benchmark.

The Ethical Benchmarking of HR analytics

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In this article, we discuss the state of the art of ethical benchmarking of algorithms and provide advice for practitioners in the field. For example, the last amendment to the APA guideline dates from 2016. Then, what you need to measure to actualize ethical benchmarking will as well.


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Benchmarking Makes Employee Survey Results More Powerful


Benchmarking your survey results can provide a look into how your organization improves over time and how it compares to similar companies. Benchmarking puts employee survey results into context. A two-step process that combines internal and external benchmarking will give you a guideline for improving the employee experience that is adaptable to the unique conditions of your company, while also providing solid correlations between improvement efforts and outcomes.

How Do Anti-Trust Guidelines Impact Market Pricing?

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In 2016, the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice released a guideline for human resource professionals with helpful insights: “Sharing information with competitors about terms and conditions of employment can also run afoul of the antitrust laws. The guideline explains. “It The post How Do Anti-Trust Guidelines Impact Market Pricing? Legal Compliance Uncategorized Anti-Trust Laws Benchmarking Market Pricing Salary Survey Sherman Anti-Trust Act

Small Business Guide to Comp Benchmarking

To compete in today’s market, you must know what the market pays for certain skills so you can develop fair and competitive offers. Understanding the market, then determining guidelines for pay isn’t just a nice to have for today’s talent, it’s a must have.

How To Benchmark an Elf's Job

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Some fine print: We matched each job using a similar benchmark role. We reminded him that the market is intended to provide him with a guideline for how to compensate the Elves, but it’s not an exact science. PayScale's Mykkah Herner, MA, CCP, Modern Compensation Evangelist and Paige Hanley, CCP, Compensation Professional It’s that time of year and all of Santa’s Elves have been working overtime.

What recent ACA changes mean for states, insurers and you

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Since its creation, established ACA guidelines have always required health plans — available to the small group and individual markets — to cover at least 10 essential health benefits (EHB). However, a new rule recently issued by CMS and set to take effect in 2020 will provide states with additional flexibility in how they select their EHB benchmark plan by providing three new options.

Re-opening New York: What To Expect in Phase 2


Phase 1 began on June 8 th and there’s a 2 week “wait and watch” period to monitor if NYC meets the seven health-related benchmarks that include hospitalization and infection data. If these benchmarks remain in check, as they are right now, then NYC will move into Phase 2 in about two weeks.

Employee Engagement Surveys: 4 Planning and Execution Must-Haves

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As part of content development, it would be beneficial to reach consensus on a handful of benchmarking items. For example, if the organization plans to experience several major changes over the next few years, it could be helpful to have a series of benchmarking items to gauge how the business changes are impacting employee engagement. A few sample benchmarking items are: I know what is expected of me at work.

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Are Salary Surveys Beneficial?

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Accurate, relevant, and timely wage survey results help tremendously when effectively benchmarking your organization’s compensation structure. In order to justify the salary an employee receives, the sources used for salary benchmarking are important. In addition, revealing or barely concealing survey participants’ individual data is against the Department of Justice Anti-Trust Guidelines for salary surveys.

How to Measure Quality of Hire to Drive Business Results

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It is one of the measures cited in ISO 30414 guidelines. You want to have enough candidates to compare to make the right choice unless you hire for that position frequently enough to have a good benchmark. Pre-hire Assessment = Assesment Score ÷ Benchmark.

Compensation Surveys: Are They Necessary?

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Accurate, relevant, and timely compensation survey results help tremendously when benchmarking your own organization’s compensation structure. In addition, the Department of Justice Guidelines on the use of salary data must be adhered to as wages are covered under the Sherman Anti-Justice Act.

Ethics: Taking Credit For Someone Else’s Ideas – Ask #HR Bartender

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It’s also possible that organizations might choose to have ethical guidelines that are stricter than industry or societal norms. Make it a benchmarking question so the organization can notice trends over time. Many of us can relate to today’s reader note about ethics. What do you do when you discover that someone has stolen one of your ideas and made it their own? Can you write a blog post on intellectual integrity and ethics?

Sticking to Your Resolutions: Goal Setting in the New Year

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After 50 new years, and countless resolutions, here are some tried-and-true goal-setting guidelines I live by. Determine goal setting action steps and benchmarks. Be careful not to set yourself up for failure by setting benchmarks that are unmeasurable or unattainable.

An Introduction to Talent Research

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Corporate brand guidelines. This is vital because it ensures the insights you yield are quantitative and not based on assumption, and getting employees involved in shaping the EVP is great for benchmarking. Benchmark Against Competitors.

How To Make Your Pre-Employment Screening Super Effective?


Be consistent with the guidelines There should be a certain consistency on how the pre-employment screening policy is to be implemented. Build a benchmark of your existing top performing employees With an effective pre-employment screening process in place, you can also ensure that the new employees joining your organisation display similar attributes to the ones who are already in sync with your organisation’s work culture as well as those who are lauded as impressive performers.

How to conduct pre-employment background checks?

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There are certain obligations under the FCRA and EEOC guidelines: FCRA. EEOC guidelines. That said, the spirit of the EEOC guidelines and the guidance they provide on non-discrimination is intended to cover all types of employment relationships.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Compa Ratio

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You can use market rates or industry averages as the benchmark for comparison when you don’t have a defined pay range. Companies often use compa-ratio to help decide how fast to move an employee to the midpoint of the range or the market benchmark.

Boosting Performance with Organizational Transparency


In the same benchmark report, Reflektive uncovered that employees want more support via: Consistent communication from leadership Consistent communication from colleagues All-Hands meetings Recognition for hard work and successes Regular feedback.

Care Standards Act 2000: What Is It And What Does It Mean?


The core aim is to enforce minimum regulatory standards and compliance benchmarks. They introduce a wide-ranging number of guidelines, all designed to ensure better quality care and accessibility. The Care Standards Act 2000 is a vital piece of legislation for care homes.

Risks to reopening: Crisis management in a post-COVID-19 world

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Guidelines can vary by industry and by the nature of the business within each industry. That process begins with understanding the data and bringing in subject matter expertise to interpret that data, benchmark it for your industry and your area and establish trigger points and parameters.

The Biggest COVID-19 Vaccination Challenges Organizations Face Today (i4cp login required)


so managing all the different local and state guidelines/eligibility for vaccine, which all vary, [is an issue]. Our next vaccination-related survey is now live— please take the short survey by March 23 and you’ll be the first to receive the benchmarking results.

Encouraging Innovation Governance


However, by establishing a standard set of guidelines to continuously improve quality, employees are able to contribute to the organization’s mission and focus. Benchmark with Industry Leaders. For many organizations in the Health & Human Services industry, making company-wide change can mean spending valuable time and resources on searching for solutions, implementing, and adopting new processes.

8 Questions to Ask for Effective HR Reports


It’s critical to evaluate staff strengths and weaknesses, training, education and the company’s current and long-term needs to determine which information and benchmarks are critical for defining progress or indicating that remediation is needed. The ability to generate custom HR reports is critical because the benchmarking process varies widely among departments and company stakeholders.

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Step by Step Guide: How to Write a Job Description


Follow these guidelines to gain clarity: Prioritize what takes precedence amongst the range of responsibilities. Based on the guidelines stated in the previous point, create a well defined job description keeping in mind the key criteria. The guidelines stated below will give you more clarity on this: Qualifications entail education, experience, and any other significant reference that the candidate needs to possess in order to effectively perform the role/job.

5 Tips to Building a Reputation as A ‘Get it Done’ Person

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should be your guideline. . Benchmarking others is the antithesis of being special so avoid it at all costs. You want to be known as an action-oriented individual ; someone who has a personal brand for getting things done. . So you better get on with it and do something, right? .

Maintaining perspective during the COVID-19 crisis


Then over the weekend, the US Federal Reserve made a second round of massive interest rate cuts, taking their primary benchmark rate down to zero. Last week, we published a blog post about how the COVID-19 pandemic could impact the financial markets and your retirement investing.

5 Measurable Criteria for an Employee Recognition Program

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The criteria above are fantastic guidelines for when and how to recognize employees, but rewarding employees is a significant piece of the recognition puzzle as well. Dashboards like the one below show budget utilization, monthly active users, activation rates, and benchmarks in real time.

Programs and Policies that Foster a Transparent Company Culture


Whether they’re attending a conference or taking new customers out to dinner, your team will appreciate knowing the guidelines around expenses. Building it involves analyzing your company’s current roles and compensations against industry standards, then setting benchmarks against your findings. This is a guest post by our friends at Justworks. Building a strong company culture — one with motivated, engaged employees — starts with building your company values.

New Virtual Reality

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is also on the cutting edge, abandoning traditional hiring approaches to better align with social distancing guidelines and keep its plants, distribution centers, and stores operating.

Reopening requires careful legal planning

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Depending on what industry and what state you are in, you’ll have to implement new safety and social distancing guidelines. Already, the White House has issued very general guidelines for when states should invite employers to reopen.

DOL Expands on MHPAEA Guidance for Applying Treatment Limits

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A plan document excludes treatment that is “experimental or investigative,” meaning no professionally recognized treatment guidelines define clinically appropriate standards of care for the condition, and fewer than two randomized controlled trials are available to support the treatment’s use. For medical/surgical conditions, the plan has followed the document by approving treatments supported by treatment guidelines and more than one randomized trial. The U.S.

Improving Outcomes by Simplifying and Standardizing Processes Systemwide


This stemmed from a misunderstanding of the fact that even with guidelines you can have justified variances.”. If there are guidelines in place for when to release a patient, for example, the patient can still be evaluated on a case-by-case basis,” Tulenko says. But having the benchmark in place will mitigate disagreements among medical staff.”. . Improving Outcomes by Simplifying and Standardizing Processes Systemwide Oct. 22, 2019. Antique Nguyen Marketing Specialist.

What is an HR audit?

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HR audits allow companies to benchmark their strategies and practices. Benchmark your findings. When you hear the word “audit,” do you panic? If you’re like many business leaders, the answer is yes!

6 Steps To Effectively Manage Your Recruitment Budget

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Ideally, execution surveys for your recruiting team were directed, so you’ll additionally need to benchmark which ones were best in their job and why.