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CPD: Professional Career Development


Have you heard of Continuing Personal Development (CPD) programs? Although supportive management and knowledgeable mentors are both great places to go for solid advice and careers guidance, there are formal bodies out there providing more structured skills development routes. This provides a means of learning after that first step onto the careers ladder has been taken. training course, workshop, event, eLearning), Number of CPD hours.

Measure Training Effectiveness by Results, Not Hours

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Years ago, I attended a training session where the instructor said that he knew participants we’re “getting it” because they started asking questions. Whether the questions happen during the actual training or after the session, questions can be an informal gauge of training interest. Of course, that’s not the only training metric or measurement. You’ve probably seen the measuring training by hours approach at some point.


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Tactics for Career Development: Winning Strategies to Help You Up the Ladder


Everyone has been asked that groan-inducing question in an interview at one point or another in their careers. The companies that consistently top the Best Places to Work lists all focus on the career development of their employees. You can chart your own course.

7 Benefits of Attending Leadership Training Programs

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Despite the countless benefits that leadership training programs bring, we still encounter people who often ask the question, “Can leadership be learned?”. Experience, maybe some good genes, and training can produce a leader of substance. Developing Employees’ Leadership Skills.

Tactics for Career Development: How You Can Become More Successful with an Executive Coach


One of them is internal career pathing. Another is employee development. Part of what makes people want to stay with their current employer is a clear path of growth, development, and upward mobility. Leading during times of change.

Career Development Planning: 10 Tips for Employers


The good news is, by clearly laying out what an employee can achieve and what it will take to make it happen, a well-thought-out career development plan doesn't just answer that all-important question, it gives employees a reason to stay as well as providing renewed focus and motivation.

Business Timing Is About More Than Getting an Approval

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One of the career lessons I’ve had to learn is that “timing is everything”. While my timing was off in pitching the idea, a right time did happen to make it work. It might have been something for themselves, like a pay increase or attending training.

7 Cool Winter Courses that Every Computer Science Engineer Should Check Out

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It’s high time that you level up the skills and enroll yourself with better qualifications. If you wish to excel in a career, having a core skill is important. Here are 7 cool winter courses that every computer science engineer should check out. Machine Learning Course.

How to Decide Which HR Certification Exam to Take – Ask #HR Bartender

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Today’s reader note touches on the two most difficult decisions that human resources professionals consider in their development. It’s best to do your homework before investing time (and money) into the process. She is responsible for developing the strategy for the SHRM-SCP and SHRM-CP credentialing programs. I’d also recommend your readers download and really take some time to review the SHRM Certification Handbook , also available through the SHRM certification website.

Developing An Intentional Learning Culture

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It means, of course, to do something on purpose or to be deliberate. In his role at Southwest, he is focused on the professional development of the University’s 300+ staff. Robbins] Southwest Airlines University is the single-source for training and development for our 54,000 Southwest Airlines (SWA) employees! In 2013, Southwest centralized training for consistency and shared services due in large part to our acquisition of AirTran Airways and their 8,000 employees.

Want More Employee Productivity? Figure Out Their “Flow”

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Catherine] Flow is a mental state of being so fully engaged in a task that you lose track of time and place. For me, analyzing data so a client can understand what their leaders or employees are saying is meaningful and challenging, but not too challenging as I have lots of training and experience at it. Cultivating flow requires those common conditions and attending to those individualized factors as well. Lastly, cultures that encourage people to block time are smart.

Corporate Culture and Company Profits Are Not Mutually Exclusive

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A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the Great Place to Work conference in Dallas. He said they look to hire staff members who have “Cheesecake in their veins” (figuratively, not literally of course). The point being: The Cheesecake Factory has invested heavily in developing their culture. It can be known for high-turnover and not always viewed as a long-term career.

Your 5-Day Plan to Learning Twitter

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But the reality is, we get home and often that extra time doesn’t materialize and we never really learn how to make the most of that new program. According to Grovo Learning, companies recognize the value of training employees on social media and are increasing employee training on social media. This isn’t something you’ll do every day but it’s a great way to check out what’s happening at events you’re attending (or considering attending in the future!).

Grovo 322

14 Decisive Tips for Shaping Your Career Path in the Right Direction

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Right from the beginning, right from childhood, all the investments made and training and coaching undertaken, all build up to one thing, steering your career in the right direction. Why Should You Steer Your Career in Right Direction? Timing is the key to success.

What Happens At the Meeting After the Meeting

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From an office politics perspective, the individuals who attend a MATM are influencers where this particular matter is concerned. 3 The Timing. Sometimes the MATM is spontaneous and other times, it’s planned. On the other side, I’ve seen organizers of the MATM intentionally choose a venue knowing certain people wouldn’t attend. It happens everywhere – on golf courses, social networking platforms, at coffee shops and during happy hour. #5

4 key steps to maintaining HR compliance


Develop a System for Staying Abreast of Labor Laws. In addition, new paid-sick-leave laws, mandates on sexual-harassment training and anti-discrimination laws are springing up coast to coast. For example, when was the last time you updated your written grooming policy?

Ways to Use Technology in Employee Training

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Training is one area that stands to benefit greatly from technological advances. The technology has been around for years that allows employees to attend meetings virtually, through conference calls and even video conferencing. Let’s take a look at some of the various ways organizations can utilize technology in employee training. Training can be developed and administered completely online—sometimes even without the assistance of an instructor.

Manager Checklist: Driving Development When Employees Are Remote


How would I continue to build trust with my team of Business Development Representatives (BDRs), and continue to develop their careers? We would discuss what makes the employee happy at work, and what skills they’d like to develop.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: The Differences Between HCM, LMS, and LXP


And established HCM systems that previously didn’t offer learning solutions are now selling “skills clouds” and “skills engines” alongside their payroll, time and attendance, and benefits administration tools. They’re also powerful and require specialized training to operate safely.

10 Ways to Test the Waters Before Diving Into a New Career


If so, it might be time for a career change. Mid-life career switches are common, of course, but it’s important to avoid doing anything in haste. A professional in the industry is a great resource for learning more about a new career path. Start part-time.

The Many Paths to Lifelong Learning

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I can pinpoint moments of career and personal growth to specific times in life when I’ve been intentional about learning from everything around me. Often, this has led me to seek out new ways to learn – whether taking an online executive development course, joining a book club, or working with a career coach. University Attending a university is one of the most common educational paths.

Turning Age into Advantage: Tips for Job Searching for Professionals 55-plus


However, if you’ve ever searched for a job at 55- or 60-plus, you know that it’s likely considered, and many times, it’s not a positive. Enroll in an online course. Join an industry organization and attend training events.

How to Become a Merchant Mariner

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If you love working around water and have a passion for sailing, you may want to consider a career as a merchant mariner. This profession isn’t for the faint of heart, but those who choose it will find a rewarding, lucrative career that’s unlike any other. .

Employee Engagement Through Training and Education Opportunities

Hospital Recruiting

What’s more, those scores had remained flat the preceding five years, indicating that the staff was disengaged for some time. “In Lastly, career development opportunities were among the top ten drivers for nurse engagement according to Nursing World (January 2016), which is the focus of the rest of the article. Training and Education. communication regarding the training, interaction, and feedback. Jrg Schiemann/

From Rock Star to Pilot: How to Make Your Dream Career a Reality

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As you grew older, you may have dismissed these career choices as unachievable and maybe decided to settle on a more mainstream job. There are many reasons why people don’t pursue the career of their dreams. Different careers require different entry routes. Chasing a career in a hard to enter the industry will have a completely different path to success than that of a regular job. One of the best routes to becoming a pilot is through attending university.

Study 40

How a Career Coach can Help You with Your Career Planning?

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Many of you might think, what is career coaching? How can a coach help me with my career planning ? Do you wish to look out for better options and have you considered your short-term and long-term career goals? Now that you have answered these questions, do you think that your career could be more rewarding? If yes, you might consider seeking the services of a career coach. Yes, for your dream successful career, you can always depend on a job coach.

It’s the Eve of Disruption


It’s now about coaching and developing talent, too. To date, he noted, training has been ineffective; it doesn’t stick. Of course, as you might expect, Digital Disruption (now in its third year), like most user events, was chock full of client success stories. A profession is defined as an occupation requiring prolonged training and a formal qualification,” he said. Interestingly, the new hires, on average, had applied seven times before.

11 Podcasts To Fuel Personal Growth and Leadership Development

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I’m a voracious consumer of content in the areas that are of interest to me – specifically leadership, entrepreneurship, speaking and personal development. So a couple of years ago, I decided to try podcasts as a way to continue learning, and to fill time that was normally spent listening to the same songs in my playlists or on the radio over and over again. As the CEO of a business and lifestyle coaching company, she teaches personal and business development systems.

Are Managers Cutting It As Coaches?


to attend Aon Hewitt’s Top Companies For Leaders Think Tank. In these conversations, I was struck by how often HR executives returned to the idea of helping managers adopt a “coaching mind-set” as a key component of their companies’ leadership development strategies. Heck, a 2015 Right Management poll found 68 percent of 616 North American workers saying their managers weren’t actively engaged in the career development of their employees.

AON 57

7 Cardinal Predictors of Career Success (Talent Is Not One of Them)

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Many people who are more than prepared to have a successful, fulfilling lifelong career may doubt their ability to rise to the top. Instead of relying on talent alone, these seven predictors of career success may go on to define someone’s professional legacy.

The Ultimate Guide to Workplace Mentoring

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Most times, your employees won’t come to you with how they feel, so you need to step in and intervene. Having a career mentor works for everyone on an individual level but taking it one notch higher as a company can make a lot of difference. 4) Career Development.

Book Summary & Review — Anxiety at Work: 8 Strategies to Help Teams Build Resilience, Handle Uncertainty, and Get Stuff Done by Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton

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A lack of clarity about prospects for career growth and development, as well as the need for clarity in everyday work situations. A good deal of employee uncertainty is about their own performance and development, i.e., How am doing?

Three Ways Technology Is Making HR More Efficient

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Many HR management systems help keep track of hiring, monitoring employee attendance and performance, and many other aspects of HR. This will free up your time so you can focus on your core responsibilities during the recruitment process. Enhanced Training and Performance Management.

People analytics and learning: Driving workforce development by delivering the right solution to the right people at the right time


In the same way, the game-changing insights about learning come not just from identifying the before-and-after change in a given behavior, or observations between a test and control group, but also from combining learning data, business data, and behavioral data and conducting robust statistical analyses to personalize learning recommendations and career development interventions. This is the cue for real-time learning analytics and insights.

Budgeting: It’s Not Just for Your Finances!

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Diligently applying this principle to manage my own time and finances allowed me to reclaim my life. The cycle repeated itself 2-3 times each year and affected many areas of my life, particularly my fitness and relationships. On the weekends, I set aside time to review my dashboard. In a similar vein, here are my time budgeting categories (hours per week are in parentheses): Fitness (7hrs) Anything constituting exercise.