Inspiring Employee Experience Quotes from 7 Industry Experts

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Inspiring Employ ee Experience Quotes from 7 Industry Experts . Employee Experience is one of the hottest topics among HR and other professionals around the world. Learn about what some of the world’s most influential experts have to say about Employee Experience.

How Employee Recognition and Inclusion Intersect

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When we talk about employee recognition in this space, the context is nearly always employee recognition and reward programs – how we recognize and celebrate employees who demonstrate company values and contribute to organizational success. But let’s not forget a basic definition of recognition: “acknowledgment of something or someone’s existence, validity, or legality.”. The simple act of recognition, to pause and say, “I see you. Recognition


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It Takes a Recognition Culture To Spark Engagement


The recent focus on employee engagement has taught us plenty, including how closely tied employee engagement is to an organization’s success, and what happens in this disrupted, transformed workforce without engagement: our top talent moves on. We also know that one of the primary drivers of engagement is recognition. If we want to be successful in this changing landscape they lead to a workplace culture built on recognition, rewards, feedback and transparency.

Fond of Work: Sarah Strehl, CHRO at ECMC Group


Sarah is a strategic, results-oriented HR leader with over 20 years of progressive HR leadership experience across a variety of industries, geographic locations and HR specializations. Are there any HR challenges you consider unique to your current industry?


Fond of Work: Todd Helms, CHRO at Synovus


This time for Fond of Work, we spoke with Todd Helms, CHRO at Synovus Financial Corp. Todd is an experienced global HR business partner with diverse exposure to multiple industry sectors. I wasn’t the CHRO — I was supporting a business unit role.


Fond of Work: Darleen Souza, Senior Vice President & CHRO at Albany Medical Center


This time for Fond of Work , we interviewed Darleen Souza, Vice President & CHRO at Albany Medical Center. I received a graduate degree in Clinical and Industrial Psychology. I then worked my way up from generalist to CHRO. Why do you think employee recognition matters?


2020 Employee Engagement Trends

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With digitalization, globalization, and new generations entering the workforce, the faster a company can evolve alongside shifting consumer and employee engagement trends, the better equipped they are to survive in the long run. How do you drive genuine employee engagement?

How one company passed the ‘cultural stress test’ of 2020


This month, HRE is helping HR leaders prepare for the year ahead with a series featuring insigh ts from industry experts, thought leaders and others about what we can learn from 2020 and the challenges coming in 2021. DJ Casto, executive vice president and CHRO of Synchrony.


In-depth: 7 big lessons from Spring HR Tech


It’s undoubtedly been one of the hardest years in history for organizations, and for HR leaders tasked with guiding companies and employees during the pandemic that has impacted nearly every facet of the workplace. It’s all about human and employee connection.

Fond of Work: Jennifer Butler, CPO at Ingram Barge


Jennifer manages employment, training, organizational development, compensation, employee relations, and communications. I left college with a Masters in Organizational Communication and undergraduate in Industrial Psychology. How do you reward and recognize employees at Ingram Barge?

The Top 40 Job Titles in Human Resources


The Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) is the most common HR leader job title at a large enterprise. Pepsico, for example, has Ronald Schellekens as the overall CHRO. The titles CHRO and CPO (Chief People Officer) are often used interchangeably. Industrial Relations Manager.

TharpeRobbins Changes Name to Engage2Excel


More than just a name change, this is an exciting step forward in a century-long tradition of innovation in helping companies engage and recognize exceptional employees. In addition, companies can now take their employee engagement and recognition programs to the next level with our ROI-based employee recognition platform. Engage2Excel exists to help HR measure, manage, and improve employee engagement and recognition programs to drive bottom-line results.

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How to Prepare for the Future of Employee Rewards and Recognition


Introducing a new employee rewards and recognition program is a significant moment for any enterprise. Recognition is a key driver of the ever-elusive employee engagement and great workplace culture. Organizations with recognition programs outperform those without them by an average of 14% in areas of employee engagement, customer service, and productivity. Build a recognition program that is always looking to improve its impact.

5 Key Takeaways From the 2021 CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council Virtual Conference


The conference featured a series of speaker sessions, networking events, and roundtables packed full of insights from senior HR leaders across the credit union industry. Many recommendations shared at the conference focused on providing more autonomy and flexibility for employees.

Event Activities at UK HR Directors Summit in Birmingham, February 6-7, 2018


The latest report from Gallup states that just 1 in 10 UK and EU workers are actively engaged and with UK productivity seeing further falls during 2017, according to the Office for National Statistics – it is no surprise that the UK Government recognizes that the country has an employee productivity problem. The UK’s newly announced Industrial Strategy is based on “Five Foundations of Productivity”, one of these Foundations being ‘People’. 24 percent less employee turnover.


How to Show Your Employees That You Recognize and Value Them

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In today’s evolving workforce, organizations and leaders are constantly looking for strategies to attract and retain their top performers while increasing growth and employee productivity , from offering new perks and benefits to designing flexible workplaces. But a Gallup workplace survey finds that in their search for new ideas and approaches, organizations often miss one of the most easily executed strategies: employee recognition. Celebrate employees’ work anniversaries.


9 Core Elements of a Future-Proof People Strategy

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At their finest, employees are your greatest asset. It also outlines how to attain, manage, and invest in the employees who will garner the desired outcomes. Katarina Berg, CHRO, explains that it is “people-first, purpose-driven, and adding business value.”

Fond of Work: Kimberly Ross, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chartway Federal Credit Union


This time for Fond of Work, we speak with Kimberly Ross, CHRO at Chartway Federal Credit Union. Kim is a highly experienced HR leader who specializes in leading enterprise HR strategies for culture, diversity, employee engagement, compensation, and more.

Making Work More Human

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Systems as the root cause of workplace inequity is a theme reported in a Vanity Fair article on the results of a survey conducted by The Hive, The Skimm, and Survey Monkey: “Other women recalled similar situations: being passed over for promotions, watching their female co-workers struggle to break through, or facing sexual harassment that drove them out of their industries. Our CHRO, Steve Pemberton , reminded us to “see not the circumstances, but the possibilities.

13 HR Trends: The New Workplace

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Employee-centric companies are here to stay, and employee-focused trends will continue to grow as younger employees enter the workforce. Staying on top of these HR trends will distinguish your company as a progressive, empathetic, and employee-driven organization.