The Optimistic Coach

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Great coaches see the best in those they coach; however, I’ve noticed that their positive attitude extends toward the world and the future—an attitude that is infectious. Coaches don’t ignore these realities. And this optimism is often passed on to those they coach.

The Reinvented Performance Appraisal Coaching

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Basically, organizations are realizing that getting everyone up to speed on coaching skills is not just “a nice way to give feedback and develop people” but a major component for more realistically assessing performance and organizational success.

What is Leadership Coaching? Debunking 3 Common Misconceptions

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Leadership coaching is a highly personalized methodology that cultivates leaders and grows companies from the inside out — but it’s not widely understood. What is leadership coaching, and why does it matter? To maximize results, coaches also align growth objectives with business KPIs.

Leadership Coaching … Touching Hearts?

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Our final coaching conversation over coffee quickly turned uncomfortable, at least for me. “I I have spent many years positioning the craft of leadership coaching as a practical and potent performance improvement process while minimizing the more personal aspects of this work.

What is it Like to Attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop® and Facilitator Training?


An insider’s guide to The Leadership Challenge ® Workshop. When I'm at my personal best, I can go home and say I did something good today." - Workshop Participant. We learn a lot from hosting 20 – 25 participants regularly at The Leadership Challenge ® Workshop and Facilitator Training.

The Top 10 Coaching Mistakes

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Everyone makes mistakes, even leaders and coaches. Here are 10 coaching mistakes and how you can avoid repeating them: rudall30 / iStock / Getty Images Plus. As a coach, this is no longer your job. Your job is to encourage and challenge those being coached to do the hard work.

Leadership, Coaching, and Noble Intention

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Leaders who coach effectively understand that it is not about them; it’s all about the other person. Great coaching starts with self-sacrifice. The great coach is skilled at shifting the focus entirely to the other person. True coaching is focused solely on the other person.

What is it Like to Attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop?


When I'm at my personal best, I can go home and say I did something good today." - Workshop Participant, July 2017. We learn a lot from hosting 20 – 25 participants quarterly in Sonoma at The Leadership Challenge ® Workshop and Facilitator Training.

The Top 10 Qualities of the Great Coach

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Most of us know what great coaching looks like: The person being coached learns, develops, and performs at a higher level. But what do great coaches look like? Here are the top 10 qualities of great coaches. Mastering Leadership Develop Coaching Skills

32 Action Steps to Start and Market a Coaching Business

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After you complete your coaching certification , to start a coaching business complete these steps: Choose a Name (Personal Name or Business Name). Define Your Coaching Niche. Number of Coaching Clients. Develop 1-hour Workshop(s).

Marketing Plan Outline for a Coaching Business

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Provided as an outline for you to write your marketing plan for your coaching business, this includes areas to cover and explanations on what to include. . Description – describe what you offer succinctly and include your bio with education, coach training, and experience.

Got Coaching? How ATD’s Coaching Certificate Can Help

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According to ATD Research, only 27 percent of organizations currently include coaching as part of their talent development efforts, even though it’s widely known that coaching and providing feedback are the top ways to improve performance.

Getting the Most Out of Leadership Coaching

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While coaching is a highly effective way of accelerating your development as a leader, it also represents a significant investment of time and money. Here are 14 ways to get the most out of your leadership coaching experience. How have you fared since the last coaching session?

A Design Conundrum: Employee Engagement and a 2-Day Employee Value Proposition Workshop

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Last year I was invited by an Asian client to propose a two day workshop on an employee value proposition. Because of other circumstances I was unable to deliver the workshop. Workshop Overview. Coaching and mentoring for employee development.

The Coaching Conversation and the Story

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We all have one, and we bring it to the coaching conversation. The coach needs to understand the significance of story. Master coaches show others that they have the power to change their story. The post The Coaching Conversation and the Story appeared first on HR Daily Advisor.

4 Ways Leadership Coaching Can Affect Customer Satisfaction

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Most of us have probably been influenced by a coach or a mentor that had a positive and lasting impact on our life. Leadership coaching works the same way, but in business, it not only benefits leaders themselves; employees and customers also reap the positive rewards of leadership coaching.

A Leadership Coach’s Philosophy of Life

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I’ve had the great honor of being a leadership coach for the past 25 years. Through this reflection, I’ve come to learn that there are four critical principles that are timeless and universal and that should be touchstones for all our work as coaches.

Top 10 Indicators: You Know You Are Getting Great Leadership Coaching When …

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Being coached doesn’t always feel good. You know you are getting great coaching when …. You are angry, frustrated, and ready to fire your coach. The post Top 10 Indicators: You Know You Are Getting Great Leadership Coaching When … appeared first on HR Daily Advisor.

Baby steps towards a true AI team coach


Its a long road to get to get to a true AI team coach When trying to apply recent advances in AI to a domain you often get stumped by the ‘not enough data!’ This is exactly the issue we face at Saberr when it comes to building a true AI coach for working teams.

How Coaching Can Improve Upon the Annual Performance Review


But in reality, there are other issues with an older model of performance management—issues that can be overcome by new trends in coaching if we embrace them. Using coaching to drive performance management. Yes, coaching conversations should happen more than annually.

Career Partners International Coaches Employers to Use Stay Interviews as Valuable Retention Tools

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Offer workshops for all managers so they can periodically meet with their employees and query them to discover the talent reality. The post Career Partners International Coaches Employers to Use Stay Interviews as Valuable Retention Tools appeared first on CPIWorld.

What Signature Story are You known for to Colleagues?

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During my speaking programs and coaching , you and I plug into the reality of how each workday is part of your ongoing professional story. You have a signature story that you become known for, to colleagues. How familiar are you, with the story your internal colleagues tell?

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Coaching Your Inner Monkey: Tips for Talking Yourself into Greatness


But the really great news is that we all are ‘in charge’ of our self-talk and, with focus and practice we can learn to coach our inner monkeys and begin to change that self-talk into affirming, optimistic and helpful messaging. Begin coaching your ‘monkey’ – once you’ve noticed how you’re talking to yourself and you can recognize the impact of how your stories make you feel, you can begin the work of managing your monkey!

Will Customers evaluate Your Storytelling Credibility?

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A client I am coaching carefully selected from a cadre of client stories her company had invested a lot of money in creating. Engage me to speak or conduct a workshop at your next corporate or association event. Your customers will try to evaluate your storytelling credibility.

How to Build a Coaching Certification Program


Coaching is one of the most effective skills any leader can have in their wheelhouse, and it is the building-block upon which more advanced leadership development can be built. That’s where coaching comes in—and harnessing the power of questions to reveal people’s potential. At Namely , knowing how beneficial coaching would be to our leaders, we set a company-wide goal to certify all of our leaders in coaching.

How to Have Stellar 1:1 Check-ins With Employees

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The post How to Have Stellar 1:1 Check-ins With Employees appeared first on Executive Coach, culture change and employee engagement in Dallas.

BetterUp Raises $26 Million to Democratize Professional Coaching


BetterUp brings unprecedented access to real live coaches into the hands of every employee. We’re just getting started on putting a coach in the hands of every professional worldwide. The post BetterUp Raises $26 Million to Democratize Professional Coaching appeared first on BetterUp.

Keynote Speaker at SHRM Columbus 2019 HR Symposium on October 24th

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The post Keynote Speaker at SHRM Columbus 2019 HR Symposium on October 24th appeared first on Executive Coach, culture change and employee engagement in Dallas. Honored to be the keynote speaker at 2019 HR Symposium for the Columbus, Georgia SHRM Chapter on October 24th 2019.

What is ‘Career Coaching’ & Should I Try It?


In recent years, the concept of “career coaching” has become more sought after, and thanks to our own Senior HR Business Partner Jeni Corso, we were able to pilot a program internally for our team at Zenefits. In this post, Jeni shares on her experience in kicking off ZeneCoaches, tips she has for getting your own program started, and ways to approach the coaching world if you’re completely new to the field (like me). Is it difficult to set up a coaching program?

Leadership Takes A Plan

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This question came up during a workshop I delivered to a group of senior leaders. Coaching & Mentoring Leadership Training, Learning & Development“What does the mentor get out of a mentoring relationship?”

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Overplanning Is No Substitute For Getting Sh*t Done

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In FYI: For Your Improvement (a guide for coaching and development), Lombardo and Eichinger talked about planning (Lombardo & Eichinger, 2000). When I worked abroad on an island in the Pacific Ocean, I suggested to my colleagues that we should launch a crisis training workshop.

Four New Skills to Keep Senior’s Minds Sharp

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After becoming a professional coach you will find there is a greater interest than ever for coaching during the transition to retirement. To start , consider your Area Agency on Aging, which may have details on classes and workshops. For Coaches. After completing your coaching certification and identifying your niche, it is fun to continue learning more yourself so that you are ready to brainstorm ideas and help clients find resources.

How to Learn From Experience

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Whether it is overnight at a workshop or a week later at a regularly scheduled meeting, spaced conversations provide time for generative questions to develop and for learners to ponder the experiences of others. Coaching Ourselves®.

Employee Engagement is not working even though it is about working

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As John Wooden, the fantastic UCLA basketball coach said, “don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” This will will be an excellent independent study course, speech, workshop, or training session. Engage: Go small, be good.

How to Prevent Office Gossip and Maintain Positive Culture

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4) DO offer a team workshop on gossip. is the CEO of On Target Solutions which provides Executive Coaching and Human Resources solutions.Her mission is to make the executive experience exceptionally enjoyable and effective.