5 Fun Employee Workshops to Host in the Office


Office workshops break up the day, boost employee loyalty, and reduce turnover because they communicate the message that each individual contributor is more than a number. The key is in choosing the right workshops; the less they feel like a chore for employees, the more effective they’ll be.

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5 Happiness Workshop Activities That Boost Team Success

Get Hppy

At Happy Brain Science, we have curated many activities that we facilitate in our workshop The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work. These happiness workshop activities help employees to increase optimism, boost brain function, and build team trust through shared experiences.

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Make the Most of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop Experience


Learn even more from The Leadership Challenge ® Workshop with advice from past participants. Attending The Leadership Challenge ® Workshop is an investment in yourself and your development as a leader. Hollywata // cc by 2.0 //.

What is it Like to Attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop?


When I'm at my personal best, I can go home and say I did something good today." - Workshop Participant, July 2017. We learn a lot from hosting 20 – 25 participants quarterly in Sonoma at The Leadership Challenge ® Workshop and Facilitator Training.

An Employee Engagement Model for Santa’s Workshop

Maritz Motivation

We sourced input from around the world to define seven dimensions of engagement: Approaching the holiday season, we asked ourselves how Santa’s Workshop stacks up to our model: Purpose (Why we exist) — Santa, the elves and reindeer have a clear line of sight to the meaning in their work.

8 Life Lessons From Yoga Workshop


A few years back, I got in touch again by joining a Yoga workshop and gained a new level of awareness about it. This month, I again enrolled for an advanced workshop conducted by a renowned spiritual teacher and a Yogi. Here are a few lessons I learned from the workshop that can be applied to our life/work to excel: The light is within. Everyday, after the workshop, we are asked to perform Yoga and Pranayama regularly.

Customer Workshop Recap: Tips for Throughout the Employee Lifecycle


Last Thursday, we hosted our first client workshop. While we couldn’t invite all of you readers to this first one (but stay tuned for future workshops!), Thank you to our customers who actively participated in our workshop. At CultureIQ, we believe in the value of community.

Free People Artists and Employee Engagement Workshop in Winnipeg on Tuesday December 1

David Zinger

Hart, and I are offering a free 90 minute workshop on Tuesday December 1 from 8AM to 9:30 at the Winnipeg Winter Club. My friend and co-author, Peter W. Space is limited, if you are interested contact me at: david@davidzinger.com.

The performance support journey at PI

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job training management training catalyst behavioral psychology pi fundamentals workshop pi professional series PI workshops PI supportBy Roberta Dombrowski.

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The Magnificent 7: Must-Have Management Skills for New Leaders, Part 2- Delegating

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leadership managing management workshops management training delegatingBy Matt Poepsel.

The Magnificent 7: Must-have management skills for new leaders, Part 1

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Employee Engagement & Retention managing management workshops management training employee engagementBy Matt Poepsel.

3 tips to optimize your creative talent

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People Data management workshops management training human capital management data management managing creative talent

Six tips to proactively manage workplace change

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Employee Engagement & Retention Organizational Change communication management workshops management training employee engagement healthy work environment stress relief management tipsBy Jillian Phipps.

A Design Conundrum: Employee Engagement and a 2-Day Employee Value Proposition Workshop

David Zinger

Last year I was invited by an Asian client to propose a two day workshop on an employee value proposition. Because of other circumstances I was unable to deliver the workshop. Workshop Overview. The workshop will help to improve where you work.

5 Ways to Build a Highly Engaged Company Culture

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Employee Engagement & Retention employee motivation employee productivity management workshops management training employee engagement happy employees employee retentionBy Greg Barnett.

Tips for Being More Self-Aware in the Workplace

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Behavioral Assessment workplace behaviors management workshops management training webinar happy employees self-awareness PI Insights workplace cultureBy Elsbeth McSorley.

What makes the best sales people and the key to managing them

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Hiring, Selection, Onboarding Sales Techniques Sales managing management workshops management training Sales TeamsBy Jillian Phipps.

Employee Engagement Myths and Kaizengagement Workshop: Small is the New Significant

David Zinger

Employee Engagement Workshop in London UK. The workshop was divided into 3 parts. In conjunction with Berghind Joseph an examination of all 21 of the myths of employee engagement developed within the workshop will be available in the future.

Rules for mastering engaging employees in 2017 and beyond

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Employee Engagement & Retention turnover rate Human resources management workshops management training employee engagement happy employees human capital management unhappy employees turnoverBy Jillian Phipps.

5 Tips for Holding Effective Staff Meetings

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Employee Engagement & Retention Team Development team work employee motivation employee productivity managing management workshops management training employee engagement happy employeesBy Jillian Phipps.

5 Steps for Strategic Workforce Planning

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talent assessment Cognitive Ability Assessment Behavioral Assessment Require, Hire, Inspire management workshops business plan strategic workforce planningBy Drew Fortin.

Getting Ahead in Recruiting – My #ILSHRM Pre-Conference Workshop

Acacia HR Solutions

This Sunday I will be conducting the pre-conference workshop at ILSHRM. If you have read this blog for a while you know that I was the chair of the ILSHRM conference for many years and this will be my first year, ever, attending as a speaker and attendee. I’m really excited about it. I’m also. Recruitment


See For Yourself: Be Experimental with Employee Engagement in 2015

David Zinger

Experiment with Employee Engagement in 2015. Reading time: 2 minutes and 18 seconds. I encourage you to make 2015 a year of experimentation for employee engagement. Help your leaders, managers, and employees become more scientific in their adoption and work with engaging approaches.

Employee Engagement is not working even though it is about working

David Zinger

This will will be an excellent independent study course, speech, workshop, or training session. Employee Engagement David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker Canada employee engagement training good work small is the new significant speeches workshops Engage: Go small, be good.

The 2 Minute Guide to Memorable Employee Workshops


Employee workshops range from fall-asleep-boring to over-the-top entertaining. On one hand, you want to make your upcoming workshops as informative as possible without lulling employees to sleep. Here’s how to make your next employee workshop pop without losing its fizzle.

Employee Engagement: Empathy is not a Soft Skill it is Strong Stuff

David Zinger

London Workshop on Strength Based Approaches to Leadership – November 28. Plan to attend the London UK Strength and Engagement Workshop Wednesday November 28 from 13:00 to 18:00. Employee Engagement: Empathy take engagement beyond ourselves. .

12 Lessons From A Personal Journey Through Burnout and Engagement

David Zinger

This education is offered in keynotes, workshops, courses, and masterclasses. Employee Engagement #employeeengagement burnout courses David Zinger Canadian employee engagement expert employee engagement speaker keynotes masterclasses work workshops

From E-Learning to We-Learning: National Workshop Series – Join Us!

Josh Bersin

I&# m very excited to announce that starting in a few weeks our analysts will be going on a roadshow around the country to present our latest research and best-practices on social and informal. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. Enterprise Learning Learning Culture Learning On-Demand skillsoft social learning we-learning

Putting A Stake in the Ground: Purpose+ Profit = Next Generation Business


Featured Workplace Culture and Innovation Ayelet Baron business interactive workshop keynote speaker next generation business paradigm shift profit and purpose in businessCan you imagine what is possible now? There is no other time than now! Let’s go make it happen.

Takeaways From an ATD Workshop on Organizational Change

ATD Human Capital

Takeaways From an ATD Workshop on Organizational Change

ATD Human Capital

Here’s What It Means to Be Strategic

TLNT: The Business of HR

I often talk about my leadership workshops as helping leaders think and work more strategically. Best Practices HR Insights HR Management Leadership Strategy Featured

Employee Engagement in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

David Zinger

Employee Engagement #employeeengagement Canadian Institute of Management CIM David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker employee engagement Canada employee engagement Manitoba employee engagement Winnipeg employee engagement workshop I have lived in Winnipeg for 48 years or 80% of my life. I love the community and the terrific people I have become friends with.