Cornerstone to buy talent management developer Saba


Cornerstone OnDemand, a California-based cloud learning, talent management and talent experience software developer, said this week that it will acquire Saba, a talent management solutions company of Vector Capital based out of Dublin, Calif. Saba and Cornerstone have always shared a passion for people development, and together we can accomplish great things,” said Adam Miller, CEO and founder of Cornerstone. We see a natural fit between Saba and Cornerstone.

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What Motivates Successful People to Keep Learning? Six Professionals Weigh In

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Start learning through Cornerstone's free online learning portal here. Here, six HR experts, Cornerstone all-stars and extreme learning professionals share what motivates them to find time to continue learning day in and day out.

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November 2014 Product Release: The Connected Workforce

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Customize the learning experience by featuring select training courses relevant to the specific group. Social learning and collaboration is a big initiative at Cornerstone. Company Cornerstone OnDemand New Products Generational changes in the workplace are transforming the way people work and the way organizations do business.

The Board of Global Ministries: Challenging Young Leaders to Take Charge of Their Professional Growth

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Three years ago, the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation partnered with the Board of Global Ministries to better prepare their future leaders to carry out its initiatives. The Board of Global Ministries partnered with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation to help its young employees develop leadership skills in an organization whose employee count has doubled to 200 in the last 18 months. The organization has implemented over 150 learning courses so far.

February 2015 Product Release: Drive Visibility, Accuracy, and Productivity

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Cornerstone Recruiting. Cornerstone Mobile. The Cornerstone Mobile App now allows users to search through the entire course catalog, find training, request or assign training as needed, and complete training from any mobile device. Cornerstone Performance. Learn more in the February ’15 Product Release Video: Company Cornerstone OnDemand New Products Skills Matrix Recruiting Geolocation

October 2015 Product Release: Save Time, Boost Productivity, and Make Smarter Decisions

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Cornerstone Learning. Browse for Training – Courses for You. Cornerstone Recruiting. Cornerstone Mobile. At Cornerstone, we’re committed to improving your mobile experience. Cornerstone Insights. Identify who is currently at risk of being out of compliance by not completing their courses on time, why they’re at risk, and what you can do to mitigate immediate compliance risks. Company Cornerstone OnDemand Release

How Cornerstone Insights Will Unlock Big Data Potential in HR

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Cornerstone recently announced Cornerstone Insights , a suite of predictive analytics dashboards that a applies sophisticated data science to workforce data , enabling business leaders to answer burning questions about how to use data to better hire, train, manage, and retain top talent. Max Simkoff, VP of Analytics at Cornerstone OnDemand, answers a few questions on how why this is an important announcement and why analytics will transform the state of talent management.

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Convergence Day 1: Today’s New Normal Promises Future Opportunities

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The first fully virtual Cornerstone Convergence kicked off today and there is just so much to tell you about the event! Navigating the Now of Work—Opening Keynote from Cornerstone CEO Phil Saunders "Is this what you expected?"

Returning to Offices Will Require New Policies. And More Kindness.

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Of course, all these changes and new policies are crucial pieces to keeping employees and their families safe. That’s something we try to always keep in mind as we develop and launch new training, but it’s especially important for courses that prepare us to return to the office. Cornerstone offers a comprehensive professional skills library of courses to support this effort, and we invite you to explore and learn more about them.

How to Help Employees Deal with Holiday Stress

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A couple of years ago at my company, Cornerstone OnDemand, we introduced a "Stress Management" curriculum into our internal learning management system under the premise that we can't remove stress, but we can learn to control it. In our Stress Management course, we often start with a group discussion (either in-person or virtually through the platform). And, of course, don't neglect your own well-being: Managing your own stress is a prerequisite to helping anyone else.

3 Trends Blending the Worlds of Learning and Work

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In reality, we are always talking to our peers and managers, we're on Twitter reading and watching content, or listening to podcasts—informal learning is actually happening all the time," says Elvis Ha, manager of product management at Cornerstone OnDemand. 1) The Power of Informal Learning Today, subject-matter expertise tends to reside in each business unit, with learning courses and tracks shaping the way different departments learn.

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5 Ways to Empower Employees with Future Skills

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In partnership with Cornerstone OnDemand, the Institute for the Future unveiled a Future Skills Map highlighting the capabilities that modern workers will need to thrive in an ever-changing, fast-paced, tech-focused work environment. Hiring managers can identify individuals who have pursued relevant courses , certifications or made other efforts to learn, and reward them.

How Big Data is Changing the Recruiting Game

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The most effective analytics, says Michael Housman, chief analytics officer here at Cornerstone OnDemand, rely on millions — even tens of millions — of data points. The analysis, of course, is easier said than done. Big data — and its potential to help companies predict which employees are likely to flourish or flail, whether as new hires or future leaders — is all the rage among HR departments today.

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Believe This? Poor Performing Employees Use Internet Explorer.

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Come on in here, Cornerstone On Demand, and DEFEND YOURSELF. More f rom The Atlantic: Cornerstone OnDemand, a company that sells software that helps employers recruit and retain workers, analyzed data on about 50,000 people who took its 45-minute online job assessment (which is like a thorough personality test) and then were successfully hired at a firm using its software. Of course, that''s based on a smaller sample size that what Cornerstone has above.

Agile, Adaptable, and Innovative

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Organizations have accelerated their digital transformation strategies to adapt to the remote world of work,” says Ike Bennion, product marketing specialist at Cornerstone OnDemand.

Technology?s role in recruitment


Brianna Foulds, director of talent acquisition at HCM vendor Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. Of course, more tech isn’t always the answer, cautions Michele Mavi, director of internal recruiting for staffing firm Atrium. “I Editor’s note: This is the second in a series on recruiting strategies and priorities for HR leaders—from HR’s top experts. The interviews were conducted prior to the impacts of coronavirus on the workplace. . *. “It’s

How Helped Build a Learning Program for Aid Workers in Syria

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To better equip these local responders with the knowledge and skills they need for an effective humanitarian response, three organizations— (a Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation initiative), Mercy Corps and the International Rescue Committee (IRC)—teamed up to implement the Investing in Syrian Humanitarian Action (ISHA) program funded by the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA). Can you share some examples of the courses that you developed?

One Year Down, Unbound Business Ahead: An Interview with Heidi Spirgi

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When I met Heidi Spirgi, she had just arrived at Cornerstone OnDemand as the new Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer. In her first year at Cornerstone, Heidi was called upon to be a leader through a global pandemic and the resulting economic crisis.

Employee Engagement Tools and Resources


Cornerstone OnDemand. You could add to the LMS–or offer on its own–online learning like the following massive open online course (MOOC) platforms: LinkedIn Learning. This is the fourth chapter in our series about employee engagement! Get ahead of the game by downloading the whole guide here. Employee engagement doesn't necessarily need to be a manual process–there are plenty of products and tools out there that can take on the heavy lifting for you.

Heidi Spirgi Named to 2021 Constellation Research Business Transformation 150

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We are proud to share that Heidi Spirgi, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Cornerstone, has been named to the list among other visionary business leaders. Now, just over one year with Cornerstone, Heidi’s strategic decision-making and innovative approach to how work can get done has helped position Cornerstone to be the market leader. On behalf of Heidi and the Cornerstone team, congratulations to all of the leaders named to the BT150 list!

Heidi Spirgi Named to 2021 Constellation Research Business Transformation 150 | ReWork

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

We are proud to share that Heidi Spirgi, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Cornerstone, has been named to the list among other visionary business leaders. Now, just over one year with Cornerstone, Heidi’s strategic decision-making and innovative approach to how work can get done has helped position Cornerstone to be the market leader. On behalf of Heidi and the Cornerstone team, congratulations to all of the leaders named to the BT150 list!

ICYMI: Potential, Mindfulness and Communication at Convergence 2019

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That's a wrap on another Cornerstone Convergence, our annual event that this year brought together over 2,000 attendees. As a result, says Joe Burton, founder and CEO of Whil, Cornerstone's new content partner for mindfulness training, we spend more and more of our time with our wandering brain activated—this includes thinking about the past, worrying about the future and yes, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.

How to Ruin Credibility in One Easy Step


The other day I wrote about the podcast where the Chief Analytics Officer at Cornerstone OnDemand was talking about honesty. ” They started with nothing and became wealthy over the course of their lives. Recently someone asked this question on Quora, a site that I sometimes drop by to help shed some light on the world of HR: If I lie about a past felony on job applications, will the California FCRA keep background checks from finding out?

4 Corporate LMS Software Trends in 2020

TrustRadius Project Management

We had Cornerstone, a 20-year incumbent in corporate learning management, lend us their Content team to help us pull back the curtains on 4 of the most important trends for 2020. Cornerstone’s Dr. Salomonsen concurs.

Why Video Learning Works: ReWork Interviews ej4's Scott McKenzie

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

Today, when watching videos on their computers and mobile devices has become second nature to your employees, omitting video from your learning content strategy is a missed opportunity, says Scott McKenzie, channel sales director at ej4, a video learning content provider and trusted Cornerstone OnDemand content partner. We have content across four categories, with a total of 2,300 courses. For example, we now offer courses on opioid addiction and digital addiction.

How to Use Vacation Time to Mitigate Burnout in the Workplace

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A vacation, of course. Cornerstone OnDemand surveyed 1,000 employees in the American workforce about work-life balance and the effect a long vacation can have on achieving this crucial equilibrium. Based on its survey findings, Cornerstone has pulled together some tips for workers who do opt for longer vacations. And Cornerstone’s survey results reflect this: A three-day weekend may help reduce stress levels at work far more effectively than a long vacation.

How L&D Keeps Businesses Running Through Unexpected Circumstances

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The organization relied on Cornerstone OnDemand to keep business units aligned and moving despite these unexpected challenges. Employees could access learning and development courses from their homes, temporary office space or wherever they worked during this transitional time. “If

How Development Helps Government Organizations Attract and Retain the Next Generation of Talent

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According to the "State of Human Capital Management in Government" report , published by HCMG, WBR Insights and Cornerstone OnDemand, roughly 86% of government organizations offer work/life programs to ensure their workers are happy at home and at work, 85% offer one-on-one coaching to promote on-the-job growth, 80% offer employee recognition programs, 77% offer mentorship programs and 74% even offer tech training.

Announcing Cornerstone Convergence Unbound Virtual Conference!

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There's an excited buzz spreading across Cornerstone virtual team meetings and chats because our annual customer conference— Cornerstone Convergence —is just 26 days away!

The Talent Management System in a Nutshell

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The number one reason to use a talent management system is, of course, to automate and optimize the entire package of talent management processes within your organization. Any good talent management enables employees to follow courses and develop their skills. Thanks to technological developments (in AI) some systems even suggest courses to employees based on collected data and for instance on courses colleagues with similar profiles have taken.

29 HR Tools every HR Professional Should Know about in 2020

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Of course, there are solutions for each of these functions too. Vendors in this space include: Talentsoft Cornerstone OnDemand Saba. Blogs – Of course, when you list podcasts and books as options to stay on top of the latest in the HR industry, you need to add HR blogs too.

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M&A Friday! This Week’s HR Deals and Trending #HotInHR News


Project Management Academy Acquires Watermark Learning to Expand Its Portfolio of Courses for Project Managers and Their Organization. Alight to acquire Workday and Cornerstone OnDemand Business from Wipro. Our weekly recap of fundings, mergers & acquisition, partnership and other interesting news from the human resource, recruitment and employee benefits marketplace. FUNDING. This week’s fundings: $155M+.

A Look at the Numbers Behind the 31M+ Employees Learning on Cornerstone [Infographic]

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

In honor of Digital Learning Week Cornerstone is offering a sample of 150 modern eLearning courses for free from February 25 through March 11. At Cornerstone, we've seen the benefits of learning first hand, and this year we are challenging ourselves to do even more with the Five for Twenty Challenge. To "improve retention and engagement, save big money and create a higher-performing, more future-proof organization," says Adam Miller, CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand.

BJ’s Gets Boost to Promote from Within


Paired with Kirsten Helvey, senior vice president of client success at Cornerstone OnDemand, it was a story of retooling and rebooting several years ago — with Cornerstone’s help, of course — to ensure such a commitment to internal promotions could support and sustain a trajectory of growth that’s gone from a small one-room pizzeria in Santa Ana, Calif.,

3 Important Learning & Development Trends in 2020

TrustRadius HR

Cornerstone ’s talent management and content production teams shared their view on the top corporate learning trends. Here are three current corporate learning trends, according to Cornerstone, and what they mean for you.

What is an HRIS? An HR Practitioner’s Guide

Analytics in HR

This module allows HR to track qualification, certification, and skills of the employees, as well as an outline of available courses for company employees. An LMS usually includes available e-learning and other courses to be followed by employees. Cornerstone. Cornerstone OnDemand is the only company not listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. This program has courses on Design Thinking in HR and on building and implementing a Digital HR Strategy.

The Keys to Building an Effective Onboarding Program


Pairing this with another finding from Cornerstone that 17% of employees quit within their first 6 months due to insufficient training, it is reasonable to conclude that many companies are failing to execute an effective onboarding program. Cornerstone OnDemand , a talent management software provider, brings all new hires to a three-day orientation at its Santa Monica, California, headquarters.

Cornerstone: Does It Still Matter?


With the Talent Management Suite Wars long over — after starting 15 years ago — does one of the two winners left standing, Cornerstone OnDemand, still matter, especially when the other one is SAP SuccessFactors? But only Cornerstone, SAP SuccesFactors and Oracle will sell what some really want — those much better cloud talent-management apps integrated into their old on-prem Core HR — without making users do what they don’t want to: ripping out what they’ve already got.

Cornerstone acquires Saba: A suggestion, a question, and a friendly provocation


Last week, Cornerstone OnDemand announced that it’s acquiring Saba. Cornerstone’s recent acquisitions—first Clustree 2 and now Saba—set up Cornerstone to offer a strong potential answer to that urgency. The Saba acquisition, according to Cornerstone leaders, will fuel innovation through the combined company’s reach and cash flow. On the ground, how could it impact Cornerstone and Saba clients as well as workers inside the two organizations?

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HR Tech Weekly: Episode #266: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

Topics: John and Stacey discuss how the coronavirus pandemic is reshaping working norms, Ascentis Announces Touch-Free Time Clocks with Temperature Reading Capabilities, and Cornerstone OnDemand taps former Saba chief Phil Saunders to serve as new CEO of combined company. Cornerstone OnDemand taps former Saba chief Phil Saunders to serve as new CEO Link ». We have Cornerstone on Demand. Well of course all the vendors have done all the research.