How to Stop Over-Exercising

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As we discuss how to stop over-exercising, I hope you’re inspired to release exercise-related guilt and give your body grace and love! . It’s a free on-demand training that walks you through how to ditch food guilt and body shame so you can gain confidence and feel free!

20+ Essential Executive Assistant Training Courses


20+ Essential Executive Assistant Training Courses. Executive assistant training helps ambitious assistants keep up with their ever-changing roles—demanding roles that require constant learning, growing, and evolving. General Executive Assistant Training Courses .

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A Crash Course in Empathy and Leadership


That’s what Michael Ventura, CEO of Sub Rosa, covered in his packed SXSW session: A Crash Course to Empathy in Leadership. In other words, it’s difficult to teach and train people to have affective empathy. As a leader, having your team identify which archetypes they are can be a great exercise not only for them as individuals, but also for the team as a whole. The post A Crash Course in Empathy and Leadership appeared first on Reflektive.

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Fighting Cognitive Decline – Part 1: Exercise

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The Three E’s: Exercising Eating right Exploring mindfulness. First, let’s address exercising, then in future articles, I will share ideas on eating right followed by exploring mindfulness. Exercising is an amazing tool to use to fight against cognitive decline. The link specifically between cardiovascular exercise and the condition of the brain is fascinating. In the book, “Spark, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain,” the authors, John J.

4 Exercises I Never Skip, Even When Gymless — from a Physical Therapist

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Notice how I leave these vague, thats because there are lots of exercises you can do to achieve these four goals. Of course, rotator cuff strengthening goes hand-in-hand. Interested in learning how to incorporate these with your training? Kettlebells are a favorite!

The Deadlift – The Ultimate Strength Exercise?

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So far, my approach to working out has been mostly focused on bodyweight circuits and sandbag training. Bodyweight Exercises are Great, BUT…. And as far as physique development, just look at any male olympic gymnast and you will see how ripped bodyweight exercises can get you.

Why Exercise is Important and 3 Tips That Help

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I had all the signs of exercise. This is why it is important to think of this as exercise. I’m really strict about my exercise schedule. So, of course, I start an inner battle with myself. If I don’t exercise will I be skipping a day? Exercise Example.

Will Obstacle Course Racers Age Better than You?

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In the obstacle course world racers spend countless hours monthly training their bodies to handle climbing ropes, crawling under barb wired, swimming in frigid lakes but what they might not know is that their physical training is making their brain healthier too.

4 Employee Engagement Exercises, Adapted from Super Bowl XLIX Volunteer Training


I attended an NFL “Fans First Training” for the Super Bowl volunteers at the Phx Coliseum last week. I imagine this is a lot of what they do to train their Disney staff. Another exercise was to have everyone put their left hand over their eyes and point to the north with their right.

Does Unconscious Bias Training Work?

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As companies are being called to address racism in today’s workforce , there have been responses suggesting that merely providing unconscious bias training isn’t enough to eradicate racism. Does Unconscious Bias Training Work in the Office? Workplace Training

Managing Conflict with Confidence: New Online Course!

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We are excited to announce our latest online training program over on our WorkXO Solutions site: Managing Conflict with Confidence: 8 Tips for Better Conflict Conversations. I got my master’s degree in conflict analysis and resolution back in the early 90s, and in addition to my many years of consulting around conflict issues in organizations, I spent time early in my career delivering conflict resolution training programs in areas of ethnic conflict internationally. training

Online Conflict Resolution Training [NEW]

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Conflict resolution, of course, is my original background, and I thought—given what’s happening now, this would be a great time for people to get trained in how to have better conflict conversations.

“Exercise a little extra empathy towards others right now.” With Mitch Russo & Khabeer Rockley

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It’s critical for us all to exercise a little extra empathy towards others right now. It was when a good friend told me over a training session one day, half joking and half serious — “Mate, why aren’t you doing this full time?”. Closing’ is of course the proverbial Holy Grail.

Building a Compensation Plan: An Exercise in Collaboration

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At PayScale , we’ve been talking with companies for years, helping them develop their compensation strategies, build their pay ranges, and train their managers to better communicate compensation across the organization.

5 Ways to Create Effective Interactive Training Content


Employee training is no longer limited to sitting back and watching PowerPoint slides. L&D teams are looking out for interactive training content so that the employees can learn and retain the information effectively. Interactive training content, as the name suggests, requires interaction between the trainer and the employee. But today, as mobile-based training is on the rise, the interaction now has to be between the course module and the learner.

Online Training Platform Vs Traditional Training Which is the Best


But there are still organizations who are unable to decide if they want to completely switch over to online training. Some might say that since millennials comprise a major part of the workforce, it would be prudent to use an online training platform. For an enterprise, training and development is compulsory. Let us compare which is the Best Online Training Platform or Traditional Training: 1. And online training saves a lot of time for you and the employees.

What You Should Know About Leadership Development Training

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I’ve spent more than a decade working in three related and intersecting fields: Training, Learning & Development, and Leadership Development. leadership development, training & development, etc.). Leader Development, Leadership Development, and Leadership Training.

How to Eliminate Complacency When It Comes to Safety Training

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However, having a sense of awareness about safety, or even being willing to attend safety training, doesn’t necessarily mean that all individuals are fully committed to uncompromising safety in the workplace. Here are four ways to get the most out of safety training and eliminate complacency.

The Role of Adaptive Learning in Training Employees

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For example, most corporate training programs are designed to appeal to visual and kinesthetic learners using a written curriculum and applied practices. Imagine, however, that this corporate training program had adjustments written into it for dyslexic or auditory learners.

How to elevate the importance of employee training Four tips to make training a priority in your organization

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Recently, we highlighted five common workplace training and development challenges employers face in 2019. One of those challenges sounds the simplest but is one of the most difficult to address—making training and development (T&D) a priority.

Diversity and inclusion training: How to apply it in the workplace


When you craft a D&I training program, you need to carefully design and apply it to gain its maximum benefits. In this blog post, you can find the skeleton of a diversity and inclusion training program that you can use with adjustments within your company. Training (e.g.

What Training Do Your Employees Need?

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In effect, you need to train them. Now, before you start signing up for countless training courses or arranging loads of team-building exercises, The post What Training Do Your Employees Need?


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WARNING: You must consult with your doctor prior to performing any type of exercise program. Regular exercise will play a CRITICAL role in reducing the amount of fat on your body, increasing the amount of daily energy you have, as well as building LEAN muscle on your frame.

How to Make a Mandatory Training for Employees Fun

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At a lot of companies, employees have a tendency to dread mandatory training because it’s just not designed to be enjoyable. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that managers and business owners can do to enhance the appeal of training sessions for staff members.

Why Training Your New Managers Like You Used to Won’t Work


Forgetting Curve & its implications for training delivery. Yet many companies are still investing in “one and done” trainings for their employees. But what can you do to get more of that training to stick, or to really, truly impact someone’s development?

9 Assessment centre exercises & practical steps to select the right combination


As an HR practitioner, making an assessment centre successfully work for you is all about the process: proper selection of the right combination of tools, techniques & exercises to test skills which may otherwise not be assessable through traditional methods. Group-based exercises.

4 Ways to Create Effective Sexual Harassment Training

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In a study by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), 71 percent of HR professionals said their company conducts sexual harassment prevention training. So, while most organizations already have anti-harassment training programs in place, statistics show that they just aren’t cutting it.

The Importance of Training Employees for your Business


Here’s why you need to invest in training for all employees, regardless of their role or time spent with your business: 1. Training improves employee performance: The most obvious benefit of training is that it expands an employee’s skill set, making them more productive. Training can speed up everyday tasks. For example, training employees how to communicate with one another and schedule their work using the latest technology will make them more efficient.

Three essential elements to implement retail training

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It’s true, in many ways, Starbucks is a leader in how they onboard and train new retail employees. After more than a decade of implementing retail training at Starbucks, I learned three essential elements to make training a success. Align retail training with your mission. Retail training programs are most effective when the content is directly connected to the company’s mission. Tie training to company mission and employee purpose.


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I spent the following days startled and breathless, helping my therapy clients transition to video sessions and setting up Zoom meetings with my training and consultation groups. mindfulness, exercise, staying connected, controlling what you can, gratitude practice. May we face our.

2020 Goals for Small Businesses Who Put Employees First

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Of course we had to start the year with a goals/resolution type post. Human Resources Leadership Small Business HR Goal Setting leadership development and training myers briggs team building workshop exercises and mbti group activities

How To Easily Create Interactive eLearning Courses – 5 Important Tips to Remember


Interactive content building plays a big role in the creation of engaging training programs. The latest elearning trends put a huge focus on content interactivity to better engage your learners and get the most out of your training. Guiding an Interactive Training Program.

How Training Empowers Expertise, Compliance, and Sales in Pharma

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Continuous training can serve as a solution to many problems and help companies produce pharma products under the strictest manufacturing standards to provide care for people and change their lives for the better. Three key areas to constantly train and develop. General skills training.

How to do Online Training for Government the Right Way


It’s no wonder that online training is one of the go-to tools to enhance skills and competencies. eLearning is a cost-effective way to deliver a range of courses or just-in-time microlearning. There are many options for online training – across a tremendously broad set of categories.

How to build your first employee training program


Employee training and development programs, when thoughtfully implemented, are the cornerstone of a company’s success. Here’s a guide on how to build your first employee training program: Where to start with employee training programs. Identify your training needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Coursera Like Mobile App

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The classroom teaching way of learning has undergone an enormous change, with the help of technological advancement and as the third option has emerged in the form of online courses so there are no more monotonous and tedious blackboard and chalk methods. . Course-specific Forums.

Elearning: The New Way of Employee Training

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There can be no alternative to acquiring knowledge other than learning and training. Employee training is a crucial part of an employee’s journey. Proper training prepares employees to meet the objectives and challenges of the job. Why is employee training crucial?

can I talk to my boss about how she’s treating my coworker, interview exercises, and more

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Of course, talking about that might not go well with someone who’s already getting hung up on “I’m now the boss and demand respect.”. Were these interview exercises unreasonable? At what point do exercises or activities given during an interview process become training? During an interview process, I was given three exercises total (in addition to three phone interviews and one in-person interview). To me, that’s training.

10 reasons why your trainings may fail & how to fix it with Training Need Analysis


Corporations all over the world spend a lot of time and money on training every year. The importance of workplace training cannot be stressed enough. Medium and large corporations lead the training budgets by investing so much in employee training initiatives.

How to elevate the importance of employee training Four tips to make training a priority in your organization

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Recently, we highlighted five common workplace training and development challenges employers face in 2019. One of those challenges sounds the simplest but is one of the most difficult to address—making training and development (T&D) a priority.