Discrimination Guidance

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The EEOC reminds us that there are protections against religious and ethnic discrimination that employers must abide by. The EEOC specifically says: “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits workplace discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, country of origin, race, or color. Employers are prohibited from discriminating in all aspects of employment, including hiring, job assignments, pay, and termination.

The Amazon Example: Can AI Discriminate?

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It would simply look at experience and qualifications as required, and deliver the list of those that best meet the job criteria, regardless of other factors. All too often, we risk re-creating past discrimination, even when we try not to.

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50th Anniversary of Age Discrimination Protections


This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) prohibiting age bias against workers 40 years of age and older. On June 14, the EEOC held a meeting to explore age discrimination in the United States workforce and future challenges.

EEOC to Host Public Meeting on “Big Data and Employment Discrimination”

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) will host a public meeting next Thursday, October 13, 2016, at 1:00 P.M. Eastern Time to discuss “Big Data and Employment Discrimination.” Affirmative Action Diversity Workplace Discrimination

Addressing Racial Bias and Discrimination in the Workplace


Diverse communities around the world are calling for the end to anti-Black racism, and for employers to actively address racial discrimination in the workplace. What does racial bias and discrimination look like in the workplace?

The “harassing, stalking, disturbing, and menacing” plaintiff lost her discrimination case. Go figure.

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So, you’d think that the plaintiff would cut and run after the district court dismissed her claims for pregnancy, sex, race, and religious discrimination claims. Ironically, ‘disability’ was one of the only discrimination boxes not checked in this case.

Tackling age discrimination in the workplace


Can these different age groups work together in harmony or is there a certain age discrimination that hinders collaboration and productivity? In fact, age discrimination in the workplace takes on many shapes and forms. How can HR fight age discrimination?

A heterosexual employee sued for sexual-orientation discrimination. Really?!?

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Let’s check out the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision to see what she had to say: “So meet, ROBERTa! The HR manager replied saying she felt she was being discriminated against because she was heterosexual. Image Credit: Pixabay.com ([link].

Is Withdrawing a Discrimination Claim Protected Activity?

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We all understand that filing a discrimination charge with a government agency is protected activity, but one employee recently claimed that withdrawing such a charge is also protected. Raising the issue of discrimination/retaliation during the February 23, 2015, meeting with her supervisor.

During discipline meeting, ask productive questions

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A useful framework for having a disciplinary meeting is to state evidence of the problem and immediately pose a question. Here are some example questions to ask during a discipline meeting: 1. Venus sued, alleging sex discrimination.

When It Comes To Confronting Discrimination, I Could Have Done More


One of those is standing up to discrimination. I knew from the beginning that discrimination was a real thing. After college the women engineers I worked with faced a different kind of discrimination. I have few regrets regarding my career.

Did you know that National Origin discrimination covers American born workers?

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American born workers are protected from national origin discrimination too. In a somewhat unusual case a judge decided that the EEOC was justified in its claim that an American company was discriminating against American workers on the basis of national origin.

Onionhead in the workplace: Crying a warning on workplace discrimination

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The EEOC doesn’t like religious discrimination even if it is a “fringe” religion or can be declared one. The second is that Onionhead is a character that the EEOC claimed is a religious figurehead used by one company to discriminate against its employees.

Tackling age discrimination in the workplace


Can these different age groups work together in harmony or is there a certain age discrimination that hinders collaboration and productivity? In fact, age discrimination in the workplace takes on many shapes and forms. How can HR fight age discrimination?

Avoid discrimination lawsuits! Beware hiring below minimum job requirements

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If you rejected an applicant early in the hiring process because he or she didn’t meet your stated minimum requirements, but then hired someone else who also didn’t meet them, then the rejected applicant may have a potential discrimination lawsuit. The post Avoid discrimination lawsuits! Discrimination and Harassment Human Resources

This Employee Beat Dress Code Discrimination With Cosplay


After being told that her ponytail and headscarf did not meet dress code requirements, June J. When Dress Codes Discriminate. HR cosplay costumes at work discrimination at work dress code discrimination dress codes

Obesity and Its Relationship to Disability Discrimination

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Obesity and Its Relationship to Disability Discrimination. The underlying condition may very well be a disability in its own right if it meets the criteria or if an individual is regarded as disabled as a result.

Was Graveyard Shift Transfer a Result of Discrimination?

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A federal judge in Aberdeen, Mississippi recently heard an employee’s claims that she was rescheduled to the graveyard shift as a result of discrimination and that she had been subjected to a hostile work environment. The post Was Graveyard Shift Transfer a Result of Discrimination?

Netflix Faces a Pregnancy Discrimination Case

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According to the lawsuit , Zarak claims that after she disclosed her pregnancy to her boss (including that she was fatigued and suffered from morning sickness), her boss, Ramos, reduced her role, removed her from communications, excluded her from meetings, and mocked her appearance. To keep reading, click here: Netflix Faces a Pregnancy Discrimination Case. The post Netflix Faces a Pregnancy Discrimination Case appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

OFCCP Announces Final Rule on Sex Discrimination Guidelines

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Today, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) announced a Final Rule detailing the requirements which covered contractors must meet under the provisions of Executive Order 11246 prohibiting sex discrimination in employment.

Avoiding Mental Health Discrimination in the Workplace

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Most employers are well aware that disability discrimination is illegal. Just like any physical disability, mental health conditions are covered by the ADA, and employers cannot discriminate against qualified applicants or employees with such conditions.

Marijuana, Opioids and Disability Discrimination: What Employers Should Know


In an era where employers are having to plan for changes in workplace drug testing compliance, primarily due to evolving marijuana laws and our nations opioid crisis, another compliance beast continues to rear confuse employers: Disability Discrimination. Disability discrimination laws and lawsuits are not new to the employment world; in fact, there have been rules about employment discrimination dating back to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) [1] which became law in 1990.

How to Avoid Discrimination when Promoting Employees


Promotions, which fall under the heading of terms and conditions of employment, are covered by federal and state employment and non-discrimination laws. Discrimination lawsuits related to promotions are most common when there is no standard promotion policy or it is inconsistent or not well documented. Outline the job requirements and why they did or didn’t meet them. The post How to Avoid Discrimination when Promoting Employees appeared first on Insperity

Losing out to a lover does not mean you were discriminated against

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Just because he lost out to the boss’ lover it does not mean he was discriminated against. Does a man, who does not get promoted or get an increase, because his boss gives them to his lover, have a claim for discrimination?

When Is a Discrimination Complaint against a Manager an Act of Harassment?

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What if a manager accused of unlawful discrimination based on employees’ religion asserts that the complaint itself is an act of harassment? My Manager Discriminates Based on Religion. The post When Is a Discrimination Complaint against a Manager an Act of Harassment?

Paternalism vs. pregnancy discrimination

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According to this EEOC press release , the agency has sued a North Carolina retail-furniture franchise for pregnancy discrimination. That concern, however, does not excuse pregnancy discrimination. EEOC pregnancy discriminationPaternalism and pregnant workers do not mix.

Why HR Should Be Present at Employee Termination Meetings

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The answers to these questions vary by organization—and may even vary within an organization—but there are some good arguments why an HR representative should be present for any termination meeting. Do you have an HR representative at every termination meeting?

Discrimination Can Block Pathways into Organizations

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Ambitious prospective doctoral students may contact professors and ask to meet them to discuss research and explore opportunities. The post Discrimination Can Block Pathways into Organizations appeared first on I/O at Work. Discrimination Diversity Fairness Gender Selection discrimination diversity fairness gender selectionWould professors respond differently to these requests based on students’ gender and race?

Religious Discrimination Hazards on the Rise

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Religious discrimination hasn’t been a major concern for employers in recent years. Segal, a partner at Duane Morris, also noted that employers have experienced an increase in religious discrimination claims in recent years.

Diversity & Inclusion Coronavirus Meeting Themes (i4cp login required)


The team meets several times each week to stay connected. Jackie meets with a leadership group weekly, and she emphasizes the importance of video-conferencing. Video meetings also enable her team to see that others are okay. Workplace discrimination – an existential discussion.

Can an HR Manager Get Fired For Siding With Employees in a Discrimination Case?

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Then, according to Mr. DeMasters, the poop hit the fan when the company got wind of the depth of his involvement: DeMasters was called to a meeting with several of Carilion’s managers, including the vice president of HR, the EAP department director, and corporate counsel….The By Eric B. Meyer.

Does Dentist’s Age Discrimination Claim Stand a Chance Under the ADEA?

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3rd Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania—recently heard a dentist’s claim that her discharge constituted age discrimination. On appeal, Gabby could not identify any direct evidence of discrimination. The U.S.

Forced retirement is an age discrimination no-no

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The EEOC has sued a Colorado hospital for age discrimination. In truth, with the exception of a few limited circumstances, mandatory retirement ages are about as close to a slam dunk case of illegal age discrimination you can find. age discriminationImage credit: slate.com.

Confessions of a Reluctant Feminist: My Role In Perpetuating Workplace Discrimination

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We need to figure out how to fight the kind of workplace discrimination that creates cultural uniformity in our businesses for two reasons. We have to learn to see discrimination and speak about it in very specific ways to keep from perpetuating it.

Disability Discrimination: Kentucky Court Reinstates Fired Worker’s Case

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The court found an employee’s complaint contained sufficient allegations of discrimination based on her disability and her use of medical leave to move forward toward trial. The court disagreed and reinstated Allison’s disability discrimination claims.