Wed.Apr 08, 2020

DecisionWise Provides FREE Access to its “Manager Weekly Check-in Tool”


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, DecisionWise is offering its Manager Weekly Check-in Tool FREE to every manager in every organization. The disruptions caused by COVID-19 have forced organizations around the world to modify their business practices.

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The HR Famous Podcast: e9 - For HR Leaders, "1" is the Loneliest Number.

The HR Capitalist

In Episode 9 of The HR Famous Podcast , long-time HR leaders (and friends) Jessica Lee and Tim Sackett (Temporarily “Furloughed” from HR Famous, KD) come together and talk about what it’s like to be an HR Leader during the COVID-19 Crisis.

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12 Free HR Tools to Help You Through the Coronavirus Crisis


Check out the list of the best HR tools you can use completely for FREE during the coronavirus crisis. From recruitment software and video interviewing tools to team collaboration and employee engagement software - it's all free for you to use! Read More. Culture and People

What is A Furlough?


A furlough is a temporary, unpaid leave of absence for employees due to special needs of a company or employer, which may be due to economic conditions at the specific employer or in the economy as a. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Coronavirus Compliance Updates: What Your HR Department Needs to Know

ClearCompany Recruiting

COVID-19 has already made a big impact on the workforce and the economy in just a few short weeks. As remote work becomes the norm and employers are faced with layoffs and furlough scenarios, there are many regulations being put in place to protect businesses and their employees.

Take care of yourself – you deserve it!

HR Morning

Now, more than ever, it’s time we take good care of ourselves. Responsibility is heavy, daily structure looks different than just weeks ago, and the worry of COVID19 finds its way into every corner of our lives.

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5 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Medicine Cabinets

EverFi - HR

Thinking about doing some spring cleaning over the next few weeks? Chances are that cleaning out your medicine cabinet isn’t on your list of projects. But, it should be. Oftentimes, people keep unused medication to have “on call” in case of an emergency for a future need.

18 Workplace Management Tools Employers Should Use During COVID-19

Semos Cloud

Category. 18 Workplace Management Tools Employers Should Use During COVID-19. These workplace management tools can help you maintain the work atmosphere for your employees during the COVID-19 outbreak. April 8, 2020. By Sara Ana Cemazar. The nature of workplace management has changed.

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What is a Talent Acquisition Specialist? Explanation and Job Description

Digital HR Tech

Every business needs employees. Talent Acquisition Specialists (TAS) focus on finding and recruiting these candidates. While they are not the final decision-makers (that lies with the hiring managers), they have a tremendous influence over the entire process.

Going Remote: Best Practices for HR & Recruitment


For many of us, working remotely is a whole new ballgame and hiring and on-boarding remotely feels straight out of left-field. That’s why we turned to People Operations & Talent leaders from Stack Overflow, InVision and Smartbug Media.

How HR has changed more in the last 20 days than in 20 years

HR Zone

Change HR in the last 20 days versus the last 20 years


Best Practices to Staff Your Healthcare Team During a Crisis


Given the unprecedented outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) , organizations in the healthcare space are in need of qualified employees across specialties and roles.

Your Gen X Leaders Are Equipped to Deal With Disruption


Don’t Overlook Your Gen X Leaders - Again. Team Effectiveness


ClaimVantage Appoints Kelly Wells as New COO to Increase Operational Efficiency and Enhance Customer Support


Kelly brings over 15 years of experience in leading innovative technology teams in the insurance space.

An Exhaustive List of the 50 Best Marketing Books in 2020+ That You Probably Haven’t Read (Yet) but Definitely Want To


Are you ready to level up your mad marketing skills and build better and longer-lasting customer relationships? Then it’s time to get to reading. We’ve compiled a list of the 50 BEST marketing books available in 2020. And we’re betting you haven’t read or heard of them all!

Fond of Work: Tammy Perkins, Chief People Officer at PMI Worldwide


This time for Fond of Work, we spoke with Tammy Perkins, Chief People Officer at PMI Worldwide. Tammy is a highly experienced HR leader with more than 20 years of experience in global leadership roles and in diverse industries, ranging from Amazon and Microsoft to high-tech startups.

7 Telecommuting Rules Leaders Must Follow

Vantage Circle

Times have changed. No longer is the traditional office space job the only option. The current workforce, comprising largely millennials, seek more flexible work hours. Out of which part-time, working remotely and telecommuting seems to be the most popular options.

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What to Do if an Employee is Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Namely - Talent

Dealing with sick employees is never straightforward. But as COVID-19 has changed the workplace in unprecedented ways, HR is faced with an even tougher task: what to do if an employee is diagnosed with coronavirus. We’ve put together a step-by-step list of how to respond: HR

Cafe Classic: Scenario Planning and Reward Design in an Uncertain World

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: During this time of crisis and challenge, we are mining our archives to bring you Classic advice and ideas from previous tough times (because we've been around for awhile!). Compensation planning - like life in general - is a lot tougher in today's reality.

How to Build a Virtual Onboarding Program

Namely - Talent

As we all continue to acclimate to the world of remote work, there are a few factors of the employee experience that HR professionals still have to adapt to this new way of working. One pressing issue is how to handle employee onboarding in these transitory times. The answer?

my boss expects me to be available 24/7 since we’re stuck at home

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I want to start by saying that I know I’m in a very privileged position right now: I have a stable job, which I’ve been doing remotely from the comfort of my apartment for the last two weeks. The issue I’m having is with setting boundaries.

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Coronavirus Payroll Tax Credits for Employers

Patriot Software

One of the coronavirus small business relief measures comes in the form of employer tax credits. There are two groups of refundable coronavirus tax credits available for employers: 1) COVID-19-related tax credits for paid leave and 2) Employee Retention Credit.

How to Make Your Body Language More Open and Confident

Take It Personel-ly

Do you want to project an air of confidence? If you do, your body language matters as much as your words. How can you make your stance say, “I’ve got this?” If you want to appear more confident, master the following nine tips.

Lights, camera, action: Interviewing in our new reality


Despite all the money that employers invest in technology, many don’t train recruiters on how to effectively prepare for digital interviews. It’s an issue that’s coming front and center now, as so many Americans are navigating the new reality of working from home.

Cares Act and FFCRA: Impact on Independent Contractors, Self-Employed Individuals and Sole Proprietors


We are living in unprecedented times. The last time an event of this significance and scale happened was the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918. In order


Working From Home Tips for the Workforce


Coronavirus is challenging our workforce norms. The future of work is here! It’s true. Technology and remote work is here to stay. We have a few valuable working from home tips to help get you and your workforce overcome the challenges with positive outcomes.

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SCOTUS has a thing or two to say about age discrimination, which has nothing whatsoever to do with COVID-19.

The Employer Handbook

Joe Ravi / CC BY-SA. Last week, on Monday, the Supreme Court issued this age discrimination opinion. The opinion focuses on age bias in a federal government workplace, which is a small portion of folks that read this blog. But, there are a few takeaways for the rest of you.

How to Lay Off Employees with Care and Compassion

Great Place to Work


COVID-19 2020: Managing Employees During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Best Money Moves

COVID-19 2020: Managing employees during the Coronavirus pandemic. Dealing with employees who may be sick and making temporary policy modifications. More than 70 percent of companies didn’t have a crisis management plan in place when the Coronavirus outbreak hit, according to a survey by Blank Rome.

my boss mooches off me while I’m living paycheck to paycheck

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I am part of a small team that works with the support staff at a hospital. My supervisor treats me like her personal assistant on most days, and like her servant on other days. On a nearly daily basis, I am putting off my own duties to help her with hers.

When Tough Conversations Go Bad

Play for Real

Subscribe to Podcast. In all the times I’ve been interviewed, no one has ever asked about Tough Conversations going wrong, and I love that I got to answer on the Tuff Love podcast with Robert Kandell.

Carpe Diem! Coronavirus and the Great Upskilling Opportunity (i4cp login required)


Learning to play the banjo. Brushing up on your second or third language. Trying new recipes from all those cookbooks gathering dust. These and countless other examples are the kind of learning people are undertaking from home during this time of COVID-19 coronavirus social distancing.

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You Lost Your Job. Now What?


A Q&A with Alan Kearns, Founder and Head Coach at We’re in the middle of a pandemic and you’ve lost your job. What should be your first move? Recognize Your Loss. You’ve not just lost a job, but also community, income, and contribution.

Best Practices for Unemployment Claims Management in Response to COVID-19


In the weeks since the realities of the COVID-19 global health emergency began, the impact on the workforce has become obvious. Employers across the