Competency analytics

Analytics in HR

Who wouldn’t want all the competencies in the world? Some competencies are so important it is worth seeking them out and treasuring them. To move from the pain of needing better skills to the pleasure of getting value from competency analytics, four steps are vital: (1) knowing what competencies your organisation needs, (2) knowing what competencies your organisation has, (3) placing people in the right roles and (4) building their ability to express their competencies.

HR Challenges 2011 – Survey Results

Strategic HCM

I also provided a ‘other’ category and here you suggested it is the way HR is perceived which is the major issue, as a generally poor perception means that when competing on budgets for projects, HR usually looses to other ‘core’ business projects. As may know, I’ve been running a short survey over the last few months. This is now closed and I’ve been through the results.


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New HR Competencies for Innovation and Technology

Strategic HCM

Dave Ulrich’s latest update to the global HR competency framework was announced last week. That just leaves change champions – fine – and credible activists – which was my favourite competency in the previous list. I’ve been using and talking about the various iterations of this framework for about 15 years now and on first look, it’s my favourite list so far.

Self-Awareness as a Competency


But there are opportunities to coach self-awareness and to make self-awareness a key competency in your performance reviews. We''ve all seen it haven''t we? That employee with good intellect that just seems to irritate people and continually struggle to gain acceptance within the organization. It''s not uncommon to find employees who have had plenty of good coaching, training and help for whatever reason just flat out self-destruct right before our eyes.

Storytelling as a leadership and HR competency

OmegaHR Solutions

I have written about storytelling several times, you can read those blog posts at Storytelling: A Key HR Competency? , The Importance of Storytelling In HR and Business , The art of the story: A #SHRM18 Interview with Alfredo Castro , and the one republished below as Storytelling as the ninth HR competency. Below is my blog post about storytelling being the ninth HR competency. In the SHRM Learning System, there are eight competencies that students of HR are taught.

Cafe Classic: How to Keep Competencies from Expiring

Compensation Cafe

Many of our organizations use competencies to signal how work should be approached and to assess how well we are doing our jobs. Are your competencies up to the task. The competencies you use for employee development or assessment need updating in 2015.

Storytelling as the ninth HR competency

OmegaHR Solutions

In the SHRM Learning System there are eight competencies that students of HR are taught. I think a key skill related to these two competencies is the skill of storytelling. In 2011 I read a blog post that had nothing to do with human resources. Denning’s contention is that storytelling should be a key competency for ALL business leaders. Make storytelling the ninth HR competency. I am preparing a presentation on culture.

Getting Comfortable with Incompetence

The Bamboo Project Blog

We also have to change what we regard as "competencies." The skills we need to fully engage in continuous innovation are meta-skills, not necesarily grounded in the kind of narrow technical skills we've come to see as expressing our competence at work. . Our competencies have to be larger than our current job or industry. It is the one competency we can count on in a constantly changing world. .

The Anxiety Wars

The Bamboo Project Blog

Who competes over misery? I don't want to compete anymore on misery. When I was a junior in college, we were hit by a severe outbreak of salmonella , a result of undercooked eggs in some stuffing. It was so bad, people were literally collapsing in the quad. The walls of the infirmary were lined with retching students and the National Guard had to be called in to help with the situation. .

Future Skills 2020 and the Implications for Professional Development

The Bamboo Project Blog

Cross-cultural Competency --ability to operate in different cultural settings. . It may be that all workers will have to develop reasonable competency in each of these areas, but there will also be a need for workers who are super-skilled in only one or two of the skill areas. Over the weekend I ran across an interesting report in The Atlantic from the for-profit University of Phoenix.

Seven Leadership Competencies for Succession Planning

Working Girl

Check out my guest post on succession planning at HRM Today. Lots of great topics and information over there! leadership succession planning



The Big Rethink: Competing on Ideas

Strategic HCM

And because I think companies can and should compete on ideas (and it’s what I try and do in my personal consultancy as well). I’ve been at the Economist’s Big Rethink today.

Positive Questions for Professional Development: Setting the Stage

The Bamboo Project Blog

Think about a learning experience where you felt competent and capable and where your learning just seemed to flow. What helped you feel competent and capable? This week I'm exploring how positive questions might transform our approaches to professional development.

Fear and Work

The Bamboo Project Blog

When we have fears and insecurities, operating perhaps from a fixed, rather than a growth mindset or where limiting beliefs control our behavior, this can hold us back from real competence and growth. "Fears about yourself prevent you from doing your best work, while fears about your reception by others prevent you from doing your own work (my emphasis).". One of my favorite books is Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland.

On "Being the Best"

The Bamboo Project Blog

Past a certain point of competency, the ways we need to develop become less about specific skills and more about infusing our own personality, strengths and point of view into the work that we do. . Our organizations often resist the idea because they are focused on "competencies" and "career ladders," which from their perspective are easier to manage. So don't shoot for technical competency long past the time when you've achieved it.

Is Your "Successful" Career Holding You Back?

The Bamboo Project Blog

I work with a lot of successful people, people who are accomplished and competent and generally doing well in their careers. "The succesful careerist may find that the darkness embroiled at his center is the part that wishes to fail in order to open other neglected parts of his life; when he becomes his failure he no longer has to carry that career success as a burden. He can explore avenues that he previously might have labeled under that dreaded American swamp-dwelling monster failure.

ReviewSNAP Announces Learning Content Integration


-Performance Management Software Will Now Link Learning Content with Performance Competencies- ReviewSNAP™ announced today an enhancement to their performance management software that will map learning content to performance competencies. The company plans to provide users of its web-based performance management system with the ability to schedule, complete and track online coursework linked to competency groups.

6 Ways Managers Can Maximize Performance through Employee Engagement

David Zinger

They recommend that we fuse performance management and employee engagement into a new approach that weaves the two more closely together to respond to the way work is done in 2011. Engage with mastery versus competency. It is astounding to see the lists of competencies required by many jobs and the lengthy guidebooks that outline those competencies. How can employees act on all those competencies or even remember the lists?

Building Your Mission, Values and Goals for the Future Into Your Performance Management System


By deciding what core competencies best relate to the company’s strategic plan, you can directly assess your employees on how they are acting out these objectives for the company. Business Goals Competencies mission statement Performance Appraisals Performance Management Performance Reviews

12 Keys to Achieve Results with Employee Engagement

David Zinger

Expansive view. Lisa Haneberg in writing about a results orientation at work stated, “many organizations use “results orientation” as a core competency. If you use this competency to train and evaluate leaders, take another look at how you have described what results orientation looks like in action.” Achieve Results (Part 1 of a 10 part series on the Employee Engagement Pyramid for Managers). Top of the pyramid.

Why a Missing Button Could Keep you From Getting Ahead

45 Things

Research backs up Booher's experience: A recent study found that people judged women wearing makeup to be more competent than those without cosmetics. I recently watched a news clip about a local mall where the shop owners stated that not only were they currently hiring for seasonal jobs, but they were hoping some of those candidates would turn out to be permanent hires. Good news right? Then the reporter cut to an interview with a woman walking out of a local employment agency.

Managers in the Danger Zone


In terms of performance reviews conducted by the egomaniacal manager, competency level and overall ratings tend to be lower. There is a natural tendency on the part of some people to think that what they do is more important than what others do in an organization. Many of these people are simply egomaniacs who live in a fantasy world of sorts where they are in some way superior to everyone else. We talk a lot about leaving the excess ego at the door when you come to work in the morning.

Networking Key for Vets to Find a Job

45 Things

Canella soon learned what other job seekers have discovered: Competing with thousands of others online is often like throwing a resume into a black hole. I just have one question for you today: What have you done to help a vet find a job? Read this story I did for Gannett/USAToday and promise yourself that you'll spend some time this Thanksgiving holiday giving thanks for our military and their families. And then help one of them find a job.

Performance Reviews as a Roadmap for Success


When a review combines competency measurement, goal definition and measurement, and a defined development plan for the upcoming review period, the employee has a road map for success. At Reviewsnap, we often talk about how a performance review can take on the form of a personal business plan for individual employees.

Resume T-Shirt? Good Idea or Sign of Desperation?

Evil HR Lady

As the number of resumes I’ve sent out approaches 300, I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and how I can stand out among the hundreds of other applicants I’m competing with. Dear Evil HR Lady, I’m a recent college graduate and have been actively job hunting for about 6 months. After Googling “creative ways to get hired”, I came across the idea of wearing a t-shirt with my resume on it. My dream job is to do PR in the racing industry.

Annual Management Improvement Carnival: Edition 1


17 Things I Believe: Updated and Expanded : “ Strive for simplicity and competence, but embrace the confusion and messiness along the way. ”. It is always a great privilege to participate in Annual Management Improvement Carnival organized by John Hunter. I am thrilled play the host at QAspire and I will be featuring my “four favorite” blogs in two editions. From time to time, these blogs educate me, stir up my thinking, change/challenge me and help me grow.

eBook 43

Directing Our Own Futures

Working Girl

Before coming to the United States, sports played a major role in my life, and most of my youth was devoted to training and competing. Guest post by Jaana Eubanks In May, a whole new chapter in my life starts as I graduate as an MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno, and move back to Finland after living in the United States for almost seven years. Exciting as well as absolutely terrifying times!

#CIPDSocial11 Bill Parsons (ARM): social media and why business needs to take notice

Strategic HCM

It’s an unusual business model – ARM sees itself as being at the centre of an ecosystem of 500 competing companies collaborating. The CIPD’s social media conference has kicked off with a session from Bill Parsons, EVP HR at ARM Holdings. I met Bill at ARM in Cambridge earlier this year, so this post is a combination of his presentation, and my earlier notes. I’ll start off by saying ARM is one of my favourite companies – and in fact it’s one of the world’s favourite companies too.

Why Your Behavior Matters Now More Than Ever

45 Things

Employers also want to harness the power of individual innovation to help a business succeed and use their creative energies to help them compete globally, he said. When I was in junior high, there were these things called "slam books." These were notebooks that were passed around anonymously with a different person's name on each page. On each page, you could write -- good or bad -- what you thought of that person and remain anonymous.

Work / Life Balance, Graphic Design, Blogging and HR. Oh, My!

Working Girl

We are well matched with complimentary competencies, the numbers/MBA guy and the creative/marketing gal. Guest post by Lyn Hoyt Laura Schroeder, my new Project Social partner, is fascinated by work-life balance and was curious about how I manage it all. I wonder sometimes myself. Is work balance all about “bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan?”

Rock Stars Need Not Apply

Working Girl

Ditto with colleagues, who don’t want anyone raising the bar on work quality or competing for opportunities. Some people love rock stars - Mark Zuckerberg, for example, thinks they’re 100 times better than everyone else. I myself think they''re about 3 times better and there are probably some people who think they''re 5 or 20 times better. Others think they’re more trouble than they’re worth and that a team of solid performers is the way to go.

The Two Most Important Words During a Performance Appraisal


Not only must supervisors rate an employee usually in multiple competencies, but more importantly, they must communicate this rating to their employee. When you review the rating for an employee’s competency level, be sure to ask yourself the following questions: Are you able to support that decision with two to three specific examples? Most supervisors are tasked with the annual event of completing a performance appraisal for each of their employees.

6M | Marketing Strategic Leadership Competency Models to Achieve Widespread Organizational Buy-In


How will we ensure understanding and commitment to our competency model from all levels of the organization? The whole point of developing a leadership competency model is to produce a tool that is useful and promotes intentional growth for employees and the organization.

Put Your Performance Data To Work


Some examples of information you might be interested in include: - Competencies that appear to consistently receive low ratings across a department, division, or the organization as a whole. A comparison of average overall ratings and average competency ratings for each manager. A comparison of overall, competency, and/or goal level ratings across review periods.

Top 5 Talent Management Trends in 2011

Working Girl

Here are five of my favorite talent management trends to help you get excited about 2011. Global consistency will require companies to identify talent programs and critical talent pools across borders; standardize job profiles, compensation plans and competencies; and define a global performance and rewards process. Because these trends promise change, growth and opportunity.

Is it Just a Bad Day or is it Everyday?


For the various competencies the employee is being measured against, point out the behaviors that support the lower ratings that are likely to be found on the review. Everybody has the occasional bad day at work. What often starts as a problem or irritant outside the office can get carried over to work. Or what looks like a promising day turns sour because of one or more work related issues.

How Employee Performance Levels Impact Your Business


Competent employees have the ability to aid your business and assist with operational duties. Whether you consider your employees treasured members of the family or just an extra pair of hands, their performance likely has a bigger impact on your business than you may realize. Research by the Aberdeen Group found that companies focused on engaging employees reported improvements in: > Customer satisfaction/loyalty. > > Turnover/retention. >