5 Ways Using Adobe Document Cloud Makes Your HR Function Look Best in Breed

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If there’s one thing we know, it’s that negative stereotypes about HR Pros are common. You know them because you live them: --HR’s great at making rules. --HR’s HR’s great at saying “no”. --HR HR usually trails other functional areas in evolving with the times. Appearances matter, and outsiders routinely assume that you are part of sleepy portion of the HR nation. That’s why you need a plan to separate you from the HR masses.

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HR State of the Union: 2017 Edition


Every year I republish my “state of the HR union” article from previous years with new additions and edits as a challenge to each of you. I think every HR pro needs to have their own State of the Union address within their own company, department, or team (depending on the level of responsibility). She did an annual HR “touch base” meeting to get us on the right track, get everyone on the same page, and help to lay out key themes and strategies for the year.

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Top 7 HR trends in 2017 to watch out for


2017 is officially up and running, and analysts and business management globally are determining priorities for the coming 12 months and beyond. For those operating in HR, some core responsibilities and challenges never shift. Projections for business in 2017 look to advancing technologies, economic and political changes and many more indicators to provide direction on what the next 12 months will hold. What do you think will be the top HR trends in 2017?

The Top 10 Strategic HR and TA Metrics That CEOs Want to See


Unfortunately, most of those who create metrics in HR and recruiting don’t really understand the strategic mindset of CEOs. So, if your metrics don’t directly and unambiguously cover strategic goals like increasing revenue, productivity, or innovation, they simply won’t drive executives to act. That is because we report mostly tactical metrics that focus on costs, rather than the strategic ones that cover HR areas that impact corporate revenue.

Control, Services and Decisions: The Evolution and Impact of the HR Value Proposition


Does HR drive more effectiveness and organizational performance by improving traditional HR value propositions, such as compliance and services, or by improving decisions? Beyond HR , which was published ten years ago, advocated a “decision science” to advance HR, talent management, work, and organization design. Decisions: Adding value by improving decisions inside and outside the function. We explore this using surveys of HR leaders in over 100 U.S.

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7 Human Resources Trends to Watch for in 2017

Effortless HR

How will the role of human resources change or evolve in 2017? Here are the seven trends that we expect will define the next year in HR. Thanks to shifts in technology and the very nature of modern careers, HR teams everywhere have to tweak how they manage human talent and help their organizations grow and achieve their goals. With 2017 upon us at last, let’s take a look at a few of the predicted human resources trends for the New Year.

Employees are a Company’s Prime Real Estate


HRchitect can help companies, of any size, mitigate the amount of tasks an HR department handles throughout the course of any given day whether that’s helping select a new system, project management, implementing a new system, change management, training, etc. A good example of HRchitect’s services which can be used to take things off the HR Department’s plate is Post Go Live support. Written by: Elizabeth Capece. You may be wondering what exactly is going on in the picture above.

My Simplified HR Predictions for 2017

Jeff Waldman

It’s that time of the year when the so-called “thought leaders” start publishing reports, articles, presentations and blog posts about the biggest trends in HR for the upcoming year. I like his perspective on HR, technology and talent. Like most analysts he can also be generic in the sense that his published content, specifically the “ 11 Predictions to Guide Your Talent Strategy in 2017 ” report, can cover too much.

HR Leadership Lessons from Non-Traditional CHROs


CHRO’s who come from non-HR backgrounds discover that HR is the most impactful of all functions. Their experience holds important lessons for all HR leaders. CHRO’s from non-HR backgrounds say the CHRO role can be the best and most impactful of all leadership positions. We interviewed CHROs who arrived at the role after careers outside of HR. Recipes for HR success often rely on long lists of competencies and attributes for the HR leader.

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6 Trends That Will Define HR in 2018


2018 will be a good year to be in HR. At least, that’s what we heard from the analysts, customers, partners, and experts we reached out to in order to get a sense from the HR community of what to expect in the next year. Associate Professor, Academic Director of HCM at NYU, notes that the strategic role of HR continues to rise. “HR is not only at the table but in the engine room of every organizations,” Tavis says. Reshaping HR.

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Don’t Let HR Compliance Distract from Your 2017 Business Goals


In the regulations-heavy atmosphere of HR, it can be easy to become inundated with so many compliance rules and reports that it consumes the bulk of a manager’s attention. It is naturally important to follow all applicable HR regulations, for mistakes in this area can have a massive organizational impact, but allowing it to consume the efficiency of employees is counterproductive. While clear communication is essential in any department, in HR it is vitally split threefold.

HR Leaders Guide to Digitalisation Transformation


The primary objective behind digital transformation is to improve the level of performance and productivity and exceed business goals. The question is what does digital transformation mean for organisations in general and HR leaders in particular? HR leaders play a dual role. Acting as leaders within the HR function, they need to walk their talk and portray the true picture of digital transformation within their own team. HR Transformation

10 Reasons To Shift To A Data-Driven High Business Impact HR Model


At first glance, senior HR executives might take that top ranking as a positive thing. As a result of being the top challenge for such a long period of time, it is clear that CEOs and board members fully understand the value of Human Capital, but they have also learned to expect a higher rate of strategic change than most HR functions have been able to deliver. HR Can’t Become A High Business Impact Function Unless It Adds Analytic Capabilities.

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To Succeed at Talent Acquisition, Go Beyond Your Applicant Tracking System


Talent acquisition is arguably the one HR area that provides the biggest advantage to a business. Research backs this up: According to one study , the ability to deliver on recruiting had a larger impact on revenue growth than all other HR areas, including onboarding and retaining new hires, managing talent, and developing leadership. Workforce Intelligence 101 HR Tech talent acquisition

Beyond Brexit: Defining How HR Influences the Business


In today’s economic climate, where Brexit and 2016’s seismic political shift have created instability during a period of unparalleled business disruption, it’s of little surprise that businesses entered 2017 with a degree of trepidation. Yet, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom, according to The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Workday’s “HR Outlook for 2017” report. Data and Analytics: HR’s Window into the Future.

Nearly Half of 2017 HR Tech Funding Events went to AI-Focused Companies


This year I’ll be releasing my new book, Artificial Intelligence for HR , focusing on how AI can enable HR to be more human, not less. Last year my friend and colleague George LaRocque tracked a total of $1 billion-plus in funding rounds spread across 143 separate events in the HR technology industry. Practitioners and HR executives, why should you care about all of this? HR Learning Recruiting Artificial Intelligence

Why Hiring More HR Analysts Won’t Improve Your Analytics Function


Great HR leaders excel at finding untapped potential in their people, increasing their efficiency, and maximizing their contribution to the company’s strategic objectives and financial performance. One area where CHROs are focusing on unlocking more value is within their HR analytics function. Traditionally, HR analytics teams are seen as report-generators. It leads to reactive HR strategies instead of proactive analysis. Why Are HR Analysts So Busy?

The Secret to Successful HR in Small Businesses

Cornerstone On Demand

Small companies often come to the conclusion that it's time to hire HR when the hiring process becomes burdensome. The clear solution is to bring in an HR manager, right? Hiring is a great place for HR to start: The new HR manager has to quickly learn the business, build relationships with managers and establish a process that meets both the compliance and the talent needs of the organization.

2017 HR Trends We’re Excited About Right Now


There’s a lot happening behind-the-scenes in HR departments. We asked a selection of HR leaders from great places to work (including a few of our wonderful customers!) to see what they have planned (and are excited about) in 2017. ” Companies will become more open to seeking out feedback from employees to boost retention and productivity. ” Changing Role (and Perception) of HR. Industry News employee engagement hr

Impress Your CEO With These Strategic Business Impact Recruiting Metrics


This overall HR metric demonstrates the increasing revenue value that your workforce is creating as a result of good HR and recruiting. And it is easily compared between firms in the same industry to demonstrate that your workforce is more productive than your competitor’s. Hiring top diversity talent into “customer and product impact jobs”. Recommended Read: It’s About More Than HR: Analytics Learnings from Tom Davenport and Dr. John Sullivan.

Who Cares About The Employee Experience? - DecisionWise


I mean most leaders and managers are either well into their strategic plans for 2017, or their plans were completed weeks ago. Is it aligned with your business objectives for 2017 and beyond? As you reflect on how well your employee experience is aligned with your strategic objectives for 2017, I would suggest that you take the time to examine three “Ps” which are found in every business or organization. Product. (Article originally published here in Eremedia TLNT).

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Employee Engagement ROI: Taking a Long-Term Perspective


To understand what kind of environment this might look like, the Harvard Business Review interviewed HR, innovation, IT, and diversity executives from a variety of industries and sectors to discover the three environments that matter most to employees: cultural, technological, and physical. LinkedIn hosts internal and external “HR hackathons,” where employees can help break down and rebuild the HR function to be more effective and reflect the work that they really do (and need to do).

What You Need to Know About the Changing Function of HR


Make no mistake, this isn’t just a facelift from new tech tools that help HR professionals do their jobs. It’s a shift in the function of human resources. While traditionally HR focuses on benefits and compensation, overseeing employee engagement and retention, recruitment, diversity, workplace issues, or installing new processes under budget, the new function is a strategic business unit. Benefits of the New Approach to HR. Showing the Business Value of HR.

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The Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing


Additionally, it has grown to become outsourced payroll with the development of powerful payroll , workflow driven HR software and more recently, employee centric HRIS with all the mobile benefits. Its integration with these technological advancements have made managing HR functions and particularly payroll easier. Time saving for core functions. With more time available, you are able to direct it towards the company’s core functionality.

Master Checklist for Your First 6 Months as Head of HR


The first few weeks of working any new role is overwhelming — but when that role is the head of HR, the to-do list can make your head spin. Whether you’ll be the solo employee running HR for a 100-employee company or heading the human resources department for an organization of 10,000, there are a few standard steps to take during the first several months in any HR leadership role. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the business’s product or services.

Have you outgrown your PEO?


Some companies choose to work with Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to handle their HR activities. Under the arrangement, the PEO becomes co-employer with the organization and takes responsibility for payroll, benefits and tax functions, and often also other main HR tasks. PEOs typically cater to small businesses as the arrangement helps ease financial burdens for cash-strapped companies while also outsourcing time-intensive HR tasks.

Are HR And Finance Finally Going To Be Friends?

China Gorman

For that matter, how on earth can it be 2017? After taking off three weeks for vacation and business travel commitments, it’s time to be back considering new research and data of interest to the HR community. The report might signal the start of a new era of respect, cooperation, and, dare we say, organizational friendship between HR and Finance. And just the segment that would see value in a closer relationship between HR and Finance. Shared Finance and HR function?


Why HR for startups is a good thing


HR doesn’t have to be a chokehold for growing startups and small and medium size businesses. Here’s why startups and SMBs should embrace structured HR and recruiting processes: Why startups need some HR functions. Structured HR and recruiting practices aren’t the first things they prioritize because executives see them as dreadful “corporate,” culture-killers that threaten innovation and flexibility. HR processes help startups and SMBs hire employees.

Workplace Technologies and Employee-Centric Design are Redefining HR, Says Bersin

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Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP’s digital destination for the Human Resources professional, has found in its latest “High Impact HR” research that new workplace technologies and changing workforce expectations are creating unprecedented opportunities for HR organizations to transform the way companies and their people interact. Apply advanced HR technologies to help improve work, not HR processes. Revitalize and develop the HR function.

Artificial Intelligence Will Become a Regular Part of HR in Next 5 Years

HR Daily Advisor

Artificial intelligence and automation will have a major impact on HR and employment over the next few years, according to new CareerBuilder research. More than one in 10 HR managers (13%) are already seeing evidence of artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a regular part of HR, and 55% say it will be in the next 5 years. While the majority of HR managers said the thought of AI in HR does not make them nervous, a third (35%) said it does. HR Function.

Prediction: HR will mobilize around productivity


In this context, HR must accelerate its evolution from a service-oriented support function to an essential business contributor that routinely measures its success in terms of business impact and workforce outcomes. Posted by Jeff Mike and Denise Moulton on November 28, 2018.

5 Ways to Create a Work Experience that Mirrors Your Best Customer Experience


This mandate to create a compelling workplace experience is the focus of my book, “ The Future Workplace Experience ,” where 2,147 global HR leaders and hiring managers were surveyed across seven countries and 10 industries on how they are re-defining the employer-employee relationship. Five practices stand out as important for organizations and their HR leaders to prepare for the future workplace and workforce. Apply a Consumer Marketing Lens to HR.

Using people analytics to get to High-Impact HR

HR Times

Posted by David Fineman on August 3, 2017. High-Impact HR refers to an HR function that helps the business excel in key areas—adapting to market changes, introducing new products and services faster, being more responsive to customer needs, operating efficiently and cost-effectively, and beating the competition. People analytics, which is really a subset of business analytics, is a key enabler of High-Impact HR. Source: Deloitte Consulting LLP, 2017.

What are the HR Processes That Can Be Readily Automated

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The HR Department is a quintessential function in any organization. With so many core tasks at hand, it is unfortunate to note that an HR manager spends an average of 14 hours a week doing mundane, repetitive paperwork, and as many 1 in 10, spend more than 30 hours a week doing the same (according to a research conducted in the US from 16 th February to 9 th March 2017, by Careerbuilder). Key areas to consider for HR automation.

The “Power of Positive”: A New HR Method from Sports Coaches

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Like a coaching staff, HR pros deal with numerous different personalities, and while some are challenging, HR and its employees nonetheless must work together to achieve success for their whole team. Both HR and coaches work hard behind the scenes. The role of HR is distinct from that of a CEO, and so are their relationships with employees. HR must build trust and provide support when appropriate. Others just do not seem to know what HR does all day.

Quantifying Company Culture


Combining business savvy, street smarts, and a military upbringing, Elisha brings a truly analytical mindset to modern HR. We spoke with her to learn how she thinks product development can inform people and culture and why HR metrics truly matter. __. One of the most talked-about topics in HR today is the need for metrics and quantification. Elisha’s HR philosophy: “Replenish the soil rather than deplete it.”. Q: How did you get your start in HR?

Why it’s time for HR teams to stop focussing on HR

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Most employees don’t care about HR, at least not until they have an issue they need to resolve. That doesn’t mean HR is dead. People remain a business’ most valuable asset, and it is when HR spearheads the recruitment, nurturing and teamwork between these people that they perform at a high level and make the company profitable. To reclaim its relevance, HR must accept that its role has evolved and be ready to change.