Why The Stories You really need to Know are Uncomfortable

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Add up the number of times you attend workshops or webinars, listening for stories that make you comfortable. Perhaps it’s time to get uncomfortable. Planning your next team, corporate or association meeting? Image source: Adobe Stock.

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Dreamforce 2018 Takeaways

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Last week I was in San Francisco attending Dreamforce, the annual user event of Salesforce. I don’t know how many of those registrants were on-site, but I’m providing a summary of my takeaways for those that weren’t able to attend, and for those who attended but want to get our take on the key discussions at the event. On a related note, on September 24 – at the same time as Dreamforce – Microsoft, Adobe and SAP announced a partnership for their Open Data initiative.

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Clarabridge C3 2018 Takeaways

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

While attending C3 Europe — Clarabridge’s user event that took place in the UK last week — I had the chance to interact with company executives and have discussions with a variety of Clarabridge customers and prospects, leaving me with several interesting takeaways. Loyalty is the ultimate goal for almost all customer experience (CX) leaders, and achieving it requires firms to first and foremost, understand buyer needs so they can meet and exceed them.

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9 Tips to Make Your Meetings Less Painful and More Productive

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For many of us, meetings are not our favorite part of the day. And yet, believe it or not, they make up 39% of our overall work time. And the good news is, there are ways to make meetings less painful for everyone, and more importantly, more meaningful and efficient.

What Signature Story are You known for to Colleagues?

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From your perspective, you go to work, attend meetings, do your job the right way and head home. Because, the workplace becomes full of people going to work, attending meetings, doing their jobs the right way and heading home. Image source: Adobe Stock.

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How to Set Professional Development Goals + Template


Attend an Industry Event. Whether it’s a conference out of town or an afternoon presentation down the street, employees can benefit greatly from attending industry events. Many people follow the SMART principle to ensure goals are appropriate and timely.

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How to Train Managers on a Low Budget

Cornerstone On Demand

During my first week at Cornerstone, I went on a "listening tour," scheduling meetings with employees at every level of the organization to get a sense for our culture, structure and mission. Think about how we consume information in our personal lives: we listen to playlists over albums, attend book clubs over bookstores and subscribe to newsletters instead of newspapers.

How To Create A Structure For Unstructured Innovation


This is why many large businesses set up incubators, partner with startup accelerators, invite VCs to attend their board meetings, and even create platforms for their employees to meet with and learn from startups.

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Looking to Celebrate Equal Pay Day? Check Back in 100 Years.


Since then: In 1963, women who were employed full-time earned 59 cents for every dollar earned by men. There are a few bright spots in terms of concrete and meaningful measures taken by a handful of organizations to close the gap to include Starbucks , Apple , Salesforce , Intel , and Adobe , which have reached full pay parity for women and underrepresented minorities in the their workforces in the U.S. It’s that bad.

Digital Transformation and HCM Process Automation - Trending Topics for HR Tech London 2017


Meet our Bloggers. Next, if you’re serious about digital business transformation, you’ll probably want to attend thought leader Jason Averbook’s motivational session.

Study: Millennials Seek Employer-Sponsored Learning Opportunities

HR Daily Advisor

The survey found that 75% of Millennials expect to have one-on-ones and meetings with their managers monthly, and when it comes to giving feedback to their coworkers, Millennials prefer to. do so in real time—rather than at scheduled intervals.

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Digital Transformation and HCM Process Automation - Don’t-Miss Topics at HR Tech London 2017


Meet our Bloggers. Next, if you’re serious about digital business transformation, you’ll probably want to attend thought leader Jason Averbook’s motivational session.

7 Examples of good customer service practices

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I’m sure after knowing his request was heard, Mr. Brown feels appreciated and he’ll be a loyal customer for a long time. Tesla – Meet your customers where they’re at. Tesla literally meets customers where they’re at by going to customer’s home and fixing issues on their car.

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HR Outside the Box: Technology that is Transforming the Workplace

Global Upside

There has never been a better time to be an HR professional. Does the HRIS, payroll platform, on-line benefits portal and time and attendance system integrate? Your traditional technology offerings are likely to have gaps in meeting all global requirements. For example, Mihi – is a global time and benefits management software that is compliance ready out of the box for 40+ countries. Real-time engagement matters.

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How Employers Can Use Technology in Mentoring Programs

HR Daily Advisor

This ability to communicate from different geographic locations or at differing moments in time can mean the mentoring relationship is much more flexible. Millennial and Gen Z workers now make up over half of the entire workforce, does your training program meet their needs and expectations?

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Mindfulness and Happiness at Work: How a Few Breaths Can Improve Your Business

Get Hppy

That word can bring up many stereotypical images of sitting in the lotus position and saying “ohmmmmm” for hours at a time. It trains you to focus only on the present moment and to let thoughts pass by with time. Reminding yourself to take time for mindfulness.

How One Mom Caused a Sensation by Bringing Her Baby to Work—and What It Means for Women

Linkedin Talent Blog

At a time when businesses and organizations around the globe are looking to expand leadership opportunities for women, the prime minister punctured two enduring myths: 1) women don’t aspire to leadership and 2) women can’t juggle work and family.

If a document falls in Sharepoint.

Transparent Office

That play on the old tree/forest cliche popped into my head this week while some Socialtext colleagues and I were meeting with senior IT staff of a Fortune 100 manufacturing customer of ours. They're a big Sharepoint shop, and mid-way through the meeting we had a revealing exchange: IT Executive: We're a heavy Sharepoint shop Us: Cool. I've had this conversation several times now, almost verbatim. If a document falls in Sharepoint, and nobody hears it.does it make a sound?

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Voice, Value, Feedback – The “Must Try” Communication Tool Driving Employee Engagement


Leaders don’t enjoy preparing them and employees dread attending them. That’s why many leading organizations such as Accenture, Adobe, Gap, GE, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft all recently announced that they are remodeling this “soul-crushing exercise” and moving to something altogether new.

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A Customer’s Tips for the Best Workday Rising Experience


This is your fifth time attending Workday Rising Europe. There’s an Adobe Sign integration which enables that, so I’m looking forward to learning more about it. Do you have any tips for first-time attendees? Also, make sure you set aside time to meet people and build relationships. Workday really pushes the boat out to make these parties special, and it’s great to spend time with other customers in a relaxed setting.

65 Creative Employee Reward Ideas (2019 Update)


In fact, this list has been so popular that we've updated and expanded it multiple times—and we’re happy to say that this time around, we’ve rehauled the entire list and its categories! Do your team members long for better Adobe stock photo options? Time off ????.

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New Research on Cutting-Edge Performance Management: What Are We Learning?

Compensation Cafe

Ratingless reviews eliminate the use of any grade or score of performance; ongoing performance feedback involves at least four meetings per year between managers and subordinates; and crowd-sourced feedback uses social media to provide 24/7 feedback from peers and others about performance. For those of you who are attending the WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference in San Diego this week, you may be interested in seeing our innovative session on Tuesday afternoon (3-5 pm).

The Heartbeat of the Organization

Conversation Matters

They go in order to meet with others to talk together about the planning and coordination issues their team or department is facing. They meet to have conversation. Those periodic face-to-face meetings are the heartbeat of the organization. In between face-to-face meetings, distributed organizations need to make effective use of the many social networking tools now available, such as, webinars, chat, blogs, teleconference, Skype and Google Hangout.

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Effective Sourcing Strategies for Successful Hires

TrustRadius HR

Another important factor is knowing the number of candidates your company hopes to onboard, and over what time period. Once you’ve developed goals, a more specific timeline should be developed, with checkpoints along the way to help you meet those goals. Image via Adobe.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


” @Adobe : Changing the world through digital experiences. Follow us for timely perspectives on the markets. GM : Bringing GM information to Twitter one tweet at a time. At all times, I’m looking for balance (and a good cup of coffee).

WorkTech11 West Coast: A Report from the Trenches

Future of Work

And it was a good day, time and money well spent. I don’t know the numbers, but I’d guess there were about 150 people in attendance, from all over the U.S. The Conference Chair was Randy Knox, Senior Director of Workplace Solutions at Adobe. Kelly described the complex ecosystem of technology as a “Technium” that has its own “needs” and “wants” as it continues to evolve over time. Real Time Working: James Calder, Woods Bagot and Ray Mays, Macquarie Group Americas.

HR TechStack – Learning Management System


Your sales, service and partner teams can easily receive just-in-time training; improving skills, competency and product knowledge. That gives them more time to focus on what really matters: teaching and learning. Adobe Captivate Prime.