Demo Video of Recognition University and Analytics


With Terryberry’s Recognition Analytics , you have robust visibility into your organization’s recognition program to understand the percentage of employees who are engaging with the program, organizationally and on a department level.

Vista Analytics Best Practices: Summary

Personnel Data Systems

Over the last 6 months, we’ve covered a number of best practices—all targeted to make your Vista Analytics more impactful, more useful, and ultimately more effective. We started with the planning of your analytic , making sure you know its intended audience and purpose. Analytics


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Taking Care of Business: Putting Your HR Analytics to Work

HR Payroll Systems

HR analytics got a lot of hype when they became a popular feature for HRIS software a few years ago. After employers got used to having analytics as a standard feature on their HR software , they lost their shine and became background noise. While HR analytics aren’t the magic bullet that they once were touted as, they can still be made relevant to daily operations. The following are a few ways in which you can put your HR analytics to work.

IDC lays out road to redemption for human resource analytics

Analytics in HR

A majority of organizations in an initial survey are only in the early stages of HR analytics mastery. IDC has been turning its research lens on the growing discipline of human resource analytics and, in 2017, released its IDC MaturityScape: Workforce Analytics Adoption 1.0 Can you describe the adoption rates of human resource analytics? You can’t take a single HR tech demo without seeing a reporting/analytics module. Analytics News & Blogs

7 Top Tools for DEI Analytics


How do you measure DEI analytics? We’ve created a list of tools that can help you improve (and track) diversity analytics in your biz. Why DEI Analytics? Before we get to the list, here’s why diversity and inclusion analytics are essential.

7 award-winning HR tools demo at HR Tech


After more than 120 submissions, 70 demos, a short list of 38 products eventually narrowed to 16 winners, seven products (due to time constraints) were featured today during the afternoon keynote session at the virtual HR Technology Conference & Exposition ®. Pluto relies on Mad Libs-style storytelling to capture data from employees and pairs it with robust analytics and suggestions tools. Not much can slow down HR tech innovation, even a pandemic.

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Webinar: Virtual Demo: Benefits Administration Solutions - 3/30 @2PM ET


In this live virtual demo, our product experts will highlight Paycor’s Benefits Administration Solutions, focusing on our Benefits Advisor solution.

From Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics

Ultimate Software

Having entered the predictive analytics space three years ago, Ultimate Software has seen HR teams start to rely on these important metrics for taking action in their organizations. Predictive analytics are good for people and good for business. When using analytics to marry recommended actions with predictive insights, this approach is known as prescriptive analytics. Predictive analytics are designed to predict the future.

Webinar: Virtual Demo: Benefits Administration Solutions - 2/16 @1PM ET


In this live virtual demo, our product experts will highlight Paycor’s Benefits Administration Solutions, focusing on our Benefits Advisor solution.

Webinar: Virtual Demo: Talent Management Solutions - 4/13 @1PM ET


In this live virtual demo, our product experts will highlight how Paycor’s robust suite of solutions can help you quickly and effectively fill open positions, develop top talent and retain your workforce.

Why You Need to Invest in HR Tech and Analytics Now | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

We’ve compiled statistics and trends that showcase the necessity of data and people analytics for continued organizational success in a post-pandemic workplace. HR professionals with data analytics skills have increased by 242% over the past five years. Talent Analytics HR Tech Trends

Rallyware Analytics Suite for Smart Human Capital Management

Rallyware for Human Resources

A new Rallyware Analytics Suite has launched and is already making an impact by helping organizations to connect learning initiatives with organizational KPIs. Application of People Analytics for Efficient Distributed Workforce Management.

Key takeaways from People Analytics World, London 2018 – Part 1

Littal Shemer

Key takeaways from People Analytics World, London 2018 – Part 1. People Analytics World is a leading European annual conference on HR Analytics, Workforce Planning and Employee Insight, in which I was privileged to attend on April 2018. In this blog I share my key takeaways from the conference 1 st day sessions, case studies and demos, in which I attended. Move from report about the past to real time and to predictive analytics. People Analytics

Why companies should invest in People Analytics


People Analytics can be a fortune-maker for businesses! People Analytics has become an indispensable strategy that allows companies to make better management and business decisions. Here are six reasons your organization should consider investing in people analytics.

3 Important Data Security Considerations When Delivering Analytics To Your Customers

Visier - Talent Acquisition

People analytics is some of the richest company data that exists; the ability to keep it secure and private is crucial for any business. One of the top concerns HR leaders have related to people analytics is ensuring data security. Deeper Insights analytics Embedded

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Why Human Resource Analytics is Crucial


With the help of human resource analytics, workplace data can focus on talent management and the life cycle of an employee. With a specific focus on talent acquisition, competent training, comprehensive reports, and reduced retention, HR analytical data provides a road map for every employee to succeed. Data analytics is crucial to HR and the tasks they face. HR analytics can play a supportive role to bring balance to teams, individuals, and leadership.

Transform Company Culture with Good Communication Analytics

HR Bartender

During the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference this summer, Dawn Klinghoffer, Microsoft’s head of people analytics, mentioned that 86 percent of companies say they’re trying to change culture. Microsoft Workplace Analytics is an organizational data insights tool that showcases broad trends and habits within an organization. Here are the four qualities that Workplace Analytics can measure: 1. Workplace Analytics is one of those tools.

The Power of People Analytics: Rallyware Report Highlights Benefits of Smart Incentives and Recognition

Rallyware for Human Resources

This is where, by harnessing a data-driven approach and the power of people analytics, Rallyware’s Incentives & Recognition (I&R) solution comes into play. Future of Work Rallyware Blog people analytics performance enablement workforce productivity

Employee Experience Driven by People Analytics: Interview with Serena Huang, Global Head of People Analytics at Kraft Heinz

Rallyware for Human Resources

Interview with Serena Huang, Global Head of People Analytics at The Kraft Heinz Company. Rallyware caught up with Serena Huang, Global Head of People Analytics, at The Kraft Heinz Company. How to Implement People Analytics. In the past, analytics used only employee data.

How People Analytics Can Help Your Company Prosper


Analytics are paramount to running a business intelligently and successfully. executives found that most – 63% – do not believe their companies are analytics-driven. These intricacies can be unlocked by mastering people analytics.

How to Deliver Valuable Insights to Your Customers with Visier Embedded Analytics

Visier - Talent Acquisition

According to Gartner , HR analytics is expected to be mainstream technology in the next 2-5 years. So how can you deliver analytics in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your team, disappoint your customers, and makes sense with your product offering? Deeper Insights analytics Embedded

How to Get to Revenue Faster with Visier Embedded Analytics

Visier - Talent Acquisition

There’s no question that analytics can contribute to your organization’s success: it grows your revenue streams and creates opportunities for upsell—and your customers are probably already asking for it. Understand your analytics solution inside and out.

Webinar: COVID-19 Summit - LIVE DEMO: See Paycor's COVID-19 Dashboard - 4/23/20 @2pm ET


The demonstration will highlight how Paycor Analytics and HR Support Center can offer the data and resources HR leaders need to mitigate risk and reshape business strategy.

How Embedded Analytics Work: Embedding Visier into Your Product

Visier - Talent Acquisition

This is where embedded analytics comes in. We built the Visier Embedded Analytics solution with simplicity in mind. While BI vendors will provide you a set of tools to build analytics yourself, the decision to build comes with a number of additional challenges and considerations.

How Emotional Analytics Helped Companies to Empower their Distributed Workforces During the Pandemic

Rallyware for Human Resources

Analytical tools constantly track what we are doing, where we are going and what we search for online. Emotional analytics has changed that. Emotional analytics technology monitors emotional responses to build fascinating new types of data which give an insight into the human psyche.

When is it Time to Explore Predictive Analytics in HR?

Career Metis

The next logical step for such companies is predictive analytics, the economic effect of which can be many times stronger. Think about this: Back in 2016, only 32% of employers were ready to build a predictive analytics management model but 2018 has already seen that figure rise to 69% with companies actively taking steps to improve the way they view people data. To sum it up on predictive analytics in HR. The post When is it Time to Explore Predictive Analytics in HR?

Gain a Huge Advantage for Your Business with People Analytics by ‘WhoKnows’


An effective use of people analytics is to understand the existing workforce and drive them to provide a significant commercial advantage. For improving employee performance and to get a better return on investment, HR data analytics is the best area in the field of analytics for an organization’s human resource department. Data analytics can be the most influential tool for the HR professional and can be used to highlight any employee’s talent.

Your People Data and Visier Embedded Analytics: Top 3 Questions Answered

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Visier Embedded Analytics gives your customers what they need without the overhead of building your own analytics offering. With over 10 years of experience in the people analytics space, we understand what questions and answers your customers need to know.

People Analytics and Behavioral Science. The Tech Behind the Rallyware Incentive and Recognition Solution

Rallyware for Human Resources

Upskilling and reskilling the workforce by using people analytics and behavioral science to drive desired behaviors. The program uses people analytics to track working behaviors, daily activity and performance results and create personalized paths to success for each individual.

How Predictive Analytics Have Revolutionized Performance Management

Rallyware for Human Resources

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine,” said Peter Sondergaard, former Senior Vice President at Gartner. As ML and AI evolve, predictive analytics is finding its way into various business use cases. Predictive analytics for efficient onboarding. Predictive analytics for performance improvement. Predictive analytics for churn prevention.

How HR and People Analytics can help manage Employee Wellbeing


Innovative technology like Predictive People Analytics is uniquely positioned to support HR to do this in an accurate and timely fashion. Using Predictive Analytics tools for your People can help your organisation operate in a more responsible and efficient business environment whilst also supporting employees to deliver optimum performance and fulfill their true potential. If you would like to find out more about Predictive Analytics for People, book a demo today.

Moneyball Analytics Built for Business


The analytic modeling used in this movie (and in real-life as the movie is based on a true story) may seem like a sprinkle of magic, but it is really just smart science. Does Moneyball Analytics increase revenues? For example: At CareerBuilder , Cangrade Moneyball Analytics has reduced employee turnover by 40% in just one year. At Applied Industrial Technologies , Cangrade Moneyball Analytics has generated roughly $12.9 Request Your Free Demo of Talent Analytics!

How to Use Compensation Analytics to Tell a Story

Compensation Today

This is a lesson from our forthcoming ecourse on compensation analytics, and builds on our previous post on how to dig into comp analytics for specific questions. Then you explored the analytics that help you track compensation , calculated them for your organization and dug deeper into some particular issue areas. GET A DEMO. Typically, you’ll want to stick to one or two main ideas, and use your analytics and specific examples to support your points.

SuccessFactors analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud: What is coming and our hands-on experience so far

NGA Human Resources

In this blog post, we’ll review our first hands-on experiences using the recently released embedded edition of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) in SuccessFactors. SAP renamed these and they now sit under one umbrella name SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics.

New Analytics Features to Measure the Business Impact of Communications


Analyze is the SocialChorus analytics suite that helps companies measure communications impact across channels so they can drive business outcomes. Analytics shouldn’t be intimidating.