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I recently did a demo of the program highlighting some of its most helpful features and benefits. The post Think HR Demo appeared first on HRSherpas. Compliance Human Resources demo HR think hr thinkhr demoThinkHR is an excellent compliance program.

Why Non-Scripted Vendor Demos are a Waste of Your time during Software Selection


A non-scripted demo typically: Is designed to showcase the features and functions the vendor wants to promote, regardless of your specific needs. A scripted demo process during HR technology selection typically: Follows a strict agenda, respectfully using each minute of your time.

3 Keys to Acing Your Next Product Demo

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That’s why product demos can be so effective for field marketers. If you want to deliver the kind of product demo that can boost sales by upwards of 475% , you need these four keys to success. This is along the same lines of personalizing the product demo experience. – 5 min Demo


Watch this 5 min demo to see how you can create an awesome interview experience for your candidates and recruit faster! The post – 5 min Demo appeared first on

Applicant Tracking System Vendor Comparison Matrix

Request a demo and we'll be in touch Multiple Job Apps Responsive Careers Pages Job and Offer Approvals Automated Thank You Emails Employee Referral Apps Advanced User Rights Hiring Manager Features Outlook & Gmail Calender.

ON-DEMAND DEMO: PlatCore LMS Overview

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Until now… This 20min demo will show you how PlatCore is disrupting traditional Learning Management with the Now Platform! Sign up to watch the demo. The post ON-DEMAND DEMO: PlatCore LMS Overview appeared first on PlatCore, LLC Learning Management Solutions have evolved.

HR Tech Vendor Demo Makeovers: A Conversation with George LaRocque


How many vendor demos have you been through lately, whether giving them (as a vendor) or receiving them (as a practitioner)? Could the demo have been run more smoothly? Do you have pet peeves about how vendor demos should run? If the group of HR leaders we examined has anything to say about it, there is a clear need for improvement in how these demos are managed. Demos!

Request a Demo – Thank You


Thank you for requesting a demo of the SocialChorus platform. The post Request a Demo – Thank You appeared first on SocialChorus. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly. Thank You Pages


Webinar: Fidelity Health Marketplace product demo

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Attend our demo webinar to learn more Curious about working with Fidelity Health Marketplace?


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From a meeting with a client last week: Renegade Demo (ˈrenəˌɡād/ˈdemō) - The time when you walk by an office or your cube as a leader in your company and realized your growth has outpaced your ability to properly train new hires at your company, especially those charged with evangelizing your product. It was another renegade demo. But most companies who go through a growth spurt experience an inflection point when renegade demos are alive and well. Enter the Renegade Demo.

The Complete Guide to Buying an Applicant Tracking System

The Demo 50 Questions to Ask on an ATS Demo How to build a business case for ATS Build your team with Newton 2 03 05 08 15 19 20 26 29 TABLE OF CONTENTS So you’re interested in an Applicant Tracking System(ATS)? What questions should you prepare for product demos?

HR Technology Vendor Demos: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly [Podcast]


How many vendor demos have you been through lately? Could the demo have been run more smoothly? Do you have pet peeves about how vendor demos should run? If the group of HR leaders we examined has anything to say about it, there is a clear need for improvement in how these demos are managed. In the podcast episode below, industry expert George LaRocque and I explore these and other issues plaguing the vendor demo scene. Demos!

Can we blow up Demos already? #HRERecruitTalent

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I constantly hear from recruiting tech companies that they want to do more demos, because they know demos lead to organizations buying their stuff. The problem is we all feel we don’t have the time to do demos, and we don’t want high pressured sales pitch. Buyers actually need to do more demos and should be looking at more options then they do, and vendors need to get in front of more buyers. The truth is, there is no secret sauce with your demo.

Live Spoke Demo by Jay Srinivasan, Co-Founder & CEO


Watch as Co-founder and CEO Jay Srinivasan runs through a live demo of the product, covering many of Spoke’s features across multiple use cases. The post Live Spoke Demo by Jay Srinivasan, Co-Founder & CEO appeared first on Spoke. Spoke is the only internal ticketing system built specifically to serve the on-demand workplace, providing employees with immediate, convenient, and personalized access to internal knowledge and support.

Perfectly Designed Demos Are Here, Ready to Showcase Your Site!


Kava contains 30 demos as for now, and we’re planning to release more! Except astonishing demos, Kava theme has more and more beneficial features for users, business, companies, developers, bloggers and other categories of users. Our today’s collection includes 30 demos.

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Newton’s Guide to OFCCP Compliance

3 Major Laws Enforced by the OFCCP GET A DEMOFinding Your Way Through OFCCP Compliance ? Doing business with the government provides access to a. stable stream of revenue, a consistent workforce, and a. wider client portfolio, all of which offer your business great. growth opportunities.

300+ Questions to Ask Applicant Tracking System Vendors on Demos

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Practitioners shouldn’t feel shy about taking charge on a demo. You should definitely go into a demo with a list of questions to ask. If you’re at a loss for words, here is what we could consider the ultimate list of questions to ask an applicant tracking system vendor on a demo.

Protected: 26 Ridiculously Fun Icebreaker Games For Your Next Meeting [DEMO]


To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post Protected: 26 Ridiculously Fun Icebreaker Games For Your Next Meeting [DEMO] appeared first on SnackNation. This content is password protected.

Did Google Fake its AI Demo? A Lesson for Employer Communications


If you’re a nerd or just a casual technology news consumer, you might have heard about the recent live Google Duplex demo with the company’s CEO. But following the demo, journalists began asking questions of Google. Here’s an article that tipped me off to the issue: The demo was indeed impressive… But is it possible that the promise of Google’s advanced artificial-intelligence tech is too good to be true?

How Best To Take Your Idea From Dream To Drawing Board To Demo

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Which route should you choose: rapid prototyping or creating a minimum viable product

17 Features Every ATS Must Have

If you’re interested in learning more about Newton, contact us at 415-593-1198, send an email to or request a demo. Easy Posting to Job Boards. Free and premium job postings to leading careers sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and. Glassdoor - all at the click of a button.

HR Cloud Demos New HR Software at Giants Game

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Request a free demo at, , or 855-71-HRCLD. HR Cloud hosted a highly attended event for Bay Area tech companies on July 27, filling up an executive suite at the San Francisco Giants game.

Top 5 Applicant Tracking (ATS) Software: Get Reviews, Free Demos & Price Quotes

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The recruitment process can be arduous for both employers and candidates. From sourcing candidates to tracking current applicants and ultimately hiring the ideal candidate, an ATS will reduce the time and expense of hiring new employees for both HR departments as well as recruiting and staffing agencies. There are hundreds of ATS solutions currently on the market, with different solutions for organizations of different sizes, industries and hiring models.

The one HR tech feature you'll regret not asking to see in the demo

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I don't know why, and I suppose I may be wrong about this as I am not actually sitting in every HR tech vendor demo going on (shock), but I know that I have never seen, nor asked any vendor to discuss and/or demonstrate that actual process that employees would have to follow when they forget their passwords.

Conference Attendee Tips — Illustrated Journaling, Golden Age mysteries, Boat Shows and More

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Best" Practices HR Tech HR Tech Conference KSAOCs Life After HRTech Naomi's Speaking Engagements Travel Vendor Briefings/Demos WorkdayNaomi & Cousin Ronni Circa 1950. Yes, I’m retired , but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped learning — or attending conferences.

#HRTechWorld And #HRTechConf 2015 Attendee Tips

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With what vendors do you want to schedule extended and/or private demos? Tip #1: For vendors of greatest interest, do your homework in advance, preparing the mental scenarios that you’d like to see, so that booth time is hands-on demo time. I Love Paris In The Fall!

Achievers in Action at HR Tech World: March 21 & 22, London


Achievers will be there at Booth 303 with everything from live product demos to a “design your own T-shirt” stand. In the Product Demo Arena, Chase will offer a real-time view of the tools and strategies Achievers offers to help create an impactful culture of employee recognition that significantly impacts employee engagement. By: Helen Brooker. Marketing Director, Achievers UK.

Workday’s 2015 Tech Summit: What Hasn’t Been Reported Widely Enough

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Enterprise Software Models/Modeling Preferred Architectural Behaviors SaaS Vendor Briefings/Demos Workday

Weighted Competency Reviews and Assignable Review Periods Now Launched


If you are in search for a performance review system to meet your needs, request a live demo with ReviewSNAP and we''ll be happy to walk you through the system and answer your questions. HR Live Demo Performance Appraisal Performance Management Performance Reviews Reviewsnap ReviewSNAP recently launched the ability to create performance reviews using weighted competency groups.

Lessons from the 2016 HR Tech Conference

Cornerstone On Demand

The 19th annual conference brought together the best and brightest innovators and companies in the HR world to explore the latest trends, demo new products and compare best practices. It's hard to believe this year's HR Technology Conference is already over. It was a great four days in Chicago, and we're already looking forward to next year

5 Benefits to Look For in a Channel Incentives Platform [Infographic]


Schedule a demo today! Using an incentives solution can help boost the efficiency of your partner programs. Click our infographic to see how! Want to learn more about how to drive ROI using a channel incentives platform?

5 Steps to Improving Engagement in Meetings

TLNT: The Business of HR

The make-or-break sales demo with that perfect-fit client. The interview for that new job you’re hoping to get. The coffee date with your personal hero, and hopefully, future mentor. The last-ditch attempt to mend a broken partnership. HR Communications Meetings Featured

How to #BeMoreEventful and Network at Your Next Conference


Are you there to hit the demo floor and find a new solution for your business? Think about the conferences you attend. What is the purpose? Are you there to hear insights from speakers – hoping it will ignite an idea that you could bring back to your team?

What I Learned About Culture from the ExponentHR Team


I love seeing demos, hearing about new […]. There’s nothing I love more than nerding out over HR tech and culture. The post What I Learned About Culture from the ExponentHR Team appeared first on TalentCulture. HRtech ExponentHR

15 Reasons Why Technology is Crucial to Diversity Hiring

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Drive talent success today by getting a customized, free demo. Diversity hiring is hiring based on ensuring the process and procedure is free from bias based on age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics that are irrelevant to their job performance.

How ALEX Helped Broker Chad Smith Stop Worrying about Providing Decision Support…and Helped His Client Communicate Big Changes


The (platonic, but intense) love story between ALEX and Chad Smith, Vice President at Milestone Benefits Agency, began as all good love stories do…a few years ago at a Benefits Advisors Network demo. ”I That demo stayed filed away in the […]. I remember sitting in,” Smith recalled, “and I thought: Wow, this is really, really cool.”