3 Key Learnings From HCI’s 2018 Performance Coaching & Development Conference


Human Capital Institute’s popular performance management event in Chicago underwent a bit of a face lift this year starting with a new name: the HCI Performance Coaching & Development Conference. We saw that ‘performance innovation’ was a popular way of talking about that two or three years ago, but as organizations move towards a model of continuous conversation and development, experts are framing this as performance coaching instead of performance management.”.

Top HR Conferences to Attend in 2018


Where is the best place to learn the latest industry trends, hear from industry thought leaders, and network with your peers? To help you find the conference that’s right for you, we’ve rounded up the top upcoming HR conferences across the country (Events with an asterisk indicate that Namely will be in attendance—we hope to see you there!) 1. Professionals from across the nation attend this conference to catch up on the latest HR legislation and stay ahead of the curve.

What is it Like to Attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop® and Facilitator Training?


Year after year, we are wowed by the learning, cohesiveness, and insights the participants bring from different industries, levels, and geography, and what they report they get from the program. An insider’s guide to The Leadership Challenge ® Workshop.

What is it Like to Attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop?


Why does it seem that year after year we are wowed by the learning culture, the cohesiveness, the insights, the mastery of content, and the ability of a group from different industries, levels, and geography to come together and do extraordinary things?

Professional conferences 101: Get more from employee attendance in 5 steps


Attending a professional conference should be much more than a chance for your employees to polish their golf game or get out of the office for a few days. This is an opportunity for them to find out how your company fits into the larger industry, gain insights into your competitors and pick the brains of some of the business world’s best and brightest. Here’s how to help everyone on your staff maximize the value of attending a professional conference.

How a Career Coach can Help You with Your Career Planning?

Career Metis

Many of you might think, what is career coaching? How can a coach help me with my career planning ? Well, if you really are not sure about the benefits of an expert job coach, ask yourself the following questions: Are you happy with your job? If yes, you might consider seeking the services of a career coach. Yes, for your dream successful career, you can always depend on a job coach. Ways in which a Career Coach can Help in Career Planning.

How Career Re-Entry Programs Are Tackling the Gender Gap One Hire at a Time

Cornerstone On Demand

While there are re-entry programs for a variety of professionals and industries, the programs are an increasingly popular source for strong, capable women, according to Carol Fishman Cohen, co-founder and CEO of re-entry organization iRelaunch.

Recommended Human Resources Conferences To Attend in 2015

Unbridled Talent

Recently, one of my contacts who is planning her 2015 schedule sent me a question asking for my recommendations for the top 2 – 3 conferences to attend in the US for HR professionals. One of my plans for next year is to attend more conferences in the US; ideally I’d like to attend events where there is a lot of networking, collaborating and great speakers. Since there are so many events happening all the time, it’s hard for me to assess which ones are best.

coworker is bringing daily gifts to our team lead, coaching a combative employee, and more

Ask a Manager

She’s had documented attendance and performance issues and has been placed on a PIP. Considering the timing of when the gift was given, it’s likely she hasn’t since it was late on a Friday night when all the department managers were gone for the week. Coaching a combative, negative employee. She has an us vs them mentality when it comes to management and often times takes a combative approach when discussing employee issues, policy changes, updates, or general feedback.

What Signature Story are You known for to Colleagues?

Babette Ten Haken - Human Capital & Industrial IoT

During my speaking programs and coaching , you and I plug into the reality of how each workday is part of your ongoing professional story. From your perspective, you go to work, attend meetings, do your job the right way and head home.

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NCHRA and Waggl Uncover New Insights from the HR Industry toward Innovation


NCHRA and Waggl , an all new and simple way to distill real-time insights from groups of people , recently released new data which reveals insights about the outlook of the human resources industry toward innovation.

How to Choose HR Software Vendor in 2019?


Besides time and cost saving, ensure that you pick a software that aligns with your objectives and adds significant value to your business. Selecting a suitable HR software vendor can be a challenging and overwhelming task.

Survivng SHRM: A Guide for First-Timers


With over 12,000+ people in attendance every year, SHRM is by far the largest gathering of HR professionals in the world. Last year’s gathering in New Orleans was my first time attending SHRM and I gained way more knowledge and insights than I anticipated. Because of the conference’s magnitude, it is important to scope out the expo space ahead of time to plan your routes. Scope out the expo hall ahead of time for the best #SHRM18 experience. Industry News

7 Jobs at the Golf Course That You Should Find Interesting

Career Metis

The golfing industry remains active in the face of economic downturns and privatization. Suzy Whaley, the President of the PGA, had this to say when speaking to Forbes about the economic impact of the game , “I am excited about the future of the golf industry!

8 ways HR can help develop better managers

Qualtrics HR

Here’s how your HR department can support your goal of coaching and developing managers to become the best leaders they can be. Giving new managers specific support in this way can help build their confidence in leading others for the first time. Develop person-specific coaching plans.

HR Tech Preview: Humans and Trends of HR to Follow for 2018


Before you know it the holiday season will be all around us, next year’s plans will be socialized, and the Times Square ball drop will be a fond memory. Now is the time to connect the dots between HR strategy and employee success for your 2018 goals. Industry News

Trends 151

What is the BEST Leadership Style?


Relevant industries: military, construction, or sports coaching. This style is best suited for an industry where innovation/creativity is valued, such as a technology start-up or the entertainment industry.

3 Things We Learned at 2016 NeuroLeadership Summit


Last week, we attended the NeuroLeadership Summit in New York. The research-driven approach led to great conversations and connections among attendees in learning and development, human resources, the C-suite, and business coaches working with large organizations.

ATS 163

Transform your culture: Lessons from a cooperative, First Credit Union for #CeridianCXDay


Develop leaders to be coaches. Sandra has an executive coaching certificate from Royal Roads University. First Credit Union integrates “the coach approach” into all its one-to-one and performance discussions. The coach approach is all about asking the right questions and enabling employees to discover their own accomplishments and areas of improvement. But, as pointed out in a recent post on Fast Company by Renee Robertson, coaching is not criticism.

How to Navigate a Successful Culture Transformation Process (Part 2)


Transformations Take Time. The transformation of habits and attitudes does not occur overnight, especially when employees have been allowed to operate in a certain way or in status quo for a long period of time. The good news is that you usually have more time than you think.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact the Future of Work


So I attended The Future of Work at Dolby Laboratories to learn more about what’s happening in the ecosystem. The same way that software has changed and has subsequently created a billion dollar industry. This has led recruiters at IBM to concentrate on being more thoughtful on higher-level strategy, coaching the business in thinking more broadly on how to set parameters on roles, and coupled with the data they collect they have cases for innovating historical practices (e.g.

CHRO 109

Future Friday: Helping CEOs change

OmegaHR Solutions

Companies and boards have come to realize that the CEO is a key player in attracting and retaining the talent needed to take the company into the forefront of their industry. I have attended Dreamforce, the Salesforce annual conference, twice and the place exudes inspiration.


The 2015 Performance Management Survey Is In!

HR Daily Advisor

Industries include manufacturing (17.3%); health care and social assistance (15.2%); other services (except public administration) (11%); finance and insurance (8.9%); and professional, technical, and scientific services (8.4%). Industry knowledge. Attendance awards.

Voice, Value, Feedback – The “Must Try” Communication Tool Driving Employee Engagement


Leaders don’t enjoy preparing them and employees dread attending them. Currently, I am coaching several leaders who have incorporated the Voice, Value, Feedback communication tool into their culture, and the benefits are real.

Tools 75

what to say to an employee who’s requesting too much time off, training the person who’s taking your job, and more

Ask a Manager

How can I coach an employee to have more professional polish? How, if at all, can I coach her to be more professional when what it seems like she needs is an injection of class/polish? What to say to an employee who’s requesting too much time off. I have a question about an employee who is requesting a lot of time off. It’s okay to to request time off on occasion, but that should be rare, not multiple times each month. It’s five answers to five questions.

Building an International Haute Couture Brand with Samantha Giraud

Thrive Global

I was a figure skating coach from 1999–2007, and then I taught myself design and became a sportswear designer. Then in 2016, I attended the renowned “Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne” in Paris to expand my fashion industry knowledge and refine my design skills.

HR On-Demand and Augmented Reality


But oh, when I am desperate for a bit of mindless programming, entertainment and personal sanity, I make the time…and I’m talking 4-5 hours of it! Employee safety and peace of mind don’t care if I have a 2-hour block of time carved out to “watch” it.

Quick Shots for #HR and Business Pros – #HRTechConf Edition

HR Bartender

Panel discussions focused on being a woman in a technology company, being human resources in a technology company, and being an entrepreneur working with the technology industry. Business analysts were the coaches and we (the conference attendees) got to select the winner.

Three Ways to Make Seasonal Hiring Easier


Are workers full time, part time, or independent contractors? You can make seasonal hiring easier by following the same procedures you’d use for a full-time employee. Track hours and attendance for each employee, so you have documentation if there’s ever a question about whether or not laws were followed. Blog HR and Recruiting Industry Information Recruiting Best Practices

New Year Resolutions for IC Pros: Internal Communication Best Practices for 2019

Contact Monkey - HR

If you’re an internal comms pro, you’ve probably had some time to reflect on 2018 and evaluate some of the internal communication battles you’ve won , as well as the losses you may have suffered. Now is the perfect time to look ahead and plan for 2019. This may also be the best time to whip out your internal comms strategy and take a look at what’s been working and what’s been flailing. It can also be very frustrating at times. But it’s time to do it.

Too Old to Get a New Job? Think Again.


Too often, people believe those over 50 are doomed to have an especially hard time searching for a job. However, she regularly attended the weekly strategic workshops. It matched her skills and experience, but it was an entirely different job and industry from her previous position.

21 Top Talent Management, People Ops, And HR Conferences In 2019


People Operations teams and other people managers can model L&D by attending one of the HR conferences outlined below. The industry’s top summits explore all of these and many more. Are there must-attend breakouts that will benefit you the most? Manage your time.

How To Convince Your Boss To Send You To A Conference And Pay

Dr. Nadine

Last week we looked at a how to approach your manager with the benefits of letting you attend a conference. But there is more to getting a “yes” when it comes to the question of time and cost. This addresses the budget problems and shows your commitment to attending the conference.

Defining The Fan Experience: Past, Present, And Future

SAP Innovation

And yes, I did attend a few NY Rangers games to cheer on my Yale classmate Bob Brooke. Since that game ten years ago, it’s become an annual springtime ritual to attend Flyers games in Boston. Personally, I receive daily and real-time NHL scores and news updates through a mobile app.

HR Tech Preview: Humans and Trends of HR to Follow for 2018


Before you know it the holiday season will be all around us, next year’s plans will be socialized, and the Times Square ball drop will be a fond memory. Now is the time to connect the dots between HR strategy and employee success for your 2018 goals. Industry News

Become Your Own Hockey Hero: Make Goals, Give Back, And Own Corporate Social Responsibility


My day, my time. I’ve quoted for years the late hockey coach Badger Bob Johnson, a legendary coach at the college and NHL ranks who popularized the phrase, “It’s a great day for hockey.” One of my mentors had said years back, “To give is to receive back many times in return.”

Job Search Tips After a Long Absence from the Workforce


On the flip side, a growing number of working adults are taking time off to become caretakers for their elderly parents. No matter the circumstances for your extended absence, when it comes time to return to work, it’s easy to feel completely out of your element.