7 Steps to Reaching Your Workforce Diversity Goals

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Workforce diversity, whether it’s gender, ethnic, or age diversity , is often linked to strong organizational performance. But how do you go about actually building a diverse workforce? The workforce diversity plan. Look for diverse sourcing channels.

Workplace Diversity: ‘The Era of Colorblindness is Over’

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Workplace diversity is a pressing topic among HR pros. That attention often focuses on how diversity affects the company — but what about how minorities' experiences affect people personally and professionally? Talent Management Talent Management Diversity

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Religious Discrimination Hazards on the Rise

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Religious discrimination hasn’t been a major concern for employers in recent years. Segal, a partner at Duane Morris, also noted that employers have experienced an increase in religious discrimination claims in recent years. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s charge receipts.

Diversity and Inclusion: The business case


Taylor said that the answer to this crisis is diversity and inclusion. In fact, Taylor says there is a strong business case for hiring employees from diverse groups such as the formerly incarcerated. “It’s From Taylor’s perspective, it’s just another dimension of diversity.

8 Reasons to Attend WorkHuman 2018


As we get closer to April, we’re sharing our top 8 reasons to attend (and a tool to help get your manager on board): 1. The keynote lineup is comprised of activists, celebrities, New York Times best-selling authors, and some of the most inspiring thought leaders in the business.

#HotInHR: Men & Women Act Same, Treated Differently; Book Time-off Using Alexa, WeWork + Lord & Taylor?


How Black Americans See Discrimination (NPR). One of the paradoxes of racial discrimination is the way it can remain obscured even to the people to whom it’s happening. Gender equality remains frustratingly elusive… Numerous causes have been suggested, but one argument that persists points to differences in men and women’s behavior. HotInHR: Men & Women Act Same, Treated Differently; Book Time-off Using Alexa, WeWork + Lord… Click To Tweet.

Can Technology Help with Workplace Diversity?


When companies are diverse, their employees are happier and more engaged. Diverse companies not only save money, but they earn more, too. Businesses that are culturally diverse earn 35% more than companies that aren’t. And yet the lack of diversity in business is still an issue. According to research conducted by TNG in 2018, 73% of people believe that they’ve been discriminated against when applying for a job. Its time to hire has gone down, too.

15Five Takes PRIDE In Every Employee


Pride began as a way to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City, and has evolved into a joyful parade that millions all over the world look forward to attending every June. The topic of diversity and inclusion has not fallen on deaf ears at our company.

Women in Japan Are Being Told Not to Wear Glasses in the Workplace — Here Are 5 Sexist Dress Codes From Around the World

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“Employers that create and enforce poorly drafted gender-based dress code policies assume the risk of running afoul of gender discrimination laws,” employment attorney Mirande Valbrune wrote about US companies for Forbes in 2018.

Religion v. Law

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Whether law or religion wins depends on the issue, the time, and the court. Marriage is still one at a time, human, and no close relatives though.). For a long time, “In God We Trust” was not on the US money, and the Pledge of Allegiance said nothing about God.

Will the Solar Eclipse Disrupt Your Workplace?

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And employers in general should consider how to address the anticipated requests for time off, as well as how to ensure employee safety—particularly for those employees who work outside. Finally, expect a flurry of last-minute requests for time off and unplanned absences.

What is blind recruitment – and does it work?


Discover why hiding personal details from candidates’ applications helps to improve the diversity of new hires, and how to introduce it to your organisation using an ATS. Blind recruitment is gaining traction as an effective way to recruit more diverse staff. Academic studies and research surveys suggest that bias and discrimination are rife in the hiring process. Read more in our article, five reasons why diversity and inclusion at work matters.

How to support workers with ‘hidden’ disabilities


According to the 2010 Equality Act, a person has a disability if they : Have a physical or mental impairment. The 2010 Equality Act also says (in paragraph 20 of schedule 8) that “an employer is not under a duty to make reasonable adjustments if it does not know, and could not reasonably be expected to know that the individual was disabled.”. The former point was cited as unfavourable treatment (because it was discrimination arising from his disability) and was not justified. .

How to Improve Inclusion in the Workplace


Diversity is not only a buzzword. That’s why it is important to know ways to improve inclusion in the workplace and enhance diversity. To build diversity within a business, recruiting and hiring diverse talent is an insufficient scalable solution.

5 Ways Companies Celebrate Pride All Year Long – and Show LGBTQ+ Employees They Care

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In the United States, for example, the Supreme Court has yet to decide whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act — which prevents employment discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, or religion — covers sexual orientation and transgender status. And while Pride Month is the perfect time to celebrate diversity and have fun doing it, it’s also an opportunity to think about how you can support your LGBTQ+ workforce in meaningful ways all year long.

Why is an All-Inclusive Workplace Good for business?

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The discussion was filmed ahead of Pride London, one of the global network of events set-up to celebrate LGBT+ life and to provide a platform to continue the fight for equality and to challenge prejudice. Diversity is good for business. Five generations fighting against discrimination.

Hidden Talent: Best Practices for Recruiting People with Disabilities


Disability discrimination in the workplace is against the law but unfortunately, that doesn’t deter all violations. The culture you’re promoting needs to be founded on transparency and honesty, as well as equality in order for your recruits to feel welcome and as a part of the brand.

HBR Says Women Experience More Incivility than Men at Work — Especially from Other Women (KD at #workhuman)

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One of the best shows I attend, highly recommended. I've been to WorkHuman one time a couple of years ago, and I'm back this year. We are bringing together the leading voices of this movement in a historic panel discussion on sexual harassment, respect, and equality in the workplace.

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How to holiday-proof your company policies and practices


It might be the most wonderful time of the year. But some employers may find that the winter months bring unique questions as they try to create an inclusive, fair work environment for their diverse staff. From celebrations to office décor and vacation time, here’s how you can pull off the holiday season without a hitch this year. However, today’s workplace is more diverse than ever, requiring extra sensitivity when it comes to planning these occasions.

HR documentation: A step-by-step guide


It’s your line of defense in the event that an employee sues your company for discrimination, wrongful termination or another issue. Attendance issues. Here’s how to document poor attendance at work : Explain to the employee what they are doing wrong.

Check your Blind Spots, Avoiding Unconscious Bias with Technology


Madeline: I love that you talk about equal opportunity and then the responsibility really looking at the leaders to lead this charge Torin what about you do you see a difference in companies understanding the difference between diversity and inclusion.

Common LGBTQ Issues in the Workplace (and How to Solve Them)


On July 21, 2014, President Barack Obama signed an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against employees and job applicants based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. “In So I firmly believe that it’s time to address this injustice for every American.”. However, as we celebrate Pride Month this June, it’s important to remember that the fight for equal rights and protections is nowhere near over.

11 Tips for Being an Effective Leader in 2020

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But, things can get even more complicated in case your organization is facing some tough times. Having a diverse and capable team of employees is a dream come true for every leader. But, where there is diversity, there are also differences, which often lead to conflicts.

Google's Awkward Week Offers a Teachable Moment to Us All


The story that broke this past weekend about an internal document authored by a Google employee calling the company’s culture (specifically, its approach to diversity and inclusion) into question, doesn’t seem to be going away. But that discourse needs to work alongside the principles of equal employment found in our Code of Conduct, policies, and anti-discrimination laws.” Are the definitions of those terms open to refinement in your organization over time?

Why Uber, Google, and Other Companies Failed to Address Workplace Harassment

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Even though we see the rise of the #MeToo movement and can witness the way recent harassment issues are shaping the global conversation against workplace bullying, abuse, discrimination, and other forms of misconduct, there’s still a lot to be done. Particularly, many companies haven’t yet provided effective workplace harassment training, preventing their employees from fully comprehending this issue with must-attend annual seminars.

The Employee Handbook—Best Practices

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Ensure the handbook has provisions that relate to legal requirements, such as: Antiharassment policies; Information about FMLA leave (if applicable for the employer); Equal employment information. Most organizations have created some form of employee handbook, and for good reason.

sHereos: How Mariah Hale of Neon Kids is providing kids with an exciting and educational gaming experience in a safe and fun group environment

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pioneer in the gaming space, and as an advocate for equality in a. In her free time, she enjoys playing Call of. equality in a male-dominated industry. In her free time, she enjoys. space, and as an advocate for equality in a male-dominated industry.

Paycheck Fairness Act: Good Riddance

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Fewer engineers equals higher prices. If a woman is overtly discriminated against in pay prior to coming to a company (your second example) then the woman should expect that this discrimination will be continued for the rest of her life as she moves from job to job.

The Employee Engagement Wholehearted Dialogue: Denise Bissonnette and David Zinger

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You can watch the entire recording or scan the time stamped transcript to go to a section that interest you. So, anyway I’m happy to tell you that I quit and oh my God I had such a great time doing it, and my point is if we’re going to fall let’s fall forward, you know?