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What Amazon’s ‘voluntary resignation’ policy means for RTO trends


This may help companies save money in the long run,” he says, compared to firing employees for non-compliance of a return-to-office policy. Otherwise, if any employee is not willing to relocate, the last option is to voluntarily leave the company without severance.

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From Compliance to Talent Management: The 15 Essential HR Responsibilities

Analytics in HR

Today, HR professionals play critical roles in policy development, onboarding, manager training, employee experience, digitalization, and much more. As mentioned, HR is responsible for identifying workforce requirements needed to achieve goals and analyzing trends to ensure the right talent is in the right positions to succeed.


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Human Resources Generalist: Required Job Duties and Skills

Heyyy HR!

According to SHRM , the Human Resources Generalist runs the daily functions of the HR department including hiring and interviewing staff, administering pay, benefits and leave while enforcing company policies and practices. They are responsible for the administration of human resources policies, programs, protocols, and procedures.

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What an Employer Needs to Know About Employee Benefit Laws in the United States – the Basics!

Accurate Background

Employee benefits are an important part of the HR function and the employee-employer relationship in any organization operating within the United States. Candidates and employees often place significant value on benefit offerings in addition to salary when considering how a job will contribute to their overall quality of life.

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Sample human resources manager job description and interview questions

Business Management Daily

A Human Resources Manager is an employee that leads your company’s human resource efforts including staffing, payroll , employee benefits programs , training and development programs, and other key personnel functions. They will also be responsible for developing personnel policies and regularly updating the employee handbook.

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Understanding Grievance Policies: What They Are and Why They Matter

HR Digest

As an employee, you have rights in the workplace, and one of those rights is to file a grievance if you feel that your rights have been violated. Grievance policies are an essential part of any workplace as they provide a framework for employees to voice their concerns and ensure that their rights are protected.

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Menopause: The next big benefits trend?


and the National Basketball Association recently rolled out benefits to support menopausal employees. As the trend is expected to pick up speed, experts say, now is the time for HR to educate itself on the value of menopause benefits. With feedback from employees, HR can determine which benefits to offer.

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