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People Development: An Essential Guide for HR

Analytics in HR

People development is key to retaining your workforce and boosting business performance. How can you as an HR professional create an effective people development strategy for your organization? Let’s find out. Contents What is people development? Examples of people development 7 Tips for an effective people development strategy What is people development?

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Four Focus Areas in 2023 for Driving Gender Equality in the Workplace


Gender equality in the workplace is an important issue that has been gaining more attention in recent years. Despite progress being made in some areas, there is still a significant gender gap in many industries and companies. Implementing gender equality in the workplace can have a positive impact on both employees and the company as a whole. This article will discuss the steps that companies can take to promote and achieve gender equality in the workplace.


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What are the best online HR Master’s programs?

Best Of HR

What are the best online hr master’s programs? From Pepperdine University to The University of Law Business School, here are eight answers to the question, “What are the best online HR master’s programs?” Pepperdine University Stanford University Texas A&M University Cornell University Avila University The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Villanova University The University of Law Business School Pepperdine University Their online master’s in hu

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Using Onboarding Software to Do More with Less

Essium HRM

Effective onboarding is crucial for candidate success. When the process is thorough, new hires have the information they need to thrive. One of the main challenges is that onboarding is cumbersome, both for candidates and recruitment agencies alike. Fortunately, by using onboarding software, you simplify the process for everyone. Onboarding software creates opportunities for task automation, effectively letting you do more with less.

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Investing in HR Software: How to Get Internal Buy-in

Buying HR software is a major decision. That’s why finding the right provider based on your needs and ensuring key decision makers are on board is vital. Download Paycor’s guide for tips to address common concerns across your buying committee.

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome With Andrea Fryrear

Turning the Corner

Watch Listen Read I am so excited to introduce you to our guest. I’m sitting face-to-face, in person, with my friend, Andrea Fryrear. How she came to become my friend is an interesting backstory. Her company at the time hired my company to coach every one of their employees and give them a gift of basically a career development plan. I got the chance to hear this amazing woman’s story back in those days.

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At a Glance: 2023 ACA State Reporting

ACA Times

It’s time to prepare ACA state filings for the 2022 tax year. Is your organization ready? As a reminder, on an annual basis, employers must file Forms 1094-C and 1095-C… The post At a Glance: 2023 ACA State Reporting first appeared on The ACA Times.

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5 Types of Employee Turnover and How to Manage Them


No one stays in the same job forever — that sounds more like an episode of Black Mirror than fulfilling employment! Change at work is inevitable, whether we choose to take a new opportunity, move to another city, raise children, or eventually retire. That’s turnover; the rate at which employees leave an organization, and are replaced by new people. Low turnover is generally considered desirable.

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Evolving Through Uncertainty: HR’s Next Chapter In 2023


Workhuman’s Jennifer Reimert, SVP of Workhuman’s Consulting Practice, shares her predictions for 2023 in her latest byline from Forbes. In this piece, she notes that managing morale, fostering trust, and activating data will be key components that help organizations succeed in the year ahead. The post Evolving Through Uncertainty: HR’s Next Chapter In 2023 appeared first on Workhuman.

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5 Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Job Board  


If you have a job board, you definitely want to make it stand out in a competitive digital recruitment market. With so many companies vying for the same talent pool, it can be tough to differentiate yourself and cut through the noise with an effective marketing strategy. While there is no universal solution to marketing your job board online, following critical principles can help ensure that you get maximum visibility across all potential channels.

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2023 HR Technology Trends: What's New and What's Next

Speaker: Ben Eubanks - Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

The world of HR has changed so much in recent years, and so have the technologies and tools that support HR and talent leaders. But frankly, keeping up with the ever-changing HR tech landscape can feel like another full-time job. That's why we're sharing with you this webinar session with Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer for Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

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At least 50% of US workers are quiet quitting—it’s not too late to reengage them


Workhuman’s Dr. Meisha-ann Martin, Senior Director of People Analytics, is quoted in this HR Brew article on strategies to help re-engage and revitalize employees who have “quietly quit” The post At least 50% of US workers are quiet quitting—it’s not too late to reengage them appeared first on Workhuman.

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8 Strategies to Enhance Your Company’s Internal Communication


An effective internal communication strategy is an essential aspect of the success of any business. When employees feel like they are on the same page and understand their roles within the company, it can lead to greater efficiency and productivity. This article will discuss eight strategies that you can implement to enhance your company’s internal communication strategy.

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The Candidate Experience


Looking for a new job in today’s market requires technological and networking skills like never before. Knowing that 60% of jobs are found through networking, 77% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn and other job search engines to find talent. To top it off, 75% of resumes get rejected even before they make it to the hiring manager. Candidates are using social media to build a profile while using their profile page as an opportunity to make a visual resume.

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How to Increase Employee Engagement With Events?


Employee engagement is a hot topic these days. As the economy improves and companies are finally starting to hire again, they’re finding that they have more work than they can handle. With this new influx of workers comes new challenges: how do you keep people happy and motivated? It turns out that one answer might be as simple as organizing an event!

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How Great Organizations Empower Customer Experience Teams

Speaker: Conference Speakers

Join us to learn from the leaders at DX Summit ‘22, August 17-18. Today’s teams need to operate cohesively like never before, managing the pace of both technological change and customer needs and demands. See inside the operations of top performing customer experience teams, and improve your organization’s CX outcomes. Topics will include: Cultivating Operational Agility: Leadership, Culture, and How New Tech Like Headless, Composable/MACH and Low Code Change the Game.

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Layoffs: how to support your workers after letting them go


With layoffs happening across the spectrum – especially in the tech space, most recently with Microsoft announcing 11,000 layoffs and Alphabet (Google) letting go of 12,000 – it’s a question many employers are asking. In short – no employer likes to go through a period of layoffs. It’s worse for those affected – they come into work one fair Monday morning, and are brought into HR and given their walking papers, and they’re back home in time for lunch but without a job.

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Automating The Business Processes That Matter Most For Your Employees


The automation of corporate operations has the potential to significantly boost workers’ levels of efficiency and productivity. Employees can direct their attention to activities that are more significant and contribute more value when they spend less time and effort on jobs that are routine and repetitive. What exactly is meant by the term “business process automation”?

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Digital Transformation of the Customer Relationship Management Function – Dos & Don’ts


With the increased availability and usage of digital tools, the needs of customers have also. The post Digital Transformation of the Customer Relationship Management Function – Dos & Don’ts appeared first on SutiSoft.

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4 Simple Ways to Create a Calm and Stress-Free Work Environment


You want to create a calm and stress-free work environment, but you don’t know where to start. You’re not alone—many small businesses struggle to create a peaceful workplace. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to bring a sense of tranquility to your office space. And it’s very important that you pay attention to your employee’s stress levels, as employee engagement and satisfaction rates are at all-time lows.

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The HR Leader’s Guide to Recruiting & Hiring

62% of Paycor survey respondents say we’re in a permanent talent shortage. By 2030, we’ll see more jobs than workers (BCG).

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Five Ways You Can Reward Your Employees

New to HR

Providing incentives, and awards, alongside other benefits to your staff is a great way to show them that you appreciate the work they do and. The post Five Ways You Can Reward Your Employees appeared first on New To HR.

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What is a Competency Management System? What are the Top 10 Must-Have Features?


Competency management systems are used by companies to track and manage workforce skills. What are the top must-have features to look for? Across the country, there’s been a measurable shift toward focusing on skills when making hiring and other workforce decisions. To reach a broader talent pool, an increasing number of employers are eliminating the college degree requirement in many of their job descriptions – relying, instead, on clear skills needed for the role.

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CCI Consulting, a Career Partners International Firm, Named the Highest Rated Major Contender in Everest Group’s Outplacement and Career Transition Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

CCI Consulting

BLUE BELL, PA, January 25, 2023 — CCI Consulting, a Career Partners International Firm and leading HR and Talent Management Consultant in Philadelphia, today announced that Career Partners International, of which CCI Consulting is a leading equity owner, has been named the highest rated Major Contender in Everest Group’s Outplacement and Career Transition Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.

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Episode 383: Finding the Hidden Gems Within the Organization With Dr. Edie Goldberg, Founder of E. L. Goldberg & Associates


Workology Podcast interview with Dr. Edie Goldberg, Founder of E. L. Goldberg & Associates talking about leveraging talent in employees. The post Episode 383: Finding the Hidden Gems Within the Organization With Dr. Edie Goldberg, Founder of E. L. Goldberg & Associates appeared first on Workology. The book was really written both for business leaders and HR leaders who are interested in facilitating internal talent mobility.

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Upskilling HR: Future-Proof Your HR Career

Speaker: Jeanne Achille - CEO, The Devon Group

Is your HR department running around barefoot like the shoemaker's children? If so, you're on a collision course with the ever-changing realities of the workplace, which necessitate strong HR tech skills. In this webinar, we'll look at why HR should invest in learning to ensure organizational resiliency and employee retention. Consider it self-care as we discuss how to future-proof your own career through the opportunities provided by upskilling.

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4 Surprising Financial Facts About Millennial and Gen Z Employees

Best Money Moves

4 surprising financial facts about millennial and gen Z employees. Your Millennial and gen Z employees are struggling with unique financial issues. Here are 4 things to know about the youngest members of your team. Millennial and Gen Z employees struggle with unique financial issues and are turning to employers for help. A recent, in-depth survey conducted by Prudential Financial found that many employees in the younger generations are seeking additional financial assistance in order to bring st

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Embroker Leadership Changes for 2023


A Message from Embroker’s Board of Directors Effective at the end of January, Matt Miller, founder of Embroker, will be stepping down from his role as CEO. The company has initiated a search with a top executive recruiting firm to find the next CEO of Embroker. Following a leave of absence for health reasons, Matt has made the difficult decision to step away from his day-to-day executive role at the company.

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How to Gather Actionable Employee Feedback About the Manager

Semos Cloud

Category All, Best Practices How to Gather Actionable Employee Feedback About the Manager The dream of every chief human resources officer is to have a feedback-centered company culture. After all, feedback is the cornerstone of growth and improvement. However, the road to a perfect communication culture is long and requires extensive effort from all employees.

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Uncovering the Career Motivations of Today’s Business Leaders [Original Research]

Slayton Search Partners

Why Are 72% of Professionals Considering a Job Change in 2023? During these last few years of turbulence, trends like the Great Resignation and “quiet quitting” have dominated the headlines, while an undercurrent of economic unease and skyrocketing inflation have given rise to significant career anxiety. Against this landscape of uncertainty, many professionals are reportedly reassessing their career goals and plans for the future.

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Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template

When it comes to benefits, communication is critical. To help you easily explain your offerings at open enrollment, Paycor created an open enrollment sample letter (and a few tips). Download this free Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template today.