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Building Your Recruitment Engine with Attract & Hire 

MP Wired For HR

Building Your Recruitment Engine with Attract & Hire May 14th, 2024 Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Share on LinkedIn Share via Email Share via Email The Recruitment Landscape: Challenges and Solutions In today’s competitive job market, attracting and hiring top talent is a constant challenge for businesses of all sizes.

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How to Find Aerospace Recruiters and Executive Search Firms in Seattle

Recruiters Lineup

Seattle boasts a rich legacy in the aerospace industry. Home to industry giants like Boeing and a hub for innovative startups, the region’s aerospace sector thrives on cutting-edge technology and pioneering research. However, employers in the region face a significant challenge: staying ahead of the competition. Employees are the backbone of every company’s success, and Seattle aerospace recruiters have proven reliable in sourcing the best talent.


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Deel partners with Carta to offer equity tax withholding features

HR Brew

When startups recruit employees to join their companies, equity is often a major component of their salary offer. This form of non-cash compensation may include options, restricted stock units, or shares, for example, and give workers partial ownership of the firms they join. While equity represents “an increasingly important part of total compensation” for early-stage startups, they can be complex from a compliance perspective, particularly when granted to employees based in jurisdictions abroa

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Goodbye To Workplace by Meta, Hello To Workvivo by Zoom

Josh Bersin

Today Meta announced that it is shutting down its employee communications tool Workplace by Meta (which I found to be very successful) and turning over the business to Workvivo by Zoom. This is actually a very significant move for HR and IT teams: there are more than 7 million corporate users (it was originally called. Read more» The post Goodbye To Workplace by Meta, Hello To Workvivo by Zoom appeared first on JOSH BERSIN.

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Creating a Company Culture of Care: Integrating Mental Health, Wellbeing, and DEI in Benefits

Speaker: Sean Raible

Picture a workplace where physiological safety is not just an aim but a reality, driven by thoughtful employee benefits that prioritize mental health, wellbeing, and DEI. 🤔 ✨ Achieving this vision requires more than just occasional training sessions and employee assistance programs. Moving beyond the basics, this vision calls for a holistic approach that integrates these elements into your company culture as well as your HR and benefits strategy.

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The founders of SoulCycle want to revamp your corporate culture

HR Brew

Some people believe that a spin class is a communal experience. Everyone is reaching for a greater purpose while working out together. I am not some people, but…some people. Now, the founders of the original cult spin studio, SoulCycle, want to turn this physical, communal experience into an emotional one—for employees. Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler started Peoplehood @Work in mid-April to help employers solve their culture problems.

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Just 36% of managers have received pay equity training, survey finds

HR Brew

The gender pay gap is still a prevalent issue in the workforce. Women in the US earn just 84 cents for every dollar men earn overall, while Black and Latinx women earn just 69 and 57 cents on the dollar, respectively, compared to white, non-Hispanic men. As a result, 75% of HR professionals conduct regular pay audits to help identify inequities, according to a December survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Survey 250
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HR Strategies for success: Mastering Remote Team Management


In the wake of global shifts towards remote work, Human Resources (HR) managers find themselves at the forefront of a new challenge: managing teams scattered across various locations. While remote work offers flexibility and opportunities for employees, it also presents unique hurdles for HR professionals to navigate. From maintaining productivity to fostering team cohesion, effective remote team management requires a strategic approach.

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Denmark’s Path Toward Shrinking Gender Pay Gap Under EU Directive


In response to the EU Pay Transparency Directive, which requires employers operating in European Union member states to report on pay data, Trusaic will be evaluating the state of each country in the EU’s current gender pay gaps and the path toward compliance. The impetus for the EU Pay Transparency Directive was to address the 12.7% gender pay gap in the European Union.

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HR tech: Your key to multi-national compliance


Modern companies are expanding globally. While this means more business opportunities and more revenue, it also brings more regulations to comply with in every jurisdiction. But herein lies the issue: Multi-national compliance is complex and constantly changing. New laws crop up continuously. HR professionals and legal teams must be forever proactive to stay ahead and take action.

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Performance Review Calibrations Made Easy

Every company aspires to be the best, and performance reviews are the cornerstone of that journey. However, discrepancies in how managers rate their teams can lead to unfairness.

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How to successfully manage your employee lifecycle

Business Management Daily

Do you have an employee lifecycle model for your organization? Ignoring the employee lifecycle is a missed opportunity. It’s a goldmine for attracting top performers, boosting productivity, and creating a happier workforce. That’s because it’s crucial to consider the employee journey, from attracting a qualified candidate to encouraging brand advocacy after they’ve moved on (hopefully to greener pastures).

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Can a business pay for employees' individual health insurance plans?


In today's ever-evolving workforce, business owners are constantly looking for new ways to attract and retain top talent. Instead of offering a costly group health plan, one tactic they may consider is offering to pay employees' individual health insurance costs. While it may seem like a generous and attractive perk for employees, employers need to consider several factors before deciding to pay for individual health insurance plans.

Groups 97
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IRS Increases 2025 Health Savings Account (HSA) Limits


The IRS recently announced increases to 2025 Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) limits, as well as the maximum amount that may be made newly available for health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs). HSAs are pre-tax accounts available to individuals covered under a high-deductible health plan that allows them to accumulate tax-free money to pay for qualified medical expenses.

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Direct Selling Software in 2024: How Distributor Experience Has Evolved

Rallyware for Human Resources

Direct selling has evolved rapidly from its traditional, personal interaction roots to a dynamic, technology-driven sector. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry pivoted quickly to digital platforms, seeing a significant 13.9% increase in sales according to a 2021 Direct Selling Association report. As we move post-pandemic, the challenge intensifies with the rise of gig economies and digital consumerism.

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Balancing Cost and Care: 3 Key Considerations for Cost Optimization in 2024

Discover essential strategies for employers to balance cost optimization with care. The top priorities for employers in 2024 are retaining talent, growing revenue and sales, and attracting talent. To achieve these goals, employers are turning towards comprehensive total rewards strategies informed by data-driven insights. Hear from industry experts on cost optimization strategies and how to leverage these approaches for a healthier workforce.

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I’m So Incredibly Embarrassed

Evil HR Lady

On the same day, I got two messages asking the same question: “I did something embarrassing. Did I just ruin my life?” The funny thing is that one was a LinkedIn coaching client , and the other was an improv student. Neither one of them ruined their lives. In fact, the only people who thought they had done anything embarrassing were themselves.

Coaching 120
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Implementing Structured Time Planning To Enhance Job Interview Outcomes

Forbes Coaches Council

Structured time planning enables candidates to minimize anxiety by setting up boundaries and transforming the process of interview prep into manageable, sequential steps.

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What Is On Your Offboarding Checklist? 10 Best Practices For Data Security, Benefits, And Other Professional Considerations

Kevin Sheridan

When an employee departs from your organization, Human Resources Professionals are typically tasked with managing a sendoff that allows employees to leave with dignity, while also protecting the organization’s interests. And given offboarding’s importance, I thought it would be helpful for me to share why and how to create a successful offboarding process, as well as provide an offboarding checklist to ensure that none of the key exit formalities are overlooked.

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Why Is Intuition In Business Important In The Age Of AI? Five Reasons To Use Your Instincts For Extraordinary Results

Forbes Coaches Council

We must master both AI and the change-management skills that AI’s adoption will require, and the management of both AI and change requires intuition in business.

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Discover the 4 Big Recruitment Challenges for 2024

It’s no secret that today’s hiring market is tough! The constant changes can make it seem impossible for HR leaders, hiring teams, and hiring managers to remain flexible and agile. However, there’s a silver lining amongst all the hiring chaos, as these changes also bring great opportunities and fresh ways for HR leaders to gain that competitive edge in the race for top talent.

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Unique Employee Benefits: What Does Your Workforce Really Want?


Register here! Date & Time: Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 3:00 pm ET Speakers: Sharlyn Lauby , SHRM-SCP, President, ITM Group Inc Sponsored by: Description: With job hopping on the rise and younger employees entering the labor market every day, you can’t expect to retain a changing workforce with the same old benefits offerings. Offering unique employee benefits is a contemporary way to improve retention and encourage young talent to view your organization as the premier workplace in your indus

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18 Proven Techniques To Beat Procrastination And Boost Productivity

Forbes Coaches Council

From time-blocking to prioritization to positive reinforcement, there are many effective ways to overcome procrastination and enhance your productivity.

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What to do When Employees Don’t Display Your Core Values

Up Your Culture

Last year, I suffered a minor back injury. I went to two different doctors, weeks of physical therapy, and changed my workout routine. Why did I do all of that for a minor injury ? Basic functions like standing, sitting, and walking all rely on a strong back, and I knew that any damage to my back could have a lasting impact on other joints and muscles down the road.

Company 77
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7 Tips to Optimize Written Communication

Emergenetics International

When was the last time you misinterpreted an email or had one of your messages misunderstood? It’s common for meaning to get lost in translation. After all, without the benefit of nonverbal cues, digital communication can often result in wider intent-impact gaps. These days, conversing online has become the norm, especially in remote and hybrid work environments.

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Correct & Prevent I-9 Errors: Your 2024 Audit Toolkit

Simplify your I-9 compliance process and minimize the risk of costly fines with WorkBright’s comprehensive audit toolkit. Created in collaboration with employment law experts, this essential two-part guide will help you conduct a thorough internal audit in 2024. The first section outlines a three-step process for ensuring error-free and compliant I-9s, followed by two printable checklists to streamline your audit process.

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Josh Linkner on Building a Culture of Innovation at Work


Discover how to make innovation a daily habit to build a confident organization that not only adapts to change but emerges stronger on the other side.

ATS 79
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Navigating Social Events Outside Of Work

Forbes Coaches Council

Managing social obligations and events outside of work can be challenging because we know that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is nonnegotiable.

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How To Get an HR Certification Without a Degree [in 2024]

Analytics in HR

Are you thinking of getting an HR certification without a degree? It’s entirely possible. An HR certification is a great way to demonstrate your HR knowledge and capabilities, dedication to continuous learning, and commitment to the field. It can also provide a career boost, especially if you haven’t followed the traditional path of completing a degree in Human Resources and starting your career in the HR field.

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4 Things to Know About the Rising Field of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is growing at a staggering pace as we make our way through 2024. Occupying one of the top 10 spots on Coursera’s Job Skills of 2024 Report, the field expects to experience a 6% growth increase between 2022 and 2023 – faster than the average for all occupations. Mixing this rapid growth with digital developments from years previous, including the rise of TikTok to the implementation of AI, there is an undoubted buzz surrounding digital marketing in today’s workforce.

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Unlocking Employee Potential with the Power of Continuous Feedback

Speaker: Erin Daruszka and Nakisha Dixon

Recent studies show that only 21% of employees feel their performance and growth are within their control. What if the answer to employee development and high performance lies elsewhere? Enter continuous feedback. Imagine a work environment where feedback isn't a dreaded annual event, but a constant source of growth. Join us to discover how ongoing, actionable feedback empowers your team to take ownership of their performance, boosting engagement and development.