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Candidate Experience and Its’ Importance in Recruitment


Candidate experience is the opinion of a job seeker about a prospective company. From the initial job search through the onboarding process, all of the interactions during the recruitment process impact the candidate experience. Stages in recruitment that influence candidate experience Job Search –• Easy to find careers page• Clear job description Job Application –• Clear application instructions• Easy/short application process Communication –• Confirmation emails• Follow-up emails• Thank you em

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West Hollywood’s New Guaranteed Leave Provisions


School’s out for summer — and your West Hollywood employees might be out too! Although many California employers already have policies guaranteeing time off, it is now a requirement for qualifying West Hollywood employers to provide time off to their employees. On July 1, 2022, as part of the city’s minimum wage ordinance , West Hollywood employers must now provide at least 96 compensated hours and 80 uncompensated hours of leave to employees for sick leave, vacation or personal necessity.


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What Is the Average Number of Sick Days in the U.S.?


The vast majority of employers in the United States offer paid time off, including sick leave. So, the question is not whether you provide sick leave but rather how much. If you don’t offer enough sick days, it can hurt your attraction and retention rates. But if you provide too many sick days, it could erode your bottom line. Various factors influence how many sick days an employer should provide, including applicable sick leave laws.

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Recruiting for Healthcare Workers? How Recruitment Software Can Help to Fill Your Rosters Faster


A major health crisis today is sweeping the world right now. From Australia to Singapore , to the U.S. , and beyond, healthcare sectors and businesses are struggling to recruit and retain workers. Burnout brought about by the ongoing pandemic environment has shaken the sector to the core. In the U.S., for example, the healthcare sector has lost an estimated 20 percent of its workforce , including 30 percent of nurses, according to some reports.

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AI & DEI: With Great Opportunities Comes Great HR Responsibility

Speaker: Jen Kirkwood - Partner, Responsible HR & AI at IBM and World Economic Forum Executive Fellow

The promise of AI for today’s organizations is real, yet in a frenzied state of experimentation, many stumble to get to a full-scale enterprise. As companies race to discover what generative AI can do, HR must lead conversations about how to balance cutting-edge innovations with integrity, trust, and diversity. Globally, organizations are at a critical intersection of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and AI acceleration.

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Discover Talent Success™ at TSC 2022

ClearCompany HRM

‘Tis the season — TSC season, that is! It’s time for a glimpse of what’s to come September 20-21, 2022 at ClearCompany’s seventh annual Talent Success™ Conference , and it’s time to register for the event so you don’t miss an update. Did we mention there’s no cost to attend TSC 2022? There’s no registration fee, but you can choose to make a donation to the National Urban League if desired.

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Recognition in the Hybrid and Remote World of Work


Many of our previous blogs have discussed the challenges present in the transition toward remote work. One pain point experienced by our clients over the past few years was knowing how to recognize employees that were no longer in an office. In our blog “ Recognizing Employees in the Workplace VS. Remotely. Is there a difference? ” we asked our recognition expert Roy Saunderson to explain the difference between recognizing in-person or remotely.

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Fire Insurance for Businesses – Guide


Did you know that 129 insurance companies operated in the city of Chicago prior to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 , and 81 of them offered fire insurance to their clients? Unfortunately, most of them were not ready for a catastrophe of such proportions, which eventually led to the bankruptcy of fifty-eight companies. These insurance companies offered fire insurance for businesses and individuals, as fires were common in the city, where many buildings were made of wood.

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coworkers and clients won’t stop commenting on my arms

Ask a Manager

This post, coworkers and clients won’t stop commenting on my arms , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I am a program director for a very public-facing, often-busy, and somewhat-high-profile mobile health services program. Half of my day is spent mostly outdoors at rotating pop-up sites for which I have long-term relationships with the host, and half of my day is spent in-office.

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Risk Index: Embroker’s 2022 Startup Risk Report


2022 has been a year of increasing challenges for startups. From geopolitical disruptions such as the war in Europe and consequential volatility in the markets, to higher inflation and rising interest rates, there’s been no shortage of risks that have disrupted the day-to-day operations and fundraising plans of startups in the tech sector and beyond.

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Early Tenure Turnover: Stop the Revolving Door of Hires

Speaker: Dr. Craig Ellis, Head of I-O Psychology, HighMatch

Are you facing a revolving door of hires, especially within their first 90 days of employment? In this webinar, Dr. Craig Ellis, a leading industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologist, offers insights and strategies to unravel the mystery behind early tenure turnover. Identify the root causes of early attrition to mitigate turnover’s impact in the first 12 months.

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How to Create a High Performance Culture

Quantum Workplace

66% of executives believe their workplace culture is more important than their business strategy or operations. And 50% of employees experience culture most strongly in their manager’s approach to performance. >>" src="[link]. With these statistics in mind, it’s clear that company culture is important—and employee performance is a big part of that. That’s why leaders should foster a culture of high-performance to support employee, team, and business success.

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Fintech Tackles Risk Management


Truebill is a leading fintech whose mission is to empower the financial health of millions of Americans. Through its fintech risk management app, Truebill analyzes its members’ spending habits, identifies inefficiencies, and offers immediate methods to improve their financial health. The company enables people to optimize their spending, manage their subscriptions, lower their bills, and automatically set aside money to reach their savings goals. .

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To work or not to work when sick: How do employees decide?

HR Zone

Employees When not to work: An employees' guide to sickness.

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People Experience: What HR Needs to Know

Analytics in HR

Providing a good people experience to your workforce enables your organization to perform and serve your customers better. What exactly is people experience, how does it differ from employee experience, and how can you improve people experience at your organization? Let’s dig in. Contents What is people experience? Why is a good people experience important?

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Bridging the Gap: The Intersection of DEI Initiatives and Employee Benefits

Speaker: Jaye Johnson, CBP

Unlock the secrets to transforming your organization’s employee benefits into a strategic tool for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). During this informative session, we will discuss common pitfalls in traditional benefits and then delve into the essence of DEI in employee-centric benefit offerings. This involves not only defining DEI in the workplace but also understanding the pivotal role that employee benefits play in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

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updates: the negligent safety partner, the commuting time, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, updates: the negligent safety partner, the commuting time, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s a special “where are you now?” season at Ask a Manager! All this week and next, I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Here are five updates from past letter-writers. 1.

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Measuring Employee Productivity: Agile Approach for Business Growth


Numerous surveys claim that actively disengaged employees cost their employer a considerable sum of money every year in lost productivity. And it’s not hard to see why. In our increasingly fast-paced and competitive world, businesses must find ways to get more work done with fewer resources while maximising employee productivity and efficiency. .

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14 Coaches Explore What It Looks Like To Become An ‘Agile’ Leader

Forbes Coaches Council

In company leaders, agility is a quality that allows them to consider and comprehend situations in a timely manner, facilitating quick decision making.

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July 28th Webinar


Signs of trouble in the overall economy are obvious. Worrisome issues include a nasty spike in the inflation rate, unparalleled gas prices, unparalleled amount of job openings, concerns that wages aren’t keeping pace and some high-profile layoffs at companies like Peloton and Wells Fargo. Not to mention the retail, CPG, and transportation industries amongst others are experiencing record lows.

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Delivering DEI Training That Drives Real Change

Speaker: Jeffrey Hall, Chief Creative Office of WILL Interactive

Great DEI training improves engagement, retention, and teamwork. Poor training does little. What content areas are right for our organization? How can you construct training around empathy-building, relatable stories for a positive disposition to hard topics? We’ll cover the latest research on how to make training that actually delivers attitudinal and behavioral shifts.

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Managing = Caring

Jason Lauritsen

The longer I study and teach management, the simpler things become. For example, this week, I was again asked how managing a hybrid team is different than managing a team that is in the office full-time. . When someone asks this question, they are expecting me to share how managing a hybrid team is more challenging. They expect me to validate their belief that it’s far more complicated to manage a hybrid team.

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Is your noncompete killing a fly with a sledgehammer?

Business Management Daily

At least half of my legal practice is serving as outside labor-and-employment counsel for small to midsize businesses. And, increasingly, much of that practice is consumed with drafting post-employment covenants, sending cease-and-desist letters to employees who are in violation of those covenants or filing lawsuits to enforce those covenants. Or, conversely, I often advise businesses whether they can hire employees with noncompete agreements or defend lawsuits seeking to enforce said covenants.

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The Latest Compensation Trends Redefine Job Satisfaction

HR Digest

Life changed as society emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of all it impacted people’s views about work and how they work. So, it is not surprising that compensation trends for a post-pandemic world look vastly different from the one before the pandemic. Employee compensation trends have been heavily influenced by the change in work culture and expectations.

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How to Reinvent Your Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategy

Accurate Background

The “war for talent” has become more significant than ever. April 2022 was the 11th month in a row a large number of workers decided to call it quits, with at least 4 million Americans turning in their resignation letters per month. With this news top of mind, it is no surprise why HR professionals believe that recruiting is one of their largest challenges in today’s world.

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Are There Gaps in Your HR Policies?

Putting the right HR policies in place can help your organization grow smoothly and help your company culture thrive. Use this essential HR checklist to cover the basics and make sure there aren’t any gaps in your HR functions.

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Set Yourself Apart by Making Customer Service Your Secret Weapon


Quick Look: Customization is a buzzword infiltrating every area of the market as people seek genuine connections in a digitally enhanced world. Though technology has changed the game for HR by streamlining applications, creating greater efficiencies, and allowing people to virtually work anywhere, first-rate customer service from a professional employer organization (PEO) partner can help brokers stand out.

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RChilli Introduces ML Plugins


Machine Learning (ML) plugins help streamline the recruitment process by highlighting the text from name entities and providing the candidate details in seconds. Users can also create branded resumes for their clients with this powerful technology. The post RChilli Introduces ML Plugins appeared first on TalentCulture.

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Pronouns: Creating A Safe and Welcoming Workplace


The usage of an employees’ gender pronouns is a simple but extremely effective way to create an inviting and welcoming workplace where all employees feel seen and heard. The attention given to pronouns doesn’t come from any sort of political agenda. It comes from compassion and respect. It’s a great way to increase morale and improve retention in your workplace by ensuring everyone feels seen.

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Remesh: Highlights from Q2


As the market research industry continues to evolve, and as Remesh delivers updates and changes to our platform, we are thrilled to share our accomplishments from this past quarter — all with the goal of helping professionals achieve their research objectives and keep up with consumer trends.

Trends 93
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Managing Your Recruitment Agency Spend in 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by a juggling act of internal recruiting, agency relationships, and direct hire spend? You’re not alone. In today’s competitive talent landscape, building a dream team requires strategic orchestration. Recruiting agencies and search firms provide invaluable services, but managing them effectively alongside your internal team can pose unique challenges.

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Gathering Structured Employee Feedback Made Easy: The Dare Approach™


The best workplaces are those that listen to employees and act upon their feedback in a way that benefits both the enterprise and its employees. In fact, companies that implement regular employee feedback see 14.9% lower turnover rates. However, the idea of inviting employees to submit their feedback and ideas can feel like opening the floodgates. Worries about the volume of input, as well as the quality of the commentary, cause many leadership teams to put employee feedback on the back burner.

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Team building games for the office and remote employees


Team building and work games have always been a part of the workplace. What’s changed is how the workplace looks. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote and hybrid work arrangements are more common than ever. This poses a challenge for HR professionals trying to figure out ways to build relationships and create connections between co-workers who not only aren’t located in the same building but may not even be in the same state or country.

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7 Steps to Auditing Your Payroll | BerniePortal


Payroll is likely your organization’s biggest expense. It’s also complicated, and mistakes make payroll even more costly. But you don’t have to wait till an employee complains or the government calls to make corrections and stay compliant. Here’s how to conduct a payroll audit, including why it’s important in the first place and seven steps to get you started.

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