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7 Employee Benefits Trends

Tandem HR

… That Small Business Owners Should Know. The employee benefits landscape has changed over the past few years, driven by several factors. Between changes in the workforce’s needs, the COVID-19 pandemic, a greater focus on mental health, and a rise in healthcare costs, we’ve seen a couple of shifts in employee benefits trends. The competition in today’s market for talent leaves many small business owners wondering how their employee benefits compare.

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What is Human Capital Analytics? The Essential HR Guide

Analytics in HR

Like many different Human Resource methods, Human Capital Analytics is one way organizations try to understand the impact their employees make within their business through data. While the HR function is relatively new, it has seen rapid change in the last 20 years, and today, there is a massive drive toward data-driven decisions. In theory, Human Capital Analytics makes organizations better prepared to analyze and use their people data more efficiently, but there are some downsides.

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HR Project Management: A Beginner’s Guide 2023


Did you know? Despite known facts that a mature project management process makes a company significantly more likely to execute on time and within budget, just 46% of firms make project management a cultural priority. If you work for a company that creates technology products (or simply owns a lot of digital properties), chances are you have a “ project manager ” on your technical team.

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How Are Tech-Savvy Millennials Shaping The Workplace


Businesses can greatly benefit from employing millennials because of their adaptability. Millennials are the most tech-savvy in the workplace today because of their experience. . People born between 1981 and 1997 grew up with technology. Technology plays a massive role in their daily lives, and they expect the same in the workplace. As a result of these expectations and the overall influence of millennials, workplaces have changed in many ways.

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Breaking the Burnout Cycle: Empowering Managers for Excellence

Speaker: Adri Glover - Head of People, and Mollie Hinz - Sr. People Partner

In the fast-paced world of work, burnout has emerged as a critical issue. Alarming statistics reveal two in five U.S. workers experience feeling burned out. However, the situation is even more dire among managers, with nearly half reporting burnout, often hidden behind their responsibilities and the desire to uplift their teams. Recognizing the severity of this problem is crucial.

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the thief and the hero, the crockpot discrimination, and other stories of potlucks at work

Ask a Manager

This post, the thief and the hero, the crockpot discrimination, and other stories of potlucks at work , was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager. Here are 12 more of my favorite stories you shared about potlucks and other food gatherings at work earlier this month. ( Part one was yesterday.). 1. The cook-off. “We had a chili cook-off and the winner admitted she didn’t make the chili.

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Key Benefits of HR Digital Transformation


Introduction to Digital HR . Digital HR refers to using technology, including software and apps, to improve how a company manages its employees. There are many digital transformation benefits associated with HR. The goal is to make it easier for businesses and their employees to connect, collaborate, share information and make decisions. . These are some of the top digital transformation statistics for HR and L&D: . 71% spend about a quarter of their time on social media to share human re

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What Tech Layoffs Mean for the Labor Market at Large


Tech layoffs are dominating business headlines, especially those coming from tech giants that have experienced immense growth in recent years. . Amazon announced plans to lay off over 10,000 workers in corporate and technology jobs. Meta is laying off 11,000. About half of Twitter’s staff has been let go by Elon Musk’s takeover in a truly unprecedented scenario.

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Can You Really Save Time and Money While Getting More Done? With Essium, You Can!

Essium HRM

As a staffing company, finding ways to save time and money is often essential. Many recruitment firms have surprisingly tight budgets, so cost reduction is a common priority. Plus, recruiters commonly have a lot on their plate, so seizing opportunities to increase efficiency can work wonders for productivity. In many cases, investing in the right technology makes a significant difference, leading to a robust ROI while streamlining operations and simplifying tasks.

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10 Questions to Include in Your Employee Engagement Survey

ClearCompany HRM

We’ve seen the world of work change in many ways over the last few years, which means your HR team has likely seen its priorities change almost as often. You’ve handled the challenges of a global pandemic, a highly unpredictable labor market, and a shift in employee expectations. You weathered the Great Resignation , which saw nearly 50 million U.S. employees quit their jobs in 2021 alone.

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From Awareness to Action: An HR Guide to Making Accessibility Accessible

Speaker: Danielle Johnson - Director of HR, Compliance & DEI in AI tech at Impact Observatory

Making accessibility accessible for organizations of all sizes may seem complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Prepare to broaden your understanding of Disability, Cultural Competency, and Inclusion with this insightful webinar. We’ll explore disability as a vibrant culture, understand the nuances of reasonable accommodations under the ADA, and navigate the complexities of undue hardship while challenging the status quo of accessibility practices.

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Now’s a great time to support small businesses with your holiday shopping.


Fingercheck is a small business that’s designed to support other small businesses and help them succeed. Our solutions for payroll, benefits and scheduling are meant to give small business owners the tools they need to grow their businesses — and the freedom to spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what they love. In honor of small businesses everywhere, Fingercheck encourages you to shop with the local stores, restaurants and service providers in your community whenever you can.

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Workhuman Taps Salesforce Veteran Zoe Peterson-Ward as Chief Customer Officer to Drive Company Growth


New Workhuman Consulting Practice to address HR challenges and maximize ROI for customers through strategic counsel Framingham, Mass., and Dublin – November 22, 2022 – Workhuman®, the company revolutionizing the way employees celebrate, connect with, and appreciate each other in the workplace, has announced that it has welcomed Zoe Peterson-Ward, veteran customer success leader, as […].

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What today’s professionals really want from their employers


Times are changing and so are the demands of today’s professionals. Once upon a time, a good title, a decent payslip, and the potential to move up in a company would keep top talent on hand. In 2020, the shift to work-from-home changed the way employers and their people looked at employment. And now, in the post-COVID era, the workforce has undergone a shift we never imagined.

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Improve Contract Performance with Contract Lifecycle Management Software Reports


Reporting and analytics have become the most important features of contract lifecycle management software. By. The post Improve Contract Performance with Contract Lifecycle Management Software Reports appeared first on SutiSoft.

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A Seat At The Table: HR's Vital Role In Modern Businesses

HR leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the success of modern businesses. But to truly become a vital, thriving part of the business, the most successful HR departments adopt the strategic mindset and approach of “future-ready” companies. This guide will explore four strategic tactics for your people strategy to help secure HR’s place as a critical part of the business.

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Why Great Human Resources Leaders Are in Short Supply and How to Fix It

Analytics in HR

The role of HR is changing. We, as HR professionals, are continuously being called upon to show up in a leadership capacity. Yet, organizations often do not effectively equip HR with the relevant skills, exposure, and experience to step into the role of Human Resources leaders. Similar to the cobbler’s children who don’t have shoes, HR is often overlooked in leadership development programs or assumed to know how to lead, given our expertise in advising other business leaders.

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8 Effective Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in 2023


Have you wondered why so many companies struggle with employee engagement? Well, one of the main reasons is that many organizations don’t pay enough attention to it. . In fact, 63% of companies actually admit that trying to retain employees is much harder than hiring them. By looking at these stats, we see that employee engagement is directly related to employee retention and that many organizations are struggling with it. .

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Employee personnel files — what should and shouldn’t be included

Business Management Daily

As any human resources professional will attest, managing every employee’s employment life cycle involves a good deal of paperwork. Knowing what to keep and the location of each document is vital to easy retrieval and to maintaining compliance with government and industry regulations. Setting up employee personnel files is an important part of the recordkeeping process.

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the baby grand piano, the legend of Buddy, and other tales of holiday woes

Ask a Manager

This post, the baby grand piano, the legend of Buddy, and other tales of holiday woes , was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager. All this week I’ve been sharing holiday stories from years past. Here are eight more. 1. The piano. “I work for a nonprofit that currently gets almost all of our funding from one donor, which means if she gets a bee in her bonnet about the way things should be done, we generally try to satisfy that wish.

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Get a Look Inside The Ultimate Recruiter Planning Kit

As recruiting teams work harder than ever to find, hire, and onboard qualified candidates in this highly competitive market, it’s essential to find ways to optimize your recruiting function. The Ultimate Recruiter Planning Kit includes eight worksheets filled with labor market insights, actionable recruiting strategies, and worksheets to plan your strategy for hiring top talent.

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Are You Cultivating a “Culture-Add” Talent Strategy?


In recent years, I’ve been encouraged by a groundswell of employers that are choosing to embrace “culture-add” people practices. In fact, several months ago, I wrote about it in a Sage Masterclass article. Because this concept is central to the future of work, I’ve continued to ponder, read and discuss culture-add issues with others.

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The Benefits of Culture Training in the Workplace


Cross-culture training is designed to improve communication skills between individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Cultural training has become necessary in the workplace, with modern teams dispersed across the globe and certain collaboration tools breaking geographical boundaries. This article looks at the benefits of cultural training in a diverse workplace. 1.

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What Exactly You Should Do When Blindsided By Negative Feedback


Have you ever received feedback from a respected mentor or manager that was so harsh that it blindsided you? Harsh or negative feedback is not usually intended to be malicious or spiteful in nature. And yet, the way it is delivered to us can be nothing short of soul-crushing. Criticism that is framed as feedback and is spiteful or mean in nature is not feedback.

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the cake hoarder, the missing egg, and other stories of holiday mayhem

Ask a Manager

This post, the cake hoarder, the missing egg, and other stories of holiday mayhem , was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager. All this week I’ve been sharing holiday stories from years past. Here are 10 more. 1. The stench. “Years ago I worked at a cookware company. Every year the owners gave us a week off with pay, an amazing Xmas party at a restaurant, and a fresh turkey.

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2024 Payroll Calendar Templates

These calendars provide pay period dates and paydays for biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payroll in 2024. Use them as a reminder or share with employees so they can celebrate payday.

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Twitter: Elon Musk is running an employee value proposition in reverse

HR Zone

Employees Elon Musk: How to run an EVP in reverse.

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Is There a Downside to Treating Workers as Family?


If you have worked for several companies or organizations, you may have heard the line, “we’re a family here.” Many employers want to achieve this kind of culture in their company. Most of us spend around a third of our adult life at work. We get to bond with our coworkers and establish relationships with them. According to the American Time Use Survey , people spend around 5.6 to 7.8 hours a day working.

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California Limits Testing for Marijuana: Where Does This Leave Employers?


California’s AB 2188 [1] passed the Legislature on August 30 and was approved by the Governor on September 18, 2022. The new law imposes limitations on employers, unlike any other state. Beginning January 1, 2024, California employers will be limited in testing employees for marijuana. In relevant part, the new law states as follows: Legislative Findings: “(a) Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical compound in cannabis that can indicate impairment and cause psychoactive effects.

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A New Way to Think about Your KPIs


At this point in our careers, we’re likely well-versed in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). According to Oxford Language, a Key Performance Indicator is “a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of an organization, employee, etc. in meeting objectives for performance.” KPIs usually fall within five categories: sales, financial, customer, operational, and marketing.

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The 4 Dysfunctions of Recruiting & How You Can Successfully Overcome Them

Speaker: Trent Cotton, VP of Talent and Culture at Hatchworks

Are you tired of falling into the same recruiting rut, facing the same obstacles over and over with mediocre results? Recruiting in this market is definitely challenging, but your recruitment process doesn’t have to be. Join Trent Cotton in this exclusive webinar to learn how to overcome the four dysfunctions of recruiting with Sprint Recruiting. Sprint Recruiting opens up a new world for recruiters by applying the AGILE methodology to the recruitment process!

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the holiday perfume, the ancient fruitcake, and other stories of holidays at work

Ask a Manager

This post, the holiday perfume, the ancient fruitcake, and other stories of holidays at work , was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager. All this week I’m sharing holiday stories from years past. Here are 10 more. 1. The perfume. “My father’s story from a good 25 years ago. One time he’s telling us about what gifts they bought for all the staff.

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How to Be Happier at Work, According to a Resilience Coach

The Muse

Work is messy and chaotic. Here are five strategies for cultivating resilience that can make us happier at work.

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The Top 7 Habits and Skills of a Good Recruiter


The best recruiters understand their habits and skills are just as important as postsecondary degrees and a professional network. Take an informal poll of the top recruiters and you’ll find the cream of the crop has a comprehensive skill set and carefully honed ways that are essential to success in this competitive industry. Here’s a quick look at how to be a good recruiter. 1.